Two sex starved rednecks and a premenstrual redhead. Treat or.......

Excuse the mix of US and UK English, it is deliberate.

Editor's note: this contains a rough rape scene which is crucial to the revenge element in the plot.


Bubba let out a rebel yell as he pumped wad after wad of hot jism into the girl's anus. He had clearly been her first as she had screamed like a banshee when her tight hole finally gave way to his massive organ. Her sphincter remained in spasm for the first ten minutes of his pleasuring and he had to use his whole considerable weight to bury each thrust deep inside her. It had been worth it and her continued cacophony had been like a symphony. Then she had changed to begging him to stop and Bubba had let go of her hair and forced her face back into the pillow.

As Bubba slowly withdrew, her anus remained dilated and he saw numerous little tears in her anal ring which had coated his dick in blood. Bubba slapped her ass hard leaving a red hand print. Bubba took a long swig from a bottle of Jack and shouted out to Marlon that he was done. Bubba had his pants on by the time his older brother walked into the room, naked and sporting wood. Bubba did not really like fucking with another man in the room. The girl should be grateful he thought. She had been spared a double stuffing.

Marlon was smaller than his brother but still topped six foot. Weighing one eighty he could have taken the girl even if her hands were not tied together and secured to the head of the bed. He was considerate and had let Bubba go first. They had both popped some Viagra although six months on remand had meant that both men had a lot of fucking to catch up on. Marlon flipped the bitch onto her back. He wanted to plough that tight firebox again. The teenager had a neatly trimmed red bush a shade or so darker than her wavy hair. Her skin was like alabaster. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut; at least the left one was. The right side of her face was red and swollen; the eye hidden behind bruised lids. She tensed slightly as Marlon spread her legs, her fight largely gone. Marlon did not bother with foreplay; merely thrusting hard into the girl's tight dry pussy. The girl screamed as Marlon's penis opened up the tears in her vagina. The blood acted as a lubricant and the reflex spasm of her pelvic floor made her as tight as a virgin. Marlon was not jealous that Bubba had popped her cherry. His knowledge of female anatomy was rudimentary. The girl's hymen was naturally stretchy and gave way as he rammed his tumescent organ against its filmy surface. Had he used lube the girl would not have bled at all. She was certainly unable to provide any lubrication of her own

Marlon leered down at his young victim. She should be grateful for the attention of a proper man. He grabbed an ankle in each hand and rolled her upwards to get more penetration. She had small pert tits and he mauled them mercilessly. As he felt the orgasm grow, he bit down into the left hand side of her neck, raising a huge bruise. Soon he was done and he left the girl whimpering in her torment.

As Marlon left the bedroom and took the proffered bottle from his brother, the full moon rose and bathed the cabin in cold blue light. There was a power surge and the main circuit breaker blew, plunging the cabin into darkness. The brothers cursed and stumbled about.

In the bedroom the girl became silent. Her eyes opened wide and her tongue tasted the air.

Stacy Moore had arrived for work ten minutes early as usual. She was a little obsessional about punctuality. She still called it the petrol station, which amused Milo the manager. He was old enough to be Stacy's father but he found her extremely attractive. Stacy had lived in the US for only three years. Her father was a professor at Princeton and Stacy had decided to go to university in the US. She had surprised herself by winning a sports scholarship.

Milo loved to listen to Stacy's English accent and in fairness she was extremely polite. She was not exactly beautiful but was certainly pretty. She had a clear peaches and cream complexion framed by wavy, deep red hair. She hardly ever wore make-up which made her look very young. Milo often found himself speculating about what lurked under Stacy's baggy clothing.

Milo smiled and pointed at her swollen eye. He was a serious sports fan and Stacy was a bit of a star. Milo had been a running back for the Badgers back in his day and Stacy played left wing for the Badger's hockey team. The previous night's match had been televised on cable. It was the home leg of the annual grudge match against their nearest rivals, the Golden Gophers. Wisconsin had won and Stacy scored the winning goal. She had also got into a fight with a six foot Swedish woman-mountain. For a quiet girl Stacy became a dervish on the ice. The coach loved playing Stacy when she was premenstrual although this invariably ended with her binned and suspended. That game however she did not start the fight and despite being half the size of her opponent put up a good display before both benches emptied onto the ice to join in. Milo noted with approval that the women's team were considerably more aggressive than their male counterparts and everybody loved a good cat fight.

"Stacy, honey," Milo enthused. "You were awesome. How's the eye?"

"Not too bad, thank you Milo," Stacy replied. In fact her jaw ached a lot more as did her knuckles.

Stacy was five foot eight tall and one hundred and twenty pounds. She described herself as big-boned. The male students described her as 'trunky'. She had broad shoulders and slim hips with a flat chest and small bum. She had a small upturned nose and pale brown eyes. Stacy's body had rarely been exposed to male eyes but many women who had viewed it wanted to taste it.

"Geordie's called in sick, can you stay 'til midnight?" asked Milo, knowing that Stacy would say yes but feeling obliged to be polite. 'What is it with the British?' thought Milo. Stacy made him feel small and uncouth and yet she had never been rude to him.

"OK," replied Stacy. 'Lazy little shit,' she thought to herself. Stacy had learnt how to swallow her tongue and remain civil. She was due on later that night and her internal fury was reaching its apogee. Just as well that Geordie was not there. He was a spotty seventeen year old with a crush on Stacy. He had an IQ that was 'almost off the scale' and social skills that were right at the other end. He was a complete fuckwit. Unfortunately he was little different to half the guys on Stacy's course. Women were still under represented in all engineering courses. Most of the time Stacy did not mind.

"Sure, Milo. Double time." It was a statement, not a request.

"Right, honey. When you're ready, help me fill the candy shelves."

'I'm not your fucking honey.'

"OK, Milo." She managed to almost sound chirpy.

Stacy was in the second year of a degree course in civil engineering. Halloween did not really mean much to a British girl and she was glad to be at work rather than at a drunken party.

Stacy had been born in Nottingham; the home of Torvill and Dean and the Bolero. Like many kids she took up skating at a young age. Her main strength was perseverance and a good sense of balance. Stacy could never be graceful enough to figure skate competitively, but then she was introduced to speed skating. Here being gangly was a positive advantage as was a lack of fear of getting hurt.

Stacy was the middle child; sandwiched awkwardly between two boys with Asperger's syndrome. Stacy quickly learnt how to fight, concentrating her energy on her brothers' testicles. They did not have the wherewithal to fight her as a team and lacked her ferocity. It seemed that only she saw them as an extreme version of their father. Stacy's parents treated her with benign neglect.

Stacy entered puberty late which corresponded to a move to London. It was a kind of hell. Her new all- girl school played rugby and Stacy threw herself into the new sport quite literally. She played inside centre and her powerful thighs and undeciphered inner fury made her a formidable opponent. Stacy was utterly fearless and the team never lost when she was playing. Unfortunately fractures prevented her progression to the county team.

When she was sixteen the family moved to the US. Stacy was enrolled in a respectable public high school. Stacy's knowledge of American schooling came entirely from TV and she was surprised that it was not 'Mean Girls' or 'High School Musical'. The school had hockey teams (ice hockey in Stacy's eyes) and her try out seriously impressed the coach. Stacy could skate very quickly and change position just as quickly. The coach provocatively fouled Stacy and had to reverse sharpish when the girl came straight back at her. Stacy accepted the proffered handshake, showing that she had self-control.

Stacy fitted into school effortlessly, aided by her brothers staying in England and her parents largely continuing to ignore her. She was quiet, shy and diffident but extremely intelligent. She broke hearts wherever she went. Stacy quickly made friends although none got that close. 'Mysterious' was Stacy's nickname. No boy made it into her knickers though many tried. Those she fancied were too afraid to approach her.

Although her father was professor of Art, mathematics was Stacy's thing and yet she won a sports scholarship to a Mid-West university to study civil engineering. There were few girls in her class and they were as geeky as the boys. Just like Stacy's brothers. Still she did not mind. The hockey team had a reputation and she fitted in well; at least eventually. Stacy would not say boo to a goose until she was on the ice. Then she was transformed into a bad tempered grizzly bear. Her transformation was so complete that her team mates were more than a little scared of her. The Badger's centre, Jennie Smith would take Stacy home and look after her. Jennie longed to make love to Stacy but never dared to cross that Rubicon.

Stacy did not like her private parts. Her ovaries worked like clockwork. She menstruated every twenty nine days without fail. The week before was purgatory for Stacy and everyone who came into contact with her. She listed ex-boyfriends by how many cycles they survived. Dwayne had somehow managed four periods; most managed only two. The change in her mood when she started bleeding was almost miraculous. Her periods were light but extremely painful. She briefly went on the pill but her blood pressure rose alarmingly after only a single packet.

That Halloween was fairly busy for a Saturday and a number of customers merely wanted emergency supplies of candy. Milo stopped by at about five and was happy that everything was safe in Stacy's hands. She settled down to continue working through Fundamentals of Durable Reinforced Concrete. Jennie, her best friend kept her amused with texts. She was hoping to score that evening and even sent Stacy a picture of her intended target. 'Dirty tart,' Stacy thought.

Stacy gasped as her uterus made its presence known. She waddled off to the bathroom with a box of sanitary towels. It turned out to be a false alarm but she put in a new pad anyway. She could never really get on with tampons. When she got back into the shop she was no longer alone.

The fugitives had been on the road almost continuously for thirty hours. They had been sprung from the joint by the leader of their gang. He had provided them with a four year old Toyota Prius, registered to a fictitious warehouseman who had a clean license and clean record. Jackson reckoned that the cops would expect them to head for the Mexican border, so he arranged for sightings to be made in Texas whilst Bubba and Marlon headed towards Canada. The Prius had been limited to seventy and the trunk was stuffed with full jerry cans so they did not have to stop for gas and risk recognition. The glove compartment contained plentiful meth and a .357 magnum loaded with hollow-points. The bumper stickers implied that the brothers were evangelical Christians.

By the time they reached Wisconsin Bubba was seeing giant insects in the road and Marlon was starving. They pulled into a small gas station near Lake Wingra. Marlon grabbed a basket and started filling it with Cheetos, Doritos and Lays.

Stacy heard the bell chime as the door to the shop was opened. She flushed and hurriedly buttoned up her jeans. As she rushed back into the shop she bumped into Bubba. He was big and smelly. Stacy tried not to wrinkle her nose that much.

"Hello, sorry," Stacy spluttered. "I was in the bathroom. How can I help you, sir?" Stacy tried to squeeze past the man but he stuck out a meaty paw and grabbed her upper arm squeezing tightly.

"Well, hello little lady," Bubba drawled. "You are mighty pretty and your accent is so sexy. How about a little kiss?"

Stacy managed to wriggle free and attempted to retreat to the relative safety behind the counter with its panic button and can of pepper spray.

She almost made it when Bubba grabbed her again. Stacy kicked him in the shin. His back hander broke her right cheek bone and sent her spinning to the floor. She saw stars and tasted blood in her mouth.

Bubba was not quite sure what to do. He looked at his older brother who was staring at the girl on the floor. Marlon dropped his snacks and grabbed two emergency tow ropes from a shelf and a roll of duct tape. Soon he had Stacy, who was coming round securely gagged and hog-tied. Marlon had Bubba hoist Stacy over one shoulder and throw her into the back of the Prius.

Marlon drove the remaining fifty miles to their destination at a steady fifty five. The sat-nav took them to the shore of Lake Winnebago and a narrow access road. Marlon had Bubba unlock the gate and drove the Prius through. Bubba closed and locked the gate and got back in the vehicle. The road snaked its way to the lakeshore, past lowering hulks of log cabins closed for the winter. Finally they came to a large cabin with a car port. Here they were supposed to lay low. Little did they know the fate that awaited them.

The cabin was owned by a fictitious Israeli shipping company and officially used by visiting executives. It was maintained by 'Uncle Eli'. 'Uncle Eli' was an ex-con and lived rent free in a large condo owned by Jackson's gang. He ran a small letting agency and kept the cabin clean, tidy and provisioned. He never met any of the guests. His wife, 'Auntie Norma' was adept at cleaning up after visitors which always meant wiping for prints and quite often removing niggling blood stains.

Marlon and Bubba were members of a biker gang that mainly dealt in meth. Neither brother was that bright but they were big, sadistic and did as they were told. They had been on remand for six months and were edging closer to doing a deal with the St Louis assistant DA to dime out the rest of the gang. Jackson had decided that they had to go. They were to lay low for two days in the cabin and then they would be picked up and ferried across the border. In fact they would disappear into the inky depths of Lake Michigan in weighted body bags.

The cabin was easy to find as the outside light was on. The light was on a light sensitive switch and would attract no undue attention. Bubba pulled the girl out of the back of the Prius and threw her on the cold earth in front of the cabin. He casually placed a boot on her head as Marlon reversed the Prius into the car port and then threw a heavy tarp over it. Marlon let himself in and checked that all was as it should be. Then he had Bubba bring their guest in. Jackson had warned them not to bring any hookers back to the cabin but this girl was clearly not a hooker and they would dispose of her before Jackson came to collect them.

The cabin was well equipped for the boys' stay. Marlon need not have stopped off for snacks and there was plentiful booze, a large screen TV and a collection of porn DVDs. Marlon had briefly been in the Navy and had only learned how to tie knots. He had the girl untrussed quickly and ripped the duct tape from her mouth. She shuffled backwards into a corner, her one good doe eye wide with terror.

"Please....." was all Stacy could manage.

"Oh, don't you worry," drawled Marlon. "You are going to please us good. Now stand up and strip."

Stacy got up on wobbly feet but just stood there shivering and hugging herself tight. Marlon produced a knife.

"We can do this easy or hard. Bubba here would quite like to skin you alive."

Slowly Stacy undid the buttons on her shirt and her ordeal began.

Stacy knew from the minute that the brute grabbed her arm that the men would rape her. She was not a virgin but was sexually inexperienced and the men showed no pity. The pain was excruciating. Pretty soon she started to dissociate and almost felt as if she was looking down at herself. It would have hurt less, she observed if she could just relax her pelvic muscles. They unfortunately had passed from conscious control. When Bubba turned her over onto her front, she thought that he had mistaken her arse hole for her fanny. With mounting horror she realised his true intention. The pain was indescribable and gave true meaning to the phrase 'hurts like buggery'.

Stacy had been left on the bed in the dark. The men had not shut the curtains and the moonlight shone directly into her good left eye. Stacy felt the calm wash over her. She slowed her breathing and opened her right eye. She felt no pain now and no fear. She was however very angry indeed. Stacy turned onto her front and flexed her elbows until her mouth was over her wrists. Her hands were bound together with one of the nylon tow-ropes. Stacy bit down on the knot and her new carnassial teeth sliced through it like it was marshmallow.

Stacy stood up and stretched. Her hands touched the ceiling. This perplexed her slightly. Stacy ran her hand through her hair and was even more concerned. Her shoulder length curls had turned into a bristly crew-cut. She put a hand onto her tits. They had never been much to talk about but they had disappeared and been replaced by huge rock hard pecs.

'Oh fuck,' thought Stacy. 'I've turned into a man.'

Hesitantly she moved her hand downwards over an equally hard six pack and further. She did not thankfully have a penis but her pubes had disappeared. Stacy then looked at her hands. They had doubled in size and her skin was bright red. Like most red-heads Stacy's skin had three colours; white, pink and red. This was major sunburn red and yet the skin was cool. Her wrists showed no marks from her restraint. Stacy looked at her nails. She always kept them clipped and rarely wore nail varnish. Suddenly the nails started to grow and Stacy was looking at ten three inch long talons.

'Go back,' she thought and they did. She quickly checked that she had not grown a tail and then looked down at her feet, expecting to see hooves. Her feet were also twice their normal size and had ten retractable talons of their own.

'Time to leave,' Stacy thought to herself. She opened the bedroom door just as Marlon stepped through. Stacy punched Marlon once; a straight left between the eyes. He did a passable impression of a sack of potatoes.

Bubba heard the thump and grabbed the revolver. It was as if an automobile was shining its headlights into the bedroom, the light was so bright. A tall vaguely feminine shaped figure stood in the doorway, in full silhouette. It was clearly not Marlon and Bubba was pretty sure that it was not another hallucination. He could barely miss at that range and fired once. The figure fell to the floor.

Bubba was already in the mood for more anal action and quickly pulled off his pants.

He shouted to his brother. "Hey, Marlon. Hurry up buddy; we'd better fuck her whilst she's still warm."

The bitch's legs were conveniently spreads and Bubba got onto his knees in preparation of penetration. Stacy's right hand shot up and grabbed Bubba's penis and scrotum. Her talons were out. Before Bubba could scream, Stacy's open left hand struck him in the centre of his sternum. Two hundred and fifty pounds of rapist flew through the air and crashed into the cabin wall. His genitals remained in Stacy's hand.

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