tagExhibitionist & VoyeurConnie's Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 02

Connie's Education in Exhibitionism Ch. 02


Part 2 – 'The Learning Continues'

My name is Connie and I am 21 years old. I'm 5 ft. 8 in. tall, about 120 lbs., dark brown hair about shoulder length, with green eyes. But I have been told that I have a killer body, whatever that means, my stats are 34C-22-34. These are the tales of my Aunt Val's continued influence on me. This is part 2 of a 4 part series. Please read them all.

I walked in wearing the cutoff white man's undershirt and really short cut-off jean shorts. She laughed and said she though I said I couldn't do that. I told her I thought about it last night and decided I could. She then told me that the top I had made was a very daring top because she had one just like it a few years earlier and that when it got wet it was hard to stay in place. It had a habit of riding up exposing her tits. She told me to have fun but to stop if it got sexual. That she said she would not forgive and forget that. I told her I had no plans in having sex with anybody yet, that I wasn't ready for that yet. I grabbed my towel and headed to the creek. I thought that if given the chance, today I would swim in my underwear too. I bet the boys would like that.

Jim and Jeff were there but they also had a friend with them. He was also real cute! I pull one cousin aside and asked what the heck was going on; I thought that we were to be alone. He said they had forgotten this morning that they had already promised him that they would hang with him today because his parents where going to Jacksonville for the day. He said he was a good guy and could be trusted to keep his mouth shut. I don't know what came over me but I thought, "What the heck, this could be even more fun." I hung up my towel and walked to the edge of the water and asked them what they thought of my outfit. I even turned around and bent over a little bit and showed them my ass. They all clapped saying it looked great, one of the twins said he liked it even better than yesterdays. I waded in to the water and enjoyed the coolness for a bit. The boys went to get the swing again; the twins were wearing white men's bikini underwear. These things were even more see-thru than the boxer-briefs yesterday were. I loved it! Their friend had on regular white men's boxers.

I said that since they were swimming in their underwear, if it would be all right for me to swim in my underwear too. Of course I knew they would say I could so I walked back to my towel with a little extra wiggle in my ass, turned and faced then as I unsnapped and dropped my jeans to the ground. I decided it was time to get wet. I was trembling with excitement as they closely watched me slowly walk into the water. I lowered myself completely into the water and rubbed my nipples making sure they were nice and hard when I stood up. I slowly walked into the shallow part of the creek until I was waist deep in the water, letting them get a good look at my tits through the wet top. I stood there watched them as they drop into the water from the swing. I looked down and could easily see my nipples thru my shirt. I asked them if they liked this shirt better wet than the one I wore yesterday. They all said they loved it. One of the twins said he really like the modification I made on the shirt too.

They kept calling to me and I finally gave in and climbed up the bank to the swing. I looked down and my panties were so se-thru, it looked like I didn't have any panties on at all. I then swung out and dropped off the swing into the water. I went completely under water and when I popped up, I wasn't paying attention when I stood up but my shirt was up above my tits. One of the twins hollered "Connie, your top". I looked down at my bare tits and out of habit; I quickly turned around as I pulled it down. I remembered Aunt Val saying hers use to ride up too. I turned back around saying I was sorry about that, of course they all said it was alright, and then dared me to go off the swing again. I did and again the top went up. This time I didn't turn around or pull it down as fast as before. I was enjoying letting them see my bare titties. I went off the swing a few more times and the top always came up baring my tits. Finally one time after dropping into the creek, I went up the bank to the swing and didn't even pull it back down. Just before I swung out again, the twins' friend said that as little as my top was covering me that I ought to just take it off and forget about it. I stood there thinking about it for about 3 seconds, then took it off and tossed it toward the towels but it didn't make it and landed in the middle of the creek and started to sink. After about a minute one of the boys found it and hung it by the towels. I'm glad they found it because I don't know if Aunt Val would have liked it if I walked back to the house topless.

I remained topless and in just my little wet panties, which didn't hide a whole lot, the rest of the afternoon and enjoyed it. I enjoyed it a LOT! And when it was time to go I didn't turn around to dry my tits this time. I faced the boys as I dried off, and enjoyed the view as all three boys pulled down their underwear and dried off as I watched. WOW! I'll never forget this day, three naked guys standing right in front of me. Then one off the twins looked at me while drying his balls and said it really wasn't fair that they were completely naked and that I wasn't, the other agreed with him. All three were now facing me naked and their dick were starting to grow. I didn't even think about it as I reached down and pulled down my panties and tossed them into the creek, nobody went in to get them. I turned all the way around as I asked them if this was what they wanted to see. They all said I had a great body and that I should be naked more often. I couldn't argue with them, I really was enjoying being naked.

I then said I was going to go swimming naked and ran into the creek and three boys right behind me. We swam and played grab ass for about half and hour. I 'accidentally' got hold of each of their dicks a couple times and they all felt up my tits and ass a bit. But what I liked best was when the friend got behind me and cupped both my tits in his hands and was sliding his hard-on up and down the crack of my ass as I held on to the other two hard-ons. We did not have sex but I'm afraid that if they had pushed it I would have given in, even though I felt something hot on the crack of my ass just before the friend abruptly pulled away from behind me. I now know he shot a load on my ass, I just didn't know it back then.

We finally got out of the water and got dressed. We never found my panties, but I didn't care. I just wet my shorts and put them on without them.

When we got home Aunt Val came up to me and said, "It looks like you had lots of fun."

I said, "I did but how can you tell?"

She smiled and said, "By the smile on you face, the twinkle in you eyes, and also, your shirt is on inside out and it wasn't that way when you left here."

I looked down and smiled, "Just like you said, it wouldn't stay down and when they told me I should just take it off, I did. It felt so good, so I stayed that way awhile, and I enjoyed it. I hope you don't mind." I then told her a little lie. "They dared me to remove my shorts to but I didn't, I almost did, but I didn't".

"No I don't mind." She said. "When you left here in that little top I figured that would happen. It always seemed to happen to me when I wore mine"

"You mean you've gone topless a couple times before?" I asked

She smiled and said, "A couple times. NO. Many times? YES! I've even been completely naked in front of hundreds of people before. Now that's exciting!"

I asked, "How, what, and when. Tell me. I got to know."

She said, "I'll do you one better." She gave me a web page address and told me to look up 'Applevalyan' and to read the stories that she and Ted had published there. She said it would also be a good way to past the time if I got board and needed something to do.

After showering I walked back to my room in nothing but a towel. Two months ago doing that would not have even entered my brain as an option as a way to leave the bathroom. Once in my room I pulled out my laptop and sat naked on my bed. I had just found the 'Literotica' website and was searching for "Applevalyan' when I heard a knock on my door and Aunt Val asked if she could come in. I told her to come on in. I didn't even try to cover up as she entered my room. She didn't even mention my nakedness as she asked me if I had found the web site yet. I showed her I had just found it and was now looking for her username. We found it and bookmarked it and 'Literotica's homepage. She then told me that she and Ted wanted to take me out for a night on the town.

I said sure but I needed to find something to wear first.

She said, "Come with me and let's see if I have a nice little dress that would fit you." She took my hand and led me naked down the hall to their room. Uncle Bill was lying on the bed naked looking at 'Playboy' as we entered. Aunt Val told him to put down the magazine and to cover himself as they had company in their room. He placed the magazine over his crotch while Aunt Val and I looked through her closet. I was nervously excited as I stood there naked as Uncle Ted looked at me. She found a red and white stripped halter dress for me to try on. It fit me perfectly! It came about mid-thigh and flared out from the waist. She had me spin around and the skirt when almost straight out. She asked Uncle Ted if he had seen anything when I spun. He smiled and said, "Everything!"

"Good!" Aunt Val said, "You wear that one and I'll wear this one." She pulled out a strapless red tube dress and pulled it on. It molded to her every curve and rode high on her thighs. It was also very thin; I could see the dark circles of her nipples and the vertical line of her ass crack when she turned around. "Watch this." She said. When she pulled it down to mid-thigh her tits popped out and when she pulled it up above her tits her ass almost came out. She said the first time she wore it, it kept crawling up her body, exposing the bottom of her ass and her pussy all night. She then told Ted to get dressed if he still wanted to go out dancing at the club tonight. I watched in awe as Uncle Ted walked naked across the room and pulled some tan cotton slacks from the closet and pulled them on without any underwear. I looked at Aunt Val and she said, "That's for me so I can feel his erection better as we dance. Plus if I decide to pull out his dick and play with it, his underwear won't get in my way."

I told Aunt Val, "I didn't know if I'm ready to dress like this in public yet. The most I've done so far was to go braless under a big thick t-shirt. This is a really big step for me, I don't know if I can do it."

She said, "Yes you can, I know it, but here wear these. She gave me a white g-string to wear under it. I said she had to be kidding then she said, "Wear those or nothing or else we don't go out." I took them and put them on. She then said, "You don't have to show off anything you don't have to. Plus Ted and I will be there to protect you. And not forget, I will be wearing this little number and I 'will' be showing off. So that means that nobody will probably notice you anyway."

Aunt Val was right again. I did enjoy myself and being practically naked under a short dress is a big turn on. I danced with Uncle Ted a few times and Aunt Val was right there too. I could feel his erection against my belly as we danced and I like it. I even allowed Uncle Ted to grab my ass and pull me against him a couple times. Aunt Val had a lot of fun that night she danced with many men and I seen quite a few put their hands on her ass, a few even on her bare ass. I asked Uncle Ted once if he had seen the guy do it. He laughed when said he did and that it meant that Val was going to be very horny tonight. The last dance I danced with Uncle Ted I twirled and spun with the best of them, I don't know if anybody seen my ass or tiny panty but I didn't care I was having a lot of fun. The last dance Uncle Ted and Aunt Val danced before we left, I saw Uncle Ted pull down the top of her dress and lick her tits right there on the dance floor as he had his hand between her legs playing with her pussy.

As we were leaving, Uncle Ted asked me to do him a big favor. I said, "Anything, just name it." He smiled and gave me his keys and told me to drive them home. He was going to get in the back seat with Val. He said she didn't want to wait until they got home. I saw Aunt Val pull her dress off outside the car and toss it in before she climbed in. There was a lot of kissing and moaning in the backseat as I tried as carefully as possible to get home. It got to the point where I wanted to watch but just couldn't but I know they were fucking right behind me. Just before we got home I noticed that somehow my dress was around my waist and I had one hand buried in my panties. They were in the way so I removed them as I was driving. I had never thought of doing that in the car before but it felt good and I continued playing with myself until we got to the house.

When we got home Aunt Val climbed out of the car naked and walked towards the house. Uncle Ted was also naked and was carrying their clothing. I asked him if he was concerned about the twins seeing them naked. He just smiled and said it wouldn't be the first time the boys had seen them naked. He said he would explain later. I went to my room not even bothering to close the door and let the dress drop from my body to the floor, I had left the panties on the floor of the car. I then lay back onto bed naked with my fingers between my legs remembering all that had happened that night. I finally got the relief I so badly needed and fell asleep naked for the first time in my life, and have continued to do every night since then.

I awoke the next morning wondering why I was naked then the memories of the night before returned. I smiled and stretched out enjoying the feel of the sheets on my skin. I got up and grabbed whatever shirt was on the top in my drawer and put it on. It was old orange and blue "Gators' tank top that barely covered my ass. That's all I wore as I went towards the kitchen. But no one was there as I got out the cereal. I was bent over in the fridge getting the milk when I heard, "Whew, what a nice view." I looked around and there was Uncle Ted.

I smiled and said, "Like that huh?" I must had still been a little horny from the night before, because then I said, "I bet you would like this even better." I spread my legs and bent over even farther and looked at him between my legs as I put a finger in my pussy. I seen as he grabbed himself and say, "Oh my God" as he then turned and left the kitchen. I didn't see him until an hour later.

Aunt Val was with him and she gave me a naughty little smile and whispered in my ear, "I'm not sure what you did to him but thank you and please do it again as often as you like. It's not often I get fucked twice in one morning." I told her exactly what I did. She laughed and said, "You are really turning into a naughty girl aren't you." She sat down next to me and said I seemed to have a lot of fun last night and she was surprised how much of my ass I was flashing on the dance floor last night.

I said, "I thought I might have done it a couple times but I didn't do it on purpose. The atmosphere was so contagious I just decided if it happened, it happened and to not worry about it." "And YOU talk about me showing ass, just before we left you were almost naked. I thought for a second Uncle Ted was going to take that dress right off you in the middle of the dance floor."

"Yea, I know. I was one naughty lady out there. You don't know this but some guy had his finger in my pussy on the floor last night while Ted was playing with your ass. Yea, I seen that, but that's all right it was all in fun. And Yes. I know I was almost naked and if he had of tried to take if off I would have let him. It wouldn't have been the first time he's stripped me naked in public. When you read those stories you will see what I mean. You see, Ted and I are also nudist and have been to many nudist camps and nude beaches. We've even taken the boys a couple times when they were younger. That why they are not shy to expose themselves to you. We need to take you to a nude beach someday. It is a blast walking around on the beach in the warm sunshine totally naked and looking around at many other totally naked people enjoying the sun.

"What do you have planned for tomorrow?" she asked.

"I don't have any plans this time." I said. "Why do you ask? You got something naughty in mind?"

"No not exactly naughty but it could end up that way." She said. "I thought that after Ted and the boys go to work, we could sneak off and go to Daytona Beach and enjoy the day running around in our little bikinis. How does that sound?"

"I don't know, it sounds like your trying to get me to run around almost naked in public and I'm not sure if I'm ready yet." I said. "But going to the beach sound like a lot of fun, and I could always wear the bigger bikini until I got use to it and then find somewhere to change if I get up the never to wear the little one."

"I guess that will work." She said. "But later on this morning, why don't you put that little bikini on and join me down at the creek. I feel like taking a dip today and I'll ask Ted if he would like to join us. Maybe I'll get him to wear something sexy to swim in."

"Oh really! What kind of sexy stuff does he have to wear?" I asked.

"He has a few things but I'll let him decide what to wear and let him surprise us." She said.

So I went back to my room and put out my laptop and logged on to 'Literotica' website and found Aunt Val's stories. I was surprised at how many there were so I started at the top of the list.

I had just finished the third story went Aunt Val came into my room wearing a very small yellow string bikini and asked if I liked it. When she turned around all I saw was a string up the crack of her ass to another string going around her hips to ties on each side. "Wow! I said. That has got to be the small bikini I have ever seen. There is no way you are going to get me into one of those." She just smiled and said, we'll see.

I then said, "I've just finished your third story; I can't believe you did all those things. It has gotten me hot just picturing what it must have been like to have been there. No wonder you and Uncle Ted still act like a couple teenagers in heat."

"Well honey," she said. Not all those stories are 100 percent true. A few of them are but a majority of them are only partially true and one or two are total fiction. But I'll never tell you which are which, it will spoil your image of us. And I did noticed you had been enjoying them when I walked in by where your hand and was." I felt my face turn red when she said that. I wasn't masturbating per say, I was just mildly rubbing it. "Now get that new little bikini own and let's go." She said as she turned and walked out.

It didn't take long to put the little thing on and I put my t-shirt back on over it and headed out. Aunt Val walked there in just her bikini and Uncle Ted had his towel wrapped around his waist hiding what he had chose to wear and the twins were wearing their white bikini undies again. The twins tossed their towels across the limb and ran into the water. I watched with anticipation as Uncle Ted released his towel. He was wearing a black mesh bikini with no lining. I could easily make out what was under that little suit. Aunt Val said it was what was called a hot tub suit when he bought it a few years ago, but it has yet to see a hot tub. Once everyone was wet, I noticed how transparent Aunt Val's yellow suit was. She said it never had a liner in it like mine did and if I wanted she would help me remove the one from my suit when I was ready to make mine transparent when wet. We did remove the liner a few weeks later.

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