My name is Melody and I have always enjoyed struggling, with men. In fact the more intense physically, the better. Not violence, just the battle of his irresistible lust versus my immovable resistance. Perversely it turns me on. I get all wet and stimulated.

My first boyfriend sweet-talked the pants off me. At 19, I lost my virginity in a cloud of lust and naivety. My second lover spent over a year of bedroom wrestling to get into my pants. Even after the first successful consummation, I sometimes resisted and more often than not, with success. My short-lived third boyfriend had his bed broken. Such was the intensity of our struggle. My fourth and fifth boyfriends spent many days of intense, sweaty frustration. Sprinkled in-between these men stand a succession of guys encountering failure and defeat.

In short, in all my bedroom battles, I never lose, except I want to. My 5 losses and over twenty victories attest to that. (At 5' 10" and stats of 36-28-39,) I am a tall, well-built girl. My successful scalps have made me ready to follow any man anywhere, confident in my physical ability. Anytime I hear of rape, I laugh. Such nonsense never happens to me and I have over twenty scalps to prove it. Let me tell you the secret. People think I am crazy when I say I enjoy struggling and the amount of my victories. The truth is, I am not fighting against a man's strength but the strength of his erection. A man will lose his dick-strength long before he loses his physical power. Frustration and mental exhaustion will drain the blood out of his tool. So in a contest between me and a man's desire, I win hands down insofar as I don't succumb to arousal.

When Emman invites me out, I go without a second thought. He is smooth and exudes confidence. What is another date? But my confidence misleads me.

I like tall slim men, preferably around six feet. Emman is SIX-THREE AND HUGE. Chitchat follows a dinner, by then bye. Ditto for the second date. He makes no move; no kiss attempt or fondle try. I begin to wonder when he will strike. I know he finds me attractive. I can see it from his surreptitious looks when he thinks I am not looking. Or should I say more accurately the way he looks at my figure, specifically my ass. More facially attractive than beautiful, God blessed me with great curves. My legs, ass and hips are to die for. Below a slim waist, my jutting ass in jeans is my most captivating feature.

Or so the numerous admirers tell me over the years. Men drool at the creaminess of my curves, at the fullness of it, especially the extravagant way my buttocks swell into twin mounds of succulent flesh swaying and undulating in unison with my gait, which took two years to perfect back in the day.

When down to pant and bra, my apple-shaped bottom is so sexy that my panties usually sink into my ass cheeks. But at twenty-five such voluptuousness has a down side; the ceaseless struggle to remain sexy and the constant battle with weight. Name the diet and the kinds of exercise to make my hips and ass smaller. I have tried them all. But no matter how much weight I lose, my ass and hips remain defiant. When Emman calls for a third date, I happily accept. He is not really my kind of guy, being too large, but he is good company. And I have nothing better to do. My fifth boyfriend is a dead-end relationship. We just fuck from moment to moment with no future in prospect. I cut the feet from under him after two months and ten bouts. At my age, a girl has to start thinking about settling down before I go to pot.

The day of my third date with Emman unfolds into a sunny dry afternoon. Wearing wrap-around stretch jeans that cling to me like a second skin and sleeve-less blouse, I am just begging to be fucked. Or at least open to an attempt.

For under my jeans is a very tight girdle panties and a chemise covers my breasts, is a sports bra. My standard battle equipment when going on dates. Mid afternoon arrives, when he drives up to my apartment in a SUV wearing sandals, three-quarter trousers and a red shirt over a singlet. Isn't he a bit too old for those clothes? I wonder.

A visit to the beach and a plate of roasted fish, chips and a few drinks later, he suggests we visit a friend of his. I give him a big smile. Who does think he is fooling? You are in for a shocker mate!

I like him as friend but frankly, I see nothing more. Except for the eating, drinking and chatting, this is going nowhere. I will end this after this date. If he tries to impose himself, a dose of humble pie would make it easier to drop him. Guys with deflated egos can always take a hint. We arrive at a modern two-storey house in a new development. When he uses a key to open the double doors, my heart starts to pound. Here we go. All I need now is to tip him over the edge. He holds the door open for me. Rolling my hips in my best sauntering strut, I walk forward. I hear his deep wheezing breath as his eyes doubtless follow my full rounded buttocks sway enticingly, each cheek making a provocative circling motion as I glide on. He follows. We are in a sparsely decorated apartment's living room.

"What a lovely place," I say.

"Let me show you around." He replies with a timbre suggestive of a stone stuck in his throat.

The click of a door being locked greets my ears like a Michael Jackson melody. Let the rumble begin! My heartbeat rattles my chest. Will or won't he?

As I look around for which couch to park my ass, I feel a large hand gently stroke my ass cheeks. His heavy breathing brushes my ear as he fondles my firm behind.

"Hey," I say.

The smell of cognac escapes his breath. "Your ass is so beautiful Melody. Its so firm and bouncy."

He palms each ass cheek while pressing me in a corner.

After a few moments, I spin around and push him away. "What do you think you are doing?"

His eyes grow wide in momentary surprise, then he closes in. "I want you."

"I am sure you do." I try to retreat, but my behind jams against the solid wall.

"You can try to resist, but you won't get away."

"I certainly will. Take me home."

"In your dreams."

"I want to leave now."

"You are going nowhere."

His hands shoot out, grabbing my wrists. He spins me around and pushes me towards a side door.

His grip around my waist tightens as he manoeuvres me through the living room to the door. I dig my sandals into the carpet, but he half-lifts me forward. Past the door, we stumble through. The room is bare but for a large king-size bed.

"You have such a lovely body."

"Keep your hands to yourself."

Again, I dig in my heels, and drop into a crouch, grinding my ass into his loins, hoping to stop our advance to the bed. His powerful hips ground against my ass and I feel the straining hardness under his pants aching with need.

"You can't stop me if I don't." With a grunt, he lifts me completely off my feet and throws me onto the bed.

I fall in a tangle, but he gives me no chance to get back up. Moving like a bear, he drops on top of me. "Get off me!" I trash under him but he smothers me.

"After I have you." His weight is crushing as it sinks atop me, his chest flattening my breasts against my ribcage. With he eye level with mine, he grabs my wrists and imprisons them in one huge paw.

"This is rape!"

He looks at me, his eyes aflame with lust. His face swells making him seem ugly. "Yes, the forceful taking of..."

I hate the gleam I see. Triumph? I haven't even started, you bastard! "That's what turns you on, isn't it?"

Horrified, I freeze but moan and whimper as his free hand strokes my back and kneads my buttocks. "Your body is so exciting."

Twisting my body I struggle harder, determined to get away. I have defeated worse, haven't I? I think I can, anyway. My hands slip out of his grip. "You bastard!"

"It's your sexy walk. The way your breasts jut against your tight blouse. The way your tight jeans moulds over your saucy hips."

I beat his back with my hands. But it's like hitting a barn door. Panting, I try to push him off, but he renders my struggles all but useless by again grabbing my hands in a vice-like grip and holding them over my head, while pinning me under his body.

"Let go of me!"

The bastard smirks at me. "Not even if my life depended on it. Such a bounteous ass. Such saucily thrusting buttocks. I've got to have you now."

Blushing, fury overtakes me. Who does this bastard think he is? "You will do no such thing."

The smirk grows larger. "I can't wait any longer."

His left hand slides up my bosom, his fingers grasping my hair and turning my head upwards.

His lips press against mine. I try to pull away, try to turn away, but all to no avail. When his lips slid over mine, I keep my teeth clenched. Palpitations sweep me when I feel his hardness pressing against me. He feels big! The first shoots of uncertainty surface. Can I win this? Our colliding bellies crush his erection, a powerful log of wood.

With shock, I begin to sense just how long and thick this lumber of flesh is. Using his free hand, he loosens my belt and unzips my jeans. Releasing my hands, his hands descend to the top of my jeans. We begin a tug of war that I soon lose. The jeans fall first to my knees then my ankles. I kick at him with both feet but this only helps the jeans come off. He falls off the bed, but before I can get up, his suffocating weight re-imprisons me.

"God," I pant, "get your hands off me you bastard!"

"Or what, bitch?"

We continue our struggle in silence. His hands encircle mine. He forces his lips to mine.

Resisting, I shake my head to the side.

"Stop! NO!" I squeal. I am getting fearful. He is so strong! Defeat stares me in the face. Holding my hands tightly over my head with just one of his, he unfastens his belt, and drops his pants with one hand. He loosens his shirt, and then by expertly exchanging hands, takes off his shirt without releasing my wrists.

"No. No -- Please." I plead, trying a different tack. "This isn't right. Please, you must stop now!"

"I will do no such thing," he replies, mimicking me.

He begins massaging my soft quivering buttocks from behind. As he grinds his loins harder against me, I gasp, holding my breath, when the caged hardness presses into my cleft. the clasping fingers of his hand teases my buttocks while the hardness of his pulsating penis grinding into my loins .

"Please don't," I whisper. "I'm begging you. Don't. N-No one has ever done this to me!"

"Always a first time for everything, dear."

"Ohhh, don't do this to me please!"

"My dear, what you need is to be fucked properly. I am going to this, even if only this once."

"Please, Emman, please let me go!"

"Too late. Enjoy yourself. Nobody would know."

"I-I don't care," I moan miserably.

"I want you, and this is going to happen."

It is useless. He is huge, almost a gorilla. With a growl, he locks one burly arm around my slender waist, forcing me backwards. Again, I find myself pinned between his hard body and the mattress.

"Get your filthy hands off me!"

"Dirty little whore! Wagging your ass around in front of me! You want it! Don't you? Don't you?!"

With one hand, he assaults my blouse. With the other big paw, he holds both of my wrists without even showing the strain, although his face glistens with sweat. I am in no better shape as rivulets boils down me. He opens button after button then by releasing one hand at a time, tugs the blouse off me. I buck and jerk. But it's useless against such power.

Fear envelops me.


"Shut the fuck up bitch! You are going to take me. And you are going to enjoy it."

"Get off me. What do you think you are doing?"

"What does it look like?"

Somewhere in the back of my mind the murmurings of disquiet, rise up to storm-like intensity. I am really losing this! I strive to resist harder. But in the same overwhelming forceful manner, my bra flies off and my breasts spring free.


His hot hungry mouth descends on my lovely breasts, greedily ravishing the distended nipples. His voracious mouth clamps over them, sucking like suctions. He then bites down on them. Shocks erupt through me as I feel the buds respond and grow taut between his roiling tongue and clamping teeth.

Kicking my heels, I struggle with all my might, but my frantic squirming seems only to excite him.

"Shut the fuck up," he growls between clenched teeth. "You better stop struggling and enjoy it."

"Why are you doing? Oh God, what is...?"

"You are going to get fucked and fucked good."

"Stop you beast!!"

Releasing my hands, he pulls at my girdle panties, the last bastion of my modesty.

He sneers. "I will do no such thing."

"No. You can't! Noooo!" I shriek when he tugs at my girdle.

"You say 'no' but you want it as much as I do." He reaches for my panties. I clamp my legs together. But he grabs my legs, and using his knees like an anvil, pries them apart. I whimper as he spreads me. A final jerk and I am wearing nothing. Lifting myself by my elbows, I strive to get up, but my trembling body is slow to respond. His body completely covers mine, he again uses his strength and weight to pin me back in place. The bed creaks. His chest, hard and muscular squashes my perky breasts, his thighs, legs and belly imprisons mine.

"Stop it! No, this is enough!"

"Stop fighting, you minx, you'll just make it worse." Locking my hands with one of his, his free hand pinches and fondles my nipples.

Sweat starts to run down my breasts, and for some reason I become very conscious of it. Suddenly, I am very aware of my body in general. His enormous weight is unmovable. His lock on my wrists unbreakable. Come, girl give it your best! Instead, my nipples harden under his assaults. My heaving breasts point toward the ceiling, glistening from his hot saliva. As he darts from one nipple to the other with his mouth, my nipples become beckons of pulsating charges. Shocked, I moan as tiny electric shocks from my breasts spread through my whole body. My skin tingles in their wake. Electric current seizes my spine, racing all the way down to my toes. The warmth in my crotch seeps to my brain. As does my tiring limbs that begin to feel laden. I am at the edge of my tether! Being truly overpowered for the first time in my life. I struggle to master my emotions, focusing on my clamped ankles.

"You are going to get what you deserve."

"No. No. Please stop."

Drool runs out a corner of his mouth. His eyes gleam. I turn my head away in disgust.

Knees made of iron pry my thighs apart. Riding his midriff, my legs kick futilely on either side of his hips. I feel the cock-head press against my pussy lips and rub softly up and down the cleft. I feel the head of his cock, like some mammoth baton at the entrance to my tensed vagina. Shutting my eyes, I tightly contract my cuntal muscles in an attempt to prevent penetration. A short, sharp pain tears my midriff as the huge baton invades me.

"AAAAaaaaggghhhaaaa!!!" My eyes fly open, staring at the sneering demon above me.

The meaty head ploughs forward. My pussylips fold inward under the force of his entry. The moist passage follows suit, breached under the sheer power of his thrust. His monster erection sinks into me with agonizing slowness, and I feel my moist tube start to engulf his turgid tool.

My stomach quivers when I feel my soft flesh giving. The lust-swollen head sinks into me an invading cudgel brushing away my pussy's reluctance. He lets out a grunt, ramming his hard dick. I whimper as I feel a tremendous pressure invade my belly. It seems to crush aside my bladder and bulldoze away my intestines as he sinks deeper into my pussy.

"Ooohhh, don't! Oh, my God," I squeal, "it's so big! Take it out!"

He snorts. "Not on your life!"

A gush of hot air escapes my lips. The invader expands my vaginal walls, snaking up to my cervix in its seemingly endless march to my womb. Closing my eyes, I go limp. He groans out a sigh of pleasure that repulses me. "See how tight you are!"

"No!" I squeal.


The bristly hairs encircling the base of his cock scrape against the my shaven mons tickling my clitoris. His big, dangling balls brush across the upturned cheeks of my ass. Its done! His shaft conquers my depths!

The bed creaks as he begins his toil. His clenching buttocks jerk spastically up and down, as if he means to punch a hole right through the crevice of my ass.

"Please! Take it out! Oh, don't! Ooohhh! Stop! Stop! No farther! Take it out!"

"Baby! What a ripe, tight cunt! I love you, sweetheart! And I am going to keep fucking you! Damn!"

His balls slap against my loins. I have become a piece of meat impaled by a skewer. To my complete humiliation, my womb now willingly swallows him to the hilt. He slides in my moistness so easily. He pulls back his entire shaft from me, leaving the enormous cap in my pussy.

I whimper and tears of defeat fill my eyes. I stop fighting and pull up my knees, planting the soles of my feet on the mattress.

With a groan, he plunges in and begins plunging in and out. First off slowly then he increases the pace and power to a steady and hard rhythmic thrusting. Smack! Smack! Merges with the creaking bedsprings, each time his engorged balls smash against my unturned ass. I feel tiny electric pulses seizing my clitoris. I bite my lower lip trying to arrest the forbidden sensations slowly building up at the juncture of my legs. Dear God, what is happening?

I find myself groaning loudly and uncontrollably with each impaling thrust. I begin bucking my hips but this time in unison, allowing him greater access and penetration. His hands move under me, clamping my hips, squeezing and pulling my ass with cruel fingers toward him each time he punches into me. Suddenly my body responds with a will of its own.

"Ohhh! Ohh! Ohhh," I moan.

He crushes his lips against mine, his tongue sliding past my lips to wrestle with my tongue. Bucking hips grind against me, hard, muscular thighs bruise me, the big bad dick twists and churns my pussy.

"Tight," he groans, grinding his pelvis against my loins. Snorts of heated air brush my ears and I hear his laboured breath in her ear, his heavy body crushes my tender breasts.

He pulls out his cock to the cap and drives it in again, harder.

Hot breath escapes my lungs. I am conquered.

"You wanted this, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?" He fondles my nipples, twisting each in turn. I stay frozen, conquered. He starts thrusting harder and deeper. It feels like he is invading my belly. I pull my knees up. His cockhead brushes my pussy walls stimulating the nerves and making me more aware of how deep he sinks into me. The feeling of his weight on top of me, pressing me down deeper into the mattress.

With each thrust, he sinks so deep, his muscular frame smashing down into my soft yielding flesh. It hurts, but it also feels good. And gets better with each stroke.

"Tight, sweet pussy." He withdraws his raging tool completely from me, drawing a moan of protest from me. He rears up and stares down at me. Smiling sadistically, he nonchalantly takes off his singlet. I lie silent, conquered. With a roar, he plunges back, loin slamming against loin. His penis buries itself back into my womb, drawing a squeal of protest from me. Or is that ecstasy. I no longer know.

"Unnh.. Unnh.. Aahh.. Mmmm." I bleat.

It triggers him and his violence increases. His pile-driver like strokes pound my loins, much faster and deeper than any man has before. The bedframe begins to groan in earnest..

"Filthy whore," he gasps between clenched teeth.


"You slut!" he snarls. "You need a big dick up your belly!" He seems to get bigger with each thrust. Harder, deeper.

I feel waves rising in me. I cannot help it. He is raping me, yet I am enjoying it. My questing fingers clutch his broad back. I want more!

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