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The characters are mine, the story is mine.

Love/Sex: Yes on both accounts, between two adult women. The sex is a little on the rough side and at some point may even seem nonconsensual, but it becomes so, eventually.


The sound of the door slamming rang throughout the apartment. The walls shuddered from the intensity. The look on the angry woman's face, standing in the doorway, provided any needed explanations for the unexpected outburst. Her black hair hung wildly down her back as her ice blue eyes seared anything and anyone who happened to stumble in her way. Anger seethed out of her, rippled through her body and unto other entities in her proximity. Her steps were measured as she made her way toward the living room sofa. Throwing her keys on the couch, she walked to the refrigerator, pulling it open in a brusque move.

A short, blonde haired woman rushed into the kitchen at the startling sound. Wide eyed with worry, she entered the kitchen. Looking at the dark woman's turned back, Lisa noticed the bunched muscles under Shannon's white tank. Shannon was drinking greedily out of the juice carton, in a way that bordered on desperation. Lisa inched her way closer to Shannon, quietly, so as not to startle the obviously upset woman. Laying a gentle hand on her shoulder, she almost jumped out of her skin when Shannon turned around quickly and grabbed her wrist in a vice-like grip. The look in Shannon's eyes made Lisa's heart beat faster; she had never seen such a look in her usually calm and composed partner. "Honey, what's wrong?"

Shannon swallowed another mouthful of juice, never letting go of Lisa's captured hand. "Nothing." She said tensely and turned back around, noticing the blonde flying along with her. When Shannon heard Lisa release a startled gasp, she finally let her hand go.

Lisa waited a few moments, hoping that Shannon would come around and talk to her, tell her what had happened, but to no avail. Shannon kept a strong-hold on the neck of the plastic bottle and kept drinking deeply.

"We have glasses, you know." Lisa said gently, trying to get a smile out of her barely recognizable partner. All she knew was that Shannon had gone to visit with her family and was now back and angrier than she had ever seen her before. The need to know what happened was itching at her and she practically had to cover her mouth with her hand so as not to blurt something out, something that would surely make her lover angrier than she was; if that was at all possible.

Her attempt at making a joke fell flat. All Shannon did was turn her angry gaze at her, pull the bottle away from her gulping mouth and sneer. She literally sneered in Lisa's direction. A tiny shard of fear began gnawing at Lisa's stomach. This was not her gentle, loving partner, but rather an animal ready to unleash her fury on the first possible prey. She took a careful step back, gulping loudly when Shannon followed. "Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood for your stupid jokes." Shannon said harshly.

Without thinking about her actions, Lisa narrowed her eyes in anger, leaving the fear behind. It wasn't her fault that whatever had angered her lover had done so and she shouldn't be the one to take the brunt for it. If she hadn't been so rash, she would have considered her next move before acting and would have wisely stepped away and left the dark woman alone. However, as they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty and at that moment, all Lisa could see was red. "What is wrong with you? If you're angry, don't take it out on me. I asked what was wrong and you ignored me, so don't turn this on me." She said with a harsher tone than she had intended.

Lisa barely had time to predict the move, when she found herself clasped tightly to the powerful body of her lover, staring deeply and quite closely, up into two blue chips of ice. Shannon had one arm tucked behind Lisa's back, pulling her to her, holding her captive, trapping her arms at her sides. She could feel Lisa's hot breath on her lips and for some reason it only angered her more. She felt nothing but anger at that moment, at her lover, at her family, she no longer knew. "I thought I told you to leave me the fuck alone! You couldn't leave well enough alone and you had to push, didn't you?!" Not waiting for an answer, Shannon used her free hand to pull Lisa's head in, closing the distance between them. The kiss was by no means soft or gentle. It was raw, animalistic, bordering on painful. Lisa could feel her lips swelling from Shannon's ferocious force. A small whimper escaped Lisa's mouth, only causing Shannon to pull her harder against her lips; an excuse to plunder her soft mouth with her searing tongue. Lisa was getting scared, even though she knew, deep down, that Shannon would never really hurt her. But this situation was new and her lover was not herself, she didn't know how this 'stranger' might act, or what she should expect, but she had a pretty good idea.

Shannon, without glancing up from her task, threw the empty bottle of juice on the floor, the loud bang ringing in Lisa's ears. She then fastened her other hand against the blonde's neck and pulled her to their bedroom. A few seconds later, Shannon was still holding onto Lisa, kissing and plundering her mouth for all she was worth, while her hands made themselves busy crawling all over the lithe body. She unceremoniously pulled Lisa's blue t-shirt out of her pants and with one long swoop, above her head, throwing it to one corner of the room. Next came Lisa's bra, which was harder to take off since Lisa had begun to regain her senses and was starting to put up a fight. "Stop. Shannon please, stop." She pleaded with her lover, hoping that the woman she knew and loved could still be found in there.

Shannon stopped her frantic movements for a second, looking into Lisa's slightly frightened eyes. She grasped her jaw in a surprisingly gentle hand and said, "You don't really want me to stop, do you?" Her hand slowly caressed her tightly clenched jaw and then her fingers curled in the blonde tresses and pulled her head into another drawn-out kiss. During the kiss, Shannon grabbed both of Lisa's hands and pushed them behind her back, holding them still through the blonde's struggling. She tried to unsnap the back clasps of the bra but her efforts proved fruitless, making her growl in anger. Mumbling the words, "keep pushing me," again and again, Shannon had had enough and she ripped the bra in two. A startled gasp escaped Lisa's mouth as a cold shiver ran down her naked spine. Shannon's other hand traveled slowly down Lisa's body, moving from her chest down to her stomach, reaching the top edge of her blue jeans. With that same hand she snapped open the button, pulled the zipper down and with a swift motion, pushed the jeans to the floor, letting them slide down Lisa's perfectly sculpted hips.

Shannon narrowed her eyes dangerously as she picked her smaller lover up in her arms and laid her down on the soft sheet that was covering their king sized bed. Like a panther prowling in the wild, in the search for a delicious prey to pounce on, Shannon rose on her hands and knees, still fully dressed, and made her way over Lisa's prone body. Shannon noticed a small shiver run through the smooth body beneath her and a similar one overcame hers. She didn't even bother taking her shoes off as she laid her tall, muscular body on top of the panting blonde. Lisa didn't know what was better, having Shannon maul her with no consideration or having to anticipate her next move as she slowly moved on top of her. A jean clad knee immediately thrust itself against her sensitive sex and she gasped in surprise. The attack had begun all over again. Shannon captured both of Lisa's wrists in her one hand and pushed them tightly against the bed, above her head. Licking a path from her sensitive ear down to the hollow of her throat, Shannon hummed in pleasure. As Lisa slowly began to enjoy herself, marveling at the searing touch of her lover, she yelped in surprise and pain when a pair of very sharp teeth marked her neck, claiming their territory.

When the red blotch appeared on the creamy white skin of Lisa's neck, Shannon looked satisfied and she kissed and softly licked the now sensitized piece of flesh. She lowered her head to capture a hardened nipple between her teeth and smiled at the short intake of breath. Letting the nipple harden between her teeth, she simply breathed against her, unmoving. The moan that escaped Lisa's mouth made Shannon release her captive nub and take her entire breast inside her mouth. With her knee still between the motionless Lisa, she pushed her legs further apart, making room for her soon to be invading hand. She moved to treat the other breast the same way and started playing in the blonde curls. She was happy to discover that the thin patch of hair was soaked with Lisa's passion. Without as much as a warning, she ploughed Lisa's vulnerable sex with three fingers. Lisa released a surprised gasp, the suddenness making her completely unable to utter anything more.

The power of Shannon's thrusts inside her were driving her further up the bed and if Shannon hadn't kept a strong grasp on her wrists, she would have already banged her head against the headboard. Shannon took to licking and nipping around the soft mounds of flesh underneath her mouth, kissing her way down the valley between them. When she felt Lisa begin to respond to her rough touch, she began thrusting harder and faster, enjoying the look of rapture on Lisa's straining face. Her muscles bunched in tension as her body faced the roughest treatment it had ever known. She was in a place unfamiliar, between pleasure and pain. Her mind couldn't conjure up a thought; she was beyond that, beyond anything that could possibly ground her. And soon she was lost, lost in delirious pleasure...or was it pain...she could no longer tell.

The hunching body of Shannon, pushing against her, inside her, was the only thing she felt, the only thing she knew. With a surprisingly deep plunge and a thoroughly rough kiss, she opened her mouth to gasp for air, her neck straining with the pressure. One small whimper escaped her throat and then her body crashed into a million, tiny pieces of abandon. Her entire body shook with the force, making the bed tremble underneath their sweat soaked bodies. Eyes wide, blinking through the darkness, she took deep breaths to fill her starved lungs. It had been one of the most earth-shattering experiences she had ever been through. When she first felt the shaking she thought her own body was reacting with the aftershocks, but then she felt the strange wetness against her heated throat.

Clenching and unclenching her fingers, she realized they were no longer held captive. She looked down at the dark hair covering her upper body and lowered her hand to Shannon's bowed head. The shaking had come from Shannon, who was crying just as fiercely as she had taken Lisa's body but a minute ago. With a soft hand, Lisa caressed the dark tresses away from the tear streaked face, trying to find the blue eyes she had fallen in love with. "Shan? What's wrong, baby?" All that had happened was suddenly forgotten and there was only the here and now. Shannon was uncharacteristically crying and Lisa's heart constricted in pain.

Shannon raised her head slightly, capturing the green ones of her beloved. At the surprising look of love and tenderness, she began sobbing all that much harder, continuously begging for Lisa's forgiveness, "I'm so sorry...Oh God, I'm sorry..."

Lisa let Shannon cry until she had no more tears left, simply holding her tightly and whispering soft reassurances into her flushed ear. Finally, Shannon ceased her crying and raised her head to look into her lover's eyes, "I'm so sorry, baby. I'm sorry I hurt you...I never meant to hurt you." She mumbled a few other unintelligible words and burrowed her head back into the cocoon of warmth that was her lover's chest, wrapping her arms securely around her waist.

They spent several more minutes just laying together, basking in the glow that they couldn't help but feeling, no matter the circumstance. "Did I hurt you badly?" Shannon's small, fearful voice asked.

Lisa smiled slightly, taking note of the pleasant buzz that seemed to engulf her entire being, "No honey, I'm okay. Now are you willing to tell me what happened?"

Shannon cringed as she was reminded of what had brought her unnatural behavior about. "I just can't take it anymore...Words hurt, you know, more than a physical blow. And if you ever thought that words coming from a stranger can ever be worse than those coming from your family, than I can attest to how wrong you would be." She didn't elaborate, and Lisa understood. Hugging Shannon's body closer to her own, until they felt like one, Lisa continued caressing her dark, disheveled hair through the night. She understood what had led to her lover's strange behavior and she was glad to have been there for her when she had needed her the most, no matter the consequences.

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