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Contractor Peeping Tom


My wife Sara and I had been married for seven years. We met in college, and sometimes I couldn't believe that I had been lucky enough to wind up with her. Sara is a really beautiful sexy woman, with emerald green eyes, flawless pale skin, long straight black hair with straight cut "Betty" bangs, and an AMAZING figure. Her breasts are rather large but firm with no sign of sag. She has a narrow waist and an awe inspiring ass, all on top of a pair of long shapely legs. She works as a secretary at a large corporation, although she looks like she could be a professional model.

Sara and I were adding an addition on to our house. We had wanted an enclosed patio room for some time, and since I had recently received a substantial promotion at work, we finally had the money to do it.

The room was going to be rather large and would stretch from the edge of our kitchen, across the master bathroom, all the way to the end of our bedroom. More than half the house. The bedroom and bathroom both had large windows facing the new room, the one in the bathroom was going to be walled over after we put in a large skylight, while the one in the bedroom would be turned into a pair of french doors opening onto the new room. For now they would be left as they were while the room was being constructed.

I had hired a contractor named Don. My coworker, Dave had recommended him to me. I didn't really care for Dave, finding him to be stuck up and full of himself, but I had to admit that Don was a a really nice guy and really good at his job. The room was coming along swiftly, and Sara and I were really excited to see it taking shape.

I had a two story shed in the yard that I used for storing our ride on mower and yard tools, and also as a small workshop. I tried to keep it in order, but somehow it always wound up as barely organized mess. Sara had been after me to straighten it out for a while now, as she also kept her gardening tools in there. I didn't look forward to the task, but I really wanted to keep her in a good mood. It had been a busy week and I hadn't had the chance to have sex with my wife in a few days, so I really wanted to get some that night.

I said hi to Don and his workers as I headed into the shed and he waved back. That room really is coming along nicely, I thought to myself.

I cleaned the shed for about three hours and was really starting to feel exhausted. I had finally finished the lower level and was working in the shed's loft which had a small window in the front. I decided to take a break and sat down on a large wooden storage box facing the window. It was getting to be dusk outside and I was starting to think it was about time to head inside and take a quick shower before trying to coax Sara into the bedroom.

From my spot I had a really great view of the new room and the back of the house. At first I thought that Don and his crew had left for the day but then a sudden movement to my right caught my eye. Don had reentered the yard and was walking over to the unfinished room. He appeared to be looking for something, and after a moment he stooped and picked it up. I then saw that it was his smartphone. I supposed he had accidentally dropped it before leaving and hadn't realized it until he was on his way home.

Suddenly the bedroom light came on and both Don and I turned instinctively to look. As we did, Sara walked into the room; she was wearing tight denim shorts and a v-neck shirt.

Before either of us could react she reached down and pulled her shirt up and off. Her breasts, partly covered by a black lace bra, swayed side to side.

I was momentarily frozen. Don, though admittedly through no fault of his own, was nonetheless staring open mouthed at my partially undressed wife! My first thought was to call out and tell him to get away from the window, but then I thought of how embarrassing that would be for all of us. Then I thought that maybe if I made some noise in the shed he might realize I was still working in here and be scared off. That way he wouldn't know that I had witnessed his inadvertent glimpse of my wife and things could go on without any awkward confrontation.

I decided to do just that, but before I could put my plan into action the situation escalated. As Don and I looked on, Sara reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As it fell away, we were treated to an unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts!

My breath caught in my throat. I couldn't move. All I could do was stare.

Stare at Sara as she stood there half naked, her large, pale, pink nippled breasts completely exposed, and at Don as he drank in the sight of her.

Suddenly I realized that I had an erection, The hardest erection I could ever remember having. My pulse pounded in my ears and I gasped for breath.

Still I didn't move, and as we both watched, Sara unbuttoned her shorts and let them drop as well. Now she stood, clothed only in her skimpy black lace panties.

What am I doing? I thought to furiously myself. Why don't I stop this?

Still I did nothing but sit and watch.

I knew what would come next.

I leaned forward, my hand unconsciously rubbing my erection through my pants, and watched as Sara delicately slid her panties down her legs. Stepping out of them she stood, exposed in all her naked glory. Her freshly waxed sex was clearly visible to me, and I was sure, to Don.

Almost without being aware I was doing it, I released my erection from the confines of my pants and began to stroke it.

Suddenly I noticed that Don was holding his smart phone out in front of him, and then it struck me!

My God! He's taking pictures of her! Or maybe even video!

I was stunned.

What should I do? How could I stop him without letting him know that I had been watching all along?

I looked down at my throbbing erection and realized that I didn't want to stop him.

My wife, the most beautiful, sexy woman I had ever known, was standing naked, exposed, for the pleasure of another man. He was not only looking at her, he was recording her, saving her image for later. He would be able to enjoy the sight of her body whenever he wanted.

He might even show her to other men! His friends, his work crew... My coworker Dave who had recommended him to me!

At that thought I almost came. I had to take my hand from my erection and breathe deeply to stop my orgasm from happening. I wasn't ready yet.

I wanted to see what else happened.

Sara turned toward the large mirror in our room so she was now in profile to Don and I. She looked at herself for a moment, then slowly began to run her hands over her sensuous curves. She cupped her full breasts in her hands and turned side to side, posing playfully for the mirror, and us!

I saw Don struggling at his pants one handed, the other hand still aiming his phone at Sara. He finally succeeded in freeing his erection, which looked very large from what I could see, and began to stroke himself as he watched her.

I had resumed stroking my cock as well. I couldn't believe the show Sara was putting on for us!

Now she pinched her nipples, pulling on them lightly to make them stand up proud and hard. With one hand still playing with her breasts, the other slid down over her flat belly to her clean, hairless pussy. Her fingers traced her slit, as if she were teasing herself, then her fingertips seemed to flick lightly at her clit! Her mouth formed an "O" as she moaned silently, staring at herself in the mirror. Her fingers began to move, and enter her slightly. Her body began to shake! Both Don and I were stroking ourselves furiously!

Then she stopped.

A groan of frustration escaped my lips, how could she stop when she was obviously so close to cumming? She turned and walked from the room, and I thought the show was over.

Boy was I wrong.

The bathroom light came on. Sara walked over to our large shower. It was a special custom model with multiple spray heads built into the walls. They can be set to vary and pulse to music from a built in sound system. Yes it had been very expensive, but Sara had really wanted it and she could be very persuasive.

She turned on the water, then walked over and opened the large bathroom window to let out the steam. I saw Don freeze for a moment, obviously afraid of being seen. Sara however turned back to the shower, oblivious to her voyeur. She turned on the sound system and I recognized the music. It was her "stripper" playlist! She would sometimes put this playlist on in the bedroom, then she would dance for me, pretending to be an exotic dancer. We had some of our best sex to this music.

She entered the shower but neglected to shut the sliding glass door all the way. Both Don and I still had a perfect view of her as the pulsing water jets soaked her nude body.

Don, apparently feeling emboldened by his lack of discovery, moved close to the window to get a better view, both for himself and his camera-phone!

Sara swayed her hips, dancing a little as she washed her hair and body. She swayed, and slowly began to gyrate her hips.

Her hands slid over her glistening wet skin, rubbing, massaging, caressing. Again she pinched and pulled her nipples.

Her dancing began to become more vigorous, she ran her hands up and down her body and through her dripping wet hair, until they found their way back between her legs again.

She leaned her upper back against the shower wall for support as she began to massage herself there. Her right hand slid back up her body to her breasts as her left worked busily at her clitoris!

Now I could hear her moans, even over the music. My hand was a blur on my cock, and I could see Don stroking himself furiously as well. He had his camera-phone pressed right up to the window now, so as not to miss an a single detail of Sara's show!

I thought again of how he would be able to see her like this again and again, whenever he wanted. Show her to whoever he wanted! My stuck up coworker Dave, he said Don was a personal friend of his when he recommended him to me. I thought of all the times I had caught Dave checking Sara out at the company parties and picnics, he might get a chance to see her now in a way that even I had never seen her act before!

Sara was moaning loudly now. She was rubbing her clit with her left hand, her right was pinching her nipples and fondling her tits. Her shoulders were against the wall and her back was arched so that her pelvis was thrust forward.

Suddenly her right hand slid up into her hair, which she grasped tightly, her left hand was moving furiously between her legs. She began to shake, every muscle in her body stood out tautly, then she let out a long moan that was almost a scream as her orgasm surged through her!

At her window, Don came with an audible grunt, his cum spurting against the wall of the house!

I came as well, gasping for breath. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my life!

As my breathing slowly returned to normal I caught a glimpse of Don sneaking out of the yard.

After I while I decided to go back into the house. I was troubled in my mind, thinking that I had been foolish to allow all of this to happen. True, it had been the most exciting sexual experience of my life, but Don was now in possession of video of my wife in the most intimate circumstances possible to imagine, and there was no telling where they might wind up!

My thoughts were interrupted when Sara walked up to me wrapped in a towel. "So stud, did you enjoy your show?"

"What?" I gasped.

Oh God! Did she know that I had allowed Don to watch her? That I had watched him watching her?

"Don't play coy. I saw you outside my bedroom window watching me." She smiled devilishly. "I hope you enjoyed the show I put on for you."

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