tagMind ControlControl Ch. 06

Control Ch. 06


Josh was not a bad kid. As his 19th birthday came and went he continued to experiment with his powers to control people. Josh’s intent was not to abuse people but at times he could just not pass up using his ability to satisfy his youthful libido. It felt too good to pass up the opportunities at hand. So far he had only directed others to perform sexual acts that stimulated his masturbation. Josh was still a virgin and had very little experience with the opposite sex other than having his mother suck him off once. His erotic experience with women began his acquisition of mind control powers. His experiences now involved his neighbors, the minister’s wife, the sales girls at the local jean shop, and even his mother. Up till now these experiences mostly involved manipulating others while he watched and masturbated. Josh did not know it yet but today would push him one step further along the road to corrupting power.

Josh awoke to a late August mornings, one of the last days of summer vacation. Even though Josh had turn 19 in July he still had one more year of high school. He was looking forward to the return of school particularly in light of his new abilities. It now took very little effort for him to command others to do his bidding and then to have them selectively forget what happened. He could also control various physiological processes and rationalized that he had provided numerous women the greatest orgasm of their life.

The first thing that popped into Josh’s mind as he arose from bed was his morning erection. He was now masturbating at least two times a day. As he went to the bathroom his mom shouted, “Are you up yet Josh? I have to go to work soon.”

Josh’s mom, Julie divorced long ago, did not know it but she had felt her son’s powers. Sex had been far from her mind a few weeks ago, but now she was a very sexually satisfied woman. She thought she did it all herself and had no idea of the help provided by her son.

Josh loved watching his mom play with her pussy. She had no idea that while she masturbated to her greatest orgasms in years her son stood with his cock in hand watching. This sight was quite enough to cause massive eruptions from his cock. One reason for Josh’s earlier lack of experience was his self consciousness about the size of his cock. It was not as large as some of the other guys but it worked quite well. Josh’s thinking had now moved from watching to doing. He justified his manipulations of others by the joy he was giving them. However, to actually have sex with them would amount to rape and Josh had difficulty with this idea. However, his hormones also had a powerful influence on his young consciousness.

“Josh would you hurry up and come down to breakfast,” Julie shouted. She had to leave soon for the lunch shift at the local diner in town.

“Ok, Mom be right down.”

Josh quickly finished in the bathroom and walked into the kitchen in his underwear.

“You have not even dressed yet,” Julie scolded.

“I will after breakfast,” he replied.

“You know school will begin soon. Then you will have to be up early everyday.”

“I know,” Josh said as he looked up from the table at his mom’s breasts.

Josh thought deeply, “Mom pull out your tits,” he projected.

Julie had the strangest sensation in her chest and felt the tightness of her bra as suffocating. As she stood in the kitchen she could no longer stand the tightness and quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her ample breast out of the confining bra. Julie sigh relief as she now stood with both breasts protruding out. As she regained her composure she looked down to see her son staring as her breasts.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Josh said in mocked amazement.

Julie was stunned. She could not seem to move her feet and could not stand the idea of covering her breasts with her tight bra. “I don’t know”, Julie stammered, “but you should not be looking at me that way.”

“You pulled out your tits. What do you expect me to do?” Josh answered still eyeing his Mom’s breasts. Josh let go of his mom’s mind as he watched her near panic.

Julie quickly came to herself. She turned her back to her son whom she knew had gotten a very good look at her breasts. She rearranged her bra, buttoned her blouse, and turn back to Josh feeling very embarrassed.

“I don’t know what came over me.”

“That’s ok, I don’t care,” Josh said with a smile.

“It’s not right that you see me like that. I am your mother. I think I must be having anxiety attacks or something,” Julie explained.

“Ok Mom, don’t worry about it. It is forgotten,” Josh said as he finished breakfast and got up to leave. “You’d better hurry or you’ll be late for work,” he added.

“Ok, I’m leaving right now, bye Josh, don’t get into any trouble today and clean up your room,” Julie instructed as she walked out the door. She gave her bra strapped a pull remembering the bra’s tightness that had vanished as quickly as it had arisen. Julie was troubled by her son’s apparent enjoyment of her exposing her breasts and could help but noticed the budge that formed in his briefs. Julie was also troubled by the excitement she felt deep within over the thought of her son seeing her breasts.

Josh cleaned up his room as instructed and went down to begin his day. Living in the country meant long hikes through the summer woods. He loved to walk through the trees with his dog Ralphee. They spent many long days wandering down trails through the rather large forest that surround his home.

Josh kept remembering his Mom’s boobs hanging over her bra as he and Ralphee wandered along a trail. His normal libido was even more charged than normal and he began thinking of a plan to discharge some of this energy. In the old days he would have just whipped out his cock and shot a load of cum on a tree or something. Now though he wanted more and he had the means to achieve it.

As Josh considered his options he came out into a field of hay almost ready to be cut and bailed. “The Harpers lived over on the other side of this field,” Josh told Ralphee. “You know, Ralphee Mrs. Harper is not bad looking. Why don’t we give her a little visit?”

The Harper’s mobile home was located just the other side of a large old wooden barn. It was between two large oak that provided shelter from the hot sun. Josh walked across the field and approached the trailer. At first he did not see anyone but then saw Mrs. Harper walk through the living room.

Mrs. Harper was in her early 30’s and use to teach at the local high school that Josh attended. He did not have any classes with her but had often watched this attractive blond. She quit teaching to have a baby but regained her youthful figure. She was now staying home for the year to be with her baby.

Josh walked up on the porch and knocked on the door. Mrs. Harper came to the door and looked at Josh. “What are you doing here, Josh? This is a long ways from your house.” This was a rural community and everyone knew everyone.

“I was wondering if I could get a glass of water. I’ve been out walking in the woods. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. Come on in Josh.” Mrs. Harper said.

“Sit down and tell me about your summer,” Mrs. Harper said as she put some ice in a glass.

“It has been okay but it will soon be over,” Josh said as Mrs. Harper handed him the glass.

Josh took a long drink as he sent a thought to her, “Mrs. Harper, you suddenly find me very attractive.”

Jane Harper was a normal woman. She and her husband John had a mostly good sex life but with the baby it had decreased. Jane did not have the drive she once had and was surprised at sudden excitement that this young man was creating in her. Jane felt her nipples perk up at the thought of this young man sitting in her living room. She wanted to dismiss the thought and push it out of her head but it kept returning.

“Mrs. Harper why are you staring at me like that?” Josh said knowing the conflict he was creating in her.

“What do you mean Josh? I am just looking at you.”

“Okay,” Josh said as he thought “Mrs. Harper unbutton the top two buttons on your blouse.”

Jane kept trying to dismiss these unhealthy sexual thoughts about this boy only to have them reappear stronger. As she fought with these sexual impulses her hand moved automatically to unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse. This revealed the lacy outline of her bra and curves the upper portion of her breasts. Jane knew this was not a good thing to do to a young boy but it felt so good to show off.

“Mrs. Harper, are you sure you’re okay?” Josh said as he sent another thought, “Your pussy is being to become wet and you clit is becoming excited.”

Jane was about to reply to Josh when an electric shot race through her body as her pussy began to send its messages to her brain. She suddenly felt wet with desire and wanted Josh.

As Josh pondered this situation he became even more excited and his dick rose in his pants. “I can do anything I want to with Mrs. Harper,” he thought to himself. “I have the power.” Josh was beginning to feel very powerful and decided to test his powers.

“Mrs. Harper, I would like for you to do a slow strip for me. Take off everything but your bra and panties,” Josh said this aloud now assure of his mastery.

“What did you say Josh?” Mrs. Harper asked in amazement. This seem to bring her out of her sexual state of mind.

“You heard me the first time.”

“Josh you had better leave right now,” Mrs. Harper said as she began to undo her blouse and remove it.

“I don’t think so,” Josh answered in a very confident voice as he watched Mrs. Harper undress.

“What is happening?” Mrs. Harper questioned as she removed her pants revealing herself to Josh.

“You are just following my instructions.”

“I don’t want to do this but I can’t stop,” Mrs. Harper almost shouted as she moved toward a possible hysterical state.

“You will do what I say and quit being such a pussy about it,” Josh commanded becoming slightly angry at her histrionics. “Sway your hips,” he added.

“No, I won’t do it,” Mrs. Harper said as she became a rhymic movement of her hips.

“What is your name, I’m tired of Mrs. Harper. What does you husband call you?”

“My name is Beth.”

“Okay, Beth when you and your husband first married and began to fuck all the time what did he called?” Josh continued.

“He used to call me Nasty Girl,” she could not believe she was telling Josh these things.

“Why did he call you that?”

“Cause I liked to do nasty things,” Beth shuddered as she answered all Josh’s questions.

“Like what?”

“I like to suck his dick. I like to have him tied me up and stick it up my butt. I like to do everything to make my pussy hot and wet.” Beth continued to be amazed by her own voice telling Josh these things.

Josh was also amazed at what he was hearing. Mrs. Harper, the school teacher, liked to be tied up by her husband and fucked up the ass. Josh could not believe but he liked it and was a long way from being finished with Nasty Girl.

“Okay takes off your bra and shows me your tits.”

“No please Josh. Stop all this and just leave me alone,” Beth said as she removed her bra.

“Nice tittles,” Josh said as he examined Beth 36 C breasts with perky dark nipples.

Beth could not believe what was happening. She also could not believe that down deep she was excited. This repulsed her but the repulsion seem to even further fuel the excitement deep within.

“Please Josh just stop this and go home.”

Josh was far beyond listening to any such suggestions. Josh was in charge.

“Take of your panties,” Josh said with a big smile.

“Please Josh,” Beth said as she now stood before Josh totally nude.

Josh looked over Beth. She had a large patch of dark hair around her pussy. Josh said, “Spread your legs so I can see your pussy better.”

She did as instructed and Josh could see the pink pussy lips that showed a bit of moisture.

“Turn around.”

Beth turned and Josh examined her shapely ass and long legs.

“Bend over and spread move.”

Beth did as commanded and Josh had a full view of her pussy and ass and even her puckered asshole. Beth felt a surge of excitement as she bent into this most revealing and humiliating position.

“Ok, turn back around and look at me,” Josh was in full control and enjoying ever minute of this. He was even enjoying Beth’s obvious distress over what was happening.

Beth was feeling totally humiliated standing nude before this young man. She had married her husband quite young and he had been the only man to see her naked. Even though there were times when she could be extremely wild in bed it was only with him. This was a totally alien experience. She could see from Josh’s intense expression that he was a long way from being finished with her. This was extremely distressing to her but what was more distressing were the deep feelings of intense excitement that continued to build inside her.

“Come over here Beth,” Josh commanded.

Beth now stood directly in front of where Josh sat on the couch.

“Unzip my pants.”

“No, please Josh stop,” Beth said as she unzipped his pants.

Josh did not have a large dick but it was at its peak size of 4 inches.

“Pull out my dick.”

Beth pulled out his dick and held it in her hand.

Josh had only had one other person, his mom hold his hard dick. It felt great.

“Rub my dick and make me feel good.”

“Please, Josh,” Beth said as she rubbed his dick.

Josh was beyond pleasure at this. He knew it would not be long before he explored and he wanted more than a hand-job from her.

“Ok, turn around and sit on my dick.”

“No, Please Josh,” Beth said as she turn and slowly sat on his dick. His dick entered the now wet pussy and Josh felt her tight hold grasped his swollen cock.

“Okay fuck me Beth and fuck me good!”

Beth gasped as his dick entered her pussy. She had not had much sex in the last few years and she felt terrible that his dick felt good in her cunt. She began to squirm up and down as she had been commanded. As her pussy massaged Josh’s cock she also felt her sexuality ignite.

Josh was in heaven. Her pussy grabbed his cock in ways he had never imagined. It felt fantastic.

“Oh, Beth I am going to cum, it feels so gooooooood,” Josh said as his cock squirted blob after blob into Beth’s pussy.

It was too soon for Beth to reach an organism but she could not believe how good it felt for his cock to be inside her. She wanted it to last longer but at the same time she was completely disgusted with herself. She was liking it.

Josh lay back with his cock still in Beth’s pussy. “That was fantastic”, he said as her pussy milked the last bits of Josh’s cum.

“Get off now and get on your knees before me,” Josh commanded now assured of his complete control.

Beth did as she was instructed and look up at Josh. “Please stop,” was all she could say.

“No I’m not going to stop and for that I want you to suck all the cum and pussy juice off my dick, right now.”

Beth obeyed and leaned forward to take Josh’s cock in her mouth. She could taste both his cum and her own pussy juices. She felt repulsed by this but these humiliations also fueled a deeper passion that was being to grow.

Josh being a young man quickly grew hard again. His dick swelled in Beth’s mouth as she licked the head tasting some pre-cum as Josh became excited again.

“Ok that’s enough Beth. Get up and let me look at you.”

She complied and stood before Josh. She could feel Josh’s cum mixed with her own juices leaking out of her pussy and dripping to the carpet.

“Go clean yourself up and put on your sexiest underwear and come back in here,” Josh commanded to this woman he had only thought to be an innocent teacher.

As Beth quickly cleaned herself she could not begin to unwind the conflicted mixed emotions she was feeling. She knew with every fiber of her being that what was happening was wrong. She was having sex with a kid. She was cheating on her husband. She was really really excited by all of this and had to resist the temptation to have an orgasm right in the bathroom as she clean Josh’s cum out of her pussy.

Beth worked with his hair a bit and added a bit of makeup. She went to the very back of her closet where she hid a bra and panty combination she had not worn in a long time. It was black and did very little to hide anything. She added some high heel shoes and a garter belt and presented herself before Josh.

Josh could not believe the change. This young teacher now looked like a New York high class call-girl.

“You look great Beth,” Josh exclaimed. “Dance for me.”

Beth began a slow movement with her hip swaying in rhythm to her own internal music. She turned to allow Josh to see her G-string panties and bent slight to give him the very best view. She continued to experience a great conflict in this but could do nothing but go with the sexual flow that was enveloping her.

Josh watched in increased excited. After a few minutes he could no longer stand the sexual tension. “Come here Beth. Sit on the couch and kiss me.”

Josh had very little experience in kissing and as Beth’s tongue slipped into his mouth he knew he was in heaven. Josh caressed Beth’s back and his hand slid down to her butt. It was soft and tender. He then reached up and began to cup her breasts and could feel her tight nipples straining against the soft silk of the bra. His hand then moved downward and he felt the soft fibers of her pubic hair as his hand slid down to the crack of her wet pussy. His fingers easily slipped inside Beth.

“Ohhhhh” Beth moaned as she felt her inner most being violated by Josh’s fingers. Beth had never felt this excited in her life. She was quickly sinking beyond any moral considerations of the events that were transpiring. She only wanted the sensations to continue.

Josh moved Beth to the soft carpet. He lay on top of her and positioned his cock to again enter her pussy. Josh again felt the softness of her pussy accepting his manhood.

“Oh God!” Beth was now beyond hope.

Josh began to slowly pump himself in and out of Beth. Even though he was extremely excited he had much more control over himself this time and wanted things to last.

Beth could feel his cock moving slowing in and out and as it rubbed against her clit wave after wave of pleasure was registered deep within her brain. Beth was totally emerged in the very basic animalistic primitive part of herself. Nothing else mattered.

Josh’s tongue explored the details of Beth tongue and the roof of her mouth. He continued to pump her pussy and could feel his excitement continue to build. “Not yet,” he thought to himself.

Beth was going beyond this world. Her orgasm built and exploded into a white light of ecstasy. Wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure flowed through her. This was the Nirvana of the animal kingdom, pure primitive delight.

Josh felt his cock swell and as he erupted into the deep recesses of Beth’s pussy nothing else matter. Squirt after squirt of his cum shot into Beth’s womb. Josh could not believe how good this felt. This day he was no longer a virgin.

Josh had also reached another boundary. He was in control and now knew nothing could really stop him. People were for his pleasure but he could and would also give them pleasure. He could also inflict pain if he so chose. Beth was proof of this. Of course, Josh in his immaturity had no real idea of the conflict Beth would experience as a result of this. As a result he had no intention of wiping the memories from her. He wanted her to remember him.

Josh’s eruptions ended and he slowly moved off Beth. The excitement was almost too much for Beth and she was near a blissful unconsciousness.

“That was fantastic!” Josh said as he put back on his pants.

Beth just lay on the floor with cum still oozing from her pussy.

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