tagMind ControlControl, Sam, Control Finale

Control, Sam, Control Finale


10-16 in progress East 17th Street, any unit can deal?

Unit 12 responding...

The police radio chattered in the background as the two officers walked towards the warehouse. They were on a mission to prove that the Commander was right when she said the informant was a delusional but, as Susan had insisted that they check out her claims, they approached with the usual detached professionalism that marked the LCPD.

All seemed quiet but the side-door had been forced, fairly recently too, and this was enough to make them draw their weapons as they entered the darkness.

"Police Officers, is anyone in there?"

Only the echo replied to question. Their eyes became accustomed to the gloom and revealed the grisly secrets of the interior, two corpses, which had been brutally mutilated. Most importantly for their mission one of them had indeed been burned and then had strips of flesh removed.

"Jesus Jerry... "

"I know... call it in Lou, I am going to look around a bit more"

"Unit 50 to control, I have an urgent message for the Commander. Tell her that woman is right and then get scenes-of-crime down here. We're gonna need some extra hands as well or the media will be all over this place in an hour"

"Roger Unit 50, additional units and SOC will be dispatched. Your message will be relayed to Commander Williams"

Mary Williams returned to her office with a stunned look on her face, so Susan knew that the officers had managed to match her description to the warehouse when Sam had killed Gary. A quiet sense of relief washed over her as she began to believe she may get some police help now.

"They found the bodies, just as you said they would Mrs Summers. I am sorry to have doubted you but your story is, to be blunt, incredible."

"I know and I don't expect you to believe it all right now. I've lived through all the events I have described and even I am having trouble in believing how completely he violated me."

"I'm a believer in physic-powers, Mrs Summers, to an extent at any rate. I've controversially used a physic myself on a few cases in the past, with mixed but overall positive results. Perhaps you had a physic premonition and have confused it with reality... "

The Commander was interrupted by a knock on her door.

"Come in"

A detective entered holding a folder, which he promptly spread on the captain's desk

"Sorry to interrupt but central records have completed their check against the description provided by Mrs Summers. Without physical evidence to cross-check they cannot be certain but they are pretty sure they have a match out of New York"

Another mental blow hit Mary as she realised that a simple premonition could not have provided the description.

"Go on John, what have you got for me?"

"Samuel Rose, born and bred in NYC and a juvenile delinquent since he was 9. Petty offences, mainly violent, until he was 17 and then he disappears from the arrest record for 5 years"

"He reformed?"

"Nope, just looks like he stopped getting arrested because he came back with a vengeance. Multiple warrants were issued against him last year after an investigation into a serial-rapist and murder that had plagued Central Park. Each crime left a very traumatised victim, or so the reports indicate because they all said that the man never approached them despite raping them... "

His voice trailed off as everyone made the mental connection.

"... And no physical evidence was present either on any of the victims or at the scene. For months they were passed off as attention-seekers until a Lieutenant Paul Walker began to investigate them in his spare time, intrigued by the similarities of the accounts, and managed to locate an eye-witness to one of the crimes. The witness saw a man concealed in bushes next to the victim, apparently having sexual intercourse with the grass whilst the woman screamed as if she was being raped.

Walker convinced his captain to put out an APB, based on the witness description, to try to find the man and eliminate him. We skip forward a week to when a patrol car reports that it is approaching a car containing a man who fits the description, then radios it is under automatic gunfire from the man and is fleeing for safety. The car details lead the NYPD to send a SWAT team to the address of the registered keeper and that's the last anyone hears of him or them.

Follow-up units find the apartment riddled with shots and witnesses who report that the SWAT unit entered as normal. They also find the men dead inside, killed by what forensics proves are their own weapons, and no trace of Rose. He's still on their 20 most wanted list"

Susan had listened in morbid disbelief as the record was read whilst Mary, her mind always agile, had planned her response carefully.

"Ok. There is a lot about this case that is way off the scale of normality but that does not mean we need to be reactive. John, if Sam Rose is in Lexington it means he's crossed state-lines and that opens it to the Feds. Contact Agent Massy and tell him we want federal protection for Mrs Summers but, and empathise this, she must stay within the city in order to be available for further questioning. Also tell him that this is a LCPD matter until we say otherwise, he's a good man and he'll not press us unless he feels we are out of our depth.

I want an APB out for Sam Rose and I want the media bringing in to help on this one. They'll dig but for the moment we will brand him as a dangerous fugitive that we need to remove from the streets. Get someone to find Lieutenant Walker at the NYPD and have him brief them on any further developments and, if possible, get his local commander to authorise him to come here and liase with our investigation.

Mrs Summers, if you are willing I want you to stay here until the Feds can arrange transport for you to a safe house. We will need you again once Rose is in custody but until then you must remain our of sight"

Commander Williams saw how frightened Susan looked and her heart melted. She wrapped her arms around her and whispered

"Don't worry, you will be safe with the FBI and we will have Rose under lock and key in a matter of days. Lexington is a tough city to hide in when my officers have the scent"

It was almost a different man entirely that watched the Feds take Susan into their car. Sam was sitting in the gutter outside of the police station, hands in his matted hair as he murmured incoherently. He was the very epitome of the down-and-out and, as such, was completely invisible to the rest of the street.

The federal sedan pulled away as Sam looked on, cursing his luck that the weight of his history had made them believe her, before lapsing into another of his trademark grins. It was always more fun when they struggled.

He stood up and walked to his car, surprising a young boy who wondered how this bum could afford to drive a Porsche. Sensing the reason for the look, Sam smiled at him and said

"It's been a good day for begging"

The car accelerated away but not after the FBI, for Sam was too smart not to realise that they would spot a tail a mile off. Instead he headed to his own safe house and blessed the foresight that had saved him in more than one city before now.

Susan arrived in the safe house after a mere 15-minute drive. She sat down as the two Federal Agents assigned to protect her assessed the outside before one, the cute one with the tight ass she'd noted, came back to talk to her.

"Mrs Summers.."

"Susan please. You are more than welcome to use my first name given that you are taking care of me"

She smiled in the hope of creating a tiny bit of humanity in his face but she received nothing but a professionally created smile in return.

"Ok Susan, my name is David O'Shea and my colleague out there is Simon Carter. These are the rules that we have to insist on whilst you are here...

Number one: we are here to help you not make you feel like a prisoner. You have free run of the house but under no circumstances are you to answer the door. You must not use the phone except to receive in-coming calls and all such calls will be vetted and recorded by one of us.

Number two: this house works because it appears normal. When not in use we take out the garbage and check the mailbox, however the cover story is that it is in use by a gay couple and an attractive lady such as you is not part of the scenario. Try to avoid the windows if you can.

Number three: if you ever feel threatened at any time you are to call for one of us. If you find yourself face to face with Sam somehow, presuming he has breached security, you are to activate this in your pocket"

He handed her a tiny panic button.

"That will activate our pagers. Don't worry, we know our stuff and there is no way you will ever have to use that"

Susan sat and nodded but little of this was sinking-in. She was still scared at the thought of Sam being free but, then again, looking at David she knew that nothing could harm her. David finished by asking her to make a list of items she would need for the next few days.

As the afternoon approached Sam was busy hiring himself a room that overlooked the police station, all cash and no questions asked were the only two house-rules of such a slum. He turned on his TV set and began to clean his Uzi whilst he looked over the other items.

From his time in Lexington he'd learned where the police liked to make their media statements, just outside that percent with the podium placed to allow the camera to take in the seal on the wall. Susan, try as she did not to, leaked most of the conversation to Sam as he had waited outside – so now it was time to simply wait for the show.

What had annoyed Sam was not that she had tried to block him but that, at least in terms of her thoughts and feelings, she had almost succeeded. He wondered if his love for her, at least that is what he had begun to call his perverted fixation, was empowering her somehow?

It was a question for another time, as he needed to focus now on another woman who had chosen to oppose him. In a 50 minutes he saw them construct the podium as the mass of media began to descend. Another 20 minutes saw his TV news interrupted for a live appeal from the LCPD, which he watched both from his window and via his window on the world.

Commander Williams appeared and stood on the podium. The lectern bore the seal of the LCPD and her two senior officers flanked her, a spectacle that brought gravitas to the message she was about to deliver.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for coming here today."

Sam looked at her from his window and began to concentrate, freeing his mind of any thought other than him and his target.

"We have called this conference to ask for the assistance of the public in apprehending Samuel Rose, whom we believe to have entered the city from New York. Rose is a fugitive from the NYPD and we consider him a serious threat until he is brought into custody."

Mary Williams continued the press briefing as Sam began to manipulate the breeze around her legs, creating a current of air that moved under her skirt and brushed against her panties. She barely noticed at first, given her focus on the message, but slowly her sub-conscious made her aware of a teasing wind blowing against her clitoris. Despite herself it made her aroused and she tried to subtly move away from the air current but to no avail.

Her pussy began to fill with juices as Sam projected himself in front of her, kneeling invisibly in front of the city media, slowly peeling away the layers of her clothing. At first he could only see her skirt, hiding her pussy in a truly professional manner, but he gently penetrated that layer and moved inside her white, silky panties until his expert eye knew he was within range of every part of her vagina. Mary was unaware of his presence until she felt her firm buttocks being grabbed by two invisible hands, pulling her into a licking tongue that was situated under the podium.

She froze as Sam felt her clitoris indent on his tongue. Mary had a thousand thoughts in an instant, from fear through shock to her base-desire to enjoy the sensation, but her mind had instantly made the connection. The description that Susan had provided, as mad as it sounded at the time, was coming all-too-much to life right now and she knew that Sam was out there.

Her eyes darted everywhere but all she could see was the blazing glare of media cameras and the puzzled eyes of the correspondents, all wondering why she had suddenly broken off.

She had two choices. She could either run and let Sam win, knowing that he would be there again if she attempted another media briefing, or she could defeat him by staying the course and getting the information out to the city. No-one present could possibly know the sacrifice she made as she allowed Sam to violate her womanhood in order to protect her city.

"I am sorry about that... as I was saying"

She heard her voice continue to say what had to be said whilst she felt Sam eat her pussy. In his room Sam waited for the sequence to complete – feel, see, taste, smell, hear – whilst keeping her clamped to his pleasuring. Come on bitch... let me see your pussy... It feels real tight baby... a few more seconds and you are mine...

Mary found herself enjoying the licking between her legs, despite her horror and attempts to resist, as nature took over from intellect. There was nothing she could do until this conference was over – no, that was just an excuse... there was more than a small part of her excited by the exhibitionism of it all. Her she was, live on TV, with a man kneeling in front of her who had the most skilled tongue she had ever felt.

He was the scum of the Earth but, as the overriding imperative of the sexual drive kicked in, all she could hope for was that he would let her feel the intense orgasm that was building inside of her.

By now Sam could see her shaved pussy and smell her excitement. He knew that, no matter what her status, a woman was a woman and all women fell to him in the end. He felt a mixture of sexual-excitement and intense pride as he focused on making her climax with maximum intensity. Many years inside the minds of women had taught him every possible oral desire and he began to fulfil them all, one by one, with expert skill.

It took an intense effort on her part but Mary maintained her facade as her pussy exploded into life once more. She found herself moving her hips to allow Sam to hit a batter spot and part of her was ashamed, although this was a deep and distant part long neglected by her passion. He was doing everything she had dreamed her boyfriends would do for her, yet none had ever been close to fulfilling, and she just wanted it to never end. Handing over, breathlessly, to her deputy she sat down and allowed the cameras to move away from her as she secretly waited for Sam to give her sweet release.

Sam toyed with the idea of stopping, to rob her and leave her begging him to return, but he wanted to leave his mark in her mind. He renewed his efforts, intensifying them to the point where Mary moaned softly and then climaxed with a shudder that she was glad was not captured by the watchers.

Sam watched her slump forward before he reached down for one of the items. Mary was recovering her breath when she felt her legs being prised apart on the chair. Before she could react her wet pussy told her she had been penetrated, although by a dildo of some kind given the sensation, and two strong hands were holding down her hands onto her hips.

There was no pleasure this time, only horror, as Sam placed motioned with the dildo in his room and she felt it begin to fuck her on the chair. Sam knew that part of her would blame herself for not running earlier, for giving in to her base-instincts, and he enjoyed that knowledge almost as much as raping her with the dildo in front of her assembled media friends.

He projected force to close her mouth, as securely as any man with duct-tape could have done, whilst her hands were locked with invisible chains. She was a veteran of many a rape case but only now did she truly understand the humiliation and pain involved.

Sam looked deep into her eyes as he rammed each thrust home, enjoying the pain and fear that nakedly expressed themselves there, only regretting that he could not fuck her himself as this was not a stage two event. He pinned her tongue whilst opening her mouth slightly, imperceptible to the world but enough to allow him to kiss her in mock love-making, finally using his tongue to explore every inch of her mouth. Her lips felt soft and he enjoyed taking his time to suck them of every piece of their innocence, for he knew that she would never kiss again without thinking of him right now.

Mary cried inside as she felt her pussy begin to dry and tear under the assault. Just as the bleeding began she felt the dildo suddenly vanish, at first giving her relief until fear of what was next overwhelmed her.

Sam had poured the iron-fillings into the desired pattern by the time Mary had dared to consider moving again. She felt the hands return as the briefing was coming to an end. Sam focused on the iron and began to make it vibrate at the atomic-level, generating intense heat as he removed his trousers and underwear. Stealing himself again the pain he fell across the fillings, so that they burned into his trunk and caused him to scream in agony.

Mary screamed in agony as she felt the burning just above her pussy and the whole conference froze. She fled back into the police station, holding herself, and went into the ladies toilets. Outside her colleagues ended the briefing by saying they needed to check on her, as she may be ill.

Taking her skirt down slowly she saw her bleeding pussy and the brand-mark in the mirror. It read

"I am Sam. Sam I am"

A policewoman burst in and stood, frozen by shock at the sight that greeted her.

Mary, though shattered, turned to her

"Julie... tell them that Rose is near. He needs line-of-sight, get them to search anything that overlooks the area and seal off the next 4 blocks"


"NOW!... I'm fine, get that bastard!"

Julie ran outside.

The media were stunned as all hell broke loose. Sirens filled the air as units were called to the scene whilst officers poured from the station and began looking up at the neighbouring windows. Cameramen, deciding today was a good day for a bonus-story, began to split and follow each sub-group of officers as they ran from block to block.

Sam saw the flood of activity and began to slowly pack his items away, keeping the Uzi to hand but concealed under his jacket. The open window allowed him to hear the radios of the newly arriving squad cars, amplifying the same message until it made the street reverberate

Attention all units near to precinct 12, Samuel Rose believed to be in the vicinity. Any unit not currently liasing with radio control please identify themselves for instructions.

Quickly spotting such a prime vantagepoint, uniformed officers ran towards to the door. Hammering constantly they shouted

"LCPD, open this door now!"

Silence greeted them as Sam stood up and drank the last of his coffee.

"Kick it down"

"Wait, do we need a warrant?"

"Screw the warrant, this is a clear and present danger situation. Let the judge call it, kick the goddamm door down!"

The door exploded as the officers poured into the lower level and began to search the rooms in an opera of screaming and pointed guns.

Footsteps pounded the stairs as they approached the level that Sam was at and her heard them, through the adjoining wall, as they stormed the room in the next apartment. He walked down the stairs and into the back room as more officers began to pound the front door of his building.

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