tagIncest/TabooControlled Mind Ch. 01

Controlled Mind Ch. 01


My three sisters and I had been living in the same apartment for about three months. I was twenty four years old and the youngest had recently turned eighteen. Our parents had died in a horrible car accident when we were just kids so that we were parent hopping most of our lives. We finally got tired of all the moving when the youngest turned eighteen that we had finally agreed to get an apartment. Somehow I got through college and was on the way of finally making my own gaming company with some friends of mine. It had been my dream to finally own a company and not do any of those crappy hours. Plus, I could fire anyone I want and hire anyone I want. My sisters had finally started their college courses on the nearby college. Unfortunately for me, I was still a virgin after twenty four years of watching from the side lines. I knew that I wasn’t a great looking guy and so stayed out of the way of the other guys who were.

Right now I was sitting in a little lobby waiting for my physical test results to come in from the doctor’s office. I was in hell since right across from me was this gorgeous lady reading a magazine. She had long black hair, a nice set of tits, and the longest legs anyone could want wrapped around his waist while pounding into her cunt. I decided not to play it shy anymore and started staring. I mean, really staring. Taking off the clothes she was wearing, imagining the soft white panties soaked with her juices. I knew I was getting a hard-on. Hell, I could feel it starting to get up as I looked at her tits and imagined myself sucking on it like crazy. I was one horny virgin son of a bitch. Something about the way I was staring probably clued her in.

The woman looked up and I saw her smiled at me. Looking every bit as pretty from over here. She placed the magazine down and sat back on her chair, her tits just jiggling slightly. She smiled again.

I looked around. The whole room was quiet and there was no one there but the two of us. I looked back at her and gulped. Holy shit!

When I looked back she had one hand squeezing a tit while the other one went under her skirt and was furiously rubbing her cunt. The skirt had obviously ridden up her waist and I could see the pink panties soaked.

Up until now I’ve never even seen a woman masturbate much less my sisters. Since they were specially careful about that.

The woman was now moaning and had both her hands under her skirt. Her left hand took hold of her panties and was holding it to one side while her right hand and three fingers down her cunt. The lips on her cunt were glistening with juice and some had run down her thigh to the floor. From where I was sitting I could hear the slight squishing noises when her fingers sawed in and out of her pussy.

“Ohhh, God!!!” she moaned and started twisting, her head tossing from left to right. I kept on staring until she actually ripped up the panties in her left hand and kept on stuffing her fingers in her pussy.

After the show she slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me. “You like the show?”

I gulped. I nodded. I was telling myself that I had no time to be shy. “What’s your name?” she asked, licking the cunt juice on her fingers and stuffing her panty in her bag on her feet.

“S-Seth,” I said, gripping the sides of my seat. I had a hard time trying to stop thinking about her cunt and those fingers. I just wanted to leap up from my chair, go to her and fuck like crazy.

“Sonia,” she said, licking around a finger.


“I know about guys like you. Too shy to ever go up to a girl and actually talk?”

I nodded.

“I also know the type of guys like you. You know how to please a woman but you’re a virgin?”

I nodded. The lulling sweet melody of her voice entranced me and the way her tongue kept flicking around a finger hypnotized me. I would’ve killed anyone just to get to that cunt.

“I might know something to help you…get whoever you want.”


“Come here,” she said. She didn’t actually say it but she commanded me and I stood up and walked up to her. She was still sitting down and I had to look down into her eyes. She took a finger and placed it on my lips. I didn’t need any invitation and sucked the finger into my mouth, cleaning up her juices on it. “The way to a woman’s heart is through how you make love to her. After that…well…it depends on how you treat her.”

She still had her finger stuck in my mouth so that I couldn’t really talk.

“I know you’re a romantic by heart, too. I know just by the way you want to please me. And so…I’m giving you a little reward.” She stood up from her chair and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue coming out to lick my lips. “All you have to have is confidence…and everything and everyone will be yours…your little slave…your little play toy…” She moved a hand to my crotch to lightly trace my cock. “And everyone will want you…hmm…it just makes me hot thinking about what you’re doing to some little slut!” Her lips never left mind and so I just held on for the ride. “All you have to do…is love them with your words. Like what I’m doing to you now. Doesn’t it make you hot thinking about…all the girls in the world bending down and just…sucking you. Think about all of them with their legs opened and their wet pussy being offered to you like candy.” She pressed herself into me and shivered. I knew that she just came. “Remember, love them with words and that’s all you have to do. Have them look at you in the eyes and imagine what you would do with her…that‘s all.” With that she moved away from me and out the door.

I was suddenly conscious of the wet marks on my t-shirt from her fingers when she had trailed her fingers full of cunt juice all over the place. I sat down on my chair and looked up at the clock. Four thirty. My sister was probably back at the apartment.

Just when I was going to complain the door opened from the doctor’s office.

“I have your results, Seth.” He raised an eyebrow when he saw the wet streaks on my t-shirt.

“Well?” I was getting annoyed and I still haven’t cum. I just wanted to get home and masturbate. Just then I heard her voice in my head. Have them look at you in the eyes…

I remembered everything she said from having confidence to making girls my slave. What the hell was that for? Me? Having girls as slave? And actually offering their sweet little cunt to me? It was crazy but…what the hell. It was worth a try.

I thanked the doc and literary ran out the door of the huge hospital building.

I scanned the crowd and finally saw what I wanted. A girl about nineteen or twenty sitting on a bench alone near the park. She had long blonde hair and her tits were just proportioned right to her body. She was wearing some flowery dress that hung down to her knees. She looked very cute and domesticated. She was just looking around and eating some chips.

I started to move towards her and then I stopped. What happened if it didn’t work? I’ll look like an idiot. But it doesn’t hurt if I tried, right?

And so, I stopped right in front of her and smiled. I extended my hand. “Hello,” I said, shaking her hand. “How are you?”

She looked at me and I smiled. “I’m fine.”

I sat down besides her. I took her chin in my hand and looked deep into her eyes. Thinking and imagining what I would do to her in bed, trying to implement and imply that I would be the best lover she ever had. I told her mind that what ever I was going to do to her was pleasing and very arousing.

I felt her shiver. “Such a beautiful mouth…” I leaned into her and kissed her. I felt her relax in my arms. I ran my hands up and down her body, lightly caressing the sides of her tits until she actually took my hand and pressed it against them. I took a nipple between the cloth and my fingers and rolled them, sucking the moan that came out of her mouth. I tried pulling away but she placed her hands around my head and whimpered. “Careful…” When I saw the submissive glint in her eyes I knew I had her.

“What’s your name?” I asked, lightly stroking her cheek while she was still holding onto my neck.

“Olivia…” she said, breathlessly. I could see her try to control her breathing.

“Olivia…such a pretty name. I’m Seth.”

“S-Seth…” she stuttered and closed her eyes.

I smiled. I had to try something. “Look at me,” I commanded and I saw her eyes open quickly to comply. “Every time you hear my name…you’ll think of me between your legs. You’ll think about the things I’ll do to you…how wet you’re going to be.”

She nodded and tried to kiss me. “No,” I said. I whispered in her ear, “Seth.”

I could literary feel her having an orgasm just by hearing my name.

“Ahhhhh…please…” she moaned, placing her head on my shoulders, convulsing.

“Seth…” I said stroking her back.

“P-please…f-fuck…meee!” she cried out and clutched my back, digging her nails into my back. I flinched. I gritted my teeth.

“You’re going to pay for that!” I took her in my lap and everyone around us turned to look. I just kissed the top of her head and everyone resumed walking. “Seth,” I growled in her ear.

“Oh…God…I…w-want,” she babbled, clearly aroused.

“Take my cock out,” I commanded. “But do it so that no one sees you.”

I felt her take one hand and placed it on my crotch. With her in my lap and facing away from the sidewalk no one could see her hand unzip my zipper and pull out my cock. Once she actually felt it she went crazy. It was a good thing she was wearing a skirt.

She gave my cock a slight squeeze and proceeded to give me a hand job. She was slightly off my lap now so that she had enough room to move her hand. Her other hand went in front of her and under her dress to rub her panty covered cunt.

“Ughhhh…” she said, rubbing her slit. She finally got so horny that she ripped her panty and placed it beside us. She took her hand away from my cock and she placed it between her legs. I was expecting to feel her little cunt swallow my cock but she had her pussy rest on my cock instead. She started to move up and down, rubbing the side of my cock against her clit.

“S-Seth,” she groaned and exploded. Her cunt flooded my cock and ran down to my balls.

“Shit,” I growled in her hair. I wanted to be inside her cunt before I came. “Put me inside you.”

Olivia pulled back to look into my eyes. I felt her hand scoop at some of her juices and placed it on my lips. I stuck out my tongue and she ran her juice covered finger on my tongue. Once the juice was gone she leaned forward and licked it off. I was so gone that I hadn’t noticed some of the stares people were giving us. Since she wasn’t very quiet some were actually stopping to stare for a couple of seconds.

I placed my hands on her waist. “Fuck, Olivia. Now!” I commanded.

She quickly took my cock in her right hand and placed it on the opening of her cunt. Since I knew I topped her more than a foot in height I expected her cunt to be tight but not this tight. It was so tight that when I raised my hips up she screamed lightly in my ear.

“S-Seth…” she moaned and shivered, hearing my name from her lips. “It…HURTS SO GOOD!”

I gritted my teeth and pulled her down on my cock. My breathing was basically a panting noise and she stayed still for a few seconds.

“Ahhhh…it’s soooo good…” she moaned in my ear, moving slightly on my cock. We established a light rhythm of moving up and down a few inches, her little cunt gripping my cock tightly. It was almost like being licked by a hundred little tongues. After a few minutes of moving up and down I felt her cunt spasm around my cock.

“S-S-Seth…I’M CUMMING!!!” she cried, tossing her head back so that her neck was exposed. The people around us stopped to stair at the most beautiful sight in the world. A woman cumming.

I placed my head on her exposed neck and groaned, feeling my cock disappear in and out of the first cunt I’ve ever been in. I exploded inside her with a little moan.

When her spasms stopped she kissed me lightly on my lips.

“Shit, Olivia…” I looked into her eyes, noting the submissive way her eyes looked into mine. “You…are mine.”

“Yours, Master,” she said, caressing my cheek with a juice covered hand. This mind control stuff was actually working. When she called me her master I felt my cock jump against her cunt. This…was going to get even better.

I knew after meeting the woman in the little doctor’s room that my life was never going to be the same again.

…To Be Continued…

A/N: Tell me what you think of it so far. I like hearing from my readers.

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