tagMind ControlControlling Nicola Ch. 02

Controlling Nicola Ch. 02


Though Nicola was aware she was sitting on the same couch as her father with a cigar case up her ass, it wasn’t until about half way into the movie that the full impact of what she’d done over the past couple of hours really hit her. There was no end to the inner conflict in her mind of how she’d humiliated herself before an almost complete stranger, and not only that but she’d enjoyed it tremendously and part of her even wished Alec would still be there when the movie was over. In fact, she already had some pretty filthy ideas lined up for her next “show”. Strangely, Nicola actually felt comfortable with the forbidden fantasies about Alec and what was almost a need to expose herself to him, both physically and emotionally; but then simultaneously there was an overwhelming sense of shame over having flaunted her pussy to her father only an hour earlier. She tried convincing herself he genuinely hadn’t noticed the display, but there was no denying he’d gone very much out of his way to ignore his teenaged daughter’s lewd behaviour. At that point, even her best attempt at concentrating on the movie failed miserably.

Her father was no better. He sat as far away from her as possible, but at the same time one hand rested more or less in the middle of the couch, which was only a two and a half seater anyway, in the hope his daughter – in her constant squirming about – would come just a little bit closer so that he could touch her leg. Nicola was becoming more and more exposed as she turned about trying to get comfortable and the bare flesh of her thigh was painfully enticing. Since his wife’s death two years before, the only sexual activity he engaged in was a rare blowjob in his car at lunchtime by any whore he happened to see, which meant lots of exercising at the home gym to relieve tension.

And then, here was this spitting image of his wife when he’d first met her, half naked beside him. He was almost positive she was a virgin, or at least hadn’t been sexually active since the tragic circumstances had caused him to become so protective of her. Not for the first time, Keith found himself wondering whether he really wanted to protect her, or did he, in his loneliness, want her for more selfish reasons? No, he assured himself, a father could never do that. Although, on nights when he lay in bed and could hear his daughter bringing herself to orgasm in the other room, it was all he could do to keep from going in there and finishing off the job himself. Even at that moment, by which point it only took a cursory glance to the side to know Nicola was not wearing any panties, the doting father somehow resisted pulling out his cock and fucking his daughter right there and then on the couch. Judging by the way she’d been acting that night, he doubted she’d even object.

To his surprise, as soon as the movie was over, Nicola wished him good night and rushed somewhat awkwardly up to her room. Keith was not completely surprised to find the place she’d been sitting was soaked. He waited a few moments until his daughter’s bedroom door clicked shut, and ran two fingers across the moist material, then brought them up to his nose and inhaled the sweet smell of his little girl’s pussy. Yes, he said to himself, she wants me. After all, who else could it be, when I’m the only man in her life?

Up in her room, Nicola was typing frantically in Gary’s chat window.

“Oh Alec, I can’t believe I just did that!”

“Did what?” asked Gary, preparing to be furious if it turned out that son of a bitch with the “loving parent” act had taken liberties with her.

“I have a metal rod up my ass, Alec!” Gary could see her clearly on the webcam and she was almost in tears. “While sitting right next to my own father! And that’s not the end of it …”

“Tell me what happened, Nicola,” he typed, trying to remain calm.

“There’s nothing to tell. Except that he had a fucking hard-on the whole time.”

Gary paused. He wasn’t quite sure what to do. By the sound of things, her father definitely wanted to screw her, and he knew it wouldn’t take much to convince his college slave to blow the guy’s brains out. Undeniably, Gary’s actions up until that point had been unscrupulous to say the least, and as much as he would have loved to see that teenaged pussy being pounded by her old man, having her do it more or less against her will was all kinds of wrong. He made a decision there and then that he would not influence her either way, and if she went for it, that would be a bonus. It was time for a change of topic.

“Say,” typed Gary, “if that cigar case is so awful, how come you haven’t taken it out?”

Nicola stared at the screen for a moment, brow furrowed, then, “It feels nice. When I’m with you, that is.”

He smiled to himself, relieved the tension had passed.

“Why don’t you go masturbate for me in bed?” he typed. “Then go to sleep, you have class in the morning. But don’t take the rod out until you wake up.”

Nicola obediently got up, pointed the webcam at the bed, stripping as she walked towards it. Lying on her back with her knees close to her chest, he watched as she lightly fucked her pussy with the middle finger of one hand, while the other rubbed against her clit, first gently, then rapidly, while the rest of her body wriggled in all directions. Gary turned the volume up on the speakers and the room echoed with her panting and moaning. His cock, after a much needed two hour rest, was now back in action and as his teen slut’s groans turned to high-pitched squeals, he felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls and quickly reached over to where the Kleenex was now strategically placed and grabbed a handful. He came only moments before Nicola and enjoyed watching all her limbs quiver, one finger rested deep inside her throbbing cunt. With the cigar case lodged comfortably inside her rectum, her virgin pussy felt even more full than she was used to. The intense orgasm was still subsiding when she fell into an exhausted sleep.

Gary watched on for about half an hour, enjoying her heaving chest as she breathed, not to mention the view of her glistening cunt when her finger slipped out of it after a while. When she eventually turned over to lie on her side in a far less revealing position, he decided he should probably go to bed himself. The images were still being saved to his hard disk at regular intervals, so he wouldn’t miss a beat.

There was very little change over the next few weeks. Nicola would continue to masturbate for Gary as they talked about all the things they would do to each other in real life, given the chance. To him it was purely fantasy, but to the lonely girl who hadn’t been on a proper date in years, nothing could be more real, and she found herself falling for the man who had freed her from years of pent up sexual frustration. Her father hadn’t tried anything, nor had she done anything to provoke him in that way since the first and only episode not long ago. In fact, Keith began to spend more and more time away from home. First, it would just be an hour or so in the evening when he abandoned the treadmill and went for a jog around the park. Then, when his daughter showed no desire whatsoever to leave the house, the nightly jogs would be accompanied by coffee at friends’ houses, grocery shops and occasional extended visits to the office to catch up on paperwork. Nicola just assumed he was avoiding her after her indecent behaviour, but then she didn’t care either, so long as Alec was around.

“Alec”, in the meantime, was getting very little work done. He didn’t want to sacrifice time with his favourite girl, so the only time he had to do anything was when she was in class or sleeping, and even then he found it impossibly difficult to concentrate. He figured that since his work was regularly being interrupted by wanting to go through the saved images of her, it would be a good idea to simply set up one of the spare computers next to him and have them play constantly. Wrong. The clients breathed down his neck with increasingly pressuring e-mails and the occasional phone call as the deadline drew nearer. At that point, Gary didn’t even care if he lost the project, he was that absorbed with controlling Nicola.

It wasn’t much longer before she was begging to hear his voice, however he’d never had a use for a microphone himself so didn’t own one. He somewhat reluctantly agreed to give her his phone number, unsure whether his voice would betray his true age. Gary didn’t have a particularly deep voice, and if Nicola did suspect anything, she never mentioned it.

Another two weeks went by, and by some miracle, Gary completed the project. Not only that, but it was early, and he was rewarded with a hefty tax-free bonus, which meant his ex-wife didn’t have to know about it and therefore he could keep it all to himself. It also meant he wouldn’t have to take on another job straightaway, so that now most of his time was spent either watching Nicola on “film” or live, combined with frequent phone conversations. He also scanned more photos of his son, Alec, and as time passed it became almost natural to behave like a college aged boy around her. Since he hardly interacted with anyone else, Gary was even beginning to forget what it was like to be a scrawny, graying, middle-aged man.

Suddenly one evening, Nicola announced her father was taking her out to a pub. Apparently he’d apologised for not having paid her much attention for so long, what with all the work he’d been doing, and how much more effort it took lately to keep in shape. Also, she’d never had a chance to go out drinking with friends and he knew he was to blame for that. Gary was disappointed, and also concerned a bond might redevelop between her father and herself and she’d probably spend more time away from the computer. Of course, he could have had her stay if he wanted to, but as a father himself, he knew how painful it was when your children didn’t want to spend time with you. At least he knew it was their mother’s brainwashing that made the kids disrespect him, whereas Keith would feel he had no one to blame but himself.

Nicola said she wasn’t sure when they’d be back, so Gary turned the speakers right up and went into the living room to catch up on some television, which was, predictably, boring as ever, and he was soon sound asleep.

A few hours later, he awoke to the muffled sounds of people speaking. It took a moment or two for it to register the voices were coming from the computer, and he sleepily got up and shuffled into the study.

“Daddy, you’re drunk,” said Nicola, squirming on the bed under her father’s strong grip.

He lay on top of her as she tried to push him away. He kissed her and pulled her top down exposing her breasts, grabbed them and mashed his lips against hers, then bent down and sucked on her nipples. It was obvious Nicola was drunk as well, and though aware of what was happening, felt weak to stop it. Within moments her skirt and top were off and her panties about her ankles, mary janes with a small heel still on her feet. Still begging him to stop, her head turned towards the webcam and there was a sudden realisation that Alec was watching her. With her father now between her legs, Nicola let herself go to the feelings that were overtaking her and began to rub her breasts as her father licked and sucked her virgin pussy. He played with her sparse, brown pubic hair, enjoying the feel of it between his fingers and on his nose as he lapped at her now soaking cunt.

Gary watched on for a while until it dawned on him the only reason she wasn’t resisting her father was that she knew she was being watched, and with that came a feeling of freedom from society’s moral constraints, and suddenly it didn’t matter that her father’s head was between her thighs giving her pleasure like no man before, and like no parent should. She was moaning and writhing on the bed, urging him on.

“Oh Daddy!” she groaned. “You made my pussy so wet. I can’t believe my own Daddy is making me feel so good!”

She gripped his hair and pulled him closer so that his mouth was right on her hole tongue fucking her and his nose pressed hard against her clit. He lifted her closer, digging his fingers into her buttocks.

"Oh baby," he said breathlessly, "I love how your tight little slit feels around my tongue."

A thought passed through Gary’s mind to call the police, but he had no idea what he would say. Judging by the amount of Nicola’s cum on Keith’s face, there was no doubt she was consenting. Moreover, Gary was fairly certain that if questioned by police outside of his influence, she’d almost definitely figure out that something was very wrong and he might be caught out. There had to be some law forbidding computer programs that turned perfectly innocent college girls into cyber sluts.

"Please stop, Daddy," begged Nicola, who by now was wild with lust. He was able to do things to her hot cunt that no toy or finger had done before – the feeling of his mouth sucking at her button had her screaming, “Daddy, make me cum!”

Instead, he alternated between sucking and nibbling her clit, keeping her on the edge of orgasm but without letting her have it. The adrenalin rush of finally being able to touch his own daughter’s most private parts had sobered him up quite a bit and intended to use the promise of orgasm as a bargaining chip to see just how far she would go.

When he pulled away slightly, Nicola looked down to see why he’d stopped. His face was covered with her juices and when he smiled at her, the sight of her cum in his teeth made her desperately want to kiss him. She leaned forward and they both got up so that he was kneeling and she sat with his leg clenched between her thighs, grinding it. Keith held her ass with one hand and one of her massive tits in the other, rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"Oh, I love you, Daddy," she groaned as the sensation of him rubbing her breasts shot straight down to her cunt and she rode him in short movements, the dense hair on her father’s leg feeling even better on her hard clit.

He teased her for a while, grinning and leaning back when Nicola tried to kiss him. After a few more tries, she giggled and locked her fingers behind his head, pulling him to her mouth. They shared a long, deep kiss as she fervently tried to scoop the cum out of her father’s mouth and into her own, enjoying her own taste. Still lip-locked, Keith took off his pants and boxers then sat down, his little girl’s tits pressed against his chest and hard cock poking against her stomach. When she felt that, Nicola looked down to see her father's thick man meat for the first time. Keith laughed at her shocked expression.

“Do you want me to put that in your cunt?” he asked.

“No way,” she said, thinking of the cigar case that was such a tight fit. “It would never get in anyway, and even if it did it would hurt like all hell!”

“Oh, it’ll get in all right,” he chuckled. “But maybe if you suck me off I’ll save your pussy for another time.”

He pushed her head down to his veiny cock, which she resisted, pleading with him to stop. Gary knew that now would be the time to call the authorities and put a stop to this, but his hard-on said otherwise. Watching the young, slender girl with her face just inches away from the huge piece of meat attached to a man almost three times her age was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen and he was dying to see her throat stuffed and gagging on her first blow job.

Nicola’s nails scratched down her father’s thighs, trying to pull away, but he held her firmly by the hair. Keith was much stronger and her futile struggling only turned him on more. Fed up, he tossed her on her back, locking her head in place with his knees, one arm behind him holding her clawing hands. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, but he just told her to shut up and audibly slapped her cheek with his rod.

"You're choking me," she cried, "please get off, I can't breathe!"

"Come on," her father laughed evilly, "you didn't really think I would leave this room without fucking one of your holes, did you? Or maybe you'd rather I shove my dick up your tight virgin cunt?"

He was already starting to get up when Nicola said, "No! Please, not that. I'll do it, but please, don't go near my pussy with that thing."

Keith brought his massive tool to her lips. "Then you can start by licking it," he grinned.

She hesitated a moment too long and he slapped her with it again, this time painfully across the mouth and nose. Nicola shut her eyes and turned her head away, but he quickly used his strong hand on her chin so that when she finally opened them, she was looking directly into his eyes. Beads of perspiration ran down his stubbly face and the mass of grayish black hair on his chest also glistened with sweat. From the corner of her eye, a drop of pre-cum threatened to fall on her cheek.

Another manly hand reached behind the weakening girl's head and it was uncomfortably raised by him gripping her pony-tail.

"Now," he commanded, "look me in the eye and kiss the tip, and if you disobey or bite, I'll shove the whole thing down your throat and use your mouth like a fuck-hole."

There was no doubt in Nicola's mind that he would be more than happy to punish her in that way if she didn't do as she was told. She stared straight up at him, taking in his creased but rugged face, the look of uncontrolled lust in his piercing blue eyes and the smell of his eager cock hovering so close to her mouth. She leaned forward slightly and he felt her hot breath on the tip for a moment until she kissed it lightly, making it twitch. This caused the droplet of pre-cum to smear on her lips.

"Taste it," he ordered. This time she did so without hesitation, partly out of fear but also curiosity. While not horrible, it was unpleasant, and she was positive that if he came in her mouth she would gag. "Do you like how your Daddy tastes?"

"I do," she lied, swallowing hard several times to get rid of the foulness.

"That's good, because without that you wouldn't be here today, my favourite little girl."

The thought of that almost had her sobbing. Before she had the chance, Keith had placed his hairy balls on her chin. The smell of sweat was overpowering and she tried to hold her breath.

"Suck on them, gently," he said, "this will be good practice for later."

Only by taking a deep breath and holding it was Nicola able to complete this vile task. Since his cock obstructed her face anyway, she shut her eyes and pretended it was Alec's smooth nutsack she had in her mouth, as he'd confessed to shaving it. She sucked first one then the other, cleaning the sweat off with her tongue as she went, until the smell wasn't as noticeable and didn't interfere with her fantasy.

"I love the way you suck my balls, sweetheart," her father moaned as his daughter bathed his balls in her saliva. He was afraid this would make him cum all over her face, which he was dying to do, but not yet. First he wanted to feel her throat strangling his cock. He considered she might report him, or even move out after this was over, and that this could be his only chance to do all the things he'd always wanted to do to her. It was unfortunate that she wouldn't reciprocate but it was too late to turn back now.

Suddenly Nicola started coughing. Keith pulled back and looked at her, then let her up.

"I've got your pubes at the back of my throat," she said, choking.

He laughed and got off her. "Go rinse your mouth, then come back. Use warm water." He slapped her ass as she walked towards the en-suite.

The sink was around the corner from the door so she didn't bother to shut it. Nicola turned the tap on and whilst waiting for the hot water, looked up in the mirror to see her eyes red and sparkling from the tears. There was a faint red mark across her cheek from where he'd slapped her with his cock.

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