tagMind ControlControlling The Bitch Ch. 01

Controlling The Bitch Ch. 01



This is one of the more recent pieces I tried to write. This was as far as I got, and im not really sure where im going with this one. Anyway, if I get time/inspiration ill attempt to write a second part to this.


All characters are 18 or over.


Jake lent up against the glass wall partition against his classroom and looked around him. There wasn't exactly much to see first thing on a Monday morning, just a few straggly students lent up like him, waiting for their respective lessons to start. All their little thoughts so easy to read. He sighed, closed his eyes and attempted to clear his mind.

It was tough sometimes, Jake's power. Being able to read people's thoughts and influence them in many ways was useful, but the temptations where tough. A fairly normal, if a little nerdy, 18 year old guy Jake actually did a good job of it. Morality is key, he kept telling himself.

I mean could you stop yourself from taking advantage of people?

Jake shook his head, opened his eyes and glanced round again. And what a sight met his eyes, walking down the corridor towards him. This 'sight' took the form of a hot college girl. She had her long legs, encased in shiny black tight leggings, which finished at the bottom with a pair of ankle tan boots with a heel, boosting her height by 2 inches to 5 foot 6and helping to accentuate her legs and her ass. And man, what an ass it was! It stuck out from her body, and begged to be squeezed, each step she took making it shake just a little inside her shiny black leggings. Her top half wasn't bad either. She wore a black leather jacket on top, with gold metal studs down the labels of the jacket. With only one button done up, a tight very dark yellow blouse could be seen underneath, which displayed hints of her amble cleavage, jutting out from her chest and filling out her blouse and jacket very well. Her long light brown hair was well made up, with curls falling down onto her chest. Her hooped gold earrings shook as she walked, and she had a little pout to her red lipstick coated lips. Her eyes showed hints of dark makeup which offset well against her olive skin.

Jake took a moment to enjoy the sight walking past him, before looking away. Her name was Chloe, and yes she was incredibly hot, but oh man did she know it. She wasn't a slut exactly, sure she had slept with a few guys, but that's nothing special. But she really did treat a lot of guys below her, Jake included. And man was she bitch about it. Jake knew she wouldn't even give him the time of day, well unless he exercised a little bit of physic control.

Jake pushed that thought out of his mind, thoughts like that would just get him in trouble. Although that said, she does have an amazing ass. Fortunately for Jake and his dwindling morality, his thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of his teacher, and the muffled snorts of amused students.

Jake's teacher was a man named Richard. Now unfortunately for Richard, he had the air of old pervert about him. Which was unfair, because to be honest, at least in Jakes eyes he was a nice enough guy and a good teacher. But on seeing him today, Richard didn't exactly help himself.

To start with, Richard was about 6 foot and in his 50's in age. He hadn't really taken care of himself, and had fairly long greasy hair, and quite a bulging stomach. What didn't help was how he dressed himself. His trousers where always a little too tight and his stomach would bulge out in his tucked in shirt. Today was no exception, where he had chosen to wear a navy blue jumper over his shirt, which didn't quite cover his overflowing stomach. His big thick rimmed glasses made him look like he was peering a little bit too much.

But after all that, Jake still thought he was okay. Yes he was weird, but he got the grades and that's all that matters. He understood why people laughed at him. And that was okay. But something's are not.

Out of the corner of Jakes eye, he sees Chloe mouth to her friends, 'Oh my god, he is such a pervy old man!' Her friends then laughed, quite loudly, and their red hot thoughts where shot into Jakes mind. Jake's eyes darkened as he reached out into Chloe's mind and read her minds. He saw thoughts of disgust at this man, and harsh words to be said.

'What a proper little fucking bitch' Jake muttered to himself. He watched her file into her lesson, and still she laughed at Richard. Something had to be done. Maybe a little revenge.


Jake lay back in his chair, listened to Richard banging on about accounting concepts and figured out how to bring Chloe down a notch or two.

And then, he had it.

What better way to bring down a bitch then to have her want the thing that disgusts her. Jake closed his eyes and looked to find Chloe's mind. 'It shouldn't be hard to find' he mused to himself, 'Shes only next door.' Within seconds he found her mind, and soon he begin to tamper with it.


Chloe sat at her computer in her lesson and absentmindedly played with her long hair, curling it around her figure before letting it fall back onto her chest. It had been a good weekend for her, she had spent it partying away with plenty of young attractive men. But she was a cock tease, no matter how much a guy wanted to, she wouldn't let him fuck her unless she wanted it. And that weekend she didn't.

Her thoughts drifted aimlessly, until her friend Lucy whispered in her ear. 'Hey Chloe, it's a shame you didn't see how hard Richard was staring at you earlier.' Chloe pulled a face at her friend, 'God that man is such a perve, I would never go there!' As she said that, the first parts of her thoughts began to change, as Jake manipulated and guided her towards her ultimate destination in her head.

Chloe went back to thinking about her weekend, and how she loved to dance with guys. Chloe loved her ass. She knew it was perfect, and she loved to rub it against guys, and feel those big hard cocks pushing into her. And boy, did she do a lot of that last weekend. 'I wonder if Richard would like that?' She thought silently to herself.

Chloe immediately clapped her hand to her mouth. Did she really think that? What's wrong with her! That man is a dirty perve. A little voice in the back of her head whispered back to her, 'But Chloe, why else do you dress all hot? Is it not to attract guys like him?' 'No' Chloe argued back, 'He is sick, I never would go there.'

Still, the thoughts remained in her head.

'I'm sure you would love to feel his stomach bulge against your back, his big sweaty hands clasping your sweet succulent ass.'

'Or how about sucking that big old cock, being forced in and out of your mouth?'

Chloe's cheeks turned red, and the fire between her legs built up with each thought. She pushed her legs tight together to try and suppress the desire inside her. She begin to accept the thoughts a little. Maybe she would like to be bent over a desk and feel a dirty old cock being forced into her. Maybe she would like to service this man on her knees.


Jake opened his eyes and smiled. All it had taken was a little seed of a thought and soon Chloe was making her own choices. Jake rubbed his hard cock through his skinny jeans and sighed. One of the problems of this physic crap is that sometimes things came back through to effect him.

He seriously needed some relief. But that's a story for another day.


Chloe had to fight to control her urges until lunch. By now she was a mess. Like a bitch on heat, all she could think about was getting on her knees and servicing a big hard cock. Chloe pressed her legs tightly together, trying to provide some pressure on her hot wet pussy. She could feel her now wet thong sticking to her, and it the stretchy material felt tight in her ass crack. She knew what she was thinking was wrong. Richard was a dirty old man, and she was a young hot girl. But it was turning her on so much. The conversation around her lunch table floated around her head as she tried to figure out what to do.

And then she figured it out.

She rose to her feet, ignoring the puzzled looks of her friends, and walked out to find the man she wanted. Her heeled boots clacked against the floor as she hurriedly walked to Richards office. But with each step she took some of her sassy sexy bitch returned.

Chloe was determined to be the best fuck Richard had ever had. With each step her ass jiggled and she pushed her chest out. Her hands played with the buttons on her blouse, undoing a few buttons showing off a deep cleavage. She reached Richards door to his office, and without knocking walked in. Richard looked up startled at the sudden entrance into his office.

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