HORNY_HARRY: Sassy are you there?

SASSYGRL77: Of course I am silly. Your IMing me!!

HORNY_HARRY: Just making sure in case your Dad or somebody else was using your sign on.

SASSYGRL77:And how do you know that I am really me?

HORNY_HARRY:I guess I don't. Might have to be a bit careful in what I say.

SASSYGRL77: Especially after all those promises in your last email.

HORNY_HARRY:Exactly. So, it is you then.

SASSYGRL77:Of course it is silly. Your promises sounded interesting.

HORNY_HARRY: I meant them all.

SASSYGRL77: But. I don't know if you can keep them


SASSYGRL77: You're a guy. Guy's will promise anything to get a girl into there bed. They seldom deliver though.

HORNY_HARRY: My promises were mailed to you by guaranteed delivery. So I can't back out now.

SASSYGRL77: They'll also say anything.

HORNY_HARRY: I never say anything I don't mean.

SASSYGRL77: So. Put your money where your mouth is. Where's your photo then?

HORNY_HARRY: My photo?

SASSYGRL77: You promised a photo of the package that you had to offer me. In exchange for one of me in my favourite lingerie. I delivered, you haven't.

HORNY_HARRY: My favourite photo. I have it as my screensaver. Check your inbox, you've got mail.

SASSYGRL77: Ok. Now that gives me something to work with. Check your inbox, you've got a new screensaver.

HORNY_HARRY: Damn girl!! You're to fine for words. You could at least have warned me that you were naked! Will you excuse me for a minute?

SASSYGRL77: Why? Don't you think that you can handle my body?

HORNY_HARRY: No, I'm suffering a bit of discomfort and I need to sort it out.


HORNY_HARRY: Your photo has got me hard and it's very uncomfortable in my trousers right now.

SASSYGRL77: So take them off.



HORNY_HARRY: Am in the office.


HORNY_HARRY: Might get caught.

SASSYGRL77: Chicken!


SASSYGRL77: Prove it.

HORNY_HARRY: Ok. You asked for it.

HORNY_HARRY: Check your inbox.

SASSYGRL77: My someone is definitely hard. Talk dirty to me. Tell me what you would like me to do to that hard instrument.



HORNY_HARRY: Don't trust myself.


HORNY_HARRY: If I talk to you like that then I have to touch myself at the same time.

SASSYGRL77: You mean that you would wrap your hand around your hard cock and pleasure yourself?


SASSYGRL77: You could imagine that it is my hand touching you.

HORNY_HARRY: You're not playing fair.

SASSYGRL77: Or that it is my mouth taking it in. Teasing it with my tongue. Exploring it's length

HORNY_HARRY: You win. As usual.

SASSYGRL77: So is your hand there yet?

HORNY_HARRY: It is. Are you touching yourself?

SASSYGRL77: I'm stroking my bare breasts.

HORNY_HARRY: Are your nipples hard?

SASSYGRL77: Yes. Would you like to taste them?

HORNY_HARRY: Yes and while I was, I'd run my hand up your thigh to your pussy to explore that with my fingers.

SASSYGRL77: Mmmm, tell me more.

HORNY_HARRY: I'd kiss you from your breasts to your pussy. Then I'd replaced my fingers with my tongue and explore you.

SASSYGRL77: While your doing that I would rub my foot along your hard cock.

HORNY_HARRY: I'd then lift you from your chair and carry you to your bed and lay you down.

SASSYGRL77: I'd pull you close and kiss you deep.

HORNY_HARRY: I'd ease my way down your body heading back to your pussy. But offer my cock to your mouth. So we'd be in a 69 style position.

SASSYGRL77: I'd take your cock in my mouth.

HORNY_HARRY: I'd dive into your pussy. Letting my tongue lead the way.

SASSYGRL77: I'd suck your cock until you came in my mouth.

HORNY_HARRY: Would you swallow?

SASSYGRL77: Depends.


SASSYGRL77: Whether you made me come first or not. HORNY_HARRY:And if I didn't?

SASSYGRL77:I'd have to spit it out so I could tell you what to do to get me there.

HORNY_HARRY: Then what?

SASSYGRL77: I'd tie you to the bed with my silk scarves and lower my pussy to your face.

HORNY_HARRY: Sounds good.

SASSYGRL77: Then when you were hard again I'd take your hard cock into my waiting pussy and show you what a Sassy Girl can do when she's in control.



HORNY_HARRY: You made me come.

SASSYGRL77: Shame. I was just getting warmed up. I was going to tell you what you would have to do to be released.

HORNY_HARRY: Give me a minute and we can go again?? Please?

SASSYGRL77: Can't.


SASSYGRL77: Dinner.

HORNY_HARRY: What are we having?

SASSYGRL77: Your not!


SASSYGRL77: Because I'm feeding it to the dog as you're working late again. Good night.

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by Anonymous03/29/17

the chat

reminds me of when I had phone / computer sex I would love it as I was wacking off while typing or talking to Julia and as told me she was sitting in her cozy chair with her hospital scrubs down and hermore...

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