tagLesbian SexConversation Between Two Friends

Conversation Between Two Friends


J "Thanks for meeting up with me, I just didn't know who else to call."

T "S'OK, babe. We go back far enough for you to call on me any time for anything."

J "Not that I ever expected this to happen, but, damnit! How could she?"

T "Let it out. You never were hurt so much with a break up. Must be something special to get you so riled."

J "It is. Damn bitch. Damn bitches!

"I should know better than to think some 30 year old had her shit together enough for a long term relationship, but damn!"

"And to find her fucking around with my cousin."

T "I heard rumors about that, but, well I couldn't believe it either, and never thought to say something to you. Wish I had."

J "It's alright, honey. I wouldn't have listened anyway. Just a sagging titted old dyed blonde I guess. Grasping for youth probably."

"And I am not talking about that freak of a cousin of mine."

T "Just how did you find out?"

J "You'll get a laugh out of this.

"Last Valentines I gave the little bitch a portable video player just like mine.

"I was at loose ends one day waiting for an appointment and reached into my purse to play a couple of small videos I was thinking about editing.

"Much to my surprise, and no doubt the guy sitting next to me in that plastic chair. What pops up on the 7 inch screen, but a close up of a shaved pussy?

"And it looked very familiar."

T "Must have been a shock. Do you suppose she left it there on purpose?"

J "I doubt that.

"But who knows?

"Pretty soon I saw the camera pan out and there she was. Fucking herself with a purple damn dildo.

"That was hot, I thought it was for me and only shut it down to watch in more privacy.

"Soon as I got to my office I told them to hold my calls and I really got into the video on my office wide screen.

:"That only lasted for about 3 minutes when who hove into view but my fat assed cousin?"

T "She had her face to the camera?"

J "Not exactly.

"It was her tits nearly banging the ground. We never played those type of games, but who can ignore when your year older cousin borrows a blouse, well you know how I recognized them.

"What I never knew until that moment was how huge a clit she has.

"That tramp dropped the dildo like it was on fire and rolled over to start sucking and licking it as if she was on an all day lollipop."

T "Yeah, I had heard about that too. Supposed to be three damn inches long but her pussy lips almost cover it half the time."

J "It wasn't her lips on that thing. The young bitch promised me she had never been bi, but the way her head bobbed turned my stomach.

"You heard about the way I confronted them, didn't you?"

T "Oh yes! I don't think you will ever be able to hang around Quinn's again. How much did it cost to replace the mirror?"

J "Way too much, but I was, and still am so wrapped up in the betrayal.

"My girlfriend and my fuckin' older cousin. Disgusting bitches!

"One more thing.

"I thought the camera was on a tripod, but finally noticed there were pans in and out and some close-ups. Someone must have been handling the camera."

T "Any idea who it was?"

J "In fact I know.

"Do you have any idea how reflective a silver picture frame next to a bed is?

"You can almost count the wrinkles under a traitorous bitch's eyes."

T "Oh."

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