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Converting Kelly


All Rights Reserved, All Contents Copyright 2009 © Paul Garland

(If you've read my 'Kelly's Curiosity' stories, then you'll recognise this as the same characters and story, only told from Steve's point-of-view. Read on...)

My name is Steve, I'm 28, single and I work as a PE and activities teacher in a primary and middle school. I've been working there for about four years, and during that time there have been quite a few pretty young women come to work there, but none quite as gorgeous as the latest new employee.

Her name is Kelly and she's one of the new teaching assistants. She is very pretty with long, dark brown hair and beautiful bright blue eyes with long dark lashes. She's short and slim but has a decent pair of breasts for her build.

She caught my eye straight away and as I introduced myself in the staff room, I saw her look me up and down, but then again I'm used to that. If I do say so myself, I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm 6 foot tall, and fairly well built as I work out every day. We got talking and I Kelly told me that she was 22, and that she was working in a school for the first time. All her previous jobs had been in nurseries and creches, so she was slightly nervous of the step-up but I said I'd show her the ropes.

We became friends over the next few days, and I would often catch myself staring at her firm arse or her cleavage when she bent over. I've been with quite a few women over the years, but Kelly was something else. I had to screw her!

Then one day she tells me that Christian and Phil, two other guys that I work with have asked her out but she has had to turn them down because she has a boyfriend called Paul who she's been with for 5 years, and that she lives with him and has done for a while. They are serious about each other, and Kelly was waiting for him to pop the question. That deflated my hopes of banging her for a few days, but then I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Who knows?

I know I have a chance, and that the other two guys don't have a prayer. Christian is a young assistant and a bit of a nerd, while Phil is the old caretaker, a grouchy old git who always makes a fool of himself by trying it on with the women staff. I flirted heavily with Kelly and she flirted right back so I knew she was enjoying the attention.

She'd been working with us for about two weeks when I decided to go for it, and try it on by asking her out for a drink, just after we finished work. Unfortunately she declined, saying she was with Paul and I sighed in disappointment which she found hilarious. I did offer her a lift home and she accepted. She didn't live far from the school, and I enjoyed her company so I started giving her lifts home all the time.

Over the next few days, I got to know her a little bit better, to the point where our conversation, as conversations often do, turned to sex. I told her I hadn't had a girlfriend in six months, which wasn't strictly true and she told me all about Paul. He was a great lover she said, although these days they didn't do it as often as she might like. I said he was lucky to have her, if she was my girl I wouldn't let her out of bed!

I complimented her body one day, and found out that her tits were a 36c, which is a decent size to say she's only 5'2" and 8 stone wet through. Talking to her that day, I could tell that our little chats were getting her more and more titillated. Her hand would often stray to my thigh when she laughed, and one day she complimented me on how muscular they were. Her Paul was only of average height and quite slenderly built.

I said she should see me in my PE shorts, and she giggled, so I went on to say that even better would be to see my in the shower, and I patted my groin. She went bright red, but kept giggling.

The next day was my birthday, and as I dropped her off after another flirty chat, I asked for a birthday kiss and she rolled her eyes but leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. I turned my head so I lips connected and to my surprise she gave me a full-on, lingering kiss! When we finally broke away from each other, she apologised and hurriedly made her escape home to her boyfriend. I knew I was in, the girl obviously fancied me. It was just a matter of time!

The next day at work I could tell she felt a bit awkward so I gave her a little bit of space, even though I was so determined to fuck her! I offered her a lift home again saying I wanted to apologize and she accepted. As we pulled up in the lay-by at the bottom of her road, I said sorry but she told me it was fine - there was no harm done. It was just a kiss after all, she says So I asked her for another one.

She pauses, but again she leaned over towards where I was sat in the driver's seat and kissed me. This time, I got my around her and the kiss became quite passionate. I dared to slip a hand across her breast and when she didn't stop me, I cupped and gently squeezed her tits. When the kiss still carried on, I put my hand inside up her blouse and into her bra. Her tits were so firm, and her nipples were erect as I stroked them.

I moved my hand down and up her skirt, feeling her smooth thighs but as I got a little further north she finally stopped me, and broke away from the kiss, saying she had better go. I apologised as she gave me one final kiss and she said it was fine. She would see me tomorrow for another lift. I couldn't wait!

The next day there wasn't any awkwardness at all, only a slight twinkle in her eye when we shared a coffee in the staff room. As promised, she asked for a lift home and that night I asked if I could have another kiss, like yesterday's. Kelly only smiled, and let me lean over this time to kiss her. She knew full well that I was going to to cop a feel so she didn't stop me when I felt her tits.

This time I popped the clip at the back of her bra so I could get a good feel, and she took it one stage further, rubbing my cock which was rock hard, through my trousers. The kiss went on and again I put my hand up her skirt, and this time as I got to the top of her thighs she didn't stop me.

I rubbed the front of her knickers, and then pulled the gusset to one side and slipped a finger into her. Her pussy was shaved, and beautifully tight and wet! As I worked her pussy, getting her wetter and wetter, she suddenly she stopped me, so I gave her a kiss good night, and let her go. I don't want to push her too far, too fast, and I could tell she was flustered as I watched her straighten herself up and head up the road to her boyfriend.

After she had gone, I realised that she might be worried about someone seeing us. We were just pulled up in a lay-by on a public street after all, so the next time I gave her a lift I suggested taking her somewhere quieter for a kiss, so she doesn't have to worry about being spotted. I took her to a nearby car park which was always deserted after 5.30pm and when I turned the engine off we didn't even talk. I just leaned over and kissed her, and she responded right back.

That night she let me undo her top and get her tits out. They were amazing, not too small and not too big, and they were beautifully shaped with lovely perky pink nipples. I sucked them as I went under her and fingered her again. She moaned in pleasure and I tugged at the gusset of her knickers, pulling them down and off so I could raise her skirt and look at her shaved pussy. As I pushed her thighs apart I saw that her pussy lips were pink and wet, and her clit was swollen so I could tell how turned on she was.

I moved down and started lick her and she gasped loudly as I did. I felt her hand start to tug on the belt of my jeans, so after another minute or two of licking her clit, I sat up and pulled my jeans down, getting my hard cock out for her. I'm not enormous downstairs by any means, but it's a respectable 7 inches and I've never had any complaints. As she took it in her hand and started to stroke it, she commented on me being shaved which I find the ladies always love. I was so hard and knew I wasn't going to last long, so I ask her if she wanted to suck me and without a word she went straight down and took me in her mouth.

I couldn't believe it. I had only known this gorgeous young thing for a couple of weeks and I was already getting a fucking brilliant blow job off her in the front seat of my car, even though she had a boyfriend she was very happy with, and she seemed quite a nice girl. I lifted Kelly's dark, wavy hair out of the way so I could see her full lips sliding up and down the length of my cock and after a few minutes I could feel my cum rising, so I decided I had to fuck her.

I pushed her back into her seat and she spread her legs for me but just as managed to position myself on top of her, Kelly stopped me saying she couldn't go through with it. She felt bad about her boyfriend. She said that this sort of 'fooling around' was okay, but she loved Paul and even though she was very tempted, she couldn't actually have full sex with me.

I pointed out that giving me a blow job was still cheating on him, and she said that she was sorry to disappoint me, but she just couldn't do that to Paul. The rest of what we had done was fine, but full sex would be really wrong. I was so close to cumming and told her so went down on me again. I felt myself rising to the occasion but when I told her I was going to cum she just kept sucking, so I unloaded right into her mouth! When my cock had finished pulsing in her mouth, she swallowed my cum and sat up to look at me with a grin on her face that matched what mine must have looked like.

I told her that was amazing and said that blow jobs were her speciality. I said I believed her, and with a kiss on the cheek she went home to her lucky boyfriend, who I was now incredibly jealous of. With how horny she was, he was probably going to his brains fucked out that night.

The next night Kelly dithered when I offered her a lift, but decided to when the heavens opened. I told her that we didn't have to do anything if she didn't want to, but she asked if we could go to the car park again so I knew she wanted some more fun.

As soon as we got there we were kissing and this time I managed to get Kelly's top and bra clean off and her tits out properly for the first time. She yanked my jeans down and went down on me again, with so much enthusiasm that I thought I might blow my load right there and then.

While she did I reached around and she lifted her skirt and took her knickers off for me, so I could finger her from behind. She was soaking wet, and I pumped my fingers in and out of her as she worked her tongue around the head of my prick.

I ran my finger around her tight little arse, but she stopped me. I was quite glad of the distraction because I was going to cum at any second, and the pause while she stopped and told me off allowed me to calm down so I could enjoy the blow job for a little while longer. Soon though I felt my cock growing to it's hardest and asked if I could cum in her mouth again. She sat up and said no but then my my momentary disappointment disappointment turned to excitement as she said I could make love to her if I wanted to.

She was blushing furiously as she said that, it must have took a bit of bravery for such a nice girl to be so brazen, so I didn't want to embarrass her or spoil the chance by checking if she was sure, let alone raising the topic of her boyfriend. Instead I just pushed her seat back as far as it would go and laid her back into it. I pulled her skirt right up to her waist and allowed myself a good look at the tight, shaved little pussy I was about to fuck.

Kelly tugged at me, urging her down and into her as I positioned myself between her slim, smooth thighs. She was that wet, my cock slid straight into her without any resistance and I heard her sigh into my ear as I started to rock into her. I looked at her face and she had her eyes screwed shut, possibly in embarrassment so after a minute or so, I whispered to her, asking if she was okay with this, knowing full well that it was too late for her to turn back now.

Kelly opened her bright blue eyes, looking deep into mine and nodded before closing her eyes again and pushing her head forward to kiss me. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and started to grind myself into her harder and harder, until I felt her thighs clamp around me. She broke away from the kiss and buried her face into my shoulder as came with a loud, muffled moan. I banged hard into her and allowed myself to cum, thrusting as deep as I can as I cum too.

When we both had our breath back, I suddenly thought to ask Kelly if she was on the pill and luckily she was. We chatted for a little while about her boyfriend, while we got dressed and straightened ourselves up. Kelly said I was different in bed to him, and I asked if I was better. She smiled at me and emphasized the word 'different.'

I asked if if she had enjoyed it, and she nodded shyly. 'No regrets?' I asked and she shook her head again. As I dropped her off at home I told her to clean up before Paul got his hands on her. I didn't want any hassle with him I pointed out, and she told me not to worry as she shut the car door and walked up the road towards her house. I watched her curvy backside as she disappeared out of sight, and congratulated myself on finally fucking her, but I wanted more!

On Friday, the final day of the week, I saw Kelly in the staff room and asked her if everything was okay last night when she got home. I had imagined her boyfriend trying it on and finding her fanny full of cum, but she allayed my fears, saying that she had a good fuck with her Paul too, and he didn't know anything. That's when I realised that the thought of me fucking a girl who then goes home and fucks her boyfriend turned me on.

When I asked her, Kelly confessed that she has screwed him senseless every night since we started horny our little meetings. What we were doing was getting her really horny, and she was practically raping her boyfriend when she got home. I told her that that night would have to be a quickie because I was going out with the lads and she asked where I was going. I told her that we were going up town and asked her if she wanted to come out too. She said that Paul was going out with his mates, so she would love to.

At that point, I reiterated that I didn't want a relationship and she immediately repeated that she didn't either. She loved Paul, but she admitted that she had really enjoyed the sex with me. Plus, she added that it was was getting Paul more sex too, so everyone was happy!

I was waiting in a bar that night with my friends, Neil, Carl, Jason, David and his girlfriend Mandy when Kelly turned up. She looked absolutely fantastic, wearing a turquoise top which dipped down in a 'v' to show off her cleavage, and a black mid-length skirt. Her make-up looked great, her full lips were a bright red, which set off her wavy brunette hair that tumbled loosely around her shoulders. I felt my cock stiffen just to look at her, and I saw my friends look her up and down appreciatively as I took her to the bar to get her a drink.

David's girlfriend Mandy, who I can't stand and who doesn't like me either, looked Kelly up and down too, in the way that women do, as I introduced Kelly to them all as a friend I work with. The lads all smiled and winked at me when Kelly wasn't looking as I've already told them that I've been working on screwing her. After the intros were done, Kelly and Mandy started chatting. I hoped that Mandy wasn't slagging me off too much.

While the girls talked, I told the lads that she was I shagged her yesterday and that I'm going to fuck her later too, and the best thing is that it's all agreed no-strings stuff. The guys were all jealous, apart from because he'd got Mandy. Neil was a bit shy, but Carl and Jason wanted to know all the details, and both wanted to know if she was mine or open game. I told them that she was dynamite and gave a great blow job. Jason asked about her boyfriend, but I said that he knew nothing and it was going to stay that way. Carl asked again if she was fair game and I told him he can have a go, but that he'd got no chance. Both Carl and Jason said they'd have a go at proving me wrong.

We went around the city pubs and all the guys helped me try to get Kelly pissed, by plying her with drinks all night. David and Mandy went home, but Kelly was up for going to a nearby nightclub with the guys, so we did. Kelly flirted with Carl and Jason as they tried to chat her up, but Neil was too shy to try it on. The music and the drink were getting to Kelly, and she asked me to dance, but I'm not keen on the dance floor so Carl took her for a boogie and I watched them from the bar. She was obviously having a good time, as I saw Carl grab her behind as they messed around dancing. Kelly didn't seem to mind, but she was quite drunk. He pulled her close during a slower song, his hands still firmly on her backside and then as I watched he went in for a kiss, but Kelly stopped him. He looked over at me and I laughed at him. He looked gutted.

Kelly came over to me and tried to drag me on to the dance floor, but I was rescued by Jason who took her hand and shaved waved goodbye to me as she followed him to dance. Jason is a big guy, taller than me and quite good-looking and he actually managed to get a kiss as well as a feel of her arse as he dirty-danced with her during a reggae-type track. When they came back off the dance floor to rejoin Carl and I, Jason called her a tease and she just giggled and looped her arm through mine.

It got late and when the club closed, Carl had to go home to his girlfriend's, but Jason and Neil weren't finished drinking, so they back to mine with Kelly. When we got there, I handed out some more beers from the fridge, and Kelly took one, despite her being very drunk already. She announced she needed the toilet, and asked me where it was. I tried telling her but Jason took her to show her.

After a few minutes, when he didn't come back I realised something might be going on but then Jason appeared. I asked him where he'd been and he said he'd got another kiss, but nothing else. Neil heard Jason tell me and says he wished he dared try it on, but he didn't know how the lads did it. Jason said he had to go and Neil said he would too. Jason left but as Neil was about to go too, I had an idea for the poor shy kid and told him to leave his keys and come back for them in ten minutes. He might just catch us at it!

Neil left too, and I rejoined Kelly in my living room. She was sat drinking a beer and watching the television, but the moment I sat next to her, she pulled my face to look at her and then kissed me. I broke away and pulled her green wrap-around top off. She had a half-cup bra on still, but her tits looked fantastic in the dim light from the television. She slipped her skirt and knickers off and opened her thighs and asked me to go down on her. She looked unbelievable, completely naked apart from a pair of black high-heels as I knelt down to lick her out but then Neil walked back in.

He stopped and stared at Kelly, spread-eagled on the sofa, but didn't say or do anything. Kelly didn't see him for a moment then jumped, her face coloring in embarrassment. She didn't have anything to cover herself except for her hand but I kept kissing her between her legs, knowing her could see everything and silently hoping he would get his cock out or something. I would love to get Kelly into a threesome, and see her get a really good fucking, but Neil just collected his keys, apologised and left. He did have a good look though, his eyes were as big as dinner-plates!

Kelly asked me to go and lock the door and when I came back I dragged her up to the bedroom, determined to fuck her stupid. She kicked her heels off and I unclasped and removed her bra as she laid on top of the bed covers. I stripped off and joined her, lifting her legs up so I could get all of my cock deep inside her. She moaned and pulled me into her and as I started to fuck her with long, deep strokes I thought of her boyfriend, Paul who was probably at home, unknowing that his girlfriend was getting fucked! What a turn on!

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