Cops & Hookers


"And you have pictures of this, of sergeant Sacotta, the one who was with me when you were arrested? All that...the dope...the illegal Russian women, all in this little camera?" Faith asked incredulously.

"Yes it cost $15.00, I don't suppose the pics are great quality, I don't have a computer to check what they look like but I've taken as many shots as the camera will allow before it needs to be unloaded onto a computer." She said before continuing, "I watch CSI, I know you have technicians that can enhance whatever I took and make it into evidence. Then you can put that blackmailing bastard Randy Williams behind bars where he belongs! I'll testify; I'll take the stand and help put him in jail. Son-of-a-bitch! I hope they ream his arse, inside! Ream him real good. Make him their bitch." She spat, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Faith pulled out her cell, she hit speed dial, and it was answered within seconds." Ray? Its Faith, I need your help and Carrie's, now, right away, how soon can you get to Starbucks, on Bleecker? I need a big, big favor. "She held her phone to her ear, listening. "Okay, half an hour, perfect, we're waiting for you, be sure to bring Carrie, we'll need the DA's input here also, no like we spoke about tonight, I think I've found SCU's mole, I'll be speaking to Tom too, I'll phone him after I finish with you, I don't know all the facts. I don't want this bust going south; I want a conviction this time."

She dialed again, this time it took longer for the phone to be answered. "Hey Tom, Faith, sorry to wake you, I'm at Starbucks on Bleecker with an informant, I think I know who our 'mole' is. I'll meet you in your office, we are gonna bust this wide open, get hold of division; I need warrants and SWAT as soon as possible. How soon? Yes I do know what time it is. No tomorrow morning is too late, I need it before breakfast! Okay, I'll hold you to that; I'll meet you at the office in an hour, see ya." She flipped the phone off.

"Ok Sarah, I trust you here, if this camera has what you say it has, you'll have to find a new place to dance, the Rumba Room and Randy and his Russian buddies are going out of business." She said to the nervous dancer. "I'm going to put you up with someone I trust with my life, she'll not let anything happen to you, until I can arrange something more permanent for you, she's on her way as we speak, as soon as your safe with her, my boss and I are gonna begin frying Randy Williams and his Russian mobster buddy's asses! Drink your coffee, its getting cold." She smiled, closing her hand over Sarah's

Both women sipped their coffees, waiting silently. Faith glanced at her watch, while Montana slid lower in her seat biting her lip while peering fearfully out of the window as pedestrians and cars drove by.

It seemed to be an eternity before Ray and Carrie drew up alongside Starbucks in Carrie's BMW, Faith took Montana by the arm, your ride's here, come let's go."

They walked towards the car, Rachel got out the passenger door as they approached. "Faith, whats this all about?

"I need you to look after a star witness, Ray, please, and I need Carrie to come with me to see Tom, I've...." Faith began answering her friend, before she could finish, there was a loud revving of an engine and squealing of tires, a minivan rocketed towards the double parked BMW. A man leaned out of the sliding door and began firing an automatic weapon at them, the staccato of gunfire and whining of ricochets filled the air, shop and car windows disintegrated as a hail of bullets was sprayed in their direction. Both Faith and Rachel reacted with blind instinct, drawing their pistols. Rachel returned fire first; yelling to Faith. "Go wide, I'll cover you." While kneeling and firing double handed across the trunk. Faith pushed Sarah safely to the ground almost underneath the car before moving out into the middle of the road in an attempt to draw the gunman's fire. She aimed at the driver of the minivan and started shooting. Her ruse worked, and the gunman changed his aim and shot in her direction as she began shooting at the driver. She felt a searing pain in her leg closely followed by numbing pain just above her elbow; her arm was instantly numb, and she was flung backwards at least 3 feet, landing in the middle of the road. Her pistol fell from her limp fingers as the minivan careened off the road and into a lamppost less than 50 feet from where she lay, sprawled on her back in the middle of the road.

Even though an automatic machine pistol has far greater rate of fire than semi-automatic pistol, its rate of fire is also its drawback, as it is almost impossible to keep it aimed after the first few shots on automatic, moreover with its limited range of accuracy, 25 yards, it makes a foolish choice of a weapon for an amateur when facing trained police officers. Rachel kept her head and used both hands, resting them across the BMW's trunk lid for support; she fired as the man leaned out of the sliding door to get a better shot at Faith, standing silhouetted in the middle of the road. Bullets from her .40 Smith & Wesson found their mark. As the out of control vehicle swerved into the lamppost and steam hissing from the shattered radiator, Randy Williams slid face first onto the street, a fully automatic CZ .32 Scorpion machine pistol sliding from his lifeless grasp. There was a moment of stunned silence, followed by a cacophony of car alarms, and screaming, mostly from people in blind panic. Rachel ran to her protégé who lay, face up, in the middle of the road..

Faith oozed blood, it soaked into the skimpy opaline green t-shirt, and through the denim of her jeans, pooling on the tar road. Her eyes were shut, her breathing shallow. She was deathly pale. It was Sarah who began tending Faith's wounds." Oh my God, she's been hit in the artery below her knee; I have to apply direct pressure." She held her hand over the spurting wound, slowing the flow of blood slightly. "It's not slowing enough, I need to make a tourniquet, we have to stem the flow or she'll bleed out in less than 5 minutes. I'm not qualified to do more, she said while wrapping her belt around the top of Faith's knee, get hold of 911, this needs to be tended to real fast!" She shouted to Rachel, before screaming at Faith, "Leftenant! Faith, please don't die on me, please God! Faith, please, live for me."

Rachel was already on her phone." Operator, Shots fired...Officer Down... I repeat officer down...corner Bleecker and Charles; this is sergeant Rachel Meyers, badge number 47628. I am off duty, and require immediate assistance.

Faith opened her eyes, she struggled to sit up but was too weak, almost in slow motion, her curiously colored eyes tried to focus, and inch by inch she lifted her unwounded arm, she gave the blood spattered camera to Rachel. "Get this to Tom, he's in his office waiting for me." she whispered, "and please look after Ser...haaaa..." Her eyes rolled back. In the distance sirens began to wail.

Through the fog Faith heard, an upper-crust English accent pleading with her. "You've got to stay awake, please. Stay awake." It was so peaceful and silent, she could hear herself breathing, and she could sense her pulse weakening, she lay semiconscious, unaware of the invading darkness.

The ceiling tiles were white, the bed hard. She hurt. A plastic bag full of clear liquid was suspended above her head and was plugged painfully into her arm. Faith groaned, both of her legs throbbed, she couldn't move. Her eyelids were heavy every part of her body was sore. "Thirsty." She mumbled. Almost instantly a plastic tube was pushed into her mouth, cool water flowed from it, she sucked thirstily. She turned her head, her neck muscles were stiff. Montana smiled brightly holding a plastic bottle in one hand. Her clothes were rumpled, she was pale and had dark rings under her eyes.

"Hey." She said. "Your awake, I need to fetch the doctor, he's down the hall."

"Don't leave me, where am I? What happened? Whats wrong with me? Tell me!" She slurred.

"You're in Hospital. You were shot, do you remember, Friday night, Randy and the minivan? You saved my life, do you remember that?" She asked. "You've been unconscious for 3 days. Lay still I need to fetch the doctor." Sarah ordered.

"Don't leave, why cant I move, am I paralyzed?" Faith croaked.

"No, your legs are buckled down so your stitches wont bust, a bullet nicked the bone just above your elbow, so your right arm is immobilized in a fiberglass cast, lay still don't fight, you don't wan t to damage any nerves there. You can move your left arm; the doctor can explain a lot better than me. And Ray and your boss wanted to know the moment you woke up, I'll be back in a jiffy, just be calm, its okay." Sarah said while walking to the door.

The room was still, beside the bed there must have been at least fifty floral arrangements, ranging from simple bunches in ceramic vases to expensive exotic displays, the room smelled like a flower shop. She was wearing a horrible white bed jacket, open at the back. She moved her left arm, slowly she reached over and managed to get hold of the water bottle, thirstily she sucked, trying to quench her thirst.

A tall handsome man wearing a white coat, with a stethoscope elegantly draped around his shoulders walked towards the bed followed by Sarah. "Ah, Lt O'Bannon, I am Dr Fabian," he introduced himself. "How are you feeling?" he asked, before taking his stethoscope and began listening to her various organs. He took a small flashlight, and shone it into her eyes. He nodded approvingly. "Yes! Better than we hoped, you gave us all a big scare. If your, um, fiancée, hadn't kept direct pressure on your ruptured femoral artery, you would have died, it was a damned good thing she was there." He said pointing towards a blushing Sarah. "You should thank her, you have her blood in you, its uncommon for um, couples to share AB- blood, again, lucky for you she gladly donated hers when we were running out, altogether we used 20 units to save your life."

"We need to keep you still for a while, I don't want all my hard work to be for nothing, I'm going to ease the straps on your legs, but try not to move, we don't want to rupture the sutures, it's going to take a while, you were in theater for over six hours, we used a small section from your undamaged leg to patch your damaged artery, in the other leg, that's why both legs must be immobilized." He pulled back the bedclothes and lifted the bed-gown up around her waist removed the dressings and inspecting the livid red, stitched wounds before easing the belts that immobilized her legs . "Yes, healing nicely! You've been in intensive care until we thought you were stable enough to bring you out of your coma, my prognosis is that you'll be you're your feet for a day or so, but, your friend here, can enter you in next year's Boston Marathon, we expect a full recovery." He grinned. "I'll leave you girls to chat, but don't tire her out, Ms Wallace, no shenanigans either, keep that for when you're home." He chuckled as he left.

" Fiancée? Couple, home? What the hell is he talking about?" Faith asked after the door had closed.

"It was the only way I could stay with you Lieutenant, or else they wouldn't let me be here with you, its family only. In the ambulance and when you were admitted to the ER, I said I was your, um... fiancée it was the only way that I could stay with you. If you died, I wanted to be with you." She said softly before saying" I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." She shut her eyes and continued softly. " Why do you think I've tried so hard getting it back together, since, I was arrested? I know this isn't the right time. I don't know if there'll ever be a right time." She swallowed, licking at the tears flowing down her cheeks" I know you'll never want me, or love me; I'm a whore, you're a cop. But I've fallen in love with you; I'll do anything for you." Sarah whispered; her faded blue eyes awash with tears.

"Shhhhhhh, don't cry, its okay, don't ever say that again, okay?" Faith had a mental picture of Sarah's dance, the silver still life's the strobe captured, the finale, where she stood alone, naked and exposed, in front of drunk, insensitive men. "You've made a new start, a new life, what you were before doesn't count. " She croaked, finding it difficult to speak. "I never want you to say the words, whore, again, understand? If you're my fiancée you better call me Faith, I think the staff here might suspect you've been fibbing if you keep calling me 'Leftenant' unless you want them to think we're in some kind of kinky dominance relationship." Faith caressed Sarah's arm.

The tender moment was broken when both Rachel and Tom walked through the door at the same time. They spoke together. " We've just spoken to the Doctor, how're you feeling." Rachel and Tom laughed.

Rachel spoke. "Hey Montana, are you still playing nurse?" she asked.

"Damn it Ray, her name is Sarah." Faith croaked

"Well excuse me, Miss Priss! I see getting shot hasn't improved they way you speak to your friends, I'm glad to see you too, hon." She said laughing. "Hi Sarah, still playing nurse?" she re-asked, smiling.

Tom spoke, "You had us all worried, Faith, and I see you got the flowers. Dana and the kids send their love. The ER doctors gave you little chance when they brought you in; you had almost no blood left. You are alive because Montana kept pressure on the wound until the paramedics got to you from what I can tell, also, the specialist Dr Fabian. "He shook his head, "Montana wouldn't let him give up, and she made sure he got you all patched up, she even rolled up her sleeve and donated her own blood, but he says you'll be as good as new in a few weeks. Now don't worry about the Unit, we've got it covered, I have seconded sergeant Meyers, here, to fill in, while we're short on personnel "he said pointing to Rachel, "While you were still unconscious, Internal Affairs justified both shootings, by the way." He continued. "The pictures Montana took were excellent, and the crime lab has printed and copied them. Sgt. Sacotta is suspended, pending a full IA investigation. The rest of the Russian mobsters were all rounded up, the club had been shut down, the illegal sex workers will be sent back to Russia after they testify, and we have confiscated almost fifty kilos of pure cocaine. The DA will not lay charges against any of the dancers as it seems they were all, including Montana here, coerced into working there by the late mister Randy Williams. The Mayor has cited you for bravery, so expect a visit from His Honor. It must be close to an election, he's got press has billing it as the biggest bust since, Organized Crime Unit arrested Tony Soprano. Oh, yeah, Dana and the kids will probably drop by this evening."

The day wore on, Sarah never leaving her side. Indeed, His Honor the Mayor as well as the Chief of Police made their appearances, promising the Police Combat Cross and citations. People Faith hardly remembered stopped by to see how she was. She was soon totally exhausted and fell asleep, snoring softly, while Sarah watched over her.

When she awoke she felt much better, the plastic drip above her head had been removed and although her legs and arm were still painful she began looking forward to going home. During the night Rachel had brought her a night gown as well as the usual toiletries, and make up. She did not know it was Sarah who changed her from the backless hospital issue bed-gown into her own night-gown or bathed her. She woke up to find Sarah brushing her unruly coppery hair.

"Hey, how're you feeling?" she asked while running the brush through her hair.

"Much better, have you been here the whole time?" she asked.

"I've got nothing else to do right now, no work, no dancing, so yeah, I stayed here." Sarah said.

"Friday you offered me a table dance, remember?" Faith teased her.

"Yeah and I said I'd let you go as far as you wanted." Came the bantering reply. "Now sit still I want to put your make up on."

Sarah leaned over and skillfully spread a little foundation, especially under her bruised looking eyes and brushed on some powder and blush, before expertly applying a slight tint of brown-gold to her eyelids and penciled a darker green eyeliner and finishing off with a subtle shade of coral lip gloss.

"There ya go, you look beautiful." She said, holding up a mirror.

Faith hardly recognized the face staring back at her, Sarah had cleverly made her up, disguising the ordinary and highlighting her best features, it was a startling transformation.

"See I told you, beautiful!" Sarah said.

Faith admired her self, and her profiles, as Sarah held the mirror for her.

"Jeez, I'm going to phone you every time I have a special date, Sarah, thank you." She said, clearly pleased with Sarah's efforts.

"You can call me anytime you want, Lieutenant, I'll do anything you ask." Sarah said softly, tears in her eyes.

Dr Fabian chose that second to enter. Dressed as before he approached his patient, his stethoscope already plugged into his ears as he sat down on the bed. He listened again to her organs before removing the dressings from her stitched wounds.

"Ah no trace of any infection, you are looking much better, it must be all this loving care and devotion, if you make progress like this and can walk around by the time I do rounds, this afternoon" he said, slinging his stethoscope back around his shoulders, "I can send you home in Ms Wallace's care this afternoon. If you both promise not to overdo anything. You've made remarkable progress, Lieutenant, I should use you as an advert." He said laughing at his own joke.

Faith realized she needed help the first time she used the bathroom. Sarah had helped her out of bed, and supported her as she shuffled forward. Gingerly she settled herself on the toilet seat, letting gravity do most of the work for her. Without thinking, Sarah folded a handful of bathroom tissue and gently wiped her backside, as she lurched unsteadily to her feet. She threw the soiled wad into the bowl before kneeling and using another wad to gently dab her pubic hair. She looked up. "There." She said, still on her knees. "All done." Sarah rose fluidly from her kneel and helped Faith shuffle back to the bed. She sat down, exhausted.

The rest of the day Sarah chatted away, while they watched TV. Sarah began telling Faith about her childhood, growing up just outside of London, not mentioning her downhill slide to finally ending up in the sewers of New York.

The Doctor was as good as his word. Faith sat in a wheelchair and Sarah a small case on her lap. Sarah helped an orderly pushed her to the entrance. A cab took them to her apartment. Sarah helped her into bed. The short trip wore her out and she was soon asleep.

The following morning Faith woke up to the smell of frying bacon. "Sarah poked her head in the door, "You had nothing to eat last night, and all I could find is bacon in your fridge, I slipped out and got some eggs and stuff at the convenience store on the corner, how do you like your eggs?

Faith struggled to sit up. "Sunny and runny." She smiled.

A few minutes later, Sarah entered her room carrying a tray. She settled on a corner of the bed placing the tray on Faith's lap. The plate was heaped with bacon, fried eggs and toast, and a large glass of orange juice, that she knew she never had in her fridge. The bacon had been cut into bite sized chunks.

"You can try feeding yourself. " Sarah said, placing a fork in Faith's left hand. "Or I can feed you, which'll be quicker and a lot less messy." She grinned.

Faith successfully guided the fork laden with bacon to her mouth; she chewed, and stabbed at more bacon, but was totally inept at spearing the toast or eggs. Eventually she gave up, and let Sarah slice the toast and the eggs and feed her. When she was finished eating, she held the glass of juice to her lips and allowed her to sip and swallow at her own pace.

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