Couch Sitting


We had other plans to start with, but they fell through. So we went to the bar instead.

My friend and I were just bumming around, I watched him have 2 beers and an Ice, and we wished the stupid pool tables didn't have so many damn quarters on them.

After watching far too many drunken fools try to sink their balls, we left, and I drove back to my place since there was no way in hell I was going to let him drive after that many drinks.

Once we got there he hit the fridge grabbing a Guinness and popping the top.

Sitting on the couch, we talked for a while, me drinking coffee, him having Ale after he finished the Guinness, sitting sideways on my couch.

He finished the bottle and rose fetching yet another, but this time when he sat down, he pulled me close to him. Since we were friends I thought nothing of it. In fact I snuggled into his warm embrace as he drank his Ale, enjoying the quiet moment.

His hand began to wander across my chest; I felt my nipple harden under his gentle touch.

"What are you doing?" I asked turning partway to face him

"Turn back around." He said sipping from his bottle.

I turned back silently wondering what was going on... This was not like him at all. I once again turned partway towards him a question on my face.

"Turn back around Now." was all he said, pushing me gently, but firmly, His hand rubbing then pinched my left nipple quite hard.

I gasped, but also felt a flush of wetness between my legs.

"I knew you were a little slut when I met you. Now just stay." He said, holding my left nipple in a snug, but not painful embrace. I turned my head and saw him casually sipping from his drink, when our eyes met I saw coldness in his that I had never seen before.

I was scared, but at the same time, excited as he stroked my left nipple a bit harder causing me to gasp anew at the sensation I was feeling. I submitted to his touch.

"So, you like this?" He asked me in a voice that belied no emotion whatsoever.

My voice trembled slightly as I answered, "Yes"

"I knew you would, slut. I knew that you needed to be dealt like this from the start. You will do exactly as I say and be rewarded, or fail to do as I say and be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand." I whispered, surprised at myself and my reactions.

"Good" He replied, once more stroking first my left breast, then reaching a bit to touch my right. The wetness between my legs increased and I squirmed a bit under his hand.

"Stop." He said as he pinched my right nipple harder than he had the left.

"Ouch!" I gasped, "Don't do that, it hurts."

He responded by shifting to the left nipple and pinching it hard and saying "No that is not how this works dear. You do what I say, and we both enjoy ourselves, You do not do what I say and well, I at least will enjoy myself."

"I don't think so." I said, pulling myself away from his grasp. "I don't play those sort of games."

He reached up with one hand and pulled me back down, I heard a small growl come from deep in his throat.

"Yes you do. You know you want this as much as I want it. So Quit playing the innocent and Stay."

His voice stopped my argument before it could even start and I found myself meekly submitting once again to his wandering hand.

I turned my head and looked him in the eye.

"Yes? Is there something you are looking for?" He said to me casually drinking from the bottle in his right hand as his left hand began to slide under the waistband of my jeans.

"Hey" was all I could say, startled anew by this intrusion, though I felt my thighs separate to allow his hand access to my now hot slit.

"Yes?" was his still calm reply

His hand dug deeper into my pants and he felt the moisture under his fingers through my panties. "I knew it. I knew that you weren't as sweet as you pretended to be. There is a naughty girl in these pants isn't there?"

I didn't reply being so overwhelmed by the stimulation to my body.

His thumb and first finger found my clit and he pinched it causing me to gasp and buck under his touch. "I asked you a question dear. Answer me now." His grasp loosened a bit then pinched again even harder making me whimper though my slit was dripping and Pulsing in time with my heart.

"Yes, Yes" I gasped trying to figure out what he wanted me to say.

"Yes what?" said he loosening and tightening on my most sensitive of places in a random fashion. I felt myself coming very close to my peak despite, or perhaps due to the pain I was feeling in my clit.

My body felt so hot, I couldn't breathe, His hand down my pants was moving a bit as his thumb and forefinger tortured me.

"Yes what slut?"

"Yes, I am a naughty girl." I gasped almost Cumming all over his hand. My panties and jeans were soaked, my heart raced and my hips began to buck into his hand, begging where my voice failed me.

His pinching stopped suddenly and my clit felt as though it was 10 times its normal size. "No slut, I knew you needed this treatment, but I had no idea you would be this easy to bring off." His hand moved back up to my chest, rubbing my nipple gently, teasingly over my shirt. I turned to look at his face again, catching his eye, he took his hand from my breast and lightly smacked my belly shaking his head and tsking at me. "No, you don't look at me, you face that way." He reached up and turned my head so that once again I was facing away from him.

I heard the sound of him drinking deeply of the Ale and wondered what was going to happen next.

I didn't have long to wait, His left hand went to my waist and up under my shirt, touching my nipple wetting it slightly with my juices. His other hand came sliding up under my shirt then, cold and damp from the beer he had been holding, the sensation washed over me causing me once again to buck my hips.

"Impatient? Tsk tsk tsk. Naughty girl" He said, using both hands to unfasten and push down my jeans I started to kick them off, but his hand returned quickly to my left nipple and I was reminded harshly who was in charge. "Ouch" I said before I could stop myself.

"Ouch? You think that hurts? We have a long way before we get to Ouch dear" His viselike fingers made all the prior pinches seem subtle by comparison. I saw stars as my entire body tried to recoil away from the pain but he only chuckled and held on a few moments longer letting me know that he was completely in charge of my entire being.

He let go, and went back to work on my jeans, pushing them down with one hand then catching them with his foot pushing them to the floor discarded.

I lay back on his chest, clad only in my bunched up shirt and my dripping panties gasping for air.

"Almost" He said coolly as his hands now began to pull up my shirt over my head, catching my glasses a bit. He stopped a moment and took my glasses, setting them on the coffee table before returning to his task of removing my shirt. The cool air of the room hit my chest and I felt my nipples both harden in the chill as he whipped the shirt off my body and tossed it to the floor. He then pulled me back to his chest; the buttons on his shirt tickled me as I settled into his embrace.

I heard him sip again from the bottle then once again found myself breathless as the cold wet bottle was placed between my breasts and moved first to one nipple then the other, making me shudder in pleasure at the new sensation.

As I sat trying to figure out how to react to the new sensation, he shifted the bottle lower, it's cool wetness rubbing against my panties, warring with the heat and moisture down there, without thinking I reached down to grab the bottle, pushing it away from my pussy with a small gasp.

"No, I don't think so." He growled, grinding the hard glass into my soft parts, once again, I felt myself pulsing in time with my heart.

"And, dear" he said coldly. "You won't be doing that again. Put your hands behind your lower back gripping your wrists."

It was not a request; I felt a cold shiver pass over me as I found myself automatically responding to his orders. As my hands slid behind my back, I felt his hardness. But fearing his 'punishments' I gripped my own wrists and sat waiting.

A moment later, he took the bottle away from my slit and set it once again on the floor. His hand returned to my breast and he stroked first one then the other nipple until both were hard and aching. I wanted, No I needed something, but I had no idea what. I inwardly prayed that He knew and would help me.

"You like being told what to do don't you slut?" He said purring in my ear.

"Yes" was my soft reply as I lay there upon his chest, nude, save for my panties, with my hands gripping my wrists behind my back, my chest thrust forward into his hands, breathing hard as I waited for his next move.

"I thought so, You play a good game most of the time, but you need this sort of treatment once in a while don't you?" His voice still belied no emotion, and I could feel his heart beating slowly and steadily behind my back.

Afraid to answer, I hesitated a moment before I felt his left hand begin to tighten on my nipple.

"Yes, Yes, I need this." I said with a hint of panic in my voice.

What was I afraid of? The pain? Or disappointing him?

"Good" was his casual reply

A moment of silence later, and his left hand once again began to move down my chest, across my tummy and now, Into my panties, my breath caught as his fingers delicately explored my folds. He chuckled softly in my ear as his touch brought forth yet another gush of wetness.

In silence he began to probe my depths, one long finger dipping into my well as his thumb danced lightly on my button.

I fought the urge to move, or even make a sound as he mapped my nether regions.

He played a while then stopped, pushing me away from his chest. I sighed and looked at him wondering what I had done wrong.

He got up from the couch and turned out the light returning to the couch with the single sentence command "Turn around, but keep your hands behind your back."

I did as I was bidden still in silence, almost afraid of what might happen next. He sat and pulled my panties off, then pulled my legs up on either side of his torso, opening and revealing my sex to his full view, because though the light in the living room had been shut off, the light from the kitchen still shone enough to allow us to see one another clearly. He pushed me back so that I was somewhat lying on the arm of the small couch. I looked him in the eyes deeply and still seeing no visible emotion, rocked my head back and surrendered to my fate.

I didn't have long to wait before one hand began a deeper probing of my sex, as the other hand played with my breasts. He stroked my clit steadily and I felt myself begin to go over the edge, Not thinking I let go of my wrists and started to reach out to him causing him to not only stop, but to grip my clit tightly making my head spin in pain/pleasure.

"No" he said coldly "I never said you could move your hands. Put them back now."

Trying to think through the pain, I returned my hands to their position behind my back gripping tightly the flesh of my wrists.

After a moment, he released my sore button, and began to pump first one then two fingers deep in my pussy, turning his hand and bumping my clit lightly as he did so.

I bucked against him, begging him for something, I heard a sound, and a whimper and the word 'Please' a number of times before I realized the sounds were coming from me.

Two fingers turned into three, then four. I moaned loudly as he turned his hand thrusting into my depths in a way that no man had ever done before, I felt his probing searching my depths as though looking for something with his fingertips.

I saw stars, I felt my body convulse as he found what he was looking for.

My eyes shot open and a single word escaped my lips causing him to smile at me almost evilly.

"Hey" I said with as much aplomb as I could, but he shifted his hand making me reel from the sensation and stopping my train of thought as I became submerged in pleasure beyond any experience I had ever had before in my life.

Filled with 4 fingers and his artistic thumb dancing on my clit, I was nothing but tactile sensation, my entire universe shrank to the size of my pussy and expanded to fill the galaxy, my legs tingled, my head spun, I gasped for air as though I was climbing a mountain.

I opened my eyes and gazed at him, trying to focus, trying desperately to regain some measure of control, but when I opened my mouth to complain, the only word that came out was a Petulant "Hey"

"Hey?" He mimicked me, speeding his pace, forcing my head to fall back in surrender, I couldn't hold back, I was going to a place I had never been, and I had no map, only a guide that mocked me as he teased my body into new heights of pleasure.

"Hey? I like that. I had no idea all I had to do to shut you up was to fill you up." He thrust his hand into me, reaching down with his other hand to pinch my clit in an almost random pattern of hard and soft squeezes as his thumb slowly stroked the place right above my opening.

Filled with his hand, and driven almost to the point of madness, I once again opened my eyes and looked at him in shock as his face broke into an evil grin. He began to thrust into me and turn his hand touching every part of my insides as his torture of my clit continued from above and below.

"You want to cum don't you?" He said in a husky voice, finally showing some emotion.

I nodded, not trusting my voice

"You really need to cum don't you?" He teased me, both verbally and physically as I teetered on the edge, held from the brink only by his words. I nodded again, gasping like a fish stolen from the depths.

"You don't even know how badly you need this do you?" He said, catching my eyes and forcing me to hold his gaze and he held my body in Thrall. I nodded so hard that I felt my head might just well fall off.

"Then Say so, and I might make it happen."

Might? My brain cried out, my body bucked against him, begging for what my mouth wouldn't say. He slowed his thrusting a bit, chuckling at me as I gazed at him gaping, trying to say what he wanted to hear to end the torment.

"Please?" I tried. He smiled brightly but only increased his motions a tiny bit.

"Please Please?" I moaned, bucking against him. He kept his steady movements grinning at my building discomfort.

Something in me snapped, I bucked hard against him and growled...

"Make me Cum Dammit!"

He held my gaze a moment, and then winked.

All at once his hands began moving faster, and the pinching of my clit became an almost steady pulse, pushing me up and up and up to a summit I had only dreamt of.

My head lolled as my hips bucked, and my pussy and clit began to clench and release him, the jerking spread to my entire body resembling a seizure as I moaned loudly at the release all the while begging for more of this exquisite torture.

His hands slowed and I felt myself coming back to full awareness, my limbs heavy and my entire being drained yet revitalized.

He removed himself from me, tasting my juices as he smiled at me, knowing that he had gotten the better of me.

I gasped as my once full pussy was emptied and shuddered a time or two more as he shifted my legs and leaned forward towards my sweaty face.

"You can let go of your wrists now.," he said softly to me. I did and felt the blood flow returning to my fingertips with a tingle. I was like an overcooked noodle, limp and spent. I rose to unsteady feet and went to the bathroom, gasping anew as I sat. I returned to the couch, only to find him, wearing naught but boxers and holding a blanket open beckoning me to share the space with him.

"But what about you?" I softly asked as he pulled me close in the semidarkness of the room.

"Sometimes it's not about what you can get, it's about what you can give." was his only reply, I opened my mouth to ask another question, but his hand found my lips and he said "Shhhhhhh, sleep now"

I felt my body giving into his demands in spite of my mind's desire for answers and I surrendered once more as his hand lazily stroked my hair.


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