tagRomanceCougar Ch. 03

Cougar Ch. 03


I am sorry that it has been such a long time since I wrote anything, but my life is rather full and spare time is short.

At the moment I am barely back from a long vacation. Two solid weeks in a Mexican resort does wonders for a woman tired of the cold and damp of the Pacific Northwest. Now I have two more weeks to just rest and restore myself before I go back to work.

If I ever do go back. God, so much has happened.


If you have read some of my other stories, you know by now that I have a neighbor man that is kinky. I suppose the truth is that we all are kinky in one way or another, but the man bends the rules of society by quite a bit.

He regularly exposes himself to me.

I saw that Nathan was still over there nearly the moment I walked in my door, still exposing himself. Two weeks of his looking out at my closed curtains might have stopped that I was thinking, but it didn't.

My earlier efforts to not peer out at him seemed to have little if any effect on me, because I did look anyway as he kept it up. It was like I was somehow drawn to him exposing himself, it had become nearly a nightly ritual before I left.

Why I have no clue. In my profession, I have seen and touched so many male genitals that one would think it would be nothing, boring.

That never became boring to me, not in the least. Society would suggest that something is wrong with me, I don't think so though.

The easy truth is that somehow during the last year or so of life with my late husband, and the years following, I came to accept myself just the way I am.

I thought so anyway, but life has a way of interfering with things.

Sure, I often felt mildly guilty after finding myself in a state of excitement at some of the aspects of my work. After all, it is the medical profession. We are supposed to feel nothing at all, we are there to heal.

It took me a very long time to accept what is, just taking the required steps to hide it well from the clients.

In the safety and security of my own condo, watching Nathan do the things he did allowed me for a short period to just be myself.

It was only after that I felt odd about it, part of why I mentioned what was going on to Alma.

Alma, my secretary at the clinic had suggested I call the cops, but I didn't really want to. She didn't sound like she really meant that, either.

Plus I had left the curtains open and let Nathan see me naked.

I still found it difficult to believe that I had actually done that. It was one of those crazy impulses, a moment of lust.

So what in the hell was I going to say to the police?

"That man exposed exposed himself to me, so I did it right back to him? Now I want him arrested?"

Sure, I will bet that would work just fine.

Guilty, ashamed, and excited at the same time, that was me. I suppose some would say I should have been afraid of him, but I was not.

Nathan was, or I should say IS a blatant exhibitionist, I realized that after speaking with him a few times. He was one of those men that for some reason their sexuality came out that way.

I had some small experience with that in my work, but nothing like this at all.

Seeing men in my office, touching them with my gloved hand was something I did a lot. A few men exhibited excitement at that, to me it was normal and with most I ignored it. Every once in awhile I would experience my own reaction, but I took great care to not let that show.

Usually. Most of the time. Only rarely had things ever progressed to more than an examination, and thinking about those few times I still cannot explain the why of it.

I might say here that if I felt comfortable or perhaps the word is safe with a client, then I might do a bit more than just a "medical" inspection. It's easy to do, we can always claim an accidental orgasm in the normal course of events.

Some things are risky in today's world, society still is not that liberated. If anything, with the coming of the internet age, there is no place for a person to hide should a scandal break.

The few times I actually did find myself playing, those I can count on my fingers, easily less than a dozen times over more than two decades.

The vast majority of the time, I am just a Doctor.


I had seen Nathan several times after he came back from his short stint at the coast where I had run into him completely by accident. Had the man made an effort to seduce me, I think I might have allowed an advance. I just am not sure of that part.

But he made no such effort, instead suggested that he would like to show off for me right there in the room?

Being so close like that, it somehow caused me discomfort.

Nathan is naked almost without fail, and nearly always either partially or completely erect when in the safety of his own room.

I then am in the safety of my own room.

There is really no way for any normal human being to not look when someone is naked, the abnormal part comes in when they keep looking and become obsessed.

I found myself checking from time to time to see if he was still doing it, and much of the time he was. I also found myself thinking about it a lot when I should have had my mind on other things.

So I was sneaking looks at him, knowing full well that he knew I was.

Usually it was just Nathan walking around over there, his partially erect penis swinging back and forth as he moved. Just a few times he stood there facing the large window, his hands behind his head, his cock jutting upwards and that small smile on his face.

Once when I looked over and he was doing that, I opened my own curtains wide and just stood there and looked at him. It really was amazing, he got harder and harder as I watched, until his seed spurted out without even touching himself.

That was amazing, his penis jutted upwards, his hips thrust forward. I saw the jets of semen blast forth, each time his member jerked upwards like he was planting his seed in an imaginary womb.

That was something I knew could happen, although not so easily, and it was fascinating. Over time, I got used to it and even looked forward to his antics.

I got an idea, and mentioned again what had been happening to Alma. We had quite a discussion about it, so I asked her if she wanted to drop by and see, which got giggles from her. At first she said no, it would be too embarrassing, but then I saw her expression change.

Alma pressed the buzzer at 7 PM, I let her in. I had the curtains open, there had been no sign of Nathan when she arrived. It was only about 45 minutes later when the lights across the way came on. Alma and I sat there in our chairs facing the windows, I had served several glasses of wine and we were ready for a show if Nathan would do anything with her there.

We had been laughing and giggling like a couple of schoolgirls and both of us were well on the way to becoming silly drunk.

"Show time!" I said, when I saw the living room lights come on. Nathan walked into the room, set down a large bag on one of the chairs, then he glanced up.

The look on his face was priceless when he realized it was not just me, but two of us. Plus we were just sitting there.

Then that slow smile crossed his lips, as he understood we were there not to cause problems but for the show.

I knew right then he was going to do it. He left for a few seconds, when he came back he turned towards us, unzipped his pants. He pulled his penis out, leaving his pants fastened.

"Oh, God, he is big." Alma muttered.

"Just watch, it gets bigger!" I tittered.

Then Nathan slid his shirt off, he really was well muscled. He was actually swaying, like he was moving to some unheard music. Next he reached down and tripped the catch on his pants, stepping out of them. Standing there fully nude, his cock was pointed straight up. It seemed the extra set of eyes was exciting to him, he was as hard as I had ever seen him.

I saw Alma's hand come up and brush the front of her sweater in what looked like an absent minded fashion. Nathan was standing there posing with his hands behind his head, moving his hips back and forth, his big cock swinging.

It was that same wildly blatant display I had seen him do before. Alma held out her arm, swinging her fingers in a small circle. Nathan saw that and realized what she wanted, so he turned around and bent way over, his legs widely splayed.

I had never seen him do that before, his big testicles hung down in clear view. He held that pose for awhile, then turned back.

"Have you ever teased him...?" She started to ask.

"Yes, and sometimes we just both sit around with no clothes on." I admitted.

"Really? You do?" Then she gave a little nervous laugh. I saw the mild flush on her face, her hand brushed idly across the front of her sweater again.

Alma was reacting exactly like I felt myself reacting. For some crazy reason watching this very attractive male expose himself like that was an illicit pleasure.

Both of us were comfortable in the safety of distance, locked doors and an entire secure building between us and him.

I had seen so many nude or partially nude men in my work, plus photos and once there were several on a beach that my husband Tom took me to.

That time one of the men was obviously exposing himself, I had seen him glance around furtively before moving closer to where I sat.

That was completely different, I had felt mildly nervous as the man turned so I could see his average size penis, partially erect. He had also pretended to be looking off into the distance and unaware of me, but I knew.

Tom had teasingly tried to get me to expose myself back at the man that time, but I didn't. I was far too shy at that time in my life, plus concerned that someone I knew might find out.

Were a situation like that to arise at this stage of my life, I just might.

Nathan now was standing with his legs widely spread, thrusting his hips back and forth, his large penis and testicles swinging back and forth. The display was shocking, even though I expected it.

Finally he walked out of sight, I got up and closed the curtains.

"See what I mean?" I asked Alma.

"That was amazing, it was even better than when I saw some dancers in a nightclub once!" Alma still had a flushed look on her face.

"He does that nearly every night now."

"Does he make himself squirt?" Alma asked. This time Nathan had stopped before that happened.

"Yes, sometimes. It's really strange. He doesn't touch himself, he just...goes off."

"Have you talked to him much?" Alma was finally collecting herself, she appeared normal again although she was grinning.

"Just a couple of times, I ran into him when I was down at the beach and we had lunch."

"Did you...How was he?"

"No. Nothing like that, we got back to my room. He acted like he didn't want to..I think that this is all the man really does."

"Oh wow. That's really weird. He really is a hunk, his cock is as big as I have ever seen." She snickered again.

We went into the kitchen and made some sandwiches, got some more wine and just sat around visiting. That was nice, it had been awhile since I had any guests over, even if Alma was an employee.

At one point Alma asked me how I liked living alone, and I told her the truth, that I really didn't like it at all. She asked me if I was dating anyone, I wasn't at the time.

"You should, Sally. It would be good for you. I know I would go nuts in about two weeks without...." She let that trail off but I knew what she meant.

I nodded but didn't answer, just took a sip of the wine. I was really beginning to feel it and it seemed to loosen both of our tongues.

That was when I mentioned my last trip to the coast, and how in the club down there I had seen nothing but uninteresting men with silly lines. Then for some reason I mentioned what happened with Simon, first a massage that turned sexy, then that one long night of crazy lovemaking.

She listened with interest to that.

"I did that once, I remember waking up in bed next to the guy and I didn't believe it had even happened!" She blurted out.

"Drunk?" I asked.

"No, I was stone sober. He asked me to dance and he was a good dancer, then he smelled so...good! He didn't do or say anything really other than dance and chat a lot and one thing led to another, we were sitting and talking. He told me he found me very attractive and asked me if I would like to spend some time with him, just like that."

"If we knew what set that off we could bottle it up and be rich!" I laughed.

"That's for sure. It was the way he asked, I think? Men usually grab or kiss a lot, then make their move. That man just asked me so nicely and I knew exactly what he meant, it made me melt. I really loved that, and was hoping for more but he never called." Alma looked saddened for a moment.

We both just looked at each other. We both understood perfectly meeting a man who just never follows up.

"Well, I had best be heading home, thanks for the wine..and the show."

We both laughed at that. After Alma left, I peeked out the curtains again but the room was dark.


The next few days went normally, then Alma came in and told me we were had two of our RN's off sick. The one Nurse I had been watching closely since she called in a lot, the other one was a surprise.

This left us short and we would need to cancel four appointments. The rest we could just shift to our already overworked staff.

"Alma, just change them to my office, I will handle the extra myself." I told her.

"Oh. OK." She looked mildly surprised at that, I hadn't seen any patients myself since I took the new position in administration.

Alma was back in minutes with the charts, efficient like always. I very carefully read a patient's charts, their history often explains more clearly what their current issues might be.

I wish all of our physicians on staff would do that, but the truth is that most of the time they are far too busy. So unless a patient actually mentions a prior condition, it can get overlooked.

The first one was an older woman, the reports suggested a Gall bladder problem. There was one older male with a followup on his medications after an internal bleed that turned out to be an ulcer. The other two were checkups, one a physical for a job and the other one with some complaints of pain. All fairly easy.

The first two looked to be quick, but I had to have a nurse in the room with me for the last men at least as it looked like I might need them in gowns.

I told Alma I would need an nurse, she said we didn't have one available. I thought about it for a moment.

"Can you go grab a smock?" I asked her.

"Sure, but..."

"It doesn't matter, I just need someone in the room when I check the males. Security rules."

The clinic I run has an insurance company that insisted on that, liability issues of course.

That was something I was working on because it caused some staffing problems. When I worked at the wellness clinic we never bothered. Things were run quite a bit different at the for profit operation I now ran.

"OK." She left and went down the hall, and was back in minutes with a blue smock.

"I have never done this part before." She said.

"All you do is stand there and observe. You look just like a nurse. Get their weight and note it, I will do the blood pressure and temp." At that point I was really thinking nothing about it.

I had handled the first two normally, the older lady was having some pains so I explained about diet and how it affected her. She was resistant to the idea of surgery, but that is normal. I knew it would be a matter of time before she would be having the simple surgery.

The older man was actually normal, no further bleeds and I explained about Aspirin and his ulcer, prescribed some over the counter antacids. That would reduce his costs, the prescription stuff was expensive. There was no need to have either one of them gown up, so Alma didn't even stay in the room.

The third man was middle aged, on the heavy side, his blood tests looked normal. But it was a physical, so I had him gown up. We went back in after he was ready, he sat there on the edge of the table. Alma came in and stood there looking nervous.

I did all the normal tests, lifted his gown and checked for a hernia. Alma blushed slightly but craned her neck to look. The client was flaccid and showed no reaction of any kind. I had him turn and face the table, quickly checked his prostate. Then I discussed some different options to deal with the fact that he had some swelling. The charts showed his PSA tests normal so there was no real concern of anything else.

"See? Easy stuff." I told her after he had left. She went out into the small waiting room and got the last man as I reread the charts.

This one was named Kevin, he was just 29 years old, the complaint was about pain when he worked out.

I looked up as he walked in. He was fairly large, and appeared to be extremely muscular, in fact, overly so. With a big square jaw, he looked like he might be a professional wrestler of something like that.

Alma was right behind him, a sly grin on her face. We exchanged a look, I managed to keep from laughing but barely.

I asked Kevin a few questions, he told me he was fine except sometimes his back hurt.

"It's way down low like my Kidneys or Gall Bladder or something." He said.

I pressed around on his abdomen over his clothing, found nothing, then when I touched the small of his back he winced. I could feel the muscle there on the right side, it felt tense.

"Your Gall Bladder is way up here." I told him, touching just over it.

"I guess it ain't that then, it is more back here." He reached back and touched the area I had just noted.

"I also got a pain in my right ball that comes and goes, Doc. It has me worried. It might be Cancer or something bad." He said bluntly.

"I notice you are heavily muscled, do you work out?" I asked him, managing to not change expression.

"Yea, I lift weights, bodybuilder." He flexed his upper arms which made his shirt seem to jump.

"I see. OK. I need you to undress and put on this gown please." I noticed Kevin glanced down at the garment with a dubious expression. Men nearly always do that when they see the flowery patterns.

"Everything?" He asked.

"Yes, please. Except for your shoes." I told him.

"That one is gorgeous!" Alma grinned at me outside.

"Just relax and we will get through it." I told her. I knocked and he called out that he was ready. He was sitting on the edge of my table, he had the gown on backwards, folded across the front of himself. It barely covered him, his wide shoulders filled it completely.

I started to say something, then thought what the hell.

A lot of patients put the gowns on backwards, even after being told. Usually I simply ignore that, the gowns are only a pretense at protecting modesty anyway.

I asked Kevin the usual questions, then had him stand up. Sliding my little roller stool out from underneath the desk, I sat down and turned to him. He stood there modestly holding the gown together in the front with one hand.

"Let's check and see where the pain you mentioned is coming from." I told him, reaching out to open the gown. His penis was very large, hanging there. It was also completely hairless and smooth, he obviously had himself waxed.

"I notice you remove the body hair?"

"Yea, this babe over at the beauty salon I go to does it, because we gotta wear a thong at the shows and can't have no hair sticking out. They take off points for that."

Alma giggled.

I cast a quick sidelong glance at Alma, she was staring but quickly resumed a blank look. I checked for hernia, getting no indications, then rolled his testicles. They seemed normal and well formed,although the right one hung down farther than the left.

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