tagInterracial LoveCould It Be? Ch. 03

Could It Be? Ch. 03


"Anna," Erik said wearily.

"Hey stranger. What do you say we get together tonight?" said Anna-Marie, otherwise know only as Anna.

"I'd love to Anna but I've had a hellish week. In fact I just got home from work right now. Gonna hit the shower and then get some much needed sleep."

"Oh I think I know the perfect way to help you relax baby. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy."

"I'm afraid I have to skip on our arrangement. I'll give you a call during the week ok."

Erik chose his words carefully. He had to remind Anna that theirs was an "arrangement" of sorts. Nothing official. Nothing promised. Just convenient.

"Well ok, I'll talk to you later then. Goodnight." Anna replied, disappointed and all the sultriness gone from her voice.

"Goodnight Anna."

They both hung up.

Anna-Marie or Anna, was taken aback by Erik turning her down. He had never done that before. She wondered if he had started seeing someone -- in which case, she'd have to find out who and up her game. After their break-up she had worked way too hard to keep him interested to lose him again! In her mind, they were going to get back together.

"But he did sound tired. Maybe he really did have a bad week/day," she thought to herself.

She quickly dismissed the thought, not wanting to second guess herself. She resolved to find out exactly what he's been up to lately.

Erik, on the other hand, was wondering if the time had come to end his arrangement with Anna-Marie Vorster. She was one hell of a fuck and had bailed him out a couple of times as his date for work functions but he was not interested in re-kindling their failed relationship. They had dated for just over a year -- with the last few months of their relationship year spent breaking up and making up as she attempted to move herself into his house and pressure him to marrying her. During their relationship they had talked about getting married. Actually, she had, and he had merely agreed with her, not wanting to upset her. Although he had loved her, he just wasn't ready for marriage. When he eventually came clean she understandably walked out on him only to come back a month later. By then Erik had resolved that the break up was in her best interests as she deserved better -- someone who would give her the type of commitment she wanted.

Anna-Marie, on the other hand, had realized that Erik was the most suitable husband material of all the men she had ever dated in her life, and thus worth swallowing her disappointment of him not being too keen to get married.

When he rejected her attempts of reconciling, instead of letting her emotions get the best of her, Anna used her body, something he always had difficulty resisting, to keep him close. And so for the past four months since their break-up, they were "friends with benefits".

Before Erik fell asleep that evening, he wondered if he was getting way ahead of himself with Thina, and if cutting Anna off was a good idea: Yes, he wasn't interested in having a relationship with Anna again, but she had her advantages.

Thina on the other hand had his attention but was "uncharted waters". And he if admitted the truth, he was a little scared of whatever it is that he might be getting himself into. He acknowledged the fact that he was a little confused. That meant not being in control. Not good.


The following week Erik did two things that gave him some form of control:

He sent Anna a nice apology gift and resolved to try and stay in her good books without actually sleeping with her until his got his head together. This way he still had her to fall back on if Thina didn't work out.

The second thing he did was to spend more time with Thina. In his mind, he was looking a moment that would either confirm that Thina was more than an attraction, or that she was a passing infatuation.

That moment didn't occur that week.

Instead they had a lunch dates, exchanged a crazy number of text messages and nightly phone conversations. She was like a drug...one hit/lunch date/text message and he wanted more. Yet, when he had a break from her his head was filled with thoughts of why he shouldn't go there.

Thina was loving the attention though also still apprehensive. She liked the fact that he did the calling, inviting to lunch, etc. And she appreciated that he was so considerate: asking her where she would prefer to eat, offering to collect her from her office and then drop her off after lunch. This was all new to her. In her books, this not only meant that he was interested, but was a gentleman as well -- very different from guys who'd simply inform her where and when.

But she still had her reservations. In addition to their work relationship and his race, she had in the previous week also learnt that he was 13 years older than her. That was too old. What could he possible want from her, other than a good time with a younger woman. A younger black woman.

As yet another Friday rolled by she told herself she'll address these issues and then move on, one way or the other. That "address these issues" moment never came.

That same evening, after seeing a movie at the local art house cinema,they had a night cap at a local hangout.

"Have you met with Stella lately? How's the campaign going? When are we seeing the creative stuff?" Eric fired at Thina.

"Yes, I did meet with her, twice actually. Don't take this the wrong way but I think you should ask Stella about that. She's my client and your company's marketing director. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to give you an update. It's just that you and I --"

"- I understand. No need to explain. I actually admire your work ethic. No worries, I'll ask Stella," Erik interjected.

"I'm just curious, that's all. Stella and her team do a great job. With your agency's assistance of course," he added.

Thina was relieved. She wanted to keep work out whatever was happening between her and Erik Bekker. Nor did she want to tell him that they had actually finalized the campaign creative approach and were going into production the following week. She had gotten the impression that Erik, although a banker by trade, perhaps wanted to be more involved in the campaign. Not a good idea - Thina knew from experience. It just spelled disaster.

The evening wore on and it was time to head home and somehow it had become routine for the two to find themselves kissing each other goodnight in parking lots.

It was meant to be a goodnight kiss. But this particular kiss was after three weeks of both of them realizing then trying to fight what was going on between them - and failing. This particular week had started with both of them wanting to establish something...wanting to confirm the realness of the attraction...wanting to address reservations...subconsciously looking for a way out. And yet there they were, in another parking lot, their bodies filled with lust.

Thina was standing on her toes, and Erik had bent down to her. As he was sucking her lower lip his one hand rested on the side of her car, his other cupped her butt, firmly pressing her towards his body. Thina's arms were around his upper body, also pulling him towards her. As she made contact with his erection Thina let out a moan, her arousal deepening. The dampness she had in her panties turned into a flood. She moaned deeper as his tongue explored her mouth. Then he let go of her ass, instead caressing her breast and gently pushing her back against her car. She had to fight the urge not to guide his hands to her ass so that she can wrap legs around his waist and feel his erection all the way up against her again. Luckily some of her sense came back to her -- they were after all in a public area.

Erik's thoughts were not far off Thina's. What he actually wanted to do was to unzip himself, lift her to his waist, pull her panties aside and have his way with her against her car. With that image in his mind he started caressing her soft breasts. His entire hand covered one as he rubbed his thumb over a hardened nipple.

The moment he felt her tiny hand stroking his hardened cock, he stopped caressing her breast to watch her stroke him through his pants. All along he'd thought he was hard but watching her took his hardness to another level. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the feeling she was giving him. Then his senses came back to him. He had to stop her before she made him cum. Pulling his lips away from hers and reaching for her hand:


She stopped and looked at him with surprise.

"Babe we're in a parking lot. This is not right and I don't want you exposed like this", he said while straightening himself and looking around before adjusting his erection.

The word "babe" at that moment were not lost to Thina. But more than that she was embarrassed.

Smiling self consciously and said, "You're right. I...I wasn't thinking."

"Hey, come here," Erik said pulling her towards him by her waist. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and said: "You did nothing wrong. Ok. In fact you did everything right," he chuckled.

"We both just got lost in the moment that's all."

By now Thina was looking at the ground, highly embarrassed by her actions in public.

"Thina look at me."

When she eventually looked at him, Erik was overwhelmed by her vulnerability that his arousal reawakened. "Don't feel bad, you did nothing wrong. Besides, the place is empty. We're the only ones here."

Another kiss on the forehead, "Come home with me," he said.

"Erik...I don't think..." she said.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just don't think going home with you is a good idea."

"Why not? I just want to be with you, in private. I'll stop when you tell me to -- we won't do anything you don't want to. I just want to be with you."

A moment of honesty on his part: "Thina these past three weeks I've known you have been a rollercoaster for me in a way you can't imagine. And right now all I know and all I want is to be with you."

He also added: "I'm not going to rush you into anything. I just want us to continue this..." he gestured between them "in private. We'll come back for your car whenever you want to go home. I promise."

"Promise?" Thina asked.

"I promise," Erik said, holding out his hand for her to grab.

When she placed her hand in his and walked up to him, Erik automatically raised it to his lips and kissed it. "I promise," he said again. He led her to his car, opened the passenger's door for her and closed it after she got in.

During the ride to Erik's house conversation was about inane things -- both parties trying to hide their nervousness. Erik lived in a housing estate on a golf course but unlike most housing estates, the houses didn't all look the same.

"You never mentioned you lived in a golf estate or play golf."

"I don't really. I'm quite bad at it. This was just too good of an investment to pass up. Plus the developers were selling plots and owners could build as they please pending the developers' approval of the plans of course. Can't go wrong with such on a golfing estate."

"It definitely seems so," Thina stated in amazement as Erik pulled up to his house and waited for the automated doors of the triple volume garage to open.

"Nice house." Thina said of the mostly glass-walled and white double storey house.

"Thank you. It feels too big sometimes but I'm hanging on to it for a few more years," Erik stated as he drove into the garage, parking between a huge motorbike and Erki's second car. He got out to open Thina's car door and let her towards a side door.

"Ladies first," he said after punching in an alarm code and opening the door that led to his kitchen.

"Thank you," she replied.

After turning the lights on, Erik asked her if she'd like something to drink. And she replied: "No thanks."

"You're so polite. I love it - it's...refreshing. You never forget to thank the waiters, the guy behind the counter at the cinema..." he trailed off as he moved towards her. He actually found it a turn on as for thim there was nothing more off putting than rudeness.

"Funny you should say that because I think you're quite the gentleman yourself."

"I'm afraid I'm not always a gentleman," he smiled mischievously as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him for a kiss.

"That's ok, I'm not always a lady myself," she murmured, taking a short break from the kiss.

"Oh really? Can't wait to see your not-so-lady-like behavior" Erik said while gently moving Thina towards the island counter located in the middle of the kitchen.

"Let's just say I have my moments."

"Anything I can do to bring forth such a moment?' Erik asked looking as sincere as he could while thinking about what the night promised as he pinned her between the kitchen counter and himself and placed his hands underneath the sides of her skirt, slowly moving them up her thighs.

"Just keep doing what you're doing..." she responded, looking straight into his grey eyes.

"You're such an easy date!" he teased.

"Keep talking Bekker." Thina tried to look irritated.

"I meant to say you're sexy. Very sexy."

'Whatever" she replied, feigning a pout.

"Come here sexy, with your 'whatever' lips."

Another long deep kiss. They were continuing from where they'd stopped in the parking lot. His hands on her fleshy butt, her arms around his neck. Him rubbing his erection against her, Thina reveling audibly at the sensation. Letting go of one butt cheek he pushed her skirt up to her waist then moved his hand to the front of her thong feeling her heat before he touched her. He let out a deep moan once his hand made contact with the wet fabric of her underwear. "Is that for me? he asked while palming her pussy.

"Uhuh", was all Thina could get out while spreading her legs a little to accommodate Erik's hand.

Feeling her through the fabric only lasted a few seconds. Erik pushed her thong to the side and played with her lower lips before going for her clit. He marveled at the pleasure he was bringing her as her head fell back slightly, eyes half-closed, while balancing herself on the counter with both hands.

"Look at me."

"Oh Erik..."

"Thina look at me," Erik said, a little sterner this time.

His tone made her open her eyes, only to catch him staring at her with a wild look in his eyes as he stuck a finger into her wet and slippery pussy, not hesitating to probe and stroke her.

"Erik...oh my God..." A second finger went in.

After some time of thrusting his fingers in and out of her, Thina started riding Erik's fingers, overcome with lust that she'd never felt before. The sensation was so good she never wanted his fingers to leave her. With each movement of her hips she could feel an orgasm creeping up on her. For a few seconds she entertained the thought that she had never climaxed while being fingered before, and that the man bring her this unknown pleasure was... She quickly pushed the next thoguht away.

With her mind back to the matter at hand, no pun intended, she was ready for him. She wanted to feel him inside her. But first, she has to return the favour. She didn't want to seem selfish so she reached for his cock. Upon contact, Erik stopped her.

"Later ok. I want you to enjoy yourself for now."

True. But another part of him was scared that he'd cum in his pants the moment her hand made contact with his dick. He didn't want to cum just yet.

Thina was a bit relieved by Erik's reaction. She honestly doubted if she would have done a half-decent job considering that she was getting weaker and weaker. Her body was giving in to Erik's fingers, ready to explode. Had it not been for the counter she was leaning against she doubted if she would have had enough strength to hold on to him for support, let alone give him as much pleasure as he was giving her.

Erik was more that pleased by her reaction and sounds.

"You like this? You like my fingers inside you?

Another kiss. Third finger went in. That sent Thina over. She rode his fingers with such a wild hunger that the kiss broke. Screaming Erik's name she came all over his hand -- an indescribable feeling that had her pussy wanting more, giving more, tightening, gripping and sucking in Erik's fingers - while alternating between wild moaning, panting and screaming. She completely let go of everything and just felt only what her body was going through. Erik

had to prop her up against the counter again with his other hand.

He was also just about hanging on. Between the hand he was using to hold her up, the grip her pussy had on his other hand's fingers and trying his best not to cum - he was fighting a quite battle.

It was the sheer ecstasy on Thina's face that kept him holding on. He felt he could hold on for as long as he had to keep that look of ecstasy on her face. This moment was supposed to be sexual. But Erik felt it was more than that. This was something else. Exactly what, he didn't know. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

As she slowly came down from her high Thina had just enough strength to hold Erik's face between her hands before she was dead weight again. When it was over Erik removed his soaked fingers from her pussy and brought them up to his mouth.

"Hmmmm you taste lovely sexy Thina."

Thina was slightly shivering with goose bumps forming all over her body - her normal post-climax reaction. She could only manage a faint smile.Erik reached for her pussy again, releasing another shiver from her. He licked her cum juices off his fingers yet again.

"Baby I need taste more of your sweetness," he said as kissed her while taking her thong off, only breaking the kiss once his hands couldn't push the underwear down any further. Bending down, he finished the job, throwing the soaked pair behind him. On his way up he stuck his tongue out and gave Thina's pussy a lick, then grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto the counter with both hands and laid her flat on her back on the marbled surface.

The cold marble against Thina's ass caused her to shiver again. Erik, positioned between her legs, pulled her limbsfurther apart then took a step back. Bending slightly to take a better and closer look at her pussy, he was mesmerized by the sight before him. Bare folds of brown skin, glistening with cum. Then there was her bud, starting off darker then becoming lighter and tipped by a drop of pink. Last but not least, that opening that made it all complete -- surrounded by brown flesh but also pink at the opening and inside. So beautiful and curious to him. He'd seen lots and certainly enjoyed them but he'd never seen one like this before. For a few seconds he zoned out, taken by the sight before him.

Then his tongue darted out and he gave her a once over lick from the bottom to the top. Thina, not expecting the sensation got a pleasant surprise and cried out his name.

As Erik continued to explore her folds with his tongue he held her legs apart and raised. He licked and nibbled, cleaning her up while she thrashed about on the counter moaning only as woman having great sex would.

Never in her life had Thina been eaten out like this. Her only prior experience was a half-hearted dart on her clit with the tip of a tongue which lasted for all of 30 seconds.

But now, laying here on the counter of Erik's kitchen, he had just introduced her to another dimension of sex. One she knew she would never let go of again - just like she was pushing her pussy out towards Erik's face more and more not wanting him to ever stop.

He let go of her legs, only to spread her pussy wide open with both hands, followed by another bottom to top lick but this time he'd stiffened his tongue and pressed it hard and flat against her pussy. And that's when Thina came again. As soon as Erik realized this he went for the kill and stuck his stiff tongue inside Thina' warm, slippery and pink hole while reaching out, grabbing her waist and pulling her lower body and pussy to his face, so much so that he could only breathe her hotness. Not that this stopped him from fucking her with his tongue. Her cum juice was plentiful and he just lapped it up.

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