tagInterracial LoveCould It Be? Ch. 05

Could It Be? Ch. 05


After a while they eventually detangled themselves and Thina headed upstairs to freshen up while Erik headed to the kitchen to fix himself something to eat. His phone rang, it was his neighbor and friend, Dave.

Erik met Dave on the golf course of their housing estate soon after Erik moved into his house, and they struck up a friendship. Dave was happily married – with three daughters and desperately trying to peacefully settle into middle age. He was failing on the latter because he was one of the best and most successful lawyers in the city – and that made him a very busy man.

"Dave, howzit brother?" Erik asked (Howzit is South African slang for "how are you?", and South African males often refer to each other as brother – not sure if this prevalent in other countries too).

"Hey bud, I'm good. You?" Dave didn't even wait for Erik's response, he added "Please tell me that you're home. The girls have friends over and I need some peace and quiet to watch the rugby."

"Sure, come over. I'm around but I'll step out for a while and then come back to catch the match. Hope you don't mind," Erik said.

"I don't mind at all man," Dave replied. They both hung up.

A couple of minutes later, Erik's doorbell rang. It was Dave. Dave, like most residents of the housing estate they lived in, used a golf cart to get around the estate.

"Man, I'm so fucking outnumbered in my house it's not funny. Today I can't even watch any of the four TVs that I bought, in my own fucking house." Dave said heading straight for Erik's lounge. "I wasn't sure if you're around and was actually heading to the club house to watch the match. Good thing I called you."

Dave was always complaining that his wife and daughters ganged up against him, and he could never win against them. As a result, he was often out on the golf course, at the club house or at Erik's house. Erik always welcomed Dave's company.

"No problem. I was just making a sandwich, you want some?" Erik asked.

"Nah thanks. My stomach is nicely lined for all this alcohol I'm going to drink," Dave said while gleefully looking at the plastic bag in his hand. He took out a bottle of whisky and placed it on the table then followed Erik to the kitchen. There, he opened a cupboard and took out an ice bucket, opened another and took out two glasses. He put some ice in the bucket and on his way out of the kitchen, he said "Eat up broer, I'll get started so long." (Broer is Afrikaans for brother).

Dave was soon back in the kitchen, "Forgot the coasters....we wouldn't want good old Lizzy giving you a hard time for water marks on the table." Dave laughed.

"Don't go there man."Erik shook his head.

"Erik, I'm gonna get going." Thina called out.

"Anna here? You didn't say," Dave briefly turned to ask Erik, as he headed out the kitchen.

"That's not-" Erik looked up, only to realize Dave was already gone. He followed.

Dave caught Thina as she was still coming down the stairs, and upon seeing her, he exclaimed, "Heyyyy...."

Erik rushed past him and stood by the stairs.

Thina didn't know that Erik had company. She stood on the last stair, smiled at Dave who was also smiling, and waited for Erik to introduce them.

Reaching out for Thina, Erik made the introductions, "Thina, this is my friend Dave. Dave this is Thina."

Thina reached out to shake Dave's hand, "Hi Dave."

"Hello Thina", he replied, shaking Thina's hand. Her handshake was firm.

"That's quite a handshake you have there," Dave added.

"Yeah, I get that all the time," Thina laughed.

Dave was still smiling - looking at Erik this time.

"Ready?" Erik asked Thina.

"Yep." She replied.

"So, Dave, I need to go drop Thina off and I'll be back," Erik said as he headed to the kitchen to grab his sandwich.

"Sure," Dave replied.


When Erik got back to his house, Dave was on the couch, leaning back and concentrating on the rugby match.

Erik sat down opposite him, grabbed a glass and started filling it with ice, and added whisky. He leaned back on the couch.

Dave looked up, smiled and said, "Soooooooo, that was not Anna."

Erik chuckled, "And I tried telling you that but you were out the door before I could say anything."

Dave's grin grew wider and naughtier, "I see...I didn't know that you liked black women. Sorry man but there's other way of saying it."

"I didn't know either. I mean I like her. She's a great girl. It just happened, a few weeks ago actually," Erik replied.

"Oh, a few weeks ago? So this wasn't just a sleep over?" Dave nodded. "And I guess Anna doesn't know about....what's her name again?" Dave asked.

"Thina," Erik replied.

"Yes, Thina. So, I guess Anna doesn't know about Thina," Dave said.


"Oh, I sometimes don't miss my single days," Dave chuckled.

"Man, it's not like that," Erik said." Anna...Anna and I are no longer doing whatever it is that we were doing."

"You were fucking around. " Dave said.

"Thanks for pointing that out Dave. Yes, Anna and I are no longer fucking around." Erik said.

"Does Anna know?" Dave asked.

"Dave, c'mon, it's not funny." Erik said.

"I'm not trying to be funny. What I meant is, does Anna know that you two aren't fucking around anymore. Coz, you know she's buddy-buddy with Claire these days. And Claire hasn't mentioned anything to me about you and Anna not seeing each other anymore," Dave said –referring to the numerous lunches and outings that his wife has had with Anna in the past month or so.

"What? Erik sat up. "Dave, I haven't seen Anna in over a month...about two months. And I've been avoiding her for the past month."

"Look, for the past month or so Anna and my wife have suddenly developed a friendship. Claire says Anna called her up one time and invited her for lunch....they've met up a few times," Dave said. He quickly added, "Look, I don't mean to get into your business but I thought you should know."

"Fuck," Erik sighed.

Dave's face suddenly lit up, "On the other hand....Thina's pretty and looks a little young though broer."

"Man, fuck off," Erick said.

Dave was now laughing, "As your friend and your lawyer, it's my duty to advise you against sleeping with underage girls."

Erik laughed and flipped Dave.

Dave leaned forward, "How old is she?"

"Not funny Dave," came the reply.

"C'mon, tell me," Dave teased.

"Twenty-four," Erik replied.

"Wow! Legal. But still young. You're one lucky bugger," Dave laughed. "Where'd you meet her?" he asked.

"Work. Dave, let's watch the match," Erik smiled.

" No, no, no let's talk man. It's obviously been a while. You work with her? Dave was curious.

Erik pointed at the tv screen, "Dave. Match."

Dave raised his hands like he's surrendering, "Ok, just one last thing. Talk to Anna. Look, I'm not sure what's going with you but if you say that Anna and you are no longer, then talk to her man. My wife has a big mouth and if Anna had told her that you two aren't seeing each other anymore, I'd know."

"Ja, sure." Erik said. (Ja is Afrikaans for yes)

Dave started laughing again, "I gotta say though-"

"Don't." Erik cut him off.

They spent the rest of the afternoon watching the rest of the game and talking about all sorts of things, staying clear of Anna and Thina. By early evening, when Thina called Erik to tell him that she was done and was heading back to his house, both Erik and Dave were beyond tipsy and were having a braai (barbeque )in Erik's back yard. All that alcohol gave them the munchies.

(South Africa is a meat eating nation. Braais are serious business. Meat is serious business).

"Thina's on her way back," Erik said to Dave after he hung up.

"Oh, thisssss is definitely not some one-time shleep over," Dave slurred.

"I like her, but.." Erik said.


"Tssss like, first t I was thinking up all sorts of reasons not to even be in her company, let alone be with her lurkkkk this. Then I'd think about herrrrr and I want to ashk herrr out for drinks or whatever...then I tell myself not to. But I wassss curious, you know. I'm attracted to herrr and...."

Erik lost himself to his drunkenness for a while then continued "...and herrrr being black was like an issue, despite the attraction. I wasssss thinking about it a lot. You know. Like...shometimes I still do, a little. Then I'm with herrrrrr and she's a great girl. She's smart, funny...lives a normal life. I'm attracted to herrrr. So I'm like, what-the-fuck, why not?"

"Broer, as long as you're good and happy. That's all that matters. I'm serious. We were raised to never look beyond skin color and look where that got us..." Dave said shoving a piece of meat into his mouth.

They were basically eating the meat off the coals, saving some for Thina.

Erik's intercom went off – the security guards at the main entrance were alerting him of Thina's arrival and wanted to know if they should let her in, as was standard for all visitors. Erik called her and told her to let herself into the house as the door was unlocked.

"She's back!" Dave drunkenly teased when Thina appeared, smiling.

"Babe, don't mind himmm, he's drunk!" Erik slurled.

"And so are you,"Thina gave Erik a hug. In return Erik lifted her up and gave her a kiss.

"No, not really. I'm a little tipsy. Not druuuunk. Dave's druuuunk. Dave's fucked. Hissss wife's gonna kill him," Erik said.

Thina laughed. "Ok babe." She then asked, "How did the rugby go?"

"The Bulls won of course. See our little celebration?" Erik gestured towards the mean on the grill.

Then he moved to stand behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

Looking at the grill, Thina asked. "Is that all you're braai'ing?" Erik had told her over the phone not to buy anything for dinner as it was sorted.

Dave replied, "My dear, this is your dinner. We already ate. Hope you like sssshicken."

"Thanks. Yes, I like shicken Dave," Thina smiled.

Erik laughed. He went to the kitchen to grab a plate and a bread roll for Thina. He came back, peeked through the glass doors and asked her if she'd like some wine. When he eventually got back outside, he found Thina and Dave deep in conversation.


The three of them were back in the lounge. Thina and Erik were on the floor - Erik had his back against the couch and Thina sat inbetween his legs. Dave was sitting opposite them. Dave and Erik was catching Thina up on their golf, rugby and camping stories.

Dave, although drunk, could not help but notice the chemistry between the two. After a while, he decided to go home before his wife called. For his friend's sake, he decided it best not to tell his wife about Erik's new girlfriend, lest she tells Anna.


A week later, Thina and Erik were snuggling in her favorite position in bed - her back to him and his arms wrapped tightly around her, with his chest pressed against her back.

"I really like the new hair," Erik said.

"Thank you," Thina replied.

Erik had been a bit shocked when he first saw her earlier that day. She'd taken her braids off and was spotting her natural hair, which was relaxed and blown straight, settling at her neck. She looked different without the long braids. Still beautiful to him though. Thina had told him to get used to a "different her" almost every month or so, as that's usually how long she kept her hairstyles.

"I'm going home at the end of the week, remember? Thina said snuggly and warm in Erik's arms.

"And we're finalizing the planning the pitch the account I've been working my ass off for. And I still have to go to class," Thina said.

"Oh ja, you're going to your cousin's wedding." Erik said.

"So, I guess I may not see much of you this week. Do we play this week by ear?" he added.

"Ja, let's, she sighed - dreading the week ahead.

"Fine by me," Erik said.

Thina sighed again, and Erik asked why.

"Just thinking about the last wedding we had in the family, my brother's," said Thina.

"What happened?" he asked.

"In my culture, a wedding is everybody's business. There are so many things....like customs, that need to be fulfilled and multiple players, so it really extends beyond the bride and groom. It's a family affair and it often comes with drama because you can't please everyone. It's like, there's so much that's needs to happen before a couple actually exchange their vows," she said. "It can get complicated, and that's exactly what happened the last time"

Erik didn't really understand. "Like what?"

"Well, Let's just say a lot of people made it their business. And then some had silly expectations...relatives," Thina replied.

"Oh ok. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Thina replied.

"So, did your cousin's boyfriend pay lobola for her, and your brother for his wife?" Erik asked.

"Of course they did,"Thina smiled.

Erik knew that lobola was widely practiced amongst ethnic South African cultures. (Lobola is the dowry that a groom pays towards the bride's family).

"Anyway, everything aside, I'm looking forward to being with my extended family. It's always good when we're together," Thina smiled.

She then turned around and kissed Eric, "Now, back to the matter at hand..." She reached for his dick under the covers. "...seeing that we probably won't see much of each other this week, I think we should make up for the time we're going to lose." She was sliding down the covers, kissing him down his chest.

"Totally agree," Erik smiled anticipating what was coming.

Thina slid her wet tongue down his belly to his pubic area. Reaching his dick, she took all of it into her mouth and wet it with her mouth. She then released him and used her hand to hold the base. She then took all of him in her mouth again. Erik moaned. He was now rock hard.

She started blowing him, bobbing her head up and down - tongue firmly pressed against his hardness. Erik was relishing the pressure of the tongue and warmth of her mouth.

"Baby," he grabbed the back of her head by her hair. He just held on.

She loosened up her tongue, and answered, "Hmmmm."

"Thina, that feels so good."

Then she opened her mouth and slid her tongue from bottom to top, repeatedly. Erik liked it when she wet him all over and then slid her slippery mouth all over him. She took her time. She played around with him. Occasionally, she'd glance up to find him looking intently at her.

When he started feeling his cum rising up, he tried to stop her. "Thina, baby, ease up a bit. I'm gonna cum."


At that, Erik let go of her hair and shifted back a bit, hoping that she'll stop. She did. She raised her head and looked at him.

"But I haven't had enough," she purred.

"Baby, I was about to come."

Thina just looked at him and went back to what she was doing. While talking, Erik's dick had cooled down a bit, and now, with Thina's mouth covering it again, the warmth took him right back to where he was before their little break.

"Thina, I'm going to come." He was trying to shift back on the bed. "Thina, wait. Baby, hold on," Erik was panicking. He wasn't ready to cum just yet.

She wanted him to cum.

And he did. In her mouth. At her humming he stopped trying to fight it and just let go. Thina had never had cum in her mouth before and it tasted weird. She didn't really have any preconceived expectations of what it would taste like, but it was just weird. The act itself though was exhilarating. It made her feel sexy. She looked up at Erik and licked her lips, smiling. Panting, he managed to smile back at her, opening his arms. She slid up into this embrace and lay on his chest.


*A few days later*

"Darling, I missed you! I was starting to think that you were avoiding me, Erik" purred Anna after sitting down across the table from him.

"I've been very busy, told you that," came the reply.

Erik had finally decided to formally tell Anna that they couldn't see each other anymore. After the conversation, he'd had with Dave, he realized that he'd been unfair to Anna – at the very least she deserved a conversation about the state of their arrangement. He'd put off telling her for days and eventually called her and invited her to dinner. Thina was attending night class on this particular evening.

Anna smiled, "So how have you been? I missed you."

"I'm great. Work is keeping me busy. How are you?" Erik sounded flat.

"Oh, you know me. I'm good, life's good. Even better now that I'm here with you," she replied.


"So busy that you didn't even give me a chance to thank you, personally, for the lovely gift you got me," Anna added, seductively.

Erik had almost forgotten about the pair of diamond studs he'd bought her, trying to stay in her good books. "It was the least I could do then," Erik said.

"You always did know my taste," she purred.

"Anna—" he started.

"We haven't dined here in ages," Anna said, relaxing a bit and looking around the restaurant. "This is one of my favorite places, you know that."

"Anna, we can't see each other anymore. I'm with someone else," Erik said.

"What? You invited me here for dinner so that you can break up with me? "she shrieked in surprise.

"What would you have preferred? A text? Erik retorted. "Wait, wait, we're not breaking up Anna. We weren't in a relationship" he added.

Trying to calm down, Erik said, "Anna, I'm sorry. We just can't see each other."

"Erik, just a month ago you were buying me gifts and...now this?" came Anna's reply.


"How could you do this to me? When did this happen?" Anna asked

"When did what happen?" Erik asked.

"This so-called...whatever of yours?" she snickered.


She cut him off again, "Who is she Erik, anyone I-?"

Now it was his turn to cut her off, "I don't think that's of any relevance right now Anna."

"What the fuck Erik?" she was now getting angry again. "Don't I at least deserve to know?"

"Know what, my girlfriend's name? Why? How's is that going-."

"Your girlfriend?" Anna could not believe what she was hearing. After their breakup, for four months she had been available to him whenever he needed her by his side, hoping they will settle into some routine and eventually get back together. Not once did he ever refer to her as his girlfriend in all that time – all those times they had been together, went out, attended work events.

"Who is she Erik, one of our friends? How long have you been seeing her" Anna was trying her best not to cause a scene.

Erik could see that she was close to her tipping point.

"Look, I can't stay for long. I have to go," he was looking around for the waiter. He made eye contact with one and gestured for the bill.

"We're not done talking," Anna gritted through her teeth.


Who the fuck is she Erik? She asked again.

Erik kept quiet.

"All this time you were just stringing me along, weren't you?" Anna asked.

"We spoke about this Anna. Remember? You and I spoke about this. I told you that I was not interested in being in a relationship again. I made that clear." Erik said.

"And then we went beyond just sleeping with each other Erik. We did things couples do. We-", Anna was bright red with anger.

"Like what? He interjected. "Everything that happened between us, everything we did...it all followed the conversation we had. I did not want to be in a relationship. You said you were ok with that." Erik emphasized the last sentence. "Remember that Anna? Remember you telling me you were ok with our arrangement, huh?"

Erik also added, "I haven't seen you in about two months Anna. What type of relationship would that be, if we were in one? He waited for a response.

None came. The waiter showed up with the bill for their drinks, which Erik paid cash for. With the waiter out of earshot, Erik continued, "You know what this was Anna. It's been two months of you calling and texting and me not being very responsive. Two months." You know this wasn't a relationship."

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