tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 02

Countermove Ch. 02


Summary so far:

Day 1- Onyx vs. Tyger: Onyx loses her first match ever and pays the price.



By: Chrystal Wynd

Day 2

Alright, I was royally pissed. After being the undefeated champion for 3 years running, I had been beaten handily in the first round of the tournament by Tyger, some unknown wench who just happened to have the same powers of "mental persuasion" I have. Now I had a shaven pussy just like the other girls in my wrestling federation and my fingernails and toenails were an embarrassing shade of bimbo fucking red. I wasn't going to take this lying down, dammit.

But what the hell could I do? She could match me on the mat and she could counter everything I threw at her mentally. It was like trying to attack a fucking brick wall. If I had known she had the same power I did I wouldn't have taken her so lightly, but...

I paused for a moment thinking about that. I had never really been that curious about my ability outside of how I could use it to give me an advantage, but I suddenly realized that my ability might be the key to this whole thing. Tyger had won because she had thrown me off-balance mentally, not because she physically overpowered me. Looking back, I could have reversed every wrestling move she had used on me, but I hadn't because I had been too surprised at what she could do. Alright, so I couldn't learn anything about Tyger's abilities, but I could learn more about mine.

It was time to do some research. I wasn't exactly an Internet geek but I knew what a computer was and Marty had one in his office. It was time to get to work.

The next morning I took over Marty's office and set Bambi to work making coffee. A night's sleep had settled me somewhat, although my newly shaved pussy still tingled and gushed, embarrassingly arousing sensations left by Tyger, no doubt. Marty had sputtered when I ordered him out of his own office but after one look at my expression he stopped bitching and left without further adieu or whatever it is people leave without. I settled in at the desk and fired up the computer, then began running keywords through different search engines. The results were interesting to say the least.

My ability apparently wasn't quite as rare as I thought, though it manifested itself in different ways. There were people who could read minds, people who could move things without touching them and even people who could take over other people's thoughts and actions. Many people had abilities and never knew, as these abilities were often latent unless they were tapped in moments of absolute stress- like a mother lifting a car off her child- but more often they were realized at the start of puberty. I was a late bloomer, as I didn't discover what I could do until just after high school...although looking back, I realized that I had shown signs of it before then. In fact, a lot of unusual incidents that I assumed had nothing to do with me suddenly took on a whole new perspective. Like when a group of cheerleaders got real sarcastic about my clothes (I wore all black then too) and I had a mental picture of them all getting pregnant...and 3 months later laughing about a school bulletin posting dates for cheerleader tryouts due to the squad being short-handed. The very same cheerleaders that had given me a hard time had all managed to get themselves pregnant. In hindsight I understood that I must have unconsciously raised their fertility levels to such that their bodies were able to overwhelm any birth control pills they had been taking. I had just thought it delicious irony at the time. Heh.

Several hours of web page and link trolling exposed me to various obscure tomes of information. A great deal of it was crackpot shit, like the passage telling me I could strike down my enemies by carrying oregano spice in my mouth while painting the name of my enemy on my breasts in alternating colors. Yeah, right. Or the passage telling me I could defend myself from my enemies by forming a "reflection" of their mind that would trick my enemies into attacking their very own mind. That really sounded plausible. And of course sage advice instructing me to always boil cabbage in a copper pot to prevent penguins from sitting on my television. I was getting some real insights here.

I finally turned off the computer and leaned back in the chair. I glanced at Bambi. She rarely spoke to me since I had taken the championship from her three years ago and turned her into a blonde sex toy. I had a feeling she wanted to say something, so I said, "So, ex-champion Bambi...what do you think about Jewel?"

Her eyes widened at my words and I could almost see her brain turning over and over. She seemed to struggle with it, then finally she giggled and said, "Welllll...she's, you know, really tough! She did really good at first against that gweat big girl, ummmmm..."


She giggled and nodded. "Yeah! Chaos! But she got...you know...tired? So I bet if you like, you know, got her really tired in the beginning you'd totally win the match and stuff!"

I snickered at her analysis. When I bimboed someone they were definitely bimboed.

My muscles were tight and I knew I had to do some stretching before tonight's match against Jewel. Normally I wouldn't have bothered..."Jewel"? Pfffffft. But the loser of this match was the first elimination of the tournament and I didn't have any wiggle room...I couldn't afford to lose. Yes, Jewel had lost her first match as well but she had been fighting a monster of a girl, one of the favorites to win the tournament, and Jewel had actually made a match of it. Initially, anyway. It wouldn't do to underestimate her. I was learning.

Marty was waiting for me when I arrived. The locker room was empty and smelled like someone had used way too much Pine Sol, but hell, at least it was clean. I walked to my locker with Marty trailing me like gossip.

"You do know, Shannon," he said, "that if you lose tonight you're out of the friggin' tournament, right? And I think you have enough math smarts to know that forty percent of nothin' is nothin', right?"

I rolled my eyes. I knew damn well he was referring to the forty percent of the gate I pried out of him every night during our regular matches. He was convinced that me losing one match would cost him my marketability. He worried too much about stuff like that.

"I'm aware of the situation, Marty," I said with exaggerated patience. "It was only one loss. Your faith in me is touching."

Marty grumbled, obviously irked but smart enough to leave it alone. Then his eyes narrowed slightly. "Is it me or are your tits getting bigger?"

He was being a smart-ass and I had had enough. "Marty, get the fuck out of here. Now!" I said. He waddled out and I changed into exercise tights. I shuddered slightly as the stretchy material hugged my smooth sex, making my nipples harden. Grrrrrrr.

I made my way into the quiet gym...such as it was. It was really just a re-allocated storage room that Marty had stocked after enough of us bitched. A few scattered nautilus machines, some old free-weights in the corner and some mats rolled against a far wall. It was enough if you were serious about working out...but just barely. There was one other person there...one of the waitresses who walked around taking orders from spectators. All the employees were allowed to use the gym, though the wrestlers and the strippers who worked in the bar that shared our building were usually the only ones who did.

I felt better as I went through my stretching routine. The rote movements allowed me time to think. I was learning more about my abilities but nothing useful yet. I realized my self-confidence might be lacking a bit and that it wouldn't hurt to make sure my ability was still functional. My gaze fell upon the waitress, who was lying on a nautilus bench press machine pressing a moderate number of slotted weights up and down as she lay on her back. She was a pretty little thing, short blonde hair cut in a bob, cute if you like the type. I let my gaze rest on her and concentrated until I could see her mind clearly in front of me. I looked around her mind casually until I found what I was looking for. Then I squeezed her mental button and locked it into place.

She had just released the benching bar and was still lying on the bench catching her breath. I watched her nipples harden, pressing through the stretchy material of her workout bra. Her hips started to wriggle and her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted. Her arousal button was locked on full and she was becoming oblivious to everything but her heat. She slid a thumb into her mouth as her other hand slipped between her unconsciously parting thighs. She pressed on her pussy for a while but wasn't getting the results she needed so she slid her hand under her elastic waistband. She moaned and wriggled the moment her fingers slid inside her pussy and touched her clit. Her hips began to buck from the electric sensations and her blonde hair bobbed as she worked her clit, her thighs wide apart. Finally, satisfied that my power was still functional, I took pity and released the arousal button in her head. Her back suddenly arched on the workout bench as she shrieked around the thumb in her mouth. Still in her head, I could feel the waves of pleasure flowing through her belly as her climax peaked and held for several heartbeats. At last her body relaxed, her thumb still in her mouth as she dropped into a barely conscious state. She looked so cute lying there with her thumb in her mouth that I made a few adjustments in her head. She could no doubt feel the fluid changes in her mind but she was far too out of it to resist...not that it would have done her any good. She didn't know it yet but the only way she could orgasm now was when she had something in her mouth. A cock would give her the most intense orgasms but her thumb would do in a pinch. I'm sweet like that.

Satisfied with the results, I turned and left the gym, heading back to the locker room. It was nearly time for my match against Jewel.

The noise from the crowd was almost a physical presence. It was a very good Saturday night crowd, standing room only and then some. Marty would be pleased. There had been several matches between girls from my wrestling federation but the crowd was there mostly to see the Day 2 action of the tournament. There were four tournament matches tonight but two of us would be eliminated by the end of the evening. Two more matches Sunday night and two more of us would be eliminated, leaving four of us for the last three days of the tournament next weekend. I planned to be one of those four.

I made my way into the locker room to change. I pulled out my wrestling bikini and shut my locker door, then froze. Tyger was standing there. I hadn't noticed her approach and it nearly unnerved me, but I wasn't going to let her know that. I looked at her with as much disdain as I could muster and muttered, "What the hell do you want?"

She gave me a confident smile. She was wearing a leopard pattern bikini and matching boots with fur on the top. With her dark hair it gave her a very Sheena of the jungle look. She said, "Oh, sweetie, you really don't want to talk to me like that. I just wanted to give you a little suggestion. If you lose tonight you'll be eliminated. You really might consider doing that. The next time you face me I won't be so nice when I beat you."

I wanted to snarl but all I could do was look away and mumble. Dammit. I hated how this bitch affected me. I mustered up what little bravado I could and snapped, "Don't be so sure next time won't be different."

She just smiled and I jumped when I felt the fluid changes in my mind. It was just a tap. Just letting me know I was open to her, that she could take me any time she wanted. My heart racing, cheeks flushed, I just looked at Tyger without being able to say a word. Tyger handed me a tube of lipstick and patted my cheek. "Whatever you say, sweetie. Good luck tonight." She turned and left the locker room.

I wanted to scream. That bitch had me so on edge it was difficult to even get dressed. I slipped into my black bikini and, as if I didn't have enough problems already, it wasn't fitting right. My boobs were pressing together and the bottom was tight across my hips and ass. Great. The damn thing had shrunk in the laundry. Whatever. I didn't have time to mess with it now so I just took the lipstick Tyger had given me and applied it generously. It was a hot slutty shade of red that looked devastating on my cock-sucking lips. I nodded in satisfaction and, after a final look at the mirror to make sure my lip color was perfect, turned and made my way toward the ring.

I walked through the waves of beer and popcorn smells, my thoughts on the upcoming match. Instead of the raucous cheers I usually received the crowd actually got quieter as I neared the ring. Even the referee looked at me strangely. I was at a loss until someone in the crowd snickered and said, "Nice lips, honey." My breath caught. I was wearing bimbo red lipstick. I never wore lipstick but here I was displaying cock-sucking lips in front of everybody.

Tyger. That bitch.

It was too late to do anything about it now. I got in the ring and stepped up to Jewel, my opponent, meeting her gaze squarely. She had tied her green-streaked blonde hair back in a ponytail and she wore the same deep emerald green bikini I had seen her in last night. I gave her a nod but she didn't give an inch, knowing whoever lost this match was eliminated. Fine. I could be a hard-ass too.

The bell sounded and I walked toward Jewel. I smirked and reached for her wrist with what I thought was a lightning fast move but Jewel grabbed my extended wrist, spun around and flipped me over her hip. She put too much into it and I slid across the mat away from her, preventing the quick pin but serving to shake me up. I scrambled to my feet just in time to receive a two-footed drop kick to my chest, knocking me backwards against the ropes.

Holy shit. I was getting my ass kicked. Granted, Jewel was using moves that weren't usually part of the repertoire used in our wrestling federation but she had obviously decided that she wasn't leaving any bullets in the gun. She was all over me and I was scrambling to stay free of those grasping hands. I managed to shove her away from me and I backed away to catch my breath. Jewel was screaming, "C'mon, Onyx! You're supposed to be so tough! Fight me!"

I could feel despair starting to take hold of me. Tyger was having her way with my mind and Jewel was beating me physically. I was losing on all fronts. And then, of all people, Bambi's words came back to me. "... So I bet if you like, you know, got her really tired in the beginning you'd totally win the match and stuff!"

I had mocked her but Bambi was dead-on right. Jewel was throwing everything she had into the match right now. She wasn't pacing herself. She was risking everything for a quick win against a bewildered opponent. Jewel had hit me so hard and so fast I hadn't even had a chance to use my ability. It had almost worked. But now I knew what I had to do.

I've never been all that keen on strategy...I rarely needed it. But I needed to win this match on the strength of my wrestling ability, not my mental ability. If I copped out and used my power I'd never regain my confidence in my physical skills, and against this level of competition- and Tyger in particular- I couldn't afford that. So I was ignoring my power and following the strategy of a bimbo. I had reached my low point.

I stopped trying to pin Jewel and concentrated on restraint holds, any hold that required her to work hard to get free. I grappled with her, then backed off, then went after her before she could catch her breath. I lingered in some of her holds...a dangerous strategy but she had to work to maintain the hold and I would break free at the last second. The crowd was booing in waves, as this type of match was boring to watch, but at last, with the both of us drenched in sweat, I realized the momentum had shifted. Bambi was right. Jewel was tired.

After that it was easy. We were both still fully dressed at that point but that didn't last long. Jewel found herself topless after an electrifying spin flip, then naked less than 60 seconds later. Finally, face down on the mat, naked, her legs stretched apart painfully, she submitted for the final time. The bell sounded and Jewel was the first elimination of the tournament.

I acted casual but inside I was elated. This was a good win for me...the kind of win I needed. And I was going to celebrate.

I strapped on the belted dildo and pulled Jewel to a kneeling position. I held the base of her blonde ponytail as I slid the dildo between her lips and began to fuck her mouth with it. She was not happy about it but she knew as well as I did that the winner got to choose how the loser got fucked. I stroked that fake cock back and forth in her mouth for a minute, her lips wrapped tight, then I pulled out and pushed her onto her back. I kneeled between her knees and lifted her legs, her slim smooth calves laying against my shoulders, then slid that thick dildo into her pussy. My hips stroked that cock into her as I fucked her silly, her bare feet in the air, her naked hips wriggling as she got closer and closer to a helpless involuntary orgasm. Finally, just before my time was up, I looked into her lovely green eyes and pushed my will into her brain. Her eyes widened as she felt the fluid changes in her mind and her hips wriggled even more as intense itching signaled her need to shave her pussy the moment she was out of the ring. My victory complete, I smiled and let her orgasm.

She came with a long squeal that brought the crowd to its feet. The applause doubled when I finally stood up and I realized I had them again. Yes, crowds were fickle but damn, it felt good. I left the ring feeling like a queen, the cheers trailing behind me. Jewel still lay on the mat shuddering as erotic aftershocks trailed through her belly, although I knew from experience the moment she could stand she would be heading straight for a razor and some shaving cream, then a bottle of bimbo red nail polish.

I made my way back to the locker room. I wanted to watch the next match- an elimination match between the bipolar chick FireNIce and the muscular but plodding Whirlpool- but I needed a quiet moment to myself first. I stood by my locker and let all the tension from the match drain out of me.

I finally realized I wasn't alone in the locker room. Bambi was there. She must have watched my match and then slipped in here while I was doing Jewel. I knew I should say something but I wasn't sure what. Finally I smiled and gave her a wink that was as close to a "thank you" as I could manage. From her giggle I realized she understood what I was trying to say and I found myself strangely glad that she did. Though I was humbled by the fact that a bimbo had determined my strategy I had to hand it to her...she had nailed Jewel exactly.

Bambi walked a few steps closer and began to look me up and down. She seemed to be struggling with something. I bristled slightly...yes, she had helped me but looking at me like I was on display wasn't her place. I opened my mouth to let her know that but she spoke before I had a chance.

Bambi giggled. "You know, you're looking, like, really pretty, you know?" she said.

"Hey," I said, "Watch it."

She giggled again. "No, I mean, like, really pretty, you know, like, your lips and stuff!"

I bristled again. "Bambi...I'm warning you...!"

She was obviously distressed, which didn't make sense. "I mean, like, totally pretty! Like, you know, Bambi!"

I had no idea what she meant. I wasn't "pretty like Bambi"...Bambi was a bimbo sex toy. Okay, my lips were, but still, that hardly...

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