tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 03

Countermove Ch. 03


Summary so far:

Day 1- Onyx vs. Tyger: Onyx loses her first match ever and pays the price.

Day 2- Onyx vs. Jewel: Onyx defeats Jewel to remain in the tournament.


Day 3

We were three days into the tournament and my problems were growing. I had lost for the first time ever- to Tyger, who turned out to have the same powers of mental persuasion I have- and been forced to shave my pussy and paint my fingernails and toenails bimbo red. I had come back the following evening to defeat Jewel, eliminating her from the tournament, but after that match I discovered that Tyger had done more than I thought. My tits and ass were showing the first signs of swelling, my hips were widening and my black hair was fading. I was turning into the same blonde bimbo I had turned so many of my opponents into.

The only positive so far was that Bambi seemed to be...well, if not helpful, at least not as hostile as some others. And that was lucky, inasmuch as Bambi probably had more reason to loathe me than most. After all, I had taken her championship when I arrived three years ago and turned her into the blonde sex toy she was today. And my personal pussy licker. I was glad of her company now even if I didn't feel like having my pussy licked. Okay, I did feel like having my pussy licked since it was positively vibrating with heat and need, thanks to Tyger, but now wasn't the time. I had to focus and get ready for my match with Chaos.

After discovering my predicament last night I had put on some loose-fitting clothes and gone back out to watch the other three matches. Not just for the distraction- though I really needed some distraction about then- but also to study my potential opponents. I had always gotten by on pure skill and my mental power but I was finally realizing that wasn't going to be enough in this tournament. Or against Tyger. I needed preparation and strategy as well. And discipline. Not my strong points, but I was learning.

I had gotten back just in time for the end of the match between the bipolar FireNIce and the muscular but plodding Whirlpool. Whirlpool, in her blue bikini, was obviously the stronger wrestler but she lacked creativity, and FireNIce, with her contrasting wrestling styles, had taken advantage of Whirlpool's lack of imagination with a series of unpredictable moves and holds. But FireNIce had fought Fury (a little redheaded fireball) the night before and she was showing signs of fatigue from that match, making it more difficult for her to break Whirlpool's powerful holds. Both wrestlers were naked at this point and I got there just in time to see Whirlpool put FireNIce in a half-nelson arm lock, pinning FireNIce's arms up and over her head. Whirlpool locked her fingers behind her opponent's red-streaked blonde head and leaned backwards, stretching the girl's torso and displaying her bare breasts to the crowd. The muscular wrestler then jostled FireNIce, causing the blonde girl's breasts to jiggle freely, eliciting a strong cheer from the crowd. A red-faced FireNIce submitted and the referee called it. As it was an elimination match FireNIce was done for the tournament, becoming the second fatality after Jewel. She had other things on her mind then, however, as Whirlpool had put the girl on all fours and was really giving it to her good with the strap-on. After all, the winner always got to choose how the loser got fucked. I actually felt a moment's sympathy for FireNIce having been on the losing side of that strap-on two nights ago. Being naked and getting pounded silly in front of an audience until you had a squealing humiliating orgasm was no picnic, as FireNIce was finding out for the second night in a row. Whirlpool gripped FireNIce's hips with strong hands and stroked into her with the thick toy, showing no signs of fatigue from the match. FireNIce squirmed and wriggled and finally, her ass pressed against Whirlpool's lower belly, her pussy completely filled with the dildo, let out a moan and began to cum like a slut. The crowd cheered their approval.

It had been an entertaining finish but it was the last two matches I was interested in- the final match in particular. The next match was the little fireball Fury taking on Dominatrix, the oldest contender in the tournament and considered by many to be the favorite to win it all. Fury was little- barely over five feet tall- but she was inch for inch probably the toughest wrestler in the tournament. She went berserk in the ring and did whatever it took to take down her larger opponents. Dominatrix was the opposite...she was ice cold and never lost her composure, using submission holds with a humiliating edge to them. Dominatrix didn't just beat her opponents...she humiliated them. More than one girl had been collared by Dominatrix after losing a match to the domme and her chain included two ex-champions. Even her black leather bikini seemed dangerous. Dominatrix was no one to screw with.

The final match of the night would be the amazon Chaos fighting Tyger, who was previously unknown but had made her mark early in the tournament by beating me with three quick pins. She hadn't even lost her top. This was the match I was most interested in because the loser of this match was my next opponent.

The match between Fury and Dominatrix was an interesting contrast in styles but the outcome was never truly in doubt. Fury lunged at Dominatrix at the sound of the bell but the domme in the black leather bikini had obviously expected that. She grabbed Fury's hair and twisted, forcing the redhead to her knees. Fury reached up and grasped Dominatrix's wrist with both hands but Dominatrix stepped back and pulled the little redhead forward and slammed her face down on the mat. It wasn't as painful as it looked but it momentarily knocked the breath out of the little wrestler. Dominatrix rolled Fury onto her back and straddled the redhead's face, a serene smile on her face. Fury wriggled and tried to free herself but she had no leverage and a face full of domme pussy and the pin was registered. The crowd cheered the baring of the redhead's tits as they were surprising large for her short stature. Undaunted, the now topless Fury launched herself at Dominatrix's legs hoping for a quick takedown but the domme made a graceful leap straight up and parted her legs, causing the redhead to miss completely as she sailed between Dominatrix's legs. Dominatrix spun and was quickly on top of Fury, her long legs and legs wrapping around the little redhead's torso from behind so that Fury was unable to squirm free. Dominatrix leaned her head forward over Fury's bare shoulder and licked the side of the redhead's face, startling her. Dominatrix then used her greater size to roll them over onto Fury's belly and locked her arms under Fury's arms and leaned back, stretching the little redhead's torso painfully and displaying Fury's bare breasts to the cheers and catcalls of the crowd. Fury couldn't wriggle free and was forced to submit a second time. The little redhead was now fighting naked and she became desperate enough to try a flying tackle against the implacable domme but Dominatrix simply sidestepped and Fury landed hard on the mat. Breathless, she couldn't prevent Dominatrix from grabbing her hips and turning her on her shoulders with her legs in the air. It happened so fast I was unable to see the setup but in a heartbeat Fury was upside-down, her back to Dominatrix's belly, her shoulders resting on the domme's thighs, her little rounded bare ass just under Dominatrix's chin. This forced Fury's legs to fall forward and Fury would have toppled forward except the domme had propped her elbows against the inside of Fury's thighs so that the girl was unable to get free and her legs were forced wide open, displaying her bare pussy freely and obviously to the crowd. Fury kicked and wriggled but there was no getting out of it as she was caught and displayed. The hold timed out and Dominatrix was declared the winner. It was Fury's first lost and since it was a double-elimination tournament she wasn't eliminated yet, but because she had lost the match she was now subject to a sound fucking from Dominatrix.

It is amazing how many straps you can fit on a person in five minutes. The time awarded to the winners weren't just the spoils to Dominatrix...they were a chance for art. Dominatrix slid a thick well-lubed butt plug up the fiery little redhead's ass until Fury squealed with indignity, then proceeded to gag her. The domme buckled straps around Fury from her shoulders down to her ankles until the only thing that could be seen of the little redhead was her head and bare feet. Fury's arms were trapped against her sides from the mummification of the straps and she was no doubt very aware of the butt plug filling her tight ass. She couldn't even protest since the red ball gag in her mouth prevented any sound. Dominatrix turned Fury onto her belly and casually sat on the redhead's rounded ass, crossing her legs in an alluring and sophisticated manner, blithely ignoring the furiously blushing redhead beneath her exquisite ass. The gagged Fury could no doubt feel the butt plug being driven in even deeper but she couldn't make a sound. Dominatrix was no one to screw with.

"Hey, nice lips, sweetie."

I turned at the slightly accented voice. Tyger. She held a casual stance, one hand on her hip, cheeky smile radiating confidence. She wore her leopard print bikini like it was part of her. She cocked her hip slightly and glanced momentarily at the bimbo red lipstick coated generously over my lips. "I'm surprised to find you out here, sweetie. With those lips I'd have thought you'd be somewhere on your knees."

I tried not to listen. Her words made me picture my lips wrapped around a nice thick cock. My mouth felt empty. My belly felt empty. Unsatisfied. Surely one quick blowjob wouldn't hurt, right? No one had to know. My red bimbo lips sliding up and down a nice hard shaft until that victorious moment when it exploded into my mouth, swallowing as fast as it came out, my belly feeling so warm and satisfied as it filled with cum. So many men in the audience. It would be so easy to...

With a gasp I pulled myself back from the blowjob fantasy. After a moment I realized why I had pulled back...Bambi was grabbing my arm, giggling and saying, "Oh! Watching alllllll this wrestling is, like, making Bambi soooooooo horny and stuff! Can Bambi, like, you know, lick you and stuff?" I looked at Bambi with a puzzled expression. Bambi never volunteered to lick me. I couldn't fault her timing, though. My heart pounded from how easily I had fallen into that blowjob fantasy. If Bambi hadn't interrupted when she did...

Tyger snickered. I looked away, my cheeks burning. I hated how Tyger made me feel so helpless, so powerless. I heard Tyger blow me a kiss before she turned and walked toward the ring with the easy grace of a predator cat.

I found myself praying that Tyger would win the match. If Chaos won I'd have to fight Tyger again in my next match and I couldn't do that yet. It was too soon.

Tyger stepped into the ring as if she owned it. Then, unexpectedly, she turned and looked directly at me. She smirked and ran a finger across her lower lip. I knew she was trying to make me think about my lips...my bimbo lips wrapped around a nice thick cock, sliding up and down a deliciously hard shaft, my tongue sliding along the underside, my cheeks puffed out, the taste of...

I jumped as I felt Bambi's red inch-long nails digging into my arm. I turned and fled to the locker room.

That had been yesterday. Today was Sunday, Day 3 and there were two matches tonight. The early match was the redheaded Fury fighting the muscular Whirlpool in what would be a traditional David-and-Goliath match. The late match would be me facing Chaos. Both matches were elimination matches, meaning the losers would be finished for the tournament. Dominatrix and Tyger, as the last two undefeated contenders, had the night off. They would face each other on Day 4 of the tournament, which would take place next Friday.

Tyger had won the match against Chaos. I wasn't there to see it but from what little I was able to gather from Bambi's babble Tyger had handled the larger Chaos fairly easily, not losing any clothing and administering a punishing fucking during the reward round. Tyger was beginning to appear unstoppable.

"Cripes, Shannon, what the hell are you doing sitting in the dark?"

I turned and glanced at the speaker. Marty, manager of my wrestling federation and weasel extraordinaire. "I'm not in the mood, Marty."

He waddled into the break room where I had been sitting. Okay, yes, so the lights were out. Whatever. Marty shook his head. "Oh, jeez, Shannon, are you letting that Tyger broad get to you?"

I looked away. Dammit. "Just leave it alone, Marty."

He chewed an unlit cigar for a moment, and then said, "Look, I'm getting worried about you, alright? You ain't acting right. You're mopin' around. You have a match tonight, fer crying out loud. Why aren't you working out? You're facing that big bitch, what's her name..."

I rolled my eyes. "Chaos."

"Yeah, Chaos. That's a mean lady, I don't care what Tyger did to her. And you're sitting here mopin'?"

"Just leave it alone, Marty! You don't know what the hell is going on, alright?"

"So why don't you tell me, Shannon?" He flipped on the light switch. "Maybe I can..." He stopped mid-sentence, eyes widening slightly. I didn't need to be a mind reader to know why. Although the changes weren't obvious yet to a casual observer, Marty had seen me everyday in various stages of undress and he knew my body well enough that the changes stood out like a beacon.

I glared at him. "Satisfied, Marty?"

He looked me up and down. "You're changing. You're getting more...ah..."

I clenched my teeth. "I'm turning into a bimbo, Marty. You don't have to dance around it."

"Look...look...it's not really noticeable, okay? I mean, I only noticed 'cuz I know you, okay?"

I stood up, bringing my shoulders back, my swelling breasts obvious even through the loose t-shirt I was wearing. "I've grown nearly a full cup size. I've gained an inch on my hips and lost an inch off my waist. My hair color is fading. And it hasn't even been two full days. I'll be a total bimbo before the end of the tournament."

Marty worked his cigar from one side of his mouth to the other. "Well, maybe if you lean on this Tyger chick a bit, you know, rough her up a little...you're a tough broad, Shannon. You could take her, right?"

I looked away and didn't answer. I couldn't. I also couldn't tell him how badly I wanted to suck his cock.

I left Marty and wandered aimlessly, not sure where I was going until I found myself practically bumping into Bambi. I was actually glad. I was beginning to find her presence a comfort. I'm not sure why...she was such a bubble-headed bimbo that it took longer to translate what she said from bimbo-speak to English than it took her to say it. Still, she had saved my ass twice now. I nodded at her. "So, ex-champion Bambi...what do you think about Chaos?"

Bambi giggled and wiggled her rounded bimbo ass. "Oh, gosh, the gweat big girl! Ummmmm...she, like, well, you know, waits to see what the other person is gonna do, you know? Not like...ummmmm..."

"Jewel?" I supplied.

Bambi giggled. "Exactly! Not like her at all. If you, like, totally jumped her and stuff right from the start you'd probably do really really good, you know?"

I mentally eliminated the "likes" and "you knows" from Bambi's statements and figured she had said maybe six relevant words, but she was right again. This was getting embarrassing but damn, she was good. Alright, go after Chaos. I could do that. Then I had a thought.

"Bambi, what do you think of Tyger?"

Bambi opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. Her expression became distressed and she actually started to tremble. She appeared to be on the verge of tears but she didn't seem able to speak. I leaned forward, stunned. "Bambi?"

Again she opened her mouth but nothing came out. She began to wring her hands in obvious agitation.

What the hell? "Bambi, is there something you want to tell me?"

She nodded so rapidly her blonde hair flew everywhere.

"Bambi, is there a reason you can't tell me?"

Again she nodded rapidly.

Something was definitely up here and I needed to know. I was going to have to take a chance, though.

"Alright, Bambi, I need you to relax. I'm going to do something and it will be easier if you're relaxed." She nodded and took a deep breath, making her spectacular tits swell like...well, swell a lot. I gazed at her and let her mind come into focus. I waited until I could see her brain patterns clearly and I located her speech patterning. After three years her bimbo-speak was a very dominant trait but with a mental push I eliminated all the static and cleaned the pathways from her brain to her vocal cords. At least I tried. I couldn't be sure...I was a lot more used to creating this condition than fixing it. I looked at Bambi hopefully.

"Well, Bambi?"

She looked at me strangely for a moment. "Well, what?" Then her big blue eyes widened in realization.

"I fixed you...well, your speech, anyway. What do you think?" I said.

Bambi giggled- probably from habit- and said, "Well, it's about fucking time!"

I bristled, but only for a moment. It worked. Now to find out what the hell was going on. "Alright, Bambi, what is it you couldn't tell..."


I jumped, heart pounding. I hadn't heard Marty entering and he had startled me. I snapped at him, "What?"

Marty was in full business mode. "This is no time for a piece of ass!" He gave Bambi a leer. "Not that I blame you, but Whirlpool and the little crazy chick are already going at it. You're on in a few minutes and you need to get your ass in gear!"

I swore. I hadn't realized how late it was. "Alright, Marty, don't get your panties in a knot. I'm coming."

He grunted, and then left. I started to follow him and stopped when I felt Bambi's hand on my shoulder.

Bambi said, "Let's talk after your match, okay?" I nodded.

The locker room was empty when I got there. I slipped into my black bikini the best I could, tugging at it ineffectively to try to get more of my boobs and ass covered but it was no use. I would need a new bikini if I managed to get past Chaos. I looked in the mirror as I was about to walk out. My breasts were bulging over the top of my bikini and my shrinking waist made my widening hips even more obvious. My sleek athleticism was slowly being replaced by soft erotic bimbo curves. Even my face looked softer. I snarled at the mirror, trying to look fierce. I stopped when two of my colleagues walked in the locker room and looked at me strangely.

I walked into the arena and saw that a real bitch match was taking place in the ring. Some of the girls are true erotic fighters and incorporate very sexual maneuvers in the ring. Dominatrix was one and, modesty aside, I was fairly well known for it as well. Others are strictly fighters and they fight to win. So some matches can look like late night porno and some matches can look like barroom brawls. Fury and Whirlpool were in a match that definitely resembled the latter. Fury's left eye was swelling and the little redhead had a large bruise on her left upper arm along with a slight limp. The muscular Whirlpool was sporting various cuts and scrapes, including four long evenly-spaced scratches on her back, and she had what appeared to be *teeth* marks on her calf (I would later find out that Fury had been penalized her top for the bite). Both wrestlers were naked and judging from their condition, it had been a viciously contended affair to this point. Fury was dancing back out of Whirlpool's reach, her bare feet pitter-pattering the mat. Whirlpool trapped Fury in a corner, though, and grabbed her arm. The muscular wrestler whirled and spun Fury by her arm, hurtling her across the ring. The little redhead hit the mat and slid to a stop, apparently too tired and breathless to get up. Whirlpool strolled across the ring towards Fury, confident the match was about to end but as she got to Fury the little redhead came to life as she rolled to a knee and kicked the feet out from under Whirlpool. A very surprised Whirlpool fell flat on her back with a resounding thud and Fury leaped on the larger girl. The little redhead's rounded ass bounced on Whirlpool's substantial chest and, while the muscular wrestler was trying to catch a breath, Fury slid down and pressed her bare pussy against Whirlpool's face. The confused Whirlpool struggled to get the smaller girl off her face but it was too late; the referee slapped the mat three times and Whirlpool was eliminated from the tournament. The little redhead had made it to the final four.

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