tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 04

Countermove Ch. 04


Summary so far:

Day 1: Onyx vs. Tyger- Onyx loses for the first time ever and pays the price.

Day 2: Onyx vs. Jewel- Onyx defeats Jewel to stay alive in the tournament but realizes she is changing slowly into a bimbo.

Day 3- Onyx vs. Chaos- Onyx defeats Chaos to make it to the final 4 but discovers she has been set up.


Countermove By: Chrystal Wynd



Bambi shifted uncomfortably. Although she could now speak in regular English instead of bimbo-speak she still retained her lush bimbo body and would continue to subconsciously display her considerable assets to best advantage. She therefore actually managed to look adorable while being in obvious distress.

"It's true," said Bambi. "Marty brought her in before he arranged the tournament. He...well, Marty said you were getting out-of-control."

I clenched my teeth. Out-of-control my ass. He was a lot more worried about my forty percent of the gate then me being out-of-control. I was so going to hurt the man. "He knew what Tyger could do when he brought her in here?"

Bambi nodded unhappily. "I was there. He said...he told Tyger what you could do. She just shrugged it off and said it wouldn't be a problem. He was trying to shush her because I was there but she didn't care. Tyger just smiled and...and...did something to me so I couldn't talk about it. I guess...I guess she was just showing Marty what she could do."

"But you can talk about it now?" I said.

Bambi nodded. "When you...fixed my speech it's like it went around whatever she did."

I figured Tyger had blocked any words pertaining to that meeting but I must have either cleared out Tyger's block when I cleaned Bambi's speech paths or I unconsciously rerouted Bambi's speech paths around Tyger's block. That wasn't important right now, though. What was important was that tomorrow morning I was going to wring Marty's scrawny neck.

Monday morning arrived and with it a break from the tournament. The tournament was officially half done and with it four of the eight original contenders. Jewel, FireNIce, Whirlpool and Chaos had all been eliminated and had no chance at the twenty thousand dollar first place prize. Only four of us remained...myself, the little redheaded fireball Fury, the implacable Dominatrix and the seemingly unstoppable Tyger. The tournament would resume with Day 4 on Friday when I faced Fury in the early match; Dominatrix and Tyger- the only two undefeated wrestlers in the double-elimation tournament- faced off in the late match.

Marty was going to be watching the final three days in traction. Despite stuffing my swelling boobs into a now undersized sports bra they jiggled helplessly as I stomped my way towards his office. I stopped and kicked open his office door with a satisfying explosion of splintered wood, not bothered in the least by the fact that the door had been unlocked. No, I didn't knock, so don't bother asking.

Marty jumped about three feet in the air when his door crashed open. He wasn't the smartest guy in the world but he could read the subtle signs that I was upset. Pieces of the doorframe landing on his desk may have also tipped him off.

In three strides I was reaching over the desk and grabbing a double-handful of his already sweaty shirt. I yanked him forward until our faces were inches apart over his desk. "Hello, Marty," I said in the most dangerous tone I could muster through bimbo red lips. "Your ass is grass and I'm a lawnmower. Any final words?"

Marty squawked and wriggled in my grasp, obviously at a loss. The last time Marty had seen me I was walking out of this office right after giving the man a blowjob. "What the fuck, Shannon?!? Are you whacked? Broads are so fuckin' fickle!" he said.

I shook him. "Tell me about Tyger, Marty. And try the truth. I'm about to change your fucking life."

I felt him freeze. Marty was many things, many of them not admirable, but one thing he wasn't was stupid, particularly when cornered and trapped like a rat.

"Shit. How much do you know?" He asked.

"I know enough to know your balls are going to be riding shotgun when they swell to the size of basketballs."

His hands flew reflexively to his jewels. "Shit, Shannon, take it easy! We can talk about this!"

"Then start talking."

"Alright, alright...just...no more dick threats, alright?"

"Fucking convince me, then." I shoved Marty backward into his chair. He cupped his balls to reassure himself and then lit a cigar with shaky fingers.

"Alright...yes, I knew what the jungle bitch could do when I brought her in. She was supposed to beat you, maybe even take your place. Hell, she could do what you do and I figured she'd work cheaper, you know? I'm sorry, Shannon, but you were getting crazy in the ring and fucking raping me at the gate."

I snarled. "Beat me? That bitch is fucking up my life!"

He nodded, unexpectedly sympathetic. "I know. That's why I tried to call it off."

"You did what?"

"I tried to call it off. I thought you knew."


He blew a stream of blue smoke. "Shit. No wonder you're so pissed. I got nuthin' to do with what she's doing to you. That's all Tyger. I'll tell you something else. That bitch is a fucking nut job."

"No shit!"

"Why don't you get out of town? Take Bambi with you and hole up somewhere?"

"It's too late for that. I'm changing, remember?" Then I paused. "Where the hell did you find her, anyway?"

He shrugged. "She wrestles over in Darkview. Someone told me about her."

I rolled my eyes, incredulous. "You are dense, aren't you? You really thought you could get someone from Darkview and everything would be fine? That town is stranger than Chrystal Heights, numbnuts!"

"Alright, alright, I screwed up. Don't harp on it, alright?"

Suddenly furious, I vaulted the desk and grabbed him by his shirt again. "You bring in some crazy gypsy wrestler to replace me so you can weasel out of our deal and she fucks up my life and you think everything is okay?!?"

Marty's eyes widened. He knew what I was capable of. And he knew me well enough to know that now was a good time to panic. "Shannon, Shannon, I'm sorry, alright! I'm serious!"

I glared at him, knuckles white as I gripped his shirt. I pictured his mind in front of me and my will swelled. My blood boiled...but I hesitated. I had always reacted...why was I hesitating now? Marty had screwed me so it was time for Marty to pay.

But I had known Marty for several years. We weren't exactly friends, but still...maybe I had been a little bit hard on him recently. And maybe he was the closest thing I had to a friend. And maybe I was in trouble now because I had alienated everybody I knew. But I couldn't let him off scott-free either. After another few moments of thought I finally pushed my will into his brain and shoved him backwards with a snarl.

With shaking hands he relit his cigar and took a deep draw. He had felt the fluid changes in his mind and he knew I had done something. He was too scared to ask what, though.

I gave him a hard look. "An address, Marty. Tyger's place. Now."

I tucked the address away and got ready to leave. Marty still looked terrified.

"Don't worry, Marty. You're still pretty much the same. You won't be giving five dollar blowjobs or anything." And that was true. Hell, Marty wouldn't be charging anything.

The drive to Darkview took just under an hour. I was wearing black stretchy sweat pants that had been snug even before my ass and hips had started to swell courtesy of Tyger. Another day had given them more lush proportions and my waist had shrunk another inch. My charcoal t-shirt was stretched tight and the excess material taken up by my swelling boobs was made obvious by my bared navel. The hem of my t-shirt usually reached my waistband.

Bambi was quiet as we crossed the Darkview town limits. She hadn't actively protested the trip but I had a feeling she didn't approve. I wasn't entirely sure I disagreed with her since I wasn't even sure what I was looking for.

Darkview has an unpleasant reputation. My hometown of Chrystal Heights has a strange reputation as well but Darkview tends to be...well, darker. Chrystal Heights has mystery; Darkview has secrets. It's a place where you are careful.

The address took us down a dark roadway just off the main street. Unsavory types walked the sidewalk with their heads down, as if they didn't want to be seen. The buildings that weren't condemned would likely collapse from the weight of a coat of paint. It was early afternoon but people in ragged clothing were sitting against walls drinking from large bottles or rifling through various piles of trash that lined the street.

In this dark heart we finally found The Jungle, home to Tyger's wrestling federation. The Jungle was set on the street like the dilapidated businesses surrounding it but appeared to be in better shape. I pulled into the parking lot behind the building. We got out and made our way to the front doors. I clenched my teeth as we walked; my hips were developing an embarrassingly erotic sway.

The front doors were locked. I sighed. It looked like a wasted trip. A short distance away, however, music blared from an open door. Bambi hung back as I walked over and peered inside. Two large men- apparently bouncers- were standing just inside but I could see enough to know it was a strip bar. A neon sign flashed just above the doorway proclaiming the bar as "The Tyger's Lair".

I'm not a big believer in coincidences. I glanced at Bambi but she shook her head, indicating she would wait in the car. I stared incredulously. Bambi worked in an erotic women's wrestling club but she preferred to wait outside alone in a ghetto rather than go inside a strip bar. Some people have strange hang-ups.

I slid between the two large men at the door and let my eyes adjust to the dim lighting. Despite the early hour there were more than a few customers. The song "Me So Horny" by 2 Live Crew was playing while a few girls in various stages of undress shook their asses for enthusiastic customers. One girl was twirling around a pole on a low stage while another girl appeared to be giving a lap dance to an unshaven man in a trench coat. Someone had made a token effort to give the place a jungle décor with fake jungle trees and monkeys painted on the wall. It did little to conceal the fact that this place was a real dive. There was a door on the far side of the bar with a small hand-painted sign above saying, "The Cave".

I slid onto a barstool. I was in sweat pants and a t-shirt and I felt overdressed...not that I cared. I was trying to figure out who to ask questions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and realized it the bouncers. Both of them.

The bouncer closest to me was large and beefy with a shaven head. He looked down at me and said, "Hey...ain't you Onyx, that girl wrestler from Chrystal Heights?"

I gave him a look. "Yeah. So?"

Baldy turned to the other bouncer, who looked like a weasel and was built like a whip, and said, "Hey, Paul, get the lady a drink, willya? This is the girl who is gonna kick that bitch Tyger's ass." He turned back to me with a gap-toothed smile. "That's Paul and I'm called Tiny, on account of I'm so big and all. We are pleased to make your acquaintance, Onyx. Your drinks are on the house. Anyone who wants to kick the shit out of that crazy lady is a friend of ours."

I relaxed slightly. We apparently shared a dislike for Tyger. This was my chance to ask some questions.

Paul soon delivered something green in a fairly clean glass and stared at my bimbo red lips as he slid the glass towards me. Creep. Whatever. I expected the green stuff to taste like paint thinner but it was worse...it tasted like licorice-flavored cold medicine. Tiny and Paul were suitably impressed that I was able to drink it straight down, however, so it served its purpose.

I made a show of looking around. "So what's the deal here, anyway?"

Tiny's voice got low. "This is where Tyger puts her conquests to work, Onyx. You didn't know that?"

I shook my head. "No, I didn't." As I watched I noticed that "The Cave" seem to command a fair number of visitors...almost always a customer accompanied by a dancer. "And 'The Cave'?"

Tiny and Paul shared a laugh. "That's for paying customers who want a piece," said Tiny.

I was getting a cold knot in my stomach, though that could have been the green stuff. It was obvious that Tyger was more than just another wrestler. "So why...um...do you guys...work for Tigger...Tyger...in the back room..."

Tiny and Paul looked at each other and nodded. Tiny said, "Why don't we take you back there and show you the back room, Onyx?"

I shook my head but that made the whole room do things I didn't like. "I don't...think so, Teeny." I tried to stand but my knees were too wobbly. The music seemed far away and nothing seemed to be working right. I attempted to focus my ability but my brain was mush. I felt my arms lifted and placed over two sets of muscular shoulders and I was hoisted up. The tables started to move and the door to "The Cave" was getting closer and closer and suddenly I was through the door. Several heartbeats later I was in some little room where I was unceremoniously dumped onto a dirty couch. I could see and hear but my body wasn't responding to anything and my thoughts were soggy. I knew my chin was wet with drool but I couldn't even wipe my mouth.

Tiny stared down at me. "You stupid bitch. What made you think you could walk into Tyger's bar and not be recognized?"

Paul gave a slimy laugh. "I guess she didn't wanna wait to lose the tournament before coming to her new job. You gonna call Tyger?"

Tiny nodded. "Yeah. My cell phone is dead, though. I'm gonna use the office phone. Stay with her until I come back."

Paul snorted. "Awww, she ain't going nowhere. One sip of that green shit is enough to put 'em like that for hours. She drank the whole damn thing."

Tiny grunted and I heard him leave the room. Almost instantly I could feel furtive hands sliding over my body. I felt my ass cupped for several heartbeats before those slimy hands rolling me onto my side, my arms flopping uselessly. Those hands then slid under my t-shirt up to my boobs. His fingers started playing with my nipples and my sensitive traitor nipples hardened. My cheeks reddened as I felt my belly muscles twitching in response to his graceless squeezing and pinching. "Oh, yeah, bitch, you like that, don't you? Ohhhh, yesss, you do..."

"Hello, Paul."

I felt Paul freeze at the words, then back away from me. I couldn't see the speaker.

Paul apparently knew the speaker, though. "Diane? What the hell are you doing here?"

There was a laugh, then the unseen Diane answered, "Oh, just passing through."

"You look great, Diane! Holy shit. What a pair of tits! Are you finally coming back to work?"

Diane laughed. "Not on your life, asshole." Then came the unmistakable sound of someone being kicked squarely in the balls. There was a short, very high-pitched squeal and then the thud of someone falling to the ground. Then nothing.

I still couldn't move or speak and my thoughts were way too sludgy to use my ability. I had to wait until a slim hand with inch-long bimbo red fingernails turned my head so I could see my rescuer. It was Bambi.

Flopped in the front seat, my head against the passenger window, I watched the dark buildings pass by slowly because I didn't have a choice. Bambi wasn't speaking to me for some reason. I wasn't thinking very clearly but it seemed we were taking a different route than the one we had used to get to The Jungle to begin with. Sure enough, we pulled into an unfamiliar parking lot a short time later. Bambi walked around to my side and managed to get me out of the car. She silently hoisted my arm onto her shoulders and walked/dragged me inside a little shop that had a neon sign over the door reading, "The Dark Crayon".

There were reams of pictures and photographs of variously tattooed and pierced people covering the walls, quickly making it apparent we were in a tattoo parlor. A woman dressed in full gypsy regalia came out from the back room and there appeared to be a reunion of sorts between Bambi and the gypsy lady. I wasn't able to hear the conversation but a few minutes passed and the two of them moved closer. I could hear the gypsy lady talking.

"Are you sure, Diane? It will be permanent, you know."

"Oh, definitely, Katya. That's what I want."

What the hell? Why would Bambi want to get a tattoo now of all times?

And that's when I felt myself lifted and moved to a padded table.

I was flopped onto my belly. There was a hand on my ass as Bambi and the gypsy spoke for a moment. Then I felt my sweat pants sliding over my hips and down my thighs, followed by my panties. I knew my ass was bared to them and I tried to protest but nothing came out. I was a helpless passenger in my own body until this damn drug wore off.

I felt a wetness wiped onto my left ass cheek, then a tickling sensation which felt like Bambi or the gypsy writing. Then came the sound I had dreaded hearing...the buzzing of a tattoo gun. I screamed indignantly but no sound came out. Too soon I felt the vibrating needles working on my swelled ass and then I could only wait. Endorphins mixing with the sludge in my head made me even more dazed. After an eternity I felt the pressure of the gloved tattooing hand lifted from my ass and the buzzing vanished, leaving the room in sudden silence. I felt a hand smearing something over the burning area of my left ass cheek and then something taped over it...a bandage, I surmised. My rounded ass had gotten tattooed.

After sliding my panties and sweat pants back into place, Bambi and Katya shifted me into a sitting position and stepped away to talk together in a low murmur, giving me a chance to catch my breath. After a few minutes they returned holding what looked like a large needle and various little implements I couldn't identify. Katya put on a new pair of rubber gloves while Bambi stepped over to me and pulled my top over my head and down my unresisting arms. Bambi then pulled my sports bra up, baring my obviously swelled breasts. My mouth was hanging open so Bambi used my top to dry my chin, though she made no effort to close my mouth. Bambi then stepped back to allow Katya room.

Katya wiped down my nipples and belly button with something that made them completely numb. She then went to work with the needle. Within minutes a ring was dangling from each nipple and another from my navel. After she had inserted the rings Katya picked up a pre-heated soldering iron and did something to the rings that I couldn't see, though the rings became warm enough that I felt the heat despite my numbness. Finally she stepped back and admired her work, nodding to Bambi. At her nod Bambi took a small dark bottle and poured a sweet smelling liquid on top of my head, which she rubbed into my scalp. I could feel a strong tingling sensation across my entire scalp. Katya stepped up and ran her fingers through my hair, then nodded again. At long last she broke the silence.

"It is finished," she said.

"Oh, Katya. Thank you so much!" said Bambi.

They hugged. Katya began to collect her supplies while Bambi carefully stuffed my overgrown boobs into my sports bra and slipped my t-shirt back on me. Once I was in order she slipped her arm under mine and pulled me to my feet. She walked/dragged me out to the car and flopped me into the front seat.

Bambi got back on the road and at least seemed to be heading back to Chrystal Heights. My nipples and belly button were still numb but my ass was burning. I couldn't shift positions to relieve any discomfort, although my thoughts had cleared enough that I could try to piece together what exactly had happened. It was a slow process- my brain still felt dipped in glue- but I went over what happened at Tyger's place in my mind.

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