tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 09

Countermove Ch. 09


Summary so far:

Day 1: Onyx vs. Tyger- Onyx loses for the first time ever and pays the price.

Day 2: Onyx vs. Jewel- Onyx defeats Jewel to stay alive in the tournament but realizes she is slowly changing into a bimbo.

Day 3: Onyx vs. Chaos- Onyx defeats Chaos to make it to the final 4 but discovers she has been set up.

Interlude: Onyx travels to Darkview to investigate Tyger.

Interlude- part 2: Onyx learns more about Tyger while coming to terms with being pierced and tattooed.

Interlude- part 3: Onyx trains under Diane.

Day 4: Onyx vs. Fury- Onyx defeats Fury. Viper agrees to give Onyx one hour of training.

Day 5- part 1: Onyx trains under Viper.


Day 5- continued

I left the Electric Raven and then stopped at the Chrystal Heights Eastside Mall to do some shopping. There was no getting around it...I needed a new bra.

I went inside the first clothing store that caught my eye. I had a lot on my mind and I wasn't really worried about brand names. I took several bras and a few other items- I was getting tired of wearing sweat pants- inside a dressing room and tried them on as I thought about tonight's match.

Tonight I was fighting Dominatrix. 34E bra?!? Holy shit. The implacable domme was tough even when she wasn't pissed off, and tonight she would not be a happy camper. Oh, this hot pink pleated mini-skirt looks adorable. She had a wealth of knowledge when it came to wrestling moves. This spandex crop top really shows off my cleavage and my belly ring. The guys will love it. Dominatrix was big, strong and fast as well. These thongs will show off my ass. She wouldn't fall for just anything. Oh, I have got to get some new shoes to go with this outfit.

I left that store and wandered around the mall, thinking about Dominatrix and Tyger. Damn, these new five-inch heels make my legs and ass look awesome. Dominatrix had been the first one to test Tyger. The salon did an adorable job on my fingers and toes. Bimbo red is soooo hot. Tyger had won, but it had been the first time Dominatrix had been tested as well. They did a great job on my hair, too. I look hot. Dominatrix was no one to screw around with. Omigod, Brazilian wax jobs hurt like a sonuvabitch!

I left the salon and figured I had time for one more stop before I got back to the gym. I needed some new workout clothing so I made my way to The Fitness Place. I entered the quiet store and looked around for a clerk. I saw one other customer in the store and I chuckled, because she looked like an even bigger bimbo than me. Her blonde hair was teased out and it flowed all the way down her back to her tiny waist. She had thick bimbo red lips, big pink hoops dangling from her ears and absolutely huge tits barely held in check by a spandex crop top. Her bare belly was pierced and her hips flared out into rounded curves. Her hot pink pleated mini-skirt barely covered her ass and her long legs ended in five-inch strappy come-fuck-me heels. Even her fingernails and toenails were painted bimbo red. No doubt she kept the boys in her high school happy because she had plaything written all over her. She was staring at me- probably because I was staring at her- so I gave her a wave of apology. The bimbo waved back at me at exactly the same time, like a mirror image. Then I gasped, my heart pounding.

The bimbo had moved like a mirror image because that's what she was.

"Help you, Miss?"

I jumped. The voice had come from right behind me; an employee of The Fitness Place. And what an employee. He had dark hair and was wearing sweat pants and a tight tank-top that showed off his shoulders and arms. And his chest. His luscious chest. His stomach was flat and although I couldn't see under his tank-top, I was almost positive there were abdominal muscles involved in there somewhere. The bulge in his sweatpants suggested he wasn't taking steroids. The bulge...the luscious bulge...the bulge I wanted to wrap my red blowjob lips around, sliding that thick shaft into my mouth, my tongue tasting the swelled underside, feeling that shaft sliding into my throat, my cheeks puffing out, waiting for that delicious explosion into my mouth, my belly filling...

"Miss? Are you okay?"

I blinked, then giggled. "Oh! Oh, I'm sorry, honest! I was just looking for...ummmm...some workout cwothes, you know?" My cheeks burned. Pectoral boy took it in stride, however, walking me around and collecting several items.

I giggled helplessly, then asked pec boy where the changing rooms were. He walked down a little hall behind the service desk. There were little rooms on either side of the hall with locking wicker doors. He opened one of the doors and held it open for me and I tried to enter the little room, but I hesitated as I was about to walk by him. I was trying to ignore his masculine scent but all I could really think about was my lips sliding down that hard shaft, my mouth full of his cock, my cheeks puffed out, my belly filling with...

"Miss? Are you okay...?"

No, I wasn't. I knew what I needed, though. I pushed him inside the little dressing room and closed the door. Without preamble I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled down his sweat pants, freeing his ample cock. I ran my tongue along the underside and then wrapped my red bimbo lips around his shaft. His cock hardened in my mouth and soon my head was bobbing as my mouth stroked over his cock again and again.

His hips began to piston as he stroked his cock into my mouth. He paused as a voice was heard just outside the dressing room door, however.

"Derek? Are you in there, man?"

Derek looked down at me. "Shit. That's Shawn. He's a co-worker." Then the door opened.

I felt Shawn's eyes on me. My cheeks were red and I tried to stop servicing Derek...but I couldn't. My mouth continued to slide up and down his shaft as if there wasn't somebody watching me.

Shawn was built similarly to Derek, slightly less muscular but slim and athletic. He stared at me as my head bobbed in front of Derek.

"Dude," said Shawn, "Did you know there's a hot blonde attached to your cock?"

"Yes, I know," Derek answered. "We were doing just fine until you came barging in here."

"Oh," said Shawn. "Sorry, dude. It's all part of my global domination plan, you know?"

"You have a plan for global domination?"

"Nah, but if I had one this would definitely be part of it. That girl really digs the cock, doesn't she? She hasn't stopped yet, dude. Sweeeet."

This was true. I hadn't stopped. I couldn't, really. Despite his conversational tone I could tell that Derek was close to cumming and my belly muscles were twitching and jumping like crazy in anticipation. Try as I might, my body simply wouldn't let me pull my mouth off his cock.

Shawn moved a little closer. "Hey, dude, you think she'll mind if I touch her tits a little? She's got like an awesome set of hooters."

Derek just grunted. His balls were swelling in my hand and the taste of pre-cum was very prominent in my mouth. Suddenly I felt my boobs being cupped from behind me, fingers sliding over my sensitive nipples. I moaned indignantly around Derek's cock, not wanting to admit how good it felt but feeling my belly muscles jump at the sensations suddenly coming from my nipples. I could hear Shawn crowing in jubilation, sounding far away.

"Dude, this chick has pierced nipples, man! She's a freak! Alright!"

Derek's only answer was to groan and begin filling my mouth with hot cum. My mouth was in danger of overflowing and I had to swallow Derek's semen quickly. He continued to shoot stream after stream into my mouth as I swallowed it as quickly as I could. However, the sensations of my belly filling with hot cum and Shawn's fingers playing with my nipples pushed me into my own heated orgasm. I began to moan helplessly around Derek's cock, shuddering as tendrils of pleasure curled around my warm filling belly.

After an eternity the sensations faded enough so that I could stand, but my legs were rubbery and I stumbled in the unfamiliar high heels. This caused me to lean forward and put my hands on the chair in front of me to break my fall. Shawn, however, misinterpreted my fall as bending over for him and immediately lifted my hot pink mini-skirt over my hips.

"Awesome! She's got a "Bimbo" tat right on her ass, dude! This chick is super freaky! Yow! Man, go get Keith, he needs to get a load of this chick...I'll keep her busy 'til you guys get back."

I was still leaning on the chair, trying to catch my breath. I felt my thong suddenly sliding over my hips and down my thighs. I gasped, "Like, hey!" but suddenly two fingers slid into my freshly waxed, smooth, gushing pussy. I squealed indignantly, but leaned forward even more so he had a better angle. My upraised ass wriggled as he began to piston those two fingers back and forth inside my wet pussy and I realized my arousal was impossibly high again. A part of me registered that Tyger had bimboed my sex drive but the rest of me was too busy squirming like a slut in heat to care.

I actually mewled in heated need when I felt those fingers slide out of me, but within moments I felt a thickness penetrate me and slide into my pussy from behind me. I belated registered that Shawn had replaced his fingers with his cock and was now fucking me with abandon. My hips bucked back to meet his thrusts and I was shuddering with delicious need. Wet squishy noises filled the tiny room as Shawn pounded me silly. Then he grabbed my hips, slid his cock all the way in and just ground inside me. My pussy clenched his hard shaft with desperation. Then his cock seemed to get thicker and harder and my eyes widened as I realized he was cumming. My hips wriggled in his grasp and my vision blurred as an impossibly intense wave of pleasure swept over me.

My heart was still racing and I was still trying to catch my breath when I finally realized I could hear voices nearby.

"See, Keith? I told you," said Derek's voice.

An unfamiliar voice replied, "Alright, I admit you weren't yanking me, Derek."

"Dude, I'm telling you, this chick is hot! Get in here now before she cools off, boyo!" said Shawn.

"Damn straight," said the unfamiliar voice, "But I'm not going in behind you clowns."

I giggled. My lips were still too swollen and I was still too breathless to talk clearly but it seemed Keith was content to just look. Or so I thought. Suddenly I felt fingers sliding into my wet pussy again and I shuddered helplessly. How could I possibly be getting hot again?

However, it wasn't my pussy Keith was after. I realized this when I felt a sudden pressure against my tight rear opening. I gasped and clenched, figuring that would prevent him from penetrating me back there but too late I realized he had taken the abundantly slick lubrication from my pussy and liberally coated his cock with it. My tight rear opening unexpectedly relaxed against my will and my eyes widened as my ass was suddenly full of cock. It took me several heartbeats to get used to the sensations. Then Keith began to stroke into my ass with a steady rhythm and impossibly I was moaning in pleasure. Incredibly intense sensations of pleasure bloomed from my rear opening and suddenly I was parting my thighs further to give Keith more room to work. I could feel the unseen Keith's hard shaft sliding back and forth inside my ass and I was wriggling like a slut in heat, my belly muscles twitching and jumping yet again. When my tight clenching ass felt Keith's cock harden and thicken my head went back, my red lips parting soundlessly as my arousal reached a peak and hovered. Then my ass was filling with cum and I was crying out with helpless pleasure as my mind exploded with colors from the intensity of a devastatingly wracking climax. I could feel Keith's shaft pumping wave after wave of hot semen into my ass and I couldn't stop orgasming from the sensations. I wondered briefly if my ass could possibly hold all the cum that Keith seemed to be pouring inside it. Then my vision faded to a wonderfully soft wave of darkness.

I remained in a giddy state of limbo for several minutes. Finally it dawned on me that I was alone in the dressing room. The workout clothing I had selected earlier had been folded and neatly bagged. A receipt was stapled to the side of the bag even though I hadn't paid for anything. I slipped my thong back into place, checked myself in the mirror and then made a beeline for the door. A man in a suit stood by the cash register. His managerial air suggested he was the reason the guys had made themselves scarce, and I was fine with that. I saw Derek and Shawn stocking some shelves but realized I had no idea what Keith looked like. I had been fucked in the ass by someone whose face I never saw.

I got back to the arena as fast as I could. I had spent way too long on my shopping trip and I definitely couldn't be late for my match with Dominatrix. I grabbed my bags and went straight inside. Of course Diane, Marty and Cruiser were in front of the locker room. There was a moment of silence as they stared at me.

Marty finally said, "Wow, Shannon, you look..."

Diane cut in, "...about sixteen years old."

Cruiser said, "Oh, don't pick on her! She looks adorable!"

I didn't know what they were talking about at first. Then it dawned on me that I had just spent the afternoon shopping in every teen clothes store I could find at the mall. Tyger. Grrrrrrrr.

I giggled, then said, "Okay, okay, I know I look silly. I need to get changed and get ready, like, 'kay?"

Diane said, "No, stay like that. We'll dim the lights and that outfit can light the arena."

I stamped my fuck-me heel, inadvertently causing my boobs to jiggle. "I didn't mean to get dwessed wike this! Honest!"

"You got dressed by accident?"

Marty cut in. "Alright, leave her alone. There's a huge paying crowd out there waiting. Go ahead, Shannon."

I giggled. "Thanks, Marty!"

Marty nodded. "Just make sure you pop the batteries out of that outfit when you put it away."

I stalked away muttering.

The arena was rocking. The crowd was cheering and stomping their feet for everything. They went crazy when Diane (who was still the ring girl when she wasn't playing Yoda) walked around with the sign announcing the upcoming match.

The opening introductions were made and we got ready for the opening bell. Dominatrix, in her black leather bikini, appeared unfazed by her previous night's loss to Tyger. I stretched, trying not to jiggle too much. My boobs were definitely causing me weight distribution difficulties and I was still trying to get used to them.

The bell rang and Dominatrix and I approached each other cautiously. We grabbed each other's shoulders simultaneously and grappled for position. I tried to reach across to grab and control her opposite wrist but my boobs got in the way. Dominatrix used the brief hesitation on my part to slide behind me. She slipped her arms under mine and lifted her elbows, forcing my arms up. Then she slid her fingers under my bikini cups and lifted them over my boobs. Unexpectedly exposed, I reacted instinctively, trying to grab my top, and Dominatrix used the slip on my part to lace her fingers together behind my head. Then she leaned back. My arms were locked over my head and my pierced boobs were displayed for the crowd. The crowd cheered but I realized that Dominatrix's fingers were too high on my head, allowing me more arm movement than the domme realized. I reached back and got a hold of the back of Dominatrix's head and dropped to my knees, pulling her down with me, then leaning forward, sending the domme over my shoulder. She slammed onto the mat and appeared to be stunned. Be what you are said Viper's voice. I leaned forward and pressed my huge breasts into Dominatrix's face, smothering her. The referee dropped and slapped the mat three times before Dominatrix was able to extract herself from my boobs. She removed her top without her usual production and handed it to the referee.

The bell rang and we again approached each other. We grappled for a moment, then I dropped and grabbed her around her midsection, attempting to pick her up for a quick backslam. Unfortunately Dominatrix knew what I was trying to do and she shoved me further down, locking my head between her thighs. Her hands flashed to my hips and suddenly my bikini bottom was sliding over my hips and down my thighs, tying my knees together. It also had the unfortunate side-effect of exposing my "Bimbo" tattoo to the crowd. The crowd immediately began hooting and applauding the tattoo while I was dying of embarrassment. Dominatrix plopped onto her butt, my head still stuck between her thighs, and lifted my hips in the air. She released my head then and my shoulders hit the mat. Then the domme locked my arms under her legs so I couldn't move. She stripped my bikini bottoms off my calves and locked her elbows inside my thighs and spread them wide. Upside down, my smooth pussy was displayed for the crowd and I couldn't do anything about it. The referee dropped and slapped the mat three times and we were even.

I took off my top and handed it to the referee. Because Dominatrix had managed to remove my bikini bottom, according to the rules I had to leave it off, although it didn't count as a pinfall. It did have the effect of leaving me fighting naked even though I had only been pinned once, however. Twice, actually, a voice whispered to me, and I flushed, because I knew the voice was right. Although the score was even, Dominatrix was having her way with me. I couldn't compete with her at this level in this bimbo body.

The bell rang and once again I faced off against Dominatrix. We grappled momentarily, then I found myself rolling over her hip and slamming the mat. The domme placed a bare foot on my ponytail so I couldn't get up and placed her other foot on my boobs in a mock pin. The referee dropped and slapped the mat twice but before he could get the third slap in I grabbed Dominatrix's foot and twisted. The domme had to go with the twist or risk a sprain, forcing her to spin and drop to the side. I rolled with her motion and suddenly found myself over Dominatrix, her ass in the air, her shoulders to the ground. I was as surprised as she was at the sudden turn, but the referee was there slapping the mat three times and just like that I was ahead. The domme got to her feet slowly and slipped her bikini bottom off. She handed it to the referee.

Something was off but I couldn't put my finger on it. I also didn't have time to think about it as the bell sounded again. I tried to avoid Dominatrix's hands as I wasn't having any luck grappling with her, but she got a hold of me and sent me over her hip once more. This time she planted her rounded ass on my boobs as I lay on my back. She gave me a tight smile and slid a finger into my mouth. My hips twitched as I instinctively wrapped my lips around her finger and started to suck on it. I gasped, cheeks coloring, as I realized what I had just done. Dominatrix leaned back with a laugh. I realized I had one chance then...she had leaned too far back. I hooked my heels under her arms and forced her backwards. The domme's arms flailed as she was slammed onto her back, apparently stunned. I wrapped my arms around her now upturned legs and left my heels pinning her shoulders to the mat. This shouldn't have been enough to win- at this level- but I had a feeling it would be. And I was right. The referee dropped once more and slapped the mat three times. The bell sounded and the crowd went crazy. I was meeting Tyger tomorrow night for the championship.

I would have been content to just kiss Dominatrix for the five minutes. She was hot and glamorous and that alone would have been enough for me. But that wouldn't have been the appropriate ending for this act. And it was an act. As I made a show of strapping on the thick toy for the benefit of the cheering crowd, I asked out of the side of my mouth, "Why?"

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