Counting On You


Carrie had just arrived home to what seemed like an empty house.

"She must be upstairs already.", Carrie whispered to herself and headed up the stairs.

It was after one in the morning and she had just had a long night after the awards show with barely enough time to spare to make it from the Vegas Airport to her L.A. home where she was now.

Outside her bedroom door, Carrie slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door trying not to let it make a sound. Satisfied that the only sound, was a light brush of the carpet along the bottom of the door, she stepped inside and closed the door.

Lying before Carrie on the bed was her girlfriend, Kelly sleeping in sweatpants and a sweatshirt because she was sick.

Of all months to be sick, she had to be sick in April because that was Kelly's luck. Kelly had a curvy figure but you could not tell that from her current wardrobe.

There was something about the sight of her peacefully sleeping there that still made Carrie's stomach get butterflies.

Carrie lightly took off her shoes placing them next to the hamper and, lifting up the covers, gently slid into bed. She then placed her hands on Kelly's waist, spooning her.

"Mmm. Baby, I missed you.", Carrie whispered against her girlfriend's neck.

Slowly waking up staring straight ahead Kelly smiled and said, "You are such the romantic. I missed you too. You've been gone what? A day?"

Carrie said, "Oh are you making fun of me?"

"Who me? No neverrrr. Not when you spoil me with presents. By the way, where is the Entertainer Of The Year Award anyway?", teasingly moving backwards into Carrie.

Carrie said, "Oh there is no way that I'm giving you that.", hugging her closer. She continued "Haha. They took it back to engrave my name on it. It should be here in about a month. They can't really have our names on them already. Kinda ruins the whole surprise backstage. So does that mean that you managed to stay up late enough to watch me win?"

Yawning, Kelly said, "Yeah barely. And I don't appreciate your little joke to Matthew that you'd like to see those boots."

"Oh really?", Carrie said "Well don't you think that we'd need to send the gossip rags somewhere else for a while since they all of a sudden 'think' that you're a lesbian?"

Kelly sighed, "Yeah."

Carrie said, "And you did hear me say that I was joking right after it. You're not jealous are you?"

Kelly said, "You know, I wasn't until then. It's weird. But I kind of became a little jealous when you said that."

Carrie asked, "Seriously?"

"Well look at him. Who wouldn't be?"

"Kel, I only want to look at you. Besides, you also heard me say that I missed you and wished that you could be there."

"Yes, that maned me feel bever."

Carrie said, "What the hell is bever?"

Kelly tried to breathe through her nose to no avail. Finally, she managed, "Stupid friggin cold. It's all draining out."

Carrie said, "Aw honey, you're still that sick? I'm going to go downstairs and make you up some hot chicken noodle soup to help clear up your sinuses so that you can breathe easier and get some sleep. The steam will do you good." She kissed the back of Kelly's left shoulder blade and slid out of bed.

Kelly rolled onto her back and said, "Babee?"

Carrie turned from the door and said, "Yes?"

Kelly said, "Thang goo."

Carrie tried to hide her laugh, "You are so adorable when you're sick." Then she dodged a throw pillow which Kelly had literally thrown at her. Still laughing, Carrie left the room.

About 10 Minutes Later

Carrie was able to get into the bedroom by lightly backing into the door, while holding the tray steady as well. She had not shut the door all the way when she had left the room, which now she was grateful for. "Kel, I'm back.", Carrie whispered because she was not sure if Kelly had fallen back asleep.

Kelly sat up and then responded, "Honey, why are you whispering? I would need to be awake to eat."

Carrie sat opposite Kelly carefully on the bed while balancing the tray on her knees. "I don't know."

"Well alrighty then.", Kelly said, instinctively grasping the tray but Carrie did not leave go. Then she said, "So how can I eat if you won't give me the bowl?"

Carrie said, "Sit there. I'll feed you."

"I'm not an invalid."

"Oh my God. Why won't you just let someone help you for once?"

Kelly said, "Okay okay. You can spoon me my meal. I feel like the Queen of England or something.", sarcastically.



Carrie said, "I love you."

Kelly smiled and said softly, "I love you too, Care."

"Good. Now shut up and eat." Carrie gently spooned some noodles out of the bowl. She blew on the spoon to cool it off. Kelly ate in silence, letting her girlfriend take care of her.

After most of the broth was gone, Kelly was finished. Carrie got up and placed the tray on the computer desk. As Carrie was walking back over to the bed, she asked, "So are you feeling a little better?"

Kelly inhaled and found out that, for the first time all night, she was able to breathe through her nose. She exhaled and said, "Yes, I can breathe a little now. My nasal passages are clear for the moment. It'll be easier to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night."

Carrie had taken her place once again on the bed sitting opposite Kelly. "Good. I'm glad."

Kelly took another breath and said, "That was just what I needed. Thank you."

Carrie smiled. "I know just what I need right now." She leaned into Kelly on her hands. Carrie placed a tuft of Kelly's hair behind her left ear and said, "Come here.", lightly kissing her lips.

Kelly softly kissed back and laid her body back on the bed, lying down as Carrie moved her body on top. While continuing making out, Kelly's left hand found it's way to rest on Carrie's slender back, while her right hand found its fingers entwined in Carrie's mane of blonde. Surprised at this sudden turn of events, Kelly breathed out, "Wait. Wait what are we doing?"

Carrie stopped the kiss and looked into Kelly's eyes. "What's wrong?", searching.

Kelly said, "Aren't you afraid of getting sick? I'm still contagious."

Carrie said, "You don't have any cold sores do you?"


"Then there's nothing to worry about. Besides, I've already had the flu mist spray. So I'm good.", Carrie said, kissing her again.

"Where was I when you did?", Kelly moaned against her lips.

"Mmmm, probably not listening to the Doc's *kiss* advice as usual."

"Why wouldn't---mmph mmm.", Kelly tried to respond but Carrie had silenced her with a kiss.

Then Carrie said, "Are you going to talk all through this? Because if you are, I'll tell people how you really lost your voice."

"You wouldn't!"

"Shhhh.", Carrie claimed her lips once more.

Kelly spread her legs out a little more to get comfortable with the weight of Carrie on top of her. Carrie licked Kelly's bottom lip, and then kissed her again. Their bodies slowly writhed against each other.

After making out for a full minute more, Carrie left Kelly's lips to teasingly lick her neck, using just the tip of her tongue. Kelly breathed a silent exhale hard. With Kelly's eyes closed, Carrie licked the fingers of her own left hand and moved them down Kelly's shirt. She kissed and suckled on Kelly's neck as her hand moved further.

Finding the waistband of Kelly's sweatpants was easy. Carrie's hand slid between the fabric and skin. She repositioned her body back up so that she was fully on top of Kelly to begin kissing her again. Carrie whispered, "Shhh relax." Kelly let her body relax and instinctually, her legs spread further out. Carrie's hand found the top of Kelly's mound as it lightly tickled her skin with her fingertips moving down.

Kelly breathed harder as her body moved against Carrie. Finally finding the opening of Kelly's entrance, Carrie's middle finger slid right in the slickness and her index finger followed. Kelly moaned. Against Kelly's lips, Carrie said, "Well somebody is aroused."

Kelly moaned, "Oh my...shit."

They continued making out as Carrie rubbed her fingers on her lover's clit.

It was getting hot and Kelly wanted to take her sweatshirt off. She broke the kiss quickly to ask Carrie if she minded. "Would I mind?", was her response, "Anything to see your body, KellBell. I might just cream my jeans right here." Carrie lifted the sweatshirt off and chucked it.

Carrie laid herself on top of Kelly's now totally nude, sweaty body. She pecked Kelly's lips, and massaged Kelly's breasts. One than the other. Carrie brought her head down so that her lips went around Kelly's right areola, then she flicked the nipple with her tongue and did the same to the left. Coming back up to Kelly's lips, she darted her tongue halfway in and out slowly before making out again. Kelly writhed her body in pleasure.

Carrie broke the kiss once again and said, "You know...I haven't eaten all day today."

Kelly said, "I'm sure that there is some of that soup left."

Carrie smirked, "I had something else in mind.", sliding her body down.

On her stomach between Kelly's legs, Carrie barely touched her fingertips onto Kelly's upper thighs, causing a mini shudder and mild pre-cum. With her thumbs, Carrie massaged the undersides of Kelly's thighs and reached in her face to lick and kiss her girl's inner thighs. All Kelly could do was moan.

Carrie moved her head in further and let her tongue find the bottom of Kelly's opening. She proceeded to lick from the bottom to the top. "Mmm.", escaped Kelly's lips. Carrie kissed the top of Kelly's nub before gently spreading the folds open with her thumbs. She flattened out her tongue and licked around the entrance. Next she moved in, grabbing the underside of Kelly's thighs as the girl's calves and knees were over Carrie's shoulders.

Now that she was in a better position both comfortably and for giving pleasure, Carrie moved in with her slithering tongue at it's intended target. Kelly let out, "Uhhhh. Mmm." Carrie slid her tongue up and down the folds, going past them to the inner folds and pushed deeper with her tongue up and down. Sideways her tongue went, it went flat, it thickened out, it moved to Kelly's clit to give a few well deserved flicks to tease. Then the tongue went back to probing the black hole.

Kelly felt the warm heat of Carrie's tongue on her womanhood while gyrating her body into the giver. She looked down to see Carrie between her legs giving her cunnilingus and it turned her on even more. Carrie said, "Mmm. You taste so good." Kelly moaned into her and reached down to push Carrie's face deeper into her core. Now Carrie concentrated solely on Kelly's clit, clamping her mouth down so that it was an almost air tight seal and sucked and sucked.

"Uhhh ohh.", Kelly breathed, "Fucckk. MMM."

Kelly knew that she was almost there. And Carrie knew as well, especially judging from the current juices that were now emanating from Kelly's core and running down into the crack of her anus. So Carrie dug deeper and Kelly pushed deeper, biting onto her lower lip. Carrie licked up and down the folds again, this time shoving a couple fingers inside, thrusting hard in and out. Then she took them and rubbed them against Kelly's clit. Kelly could feel the fire build and the electricity start to course through her veins. Kelly's chest was heaving as she said, "Uhhh oh God....fuck. Uh Uh Yesss. Come on...mmm. Fuck me, Carrie."

With Kelly at the paramount, Carrie dove in with her mouth and bit down, sucking hard on the clit before her. Kelly put her hands on the back of Carrie's head, urging her on, not wanting her to let go. "Oh shit. Fuck my pussy right...there...Oh oh uhhhh. I'm coming...uh uh uh....ooooo......huhhhhhh." Kelly felt the powerful surge through her body and she rode out her orgasm and let go of Carrie's head. She leaned back and breathed heavily trying to catch her breath back.

Carrie looked up and smiled, letting go of her lover's thighs and got up. She went to the set of dresser drawers and pulled out a set of pajamas. Carrie then crawled back into bed beside Kelly who was still breathing hard. "Hey beautiful.", Carrie whispered.

Kelly opened her eyes and asked, "Were you talking to me?"

Carrie laughed and said, "Yes, Baby. Calling myself that word would be a bit narcissistic don't you think? Anyway, here."

She tossed the pajamas to Kelly. "Put these clean ones on so you don't get a worse cold in the middle of the night."

Kelly said, "Alright.", and slid them on with Carrie helping her button the top shirt. "Thank you for taking care of me--in more ways than one. I love you so much."

Carrie said, "Of course. I always take care of my Girl. Now let's get some shut eye." They spooned with Carrie on the outside hugging Kelly to her body. After a few moments, Kelly heard a faint mumbling which sounded like numbers. Carrie had her index finger on Kelly's left shoulder and was saying, "1, 2, 3, 4..."

Confused, Kelly said, "What, the hell are you doing?"

Carrie said, "Nothing. I'm just always counting on you. That all."

Kelly said, "Oh. My. God. You are such a dork."

They both laughed while going to sleep, Carrie said, "Well either it's the jet lag from the flight and no food today or it's the fact that I'm punch-drunk in love. I'll take the latter."


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