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Country Cousins


Family gatherings were never one of Bob's favorite things to do. Still, he had to make the wife happy, and if that meant his two weeks of vacation this year were going to be spent driving half way across the country, then so be it. She didn't get to see her sister very often, and doing the drive beat listening to her bitching at him. Besides, she lived near of a nice secluded lake, and that meant that along with her husband Daniel, Bob could get some bass fishing in. Their daughters looked forward to the summer vacation as well, both would be returning to college again soon, and these family gatherings would become rarer and rarer. The driving went fairly easily, and the first day of the mini family reunion went well.

Everyone got reacquainted with each other, and had soon paired off. The older women wanted to go off and do some shopping at the fair, which the men folk readily agreed to. That way, Daniel and Bob could get started on planning their fishing uninterrupted. They were a bit surprised to find out that the girls wanted to spend the afternoon with them instead, but that didn't bother them. Those two would be more than happy to sun themselves on the deck, or maybe take a dip in the pool. Soon, the womenfolk were packed off in the car and out to do their shopping, and the girls were in the house changing for their afternoon. Bob helped Daniel get things ready for the morning's fishing when they came back out. Both men tried hard to avoid staring openly, but it couldn't be helped. Their daughters were gorgeous.

Bob's daughter Cathy was wearing a light blue floral tankini bathing suit. The tight tank top was tied off behind her neck and back, but it couldn't hide the fact that she had two very perky little tits under there. The bottoms were of a rather conservative cut, but the delectable curves of the young blonde's ass were displayed very nicely. She certainly drew stares from both of the men as she giddily bounded out of the house. Her long blonde hair was pulled behind her in a ponytail which swayed back and forth as she made her way towards them. Faye followed her, and was quite a sight to see as well. She was probably about a half a foot taller than her cousin, and built very differently.

Her curves were definitely voluptuous, and she had matured very nicely. Faye had managed to squeeze her massive breasts into a tight one piece suit, which was very revealing despite its simplicity. She bounced along behind Cathy, her jugs barely contained within the orange material of her swimsuit. Bob couldn't help but notice her long shapely legs as she strode towards him, delectable thighs revealed nicely by her high cut suit. His eyes followed her as she made her way past him, he certainly noticed that her suit was just a little too tight, conforming to her ass the way it did, but he didn't mind. In fact, he was so engrossed at watching the young beauty passing him, he failed to notice Daniel getting an eyeful of Cathy.

With a splash, the two girls were in the pool, and their fathers returned to the task at hand. It was a hot afternoon, and the sun beat down on them relentlessly. They too had their share of catching up to do, but somehow they always seemed to make their way around back to the pool. In between their splashing and swimming, the girls had also taken advantage of the high noon sun to lay out on the deck. Bob was highly intrigued with Faye, and he couldn't tear his eyes off her, at least when he knew that he wasn't being watched. Cathy even wiggled her butt at him suggestively, in an effort to get his attention one time when she saw what he was staring at, but Bob didn't notice.

Daniel did, however, and he had to turn away quickly to avoid having anyone see his reaction to his sexy young niece. So went the hot hours of the late morning and early afternoon, with the girls alternately splashing around or sunbathing, and either of the men making some lame excuse to come back to the rear of the house. Neither of them realized what the other was doing, but then again, each of them secretly wanted to come on back. On one such trip, Bob nearly fell over as he rounded the corner of the house, for he was treated to the sight of both girls bent over the pool about to dive in. The lovely view of those two fine asses lingered in his memory as he watched them tumble into the water. Daniel wasn't fortunate to see this, but it was his idea that they take a break and join the girls for a swim. Cooling off from the hot summer sun was his idea, but he had his eyes on Cathy as well.

The girls were surprised when their fathers ran over to the pool, stripping off their sweaty shirts and jumping in with them, but they soon recovered. In no time at all, the four of them were laughing and splashing away in the pool's refreshing waters. Their horseplay continued, with splashing and dunking more the norm, and laughter abounded. Here in the pool, innocent touches between the men and their daughters were overlooked, and both Bob and Daniel used that to their advantage, even though neither one of them realized what the other was doing. The girls didn't seem to notice the wandering hands either, or at least they didn't let on.

At one point, as Daniel grabbed Cathy to dunk her, his fingers brushed heavily against the crotch of her swimsuit, but she didn't seem to mind. And Faye just laughed when her Uncle Bob's hands were on her ass and tits as they frolicked in the water. It was almost as if the girls were used to such behavior from their fathers, and accepted it. Or in Faye's case, encouraged it as she rubbed her ass seductively against a barely concealed erection. Turning behind her, she brought two strong hands up to her breasts when she realized it was Uncle Bob, not her father behind her. She shrugged it off with a laugh, and the group water play continued, but Bob had definitely seen something in those mischievous eyes. Their exuberance was somewhat tempered after that, with no one wanting to seem too forward in this situation, but it hardly put a damper on things. Time was the ending factor in the pool, for the men still had some more work to get accomplished. They left the girls splashing around in the pool and headed back into the house.

Once they were safely out of earshot, Bob commented to Daniel about what a lovely young lady Faye had turned out to be. Daniel responded that he thought Cathy had developed nicely too, and what a shame it was that the girls would be back at college in a few weeks. He added that it would be a difficult transition for Bob, having his little girl away from home for the first time and subject to men's advances, but there were ways around that. That piqued Bob's curiosity. As they paused in their work he looked over towards his brother in law.

Certainly he couldn't mean what Bob thought he meant. Then again, there was Faye's rather provocative behavior before in the pool. His loins stirred at the thought of voluptuous Faye's hot young body. Surely she had meant to do what she did in the pool, of that he was certain, but with her own father? Before he spoke to Daniel, Bob reflected that she was more forward than he'd expected her to be, quite different than the relationship he shared with Cathy. Could it be that Daniel and Faye withheld the same secrets that he and Cathy did? If he guessed wrong, there was no way of telling how Daniel would react, but the situation presented itself, and he had to know. "Daniel, old buddy," he began. "Faye is certainly an attractive young woman, but the way she behaved just now in the pool, she thought that was you, didn't she? I mean, do you and her--"

Daniel stopped what he was doing completely, looking Bob dead in the eye. "Yes, we do," was his simple reply. He looked over at Bob, and was not at all surprised to see the shock on his brother in law's face. "Come on, Bob, you have to understand," he explained. "A girl like that goes away to school and she's fair game for everyone. At least this way, one person who truly cares about her won't hurt her." He waited with baited breath as Bob slowly nodded at him. A slow smile crossed Daniel's face. "Besides, you've seen her, what man wouldn't want to share a part of that." The last statement was delivered with a hint of an invitation, and Bob was quick to jump all over it.

"Sure, I understand," he started as his mind conjured up all sorts of possibilities. Bob most certainly did understand, for as soon as his eyes fell on Faye earlier this afternoon, he wanted her. Sure, his wife was quite a catch, and the secret sessions that he shared with Cathy were fulfilling, but Faye captured his imagination like no other. Like Cathy, she was young and ripe, but unlike his own daughter, Faye's figure was quite well developed. If he remembered correctly from the brief grasps he managed in the pool, she rivaled, if not exceeded his wife's chest measurement. What Daniel might be proposing here certainly had merit, and Bob was more than willing to hear him out. "With Cathy on her way to her freshman year, I kind of wondered how she'd do on her own too," confided Bob. "In fact, I had always hoped she'd be able to get some experience without getting seriously hurt..."

Daniel's eyes lit up with that statement. He was formulating his own plan in his mind, enticed by Cathy's youthful looks. It was no secret, really that he enjoyed Faye's sexual favors, like so many others had. But Cathy looked years younger than she actually was, and Daniel reckoned that it would be a treat to have such a tight little body for the taking. It was quite the opposite attraction that Bob had for Faye, but it worked. Together, the men shared their experiences and worked out a plan that would allow them to sample the other's little girl. It was bound to work, and with their wives away, there was no better time than the present. Without further delay, they headed back out to the pool, where the girls were waiting.

Faye and Cathy couldn't have been better prepared for this. As their father's approached, they were finishing up their sunbathing and were getting ready to go back inside the house. The arrival of their father's didn't deter them, however, and the four headed back indoors. Once they got there, the girls mentioned that they wanted to wash the chlorine out of their hair, and Daniel suggested that Cathy go ahead and use the master bathroom upstairs. In the meantime, Faye could show her uncle how she had finished off an unused corner of the basement to be her bedroom. This innocent sounding arrangement worked, and they split off in their separate directions. Both men traded a satisfied look as they let their charges lead them away.

Bob never took his eyes away from Faye's gorgeous ass as it sashayed down the stairs to her room. She was very nicely developed, and made no secret of it. Her swimsuit was a one piece, and she didn't bother with a cover up. After the afternoon of hard use, it had bunched up a bit in her ass, but Faye didn't make an effort to pull it out and cover herself up. Her blonde hair was pulled back behind her shoulders, but as Bob hurried to catch up to her, he could see her breasts swelling against the tight material of her suit. Faye's cleavage showed above it, however, and Bob thought that if he looked hard enough, he could see her nipples and the dark outlines of her aureole as well.

She was quite giddy as she led him down to her room, and they reached it rather quickly. Exuberantly, Faye showed off her stereo set and the decor of her bedroom as her uncle watched with detached interest. He was more interested in her, and didn't let his eyes wander far from her body. Her shape was damn near perfect, with her curvy ass and beautiful breasts giving her a decidedly hourglass figure. It was causing a noticeable bulge in Bob's shorts, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to conceal it for long. Looking over Faye's vanity, he saw just the thing to break the ice with the voluptuous beauty before him.

Upstairs, Daniel was trying to figure out the same thing. Cathy had bounded up the stairs eagerly, treating him to the lovely sight of her ass wiggling all the while. Her bikini bottoms had still been bunched up a bit, showing off a delightful view of her curvy butt. It was next to impossible for Daniel to conceal his state of excitement as he watched the little pixie dashing ahead of him. Her tight young body looked so delectable, he could barely contain himself. Normally, he was accustomed to a more robust beauty, such as his wife or Faye's curvaceous figure. Cathy was a stark contrast to that. Her petite body exuded a certain youth to it, and that was driving him wild. Sure she had a firm little ass, and well defined thighs, but her chest was barely there, almost as if she was just starting to develop rather than being old enough to head off to college. Daniel engaged her in conversation, asking her how much she was looking forward to school and all that when the idea hit him. Slowly, he steered their chat towards the topic of sex, mentioning that Faye had already spent her first year away from home, and might be able to give her younger cousin a few tips on keeping herself safe. Cathy laughed at her uncle's suggestion, mentioning that despite the fact that this would be her first time away from home, she certainly would be able to handle herself. In a mischievous manner, she added that perhaps she would take his suggestion to compare notes with Faye. There was a sparkle in her blue eyes as she said that, and Daniel thought he caught her gazing at his bulging shorts. He walked over to the laughing young girl slowly, and wondered aloud just how experienced someone like her could be. Cathy looked him in the eye, telling him that she knew what she was doing even as his hands reached out towards her. Daniel gently took the girl's arms in his grasp, letting her know that he was in on the little secret she shared with her father. Expectedly, her eyes widened as he revealed this to her, and the temporary shock left her unresponsive to her uncle's hands sliding down her smooth sides and reaching for her bikini bottoms.

Daniel's fingers slipped right underneath them as he pulled Cathy towards him. Her face registered shock at first, but she reached out for him as well, just as she would with her father. After all, she realized, if he knew, then it must be OK. Her well trained hands massaged the bulge in Daniel's shorts, then as she felt his fingers brushing against her pussy as he tugged on her bikini, she reached inside to find his rigid dick. Once she had his firmness in her hand, Cathy began a rhythmic stroking as she started to tug down her uncle's shorts. Her uncle was busying his hands as well, stroking the moist folds of her pussy with his fingers. The girl was so hot, and so wet that Daniel initially hesitated to pull of her bikini. Feeling her stroking him so quickly though sprung him into action.

His own shorts were already down around his ankles when he took Cathy's bikini bottoms and gave them a quick tug. She maintained her grip on his member even as she stepped out of them, letting Daniel get a good look at her exposed pussy. As he expected, only a soft tuft of blonde down adorned her crotch, and his fingers told him how tender and wet her pussy already was. Allowing his hands to roam free, he gave Cathy's ass a firm squeeze, delighted to find out just how tight her body was. She pressed herself against him as that happened, allowing his cock to brush against her soft bush. Even as they grinded themselves together, Daniel was reaching for her bikini top, undoing the clasp and pulling it away from her perky little tits. Once that was gone, Daniel gently eased her back down onto the bed, never taking his eyes from the hot little body in front of him.

What a sight she was. Cathy lay on her back, spreading her legs for her uncle's enjoyment. Pert little hands caressed her tiny breasts, with her fingers lingering on her hard little nipples. Her eyes met his as Daniel looked over her sexy body. He could barely detect a slight bit of moisture at the pink opening to her tight little pussy as he lay down on the bed with her. The smooth skin of her thighs felt oh so soft against his hands as he lovingly caressed her. Once again, Daniel allowed his fingers to tease the tiny slit between the girl's legs as he brought himself down next to her. Cathy's hands eagerly reached out for his cock, circling it with barely concealed experience and stroking firmly. As Daniel reclined next to her, stroking her hair as she curled up next to him, she slid down the bed towards him. Daniel caught her midway down, taking her petite breasts in his hands.

How firm and lovely they felt. He was so used to more well endowed women, and loved it, but this small breasted beauty captivated him. Those firm little breasts felt so good in his hands as he pulled his niece up to his mouth, taking her tits on his tongue. He squeezed them into his waiting mouth, sucking hard on the girl's alluring breasts. She tasted so good as he alternated first one, then the other ripe breast into his mouth. Cathy pressed her body tight against his, forcing her tits all the way into Daniel's devouring mouth. His hands roamed her body as he suckled on her, squeezing her ass to draw her in closer to him. For her part, Cathy kept her nimble fingers stroking her uncle's rigid cock, tugging on him harder and harder. From behind, she felt his fingers slipping between her pussy lips, and she spread her legs apart as best she could in this position to allow him to enter her.

Daniel felt her warm wet folds enveloping his fingers as he dared to stroke the outer lips of her pussy, feeling her wetness and wanting her more and more. His mouth sucked on her tits harder and harder as she wiggled around in his grasp. The two of them tumbled around on the bed, with Daniel finally sliding a finger all the way inside Cathy's tight little cunt. She squealed a bit as she felt his finger slipping slowly inside her, then ground her hips against him as the waves of pleasure overtook her body. Daniel completed turning her over, laying her down beneath him as he pulled his finger from her, stroking her clit and bush briefly before positioning his cock at the opening to her pussy. Cathy looked so innocent beneath him, yet she still spread her legs knowingly in anticipation. Just as Daniel's cock touched her puffy cunt lips, he wondered if Bob was having the same luck with Faye downstairs.

He certainly was. Bob had found a box of condoms on Faye's dresser, and had jokingly asked the girl about them. She laughed, saying that she definitely knew how to take care of herself, and that if he looked closer, the box was already half empty. That gave way to more lascivious remarks between the two, culminating in Faye's declaration that she knew which guys to be careful with, and which ones she could consider safe. He let his eyes take in their fill of her curvaceous beauty as he reached his hands out to her. No matter what her relation to him, Bob couldn't help but to lust after her.

Faye's body seemed ready to burst out of her tight fitting swimsuit. How she had managed to contain her breasts within, Bob would never know. He could already see her hard nipples poking out from beneath the form fitting fabric. The suit's high cut legs showed off Faye's shapely legs very nicely, and when she was turned away from him, Bob gasped as he saw the form fitting material stretched out across her ass. His fingers brushed against her arm as he whispered that he had enjoyed the way she touched him in the pool, and did she consider him to be safe. Faye answered him with lust filled eyes as she wriggled her arms out of her suit, letting it fall off her breasts before her uncle. Her hand reached out to caress his cock through his shorts as she drew Bob near to her, and kissed him with a passion. Faye took charge of him from this point, leading him over to her bed.

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