tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCountry Love Ch. 01

Country Love Ch. 01


I pulled up to the concert in my black 1964 Cadillac Coupe deVille. I had always been a fan of the artist who was playing at the Belcourt Theater, Miss Taylor Swift. Parking, I climed out. I put on my hat, locked the Coupe deVille, going inside.

It was a great concert. Packed with thousands of screaming fans, Taylor won the crowd with her songlist, ending with her classic, 'Teardrops on My Guitar'. So, I left.

It was dark in the streets, as I came up to a stop sign. I had bought a ticket for the next day's show, too, so it would be easy. Not that I cared, but there would also be a contest to have dinner with Taylor. Most guys would probably take her to some fancy, upscale, nose-in-the-air French restaurant. I wouldn't.

I pulled into my driveway, locking the Coupe deVille, and going inside. I flipped the switch, heading into the bedroom and going to sleep.

I went inside the Belcourt Theater, sitting as Taylor walked out onstage, addressing the crowd. The crowd cheered as they started to play 'Picture to Burn'. It was an excellent concert, actually. Right after she finished the song 'I Heart Question Mark', Taylor addressed the crowd.

"Everyone, as you probably know, some lucky person in this room is going to win dinner with me tomorrow. Check your tickets, and the number will be coming in a sec." she said, as a man in a suit walked out, a glass bowl in his hands.

'I might as well try. Not gonna win, though.' I thought, taking the ticket from my wallet. Numbers were written on the face of the ticket, sort of like a raffle.

Taylor stuck her hand into the jar, moving it around, grabbing one of the tickets in the jar, pulling it out. She held it up to the light. "Alright." she said. "The winning number is: 812,645,781."

The auditorium quieted before she read the numbers. I could hear the shuffling of feet, hoping that they would be the person to take Taylor out, hopefully impressing her. I looked down at mine. 812,645,781 was written on mine.

"Will the winner of the contest please come up on stage?" said the man in the suit. I stood up and took the stairs up, the sound of my boots walking against the hardwood stage reverberated throughout the auditorium. I stood in front of the silent crowd. They scanned me, from my black cowboy hat, my face, all the way down to my boots.

"Well, you are the lucky man. If you will, just let me see the ticket." said the man in the suit, as I gave him the ticket. "Very well, you have won."

I was told to wait, as the crowd left. Taylor came over.

"Mr. Walker, meet me at the Grand Opry Hotel tomorrow, at seven. Congrats, by the way" she told me.


I didn't intend to take Taylor anywhere fancy or high-class. It was dinner. Just a meal, you know? I put my cowboy hat and boots on. I wore a pair of blue jeans and a cowboy shirt (which I will refer to as such because I couldn't find a better word).

I picked Taylor up where she said. Like me, she was wearing casual clothes. She was impressed with the Coupe deVille.

"So, where we going?" she asked.

"Depends where you want to go." I replied, turning the key.

"Hey, I thought that if a guy won, he'd try to impress me by taking me to somewhere fancy, like a French restaurant." she replied.

"Not me. I was just planning on going on wherever you wanted to go." I said, as we came to a red light.

"We could to to KFC." she offered.

"Sure." I said.


We got our food from KFC, sitting at one of the booths. In minutes, we were laughing, talking, and having a good time.

"Wow, Taylor. I never would have thought that you'd turn out like this. I thought you'd want to go somewhere fancy." I said.

"Nope. I'm just a down-to-earth girl. Guess we both had wrong expectations. If you'll excuse me for a second, I'll be right back." she said, standing up and walking away. I got up, too, filling up my soda.

I looked out the window. This was turning out different than I had expected. I'd expected to have to get her somewhere famous people would eat, then take her to her hotel room. But, none of that matters and I don't know why I just told you that, because it doesn't change anything.

After a couple minutes of waiting, Taylor came back. We threw our stuff away and took the Coupe deVille back to her hotel room. We pulled up outside.

"Had a good time this evening." said Taylor. "Your a fun person to hang out with."

"Not so bad yourself." I replied.

"It's amazing, though. This...this didn't turn out anything like I expected. I expected you would be the kind of man who'd try to get at me, try to get me to go out with him again. You've shown none of that tonight. I'm impressed." she said.

"I am a fan of your music, I will say that. I've liked your music ever since I heard it. But I will treat any woman, no matter who, with respect and courtesy."

"I thought you'd say that. Too bad I have to run. Here, take this and call me sometime." she said, handing me a piece of paper. "Bye." she said.

"Bye." I replied, putting the scrap of paper in my wallet. I pulled away, heading back home. On this dinner, I had accomplished way more than I expected. I had exceeded Taylor's expectations, by doing the opposite of what she expected. She even said that I had impressed HER, just by being myself.

I programmed the number into my cellphone as I pulled in at home. I had realized something, however, that I hadn't noticed throughout the whole trip with Taylor. By just sitting with her, talking with her, laughing with her and making her laugh, I had learned about her personality.

And what I had said to her, about treating women with respect and courtesy, was completely true. It was how I was raised as a boy. But, that doesn't matter.

I awoke the next morning, taking a shower and shaving. I dressed in a t-shirt and some jeans, wearing my boots, heading off to work. I worked at a Country Music shop. It was a good job, with good pay and a discount on CDs. I spent a couple days doing such.

That weekend, I woke up and cleaned myself up, dressing. I took out my cellphone, sending a text to Taylor.


Wondering if you wanted to go get some breakfast.


She agreed, and I picked her up.

"So, where do you wanna go?" I asked.

"Why don't we go to your place, maybe have some breakfast there." she suggested, not in a naughty way, but in a normal way, like she wanted to see my house.


We got back to my house, going inside. Thank God I kept my house clean. She went in ahead of me, sitting down at the table. I went up and did my best impression of a waiter.

"May I take your order?" I said.

"Uh, yeah. I'll take some sausage, a biscuit, and an egg please." she said, giggling a little.

"Good. How do you want your eggs?"

"Scrambled, please."

"To drink?"

"Diet Coke, please." she said, laughing.

"Yes ma'am. Your order will be up right away." I said, laughing with her.

I fixed our breakfast, with eggs in the frying pan, a pair of biscuits in the oven, and sausage frying in another pan. When it was all finished, I threw some hot pads on the table, putting the stuff on it. I served our drinks.

"Bon appetite." I said, sitting, grabbing a napkin.

"Looks great." said Taylor, taking a couple pieces of sausage for herself.

We decided to go watch a movie. Taylor picked out 'The Godfather'.

"Listen, the reason I left last night was because I was also going to hang out with Kellie Pickler at a club. I was up pretty late." said Taylor, as I sat on the couch. I leaned up against it, her against me, as the movie started. About a quarter-way through, she fell asleep, her head against my chest.

I wasn't gonna disturb her, and I wasn't going to do anything to her, either. I just put my arm on her shoulder and watched the movie.


I started the Godfather, PT 2, which was on the same DVD, when Taylor woke up.

"Huh? What happened?" she asked quietly.

"You fell asleep, Taylor." I said. Not in a depressed, deprived way, but in a kind, gentle way.

"Oh. Thanks for putting up with it. I wouldn't have dozed off, but I was up pretty late last night." she said, still drowsy.

"Don't worry about it. Slept for a while, though. It's just about noon." I said, helping her up. "How about I go get you something to eat?"

"No thanks."

"So, you want me to take you back to the hotel, or what?" I asked patiently.

"Let's go back to my hotel and watch some TV." she answered.


We went back to the Grand Opry Hotel. Taylor lead me into the penthouse suite, which was quite marvelous. A wall-mounted plasma TV hung on the opposite wall of the bed in the bedroom. Another TV, this time on the floor, also a plasma, sat in the living room. The kitchen, in addition to a fully-stocked fridge, held a popcorn maker and all kinds of popcorn.

We decided that the best room would be the living room. With a bowl of popcorn and a couple Diet Cokes, we watched TV like normal people. Surprising, isn't it? About an hour into watching, my cellphone rang.

"Hello? WHAT?! Oh my God! What happened?" I said, getting tense quickly.

It was my mother calling, from Los Angeles.

"It's your Uncle Joseph. He was in a severe car accident." she said.

"I'll be there as soon as possible. Good bye." I said, hanging up.

"What's up?" ask Taylor.

"It's my uncle. He got into a really bad car wreck, and he's in an LA hospital in Intensive Car. I'm sorry, Taylor, but this is my favorite uncle. I have to go." I said, getting up to leave.

"I'll go with you." said Taylor, getting up after me.

"Are you sure?" I replied.

"Yeah. I don't have any concerts planned, and I'm sure you could use the company, instead of sitting by an over-talker on the plane, or something." said Taylor.

I gave a little smile, as Taylor went to pack up her stuff. I went home to pack some stuff, and we met at the Nashville Airport. I paid for a pair of tickets, and we boarded.

"So, I don't mean to intrude anywhere or anything, but you seem really tense about your uncle." said Taylor on the plane.

"I am. This is my Uncle Joseph, my namesake. He spent a lot of time with me as a kid, he even took me to my first concert and helped me buy my Coupe deVille. Me and him are really close." I said, looking out the window.

"Oh. I'm sorry, I didn't know." she said.

"Not at all. Its just...I don't know. It's just painful."

The rest of the flight was spent in silence. We booked a hotel room (yes, we shared a room) in a hotel of which I can't remember the name. Taylor (in disguise when we checked in) decided to stay at the hotel while I went to visit my Uncle.

I walked as calmly as I could down the hall to the nurse's desk, asking for the room. It was right behind me. I went in, seeing my uncle laying in the bed, an IV running down to his arm. My Mother sat in a chair at his side, looking like she was crying.

"Hello, everybody." I said, struggling to stay calm.

"Hey, Joey. Surprised to see you this quick." said my Dad, who leaned against a wall.

"I got on the soonest flight out of Nashville I could. What happened, anyway?" I replied, sitting down, taking off my hat, sitting it on a table.

"He was going after he'd stopped at a stop sign. Out of nowhere, a car came and plowed into the driver's side door. He was injured, so they brought him here." said my Mom, her voice unstable.

I thanked her for the explanation. I was there until about 9:00, when I thought it'd be best for me to leave. I promised to bring them something good for breakfast, as I left. I took a cab back to the hotel. Taylor was already asleep, so I just grabbed a quilt and climbed onto the couch, turned on the TV, and tried to go to sleep.

I awoke about 6:00 the next morning. I left a note to Taylor where I went, and went to the rental car place. I rented another Coupe deVille (somehow or another, only a couple years ahead of my own.) I had left Taylor the other rental, picked up some breakfast, and went to the hospital. It was a miracle.

I walked into the ICU room, and, to my surprise, my Uncle sat there, awake and happy, but a little week.

"Hey there, buddy." he said weakly, as I walked through the door. "When did you get here?"

"Last night, I flew in from Nashville. Enough about me, though. How are you feeling?" I replied, smiling simply on the fact that he was conscious.

"A little weak, but otherwise fit as a horse." he joked.

"You always were stubborn." I replied, to his laughter.

"Here, Mom, Dad, Aunt Pat, I bought you some breakfast." I said to my parents and Aunt Pat, handing them the bag of food I brought.

"Thanks. I'm surprised you actually got here this early. Thought you'd head to a club or something." said Aunt Pat.

"Heck no. I wouldn't go out to a club just to try to forget about my troubles. Never." I said, much to general laughter.

"Really? I happen to remember a time that a certain someone in this room's sister got into a small accident, but broke a couple ribs, and this certain someone turned off his cellphone at the club he went to, and didn't get the message that she didn't break any ribs, but just bruised them slightly." said Uncle Joseph.

"You couldn't help me out this one time?" I asked, looking at him, and he laughed.

I was there for a couple hours when I decided to get a soda. While I was trying to decide if I wanted a Root Beer or a Coke, my phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, Joey? How's your Uncle?" asked the voice on the other end.

"Oh, hi Taylor. He's not near as bad as I expected. He must've been still knocked out from the wreck last night, but he's sitting up and joking today." I answered.

"Oh, good. I suppose those prayers worked, huh?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You were asleep this morning, when I came in to get a soda. You were praying in your sleep."

"Just worried, you know?"

"Yeah. Just calling to check on you and him." she said. "Good bye."

"Bye." I said, as we both hung up. Then, I realized something. While I was talking to Taylor, I had made up my mind on what I wanted to drink. 'Damn. Forgot.' I just got a Diet Coke and went back to the ICU.

"Hey, Joey, you just missed the Doctor. He said they'd be moving me to a different room. I'd have to stay there for a couple weeks, but that's okay." said Uncle Joseph.

"Great. Hey guys, I'm gonna go back to the hotel, try and get some sleep. Didn't sleep to well last night. Bye. Bye, Uncle Joey." I said.


I climbed into the rented Coupe deVille, heading back to the hotel and back to Taylor. She was shocked to see me back so early.

"What are you doing back so early? I expected you to be there all day, like yesterday." she said in her surprise.

"Nope. I wanted to take you out to celebrate." I said.

"Sounds good. Just let me go get ready." she said, as my cellphone rang for the second time that day. I looked at the number, it was the hospital.

"Hello?" I asked, doing my best to keep my voice from being wobbly from worry.

"Hey, it's your mother. They've said what was wrong with your Uncle. They removed the IV and have put him on a light-food diet. He's asleep, now. But, he did want you to know that he's okay." said Mom.

"Okay, thanks for the update. I'll call you later. Love you, bye." I said, receiving the same, and hanging up.

Taylor walked out, ready to go.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Well, I was thinking about it and, maybe we could stay here and I have room service bring something up. We haven't spent any time together since we got here, you know?" I said.

"Sounds good. Besides, I'd rather have you to myself than go to a restaurant, with everyone else wondering 'What the heck? What are they thinking, wearing casual, southern apparel? What do they think they are, cowboys?" replied Taylor, as we both laughed.

"So, what should we have?"

"How about...Italian." she offered.

"Well, that narrows it down to one country." I joked.

"Okay, how about a pepperoni pizza?" she suggested.

"Sure." I said, picking up the telephone. "Room service, bring up one..."

"Medium." mouthed Taylor, to my nod.

"Medium sized pepperoni pizza, please. What? You do. Just a second." I said, turning my attention to Taylor. "They have some freshly-made ice cream ready, and can send up any condiments we want."

"Great. Why don't we split some, and get some chocolate sauce?" offered Taylor.

"Sounds great. One medium pepperoni pizza, and some ice cream with chocolate sauce." I ordered. Ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, a man came to the door, knocking. I gave him a $5.00 tip and the money for the food, taking it from him. We sat down at the coffee table, taking some of the plates from the cabinet.

"Want a soda?" ask Taylor, from the kitchen.

"Sure. Diet Coke, please." I said.

"Incoming!" she said, as she threw it through the wooden bars in the no-glass window, as I caught it.

I got ready, as Taylor came in and sat down next to me. The pizza was good, actually. Some of the best I'd ever eaten. It had some spices in the pepperoni, making that good. We boxed up what we didn't eat and put it in the kitchen, most likely for breakfast in the morning.

We served ourselves some ice cream and sauce. Not very long into it, Taylor looked at me. She had just a dab of chocolate sauce on her lip, and we laughed. There was some kind of a connection between us, and we could both feel it.

She wiped it off, and we ate the rest of the meal, talking and laughing.

Later, that evening, we lay in a chair on the room's balcony. It was strangely cold that evening, so we had a small cover over both of us. I lay against the actual chair, and Taylor lay against me.

"Hey, look. A shooting star. Make a wish." said Taylor, pointing into the dark, starry sky.

"I don't have to. You already came true." I said, to good effect. We kissed a deep, romantic kiss. (Yes, I know it was a classic and overused line, but it fits, does it not?)

The kiss lasted for a minute, but it felt like forever. Something triggered inside both of us. Heat emanated from our bodies. The feel of my lips against her's turned her on, as it did me. We were both ready for our first time as a couple.

We returned inside. Unforunately, I had to go to the bathroom downstairs, to buy a condom (don't ask me why they had a condom dispenser in the bathroom). She told me to hurry back. My mind raced as I climbed into the elevator, which felt like it took for ever. The only thing I could think of was 'Why is this elevator taking so damn long?!'

Finally, I got to the plaza. I headed for the bathrooms, as calmly as I could. I know that Taylor was waiting, but it wouldn't be right to knock over twenty people to get to the bathroom. I got in the door, checked that nobody was around, bought the condom, and got the hell out.

I got back to the hotel room, locking the door behind me. Couldn't see anyone, so I guessed she was in the bedroom. I was right. She lay on the soft, red silk covers, in sexy, black lingerie. She was ready.

I lay on the bed next to her, and she climbed on top of me. We kissed, our tongues meeting, fighting passionately. She undid my jeans, pulling them down. Next, she removed my boxers, looking at, and apparently impressed, by my 7-inch cock.

She toyed with it, her tongue touching it, feeling it, then withdrawing it. She licked the shaft, before finally putting it in her mouth. She took the whole thing in her mouth, almost gagging. It was fully erect, and ready for action.

She climbed back up on top of me, as we kissed again. Our tongues met, moving around, twisting. Taylor turned over, as I got on top of her, kissing her breasts, lightly nibbling on her nipples, which were already hard.

"Joey, I need to feel you inside me..." she said, as I still lay on top.

I guessed, correctly, that she had never had anyone play with her pussy before penetration.

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