Country Store


It was hot but it was the south after all. I was riding in the front seat of my friend Ken's car on the way home from college. We had the windows down and the wind was blowing my long blonde hair all around. It felt wonderful and free. My bare feet were propped up on the dash board so I could stretch my legs out. I think this was driving Ken a little crazy. We were just good friends but my legs were tan and looked extra long when I was wearing my little cutoff jeans.

I think of Ken as more of a brother but I wonder sometimes how he feels about me, I see a little bulge in his pants sometimes when we are together. This was one of those times, I can feel his eyes move from my legs to my chest. I leaned back and took a deep breath. I am so bad. My chest is a little larger than normal and it looks even bigger on my small frame. They are only 36C but I weigh 115 lbs and my waist is 26 inches. They also looked especially good today wrapped up in a little pink camisole shirt and a pink lace bra that you could see poking out of the top of the camisole. Yes, I was a bad girl.

I felt a little sorry for Ken but I just didn't think of him in that way. He is very sweet and cute but he just doesn't do it for me. I am more attracted to the bad boys. I am 19 and just finished my freshman year at college but for my age I don't feel like I have much experience with sex. I have only had one boyfriend and he only fucked me twice. He is long gone now so I spent the last semester single. It was fun and all with all the parties but I have not yet found anyone special. Maybe my standards are too high.

"Ken, I have to go to the bathroom really bad." I said. He looked over and I was rubbing my crotch slowly, trying to hold it in. Oops, I guess that did wonders for his bulge. Poor Ken. I really should stop doing that to him.

"I need gas anyway, we'll stop at the next place." He said.

Ken pulled into an old gas station that had only one pump. It looked a little like one of those stations in the old TV series. I jumped out of the car as soon as he stopped.

"You want anything?" I asked him.

"Yeah, get me a big coke." He said.

"Coming right up." I said and skipped into the store.

I walked into the little store and it was one of those old-fashioned country stores with the wood floors and the little bell on the door. It was very cute and it smelled like fresh vegetables. The cashier poked his head up from behind the counter. He was an older man who looked a little rough around the edges. He had a big belly sticking out of the bottom of his shirt and he reminded me a little of my grandfather.

"Sir, do you have a bathroom?" I asked him, bouncing a little on my toes.

"It's back around here, sugar britches." He answered.

Sugar britches? Wow, that's a new one on me. There was a little aisle between the counter and the shelves. I walked through it and around behind the counter. I could feel him looking me up and down. I looked quickly around and didn't see a bathroom. I turned to face him and he was staring directly at my breasts.

"Where is it?" I asked politely, trying to break his stare.

"Sorry baby, I was just mesmerized by those tits. We don't get special ones like that around here often." He said

I was temporarily shocked and taken aback by his language and bluntness. I should have got out of there right then but I just stood there looking at him, not sure what to do. I also still needed to go to the bathroom really bad so I thought he was still harmless. He reached under the counter and pulled out a camera. He moved to his right, blocking the aisle I had used to get behind the counter.

"Darling, would you mind if I took a few pictures? I need to prove to my buddies when I tell them a pretty little thing like you wandered into my store." He said.

"Uh, I don't know. I just need to go to the bathroom." I stammered. I did not know what to think or do, I had never been in a situation like this. I was hoping Ken would come into the store soon.

"Come on darling, with tits and ass like yours I am sure you have had lots of pictures taken." He grumbled.

I stood staring at him, dumbstruck and speechless. He snapped a picture.

"That will be a good one. Now put your leg up there on that box." He ordered.

I was getting a little scared now and thought I should just do what he said, give him a few pictures so I could get out of here. He was right in that I did have a lot of experience modeling for the local department stores and stuff, nothing big. What could a few pictures hurt? I put my foot up on the box, forcing my right leg into a 90 degree angle. He snapped another picture.

"Beautiful, now leave that leg right there and lift up those big tits with your hands and squeeze them together." He barked.

Now I was officially scared and I felt my eyes start to water and I started to shake.

"It's ok sweetie, I am not going to hurt you. Just let me get a few more pictures, you can take a piss and be on your way. Now give me a good pose." He said.

Still hoping to escape without too much damage I cupped my breasts and pushed them together. He snapped a picture. I took my leg down quickly.

"Can I leave now?" I asked, fighting back tears.

"Almost sweet pea, just a few more." He said.

"Please, I need to go really bad." I pleaded.

"Ok, sweetie, that door right behind you is the bathroom. You go do your business and we can finish when you get out." He said and pointed to a small door marked "Private".

I scampered in and closed the door. I unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my panties down quickly and sat down. I was just in time as I felt relief immediately as my bladder emptied. I sat there and trembled. What should I do? I left my cell phone in the car and Ken was still outside waiting. I couldn't force my way past the man as he was too big. There was no way out. I would just have to try and convince him to let me go. I stood up and pulled back up my pants and panties and took a deep breath. I opened the door slowly and stepped back out. He was leaning on the counter, smiling.

"Feel better, baby?" he asked

"Yes, thank you." I tried to sound sweet so maybe he would let me go.

"Ok, let's finish up. I only need a few more. Now step a little closer and unzip those little shorts." He said with a big smile.

I shook my head no and squeaked, "Please, you said you would let me go after a couple of pictures."

"Baby, you are in quite a pickle. You are here by yourself with only your little weenie friend out in the car who I think is too scared to even come in here. I also have a picture of you offering those sweet little tits to me so any police officer would think you were a very willing participant in whatever happened. Yes, I would say, quite a pickle. So you see, you can cooperate and let me get my pictures or I can take them my way. In fact, now that I think about it, that might be even more fun." He said and smiled.

I quickly unzipped my shorts.

"That's better, sweetie, now open them up so I can get a peek at those little panties." He said.

I pulled open the flaps, exposing the front of my pink lace panties. He snapped more pictures.

"Now little one, what I have been waiting for. Let's pull that cute little shirt up and see those beautiful tits." He snickered.

I pulled my shirt up slowly until it was over my breasts and my pink lace bra was on display. He snapped another picture and then made a gesture for me to keep going. I knew what he wanted so I unsnapped my bra in the front and my breasts popped out. The air hit my nipples and they hardened immediately, much to his delight. He started snapping lots of pictures. I just stood there, frozen.

"Honey, that is probably the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. You should be very proud." He said.

"Now, pull them shorts down a little, let me see all of those pretty panties." He said.

I pulled my shorts down over my hips and left them on my thighs. He snapped another picture.

"Now you can pull them little panties down, let me see that little pussy." He said.

I was numb now with fear. I could only follow his directions and hope I would make it out. I pulled my panties down, exposing my blonde pussy to this total stranger. He snapped another couple of pictures.

I think I was in shock, I couldn't move. It was like I was looking down over this scene. A cute, young girl with her shirt pulled up, her bra open and her full breasts standing out with her panties and shorts around her thighs and an old fat man taking pictures. It was unreal. How did I get into this and how was I going to get out?

He walked up to me and whispered, "Now sweetheart, why don't you get down on your knees?"

I snapped back to reality and shook my head violently.

"Please, mister, let me go. You have enough pictures now." I said, my voice cracking.

"We're almost done baby girl, now kneel." He said and grabbed my shoulder and pushed down.

I fell to my knees, staring at the bulge in his dirty jeans.

"Now, take those delicate little fingers and get to work." He ordered.

I figured I knew exactly what he was talking about and I reached out and unbuttoned his jeans. His stomach dropped down a little as the button gave way. I pulled the zipper down and he was not wearing underwear. I felt my stomach turn. His pubic hair was thick and black. I could not see his penis. I paused.

"Come on baby, go get your treasure." He said.

I reached into his pants and felt his semi-hard penis. I pulled it out and it flopped into the air, inched from my face. It was bigger than my boyfriend's but that wasn't saying much. It was not completely hard and it smelled old.

"Ok, darling, I am sure a little whore like you knows what to do." He said.

I tried to move my hand over it but the skin was too loose. The smell was making me sick. I tried no to breathe. I heard him take another picture.

"Baby, get it in your mouth before I get angry." He grumbled.

I was scared back into action. I moved slowly towards it and tried to hold my breath. I touched it lightly with my lips. I opened my mouth and slowly slid it in. The taste was horrible. I felt myself gag. I slid it completely in and my forehead was resting on his belly. I felt him put his hand on the back of my head. It was still a little soft so it folded easily in my mouth.

I felt him pull out slowly and then push back in. I just stayed still.

"Move that tongue, whore." He ordered.

I moved my tongue across the underneath as he shoved it back in. I felt it start to harden and fill my mouth. It continued to grow and I felt it start to push against the back of my throat. I put my hands on his thighs and tried to pull back but his hand on my head kept me from moving. I felt it creep into my throat and I gagged again. I was starting to lose the ability to breath.

I pushed harder against him but his powerful hand held my head in place. I couldn't get a breath and I started to panic. My body was fighting for breath and life but I couldn't get his now hard cock out of my throat. Just as I felt myself getting dizzy he pulled out quickly. I felt a breath rush into me and I started gasping. As I was trying to recover he pulled me up by the hair. I screamed in pain as I was pulled to my feet. I felt my shorts drop and gather at my ankles.

He turned me around quickly and pushed me over until my head and chest hit the top of a pile of boxes. I felt him move behind me. As I was struggling to get my breath back he drove his penis all the way into my pussy. I felt his belly rest on my back. I felt myself grunt as my pussy was stretched more than it had ever been to accept his intrusion.

He started immediately pounding into me, his body enveloping mine. I felt his hands come around me and grab my breasts. He squeezed them hard and I screamed again. I was totally under his control as my head bounced against the side of the boxes as he abused my little pussy. My first stroke of good luck came when he buried himself in me and held it there. I felt his penis shoot a hot wad of cum all over my insides. He stayed in me and proceeded to shoot another wad. I had never felt so much as I felt him pump another load in me. He slowed down but pumped a couple more times before he pulled out. He slapped me across the ass hard as he pulled out. I squealed a little as my ass felt the sting.

I felt cum seep out of my pussy and start to run down my leg. I heard him take another picture.

"I am sorry about that sweet pea, I was only planning on getting a few pictures but your sweet charms just overwhelmed me." He said in an almost apologetic tone.

"But my boys will really like that picture of your sweet little cunt leaking cum all over my floor. That was incredible sweetie. You are quite the fuck I must say, baby girl. I appreciate you coming in here and brightening an old man's day." He chuckled.

I started to stand up slowly as my sore body responded.

"Ok sweetie, you can get all dressed now." He said.

I pulled up my panties, trapping the cum that was seeping out of me. I pulled up my shorts and zipped them. I snapped my bra back and pulled my shirt down. He moved to the side to let me though. I felt his cum sliding around in my pussy as I walked. He pulled two cokes out of the cooler and set them on the counter.

"Don't forget your drinks, sweetie, you wouldn't want to disappoint your champion out there." He smirked.

"Consider them payment for services rendered." He chuckled.

I grabbed the cokes and hurried out of the store. I walked quickly across the parking lot and jumped back into the car.

Ken looked over at me. "Holy shit Kim, what took you so long. I was about ready to go in after you."

"Sorry" I muttered without looking at him.

I just sat there and said nothing, feeling more cum slide out of my sore pussy and drench my panties. I felt cheap and dirty. I took a swig of my coke, trying to wash the taste of old dirty penis out of my mouth. I pulled up my legs tight to my chest. I wanted to just hide in plain sight.

"That was a cool little place and the gas was cheap. We'll have to stop there on the way back." Ken said.

I just nodded and stared straight ahead as I felt more cum seeping out of me.

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