tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCountry Store Ch. 03

Country Store Ch. 03


(Author's hint: This is an ongoing series and will make much more sense if you read Chapters 1 & 2 before this one.)


I swallowed hard as Ken shot his load deep into my mouth. I pulled off of him slowly and licked the last drop of cum off the head of his cock. I put his cock back in his pants and zipped and snapped them. I sat back in my seat and leaned back. My world was torn apart. I left my house a couple of hours ago to get back to school a pure, innocent college girl. In the last two hours I had fucked two fat guys, one of them black and I had just finished giving my close friend a blow job as I sat topless in his car. What had I become?

I thought of many adjectives to describe me now, slut, whore, easy, skank. My mind was flying with horrible thoughts. What would I do when I got back to school? How could I concentrate with all that had happened? What would Ken do? I looked over at him and he was staring straight ahead at the road. He had had no reaction whatsoever as he shot a load of cum into my mouth. He had treated me so nice before and now I had ruined it. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I leaned back and closed my eyes.

"Wake up." I heard and snapped my eyes open.

I looked around and we were at school, parked in the lot next to my dorm. I realized I was still sitting in Ken's car without my shirt. I looked at him.

"Yes, you can put your shirt back on. No use giving everyone here a look at your tits yet." He said and opened the door to get out.

I grabbed my shirt off the back seat and slipped it back on. It was almost dry but it still did not do much to hide my full breasts. It was a peasant blouse with elastic at the top and bottom. It looked fine when I left the house but the old man had kept my bra and soaked my shirt to get all the cum out. Now it was damp and my breasts bounced freely beneath the light fabric. I jumped out of the car and saw Ken taking my luggage out of the trunk. He started walking towards my dorm, carrying my bags and dragging my suitcase. I followed him, not sure of what to say.

We got to the front door and met a few guy friends leaving.

"Hey, Ken, Kim, how are you?" I heard them as they approached.

It was three guys who were very close friends of mine. The first one walked up and gave me a big hug. He pulled back and looked down.

"Kim, your shirt is wet, what did you guys do on the way here?" he laughed.

I felt my face blushing as I knew they could probably see my nipples through the damp material.

"I had a little problem; got something all over my shirt and I had to wash it out." I answered, trying to play it down.

The second one walked up and also hugged me, I felt him squeeze hard and my breasts squashed against his chest. He pulled back and also looked down.

"That's ok, baby, it looks just fine." He teased.

"Cut it out, you pervert." I said and covered my chest with my arms.

"No baby girl, I can't be a pervert at my age. I am just taking in the sites." He laughed.

The third guy came up behind me and hugged me from the back. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my arms down. I felt my breasts push against the front of my shirt as he squeezed me. He continued to hold me as the other two just stared.

"I missed you girl, glad to have you back, real glad." He said as he held on to me.

"Ok, Ok, you guys have had your fun, now let me go get unpacked." I said, struggling to free my arms.

He let me go and I turned to slap him on the arm. They all laughed and left us at the door. Ken just turned and went into the building. I followed him. He went to the elevators and pressed the up button. My room was on the second floor. I wondered if my roommate was there yet. The elevator bell went off and the doors opened. We went in and the doors closed behind us.

"Ken, will you please talk to me. I am so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen." I said, the tears returning to my eyes.

He said nothing and continued to stare straight ahead. I saw the 2 button light up and the doors opened slowly. Ken walked out and turned right towards my room. He went up to the door and tried the knob. It opened right up. I knew my roomie was not there yet as she never left the door unlocked. I walked into the room and Ken dropped my luggage on the floor between the beds. He turned and walked back to the door.

'Ken, please, talk to me." I pleaded as he grabbed the doorknob.

He said nothing but he closed the door and locked it. He turned back to me as I stood between the twin beds. He walked up and stood right in front of me. I looked up into his eyes and saw anger mixed with sadness.

"Kim, I am not sure what happened today." He started.

"I didn't wan......" I tried to say but he put his finger across my lips.

"Don't say anything. I don't want to hear any explanations yet. I am too angry and it will only make it worse. Like I said, I don't know what went on today but it has changed the way I look at you. I used to worship you and I would have done anything for you. I think I actually loved you in a way. Now, I don't know what to do. When I look at you now I don't see my pretty, smart friend. I see a piece of meat. I see big tits and a nice ass on top of long, hot legs. I can't get those thoughts out of my mind. I don't' know what will go on this semester but I know I will have trouble concentrating." He said.

I opened my mouth to say something but no words made it to my lips. I did not know what to say. He had expressed exactly how I was feeling. I felt like a piece of meat that was just around to be fucked. I stood there and looked at him.

He reached out and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I raised my arms and didn't do anything to stop him. His hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed them gently. He ran his fingers across my nipples and I felt them harden. I just stood there and looked at him. He looked into my eyes and I did not see anger anymore, just sadness.

He turned me around and pushed between my shoulder blades. I bent over and put my hands on my bed. My bed was low so my head was below my waist and my ass sticking up. I felt him flip my skirt onto my back and rip my panties down my legs. I felt them gather at my ankles. He lifted my right leg up and slipped them off, leaving them gathered around the other ankle. I felt his hand slip between my thighs and push them apart. I opened my legs more. I could not stop what he was doing. I hoped he would eventually forgive me so I felt like maybe I could help by doing whatever he wanted me to. I heard his zipper and I lowered my head.

His cock slipped into me in one quick stroke. I was still moist from the double fucking I had gotten at the little store. He slammed deep into me. He grabbed my waist and started to immediately hammer me hard. I heard his skin slapping against mine. I hope the girls on either side were not here yet as our walls were paper thin and everyone knew the sound of skin slapping and what it meant.

Ken pounded my little pussy hard without saying a word. My breasts were bouncing wildly as they hung down. I was now on my elbows with my head across my arms. Ken continued to slam in and out me. He slipped his hands a little around the front of my waist and began to pump a little upwards, lifting me slightly off the ground with each stroke. He kept this up for a couple of minutes before I felt his hold me close against him and deposit his load of cum deep within me. I felt his cock flinch at least two times as he filled me up. He pulled out slowly and stepped away. I heard him pull up his pants and zip himself up.

I stayed in the same position until I heard the door open and close. The tears burst out of me as my legs gave way and I fell to the floor beside my bed. My head was on the bed and I started to cry hard. I could not stop as everything that had happened today flashed before me. I saw my daddy's face as he waved goodbye and I cried even harder. I don't know how long I cried but I remember vaguely crawling into my bed and pulling the lone blanket over me.

I opened my eyes slowly. I looked over and saw my roomie sound asleep on her bed. I felt sore and dirty. I tried to pull the blanket off of me and it was stuck to the back of my thighs. I knew it was Ken's cum that had leaked out as I pulled the blanket off and swung my legs over and onto the floor. I looked down to see my panties still gathered around my left ankle. I flipped them off over towards my suitcase. I saw my shirt on the floor and grabbed it. I slipped it on and stood up. My legs were wobbly and sore. My inner thighs felt like someone had punched me hard, they ached badly.

I stumbled over to my suitcase and pulled it up onto my bed. I opened it and started to slowly take my clothes out and fill my dresser. It took me at least 30 minutes to finish as the soreness kept me from moving very fast. I pulled out a towel and my bathroom bag and headed toward the bathroom.

I noticed it was 6:00 in the morning as I passed my roommate's desk. Wow, what time did I fall asleep yesterday? I knew we had gotten to the dorm around noon but I didn't know how long Ken was in the room. Everything was hazy from yesterday. Had I slept 18 hours? My body ached all over and I felt like I was walking in sand. I left my room and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I went in and placed my bag on the sink. I looked in the mirror and gasped.

My eyes had dark rings around them and were bloodshot. I looked like I had been in a fight. My face was white and washed out. I looked horrible and I felt the same way. I pulled my shirt off and unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I picked it up and piled it on the sink with my shirt. I looked at my body. My breasts looked ok but my thighs had dark bruises on them. I rubbed the skin and it was sore. I opened my legs and saw my pussy was red and swollen. I could see dried cum all over the outside of my pussy and covering the insides of my thighs.

I grabbed my towel and my bag and turned to the showers. No one else was in there so I had the showers all to myself. I turned on the water really hot and got right under it. It felt wonderful and I could feel the soreness beginning to wash off of me. I grabbed my soap and lathered my entire body. I ran my hands over my full breasts and felt my nipples harden. Had I just rolled my nipples under my fingers? What was I doing? I didn't seem to be able to control my hands as I felt them move down between my legs and wash my pussy thoroughly. The soap made my body slippery and my hands roamed freely. I leaned forward and put my head against the wall as I felt my finger flicking softly over my swollen, sore clit.

The orgasm ripped through me as I stood there. I felt my legs shudder and then electricity fly through me and seemed to shoot out of my nipples. I tried to hold in a scream and a small squeal left my lips, drowned out easily by the water. I stood there with the water cascading over me as I came down from my orgasm high. I had just masturbated in the shower. I had never done that before, even at home, much less in the public shower at school. I stood up and started to wash off the soap. I grabbed my shampoo and lathered my hair generously. I washed all of the shampoo out of my hair and turned off the water.

I grabbed my towel and dried my body. My long hair was dripping so I gathered it in my towel and wrapped it around my head. I grabbed my bag and my clothes and left the bathroom. I was walking towards my room when a door to my right and in front of me opened. A girl with dark hair walked out in a white T-shirt and pajama pants.

'Hey, Kim, you're up early. Wow, nice pussy, girl." I looked up and saw Angela staring at me.

Angela lived next door and she was one of my good friends. I realized when I heard what she said that I was naked in the hallway. I tried to cover myself out of embarrassment.

"Don't cover it girl, it's nice. Nice bruises; you have a little fun last night without me?" Angela said.

I tried to think of something to say but couldn't get my mind to work.

"No, just horseback riding a little too long." I stammered.

"Oh, ok, sure, horseback riding." She said with a giggle.

I walked past her and she slapped me hard on the ass. I yelped and jumped.

'Next time you call me when you and that horse get together again, you hear? She said.

I grabbed the doorknob and opened my door. I saw Angela walking the other direction and I slipped into my room. My roommate was still sleeping, thank God. I dropped my dirty clothes in the corner and pulled a fresh pair of light blue panties out of my drawer and slipped them on. I grabbed a white t-shirt and pulled it on over my head. I then started to straighten out my side of the room.

I lost track of time and I heard movement behind me. I was on my knees, pushing my empty suitcase under my bed. I was trying to get it as far back as I could so my head was under the bed.

"Nice ass, Kim." I heard and jumped, banging my head on the underside of my bed.

"Ouch" I screamed and grabbed my head.

"I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to scare you." I heard behind me and felt warm hands on my back and the back of my legs.

I scooted out from under the bed, holding my head. I got out and sat back on my knees. My head was aching now along with the rest of me. I saw my roommate Tracy staring at me. I looked into her sweet eyes and just burst into tears. She gasped and immediately hugged me tight as my deep sobs racked my sore body. He held me tight and stroked my head, whispering into my ear.

"It's ok, baby, it's gonna be fine." She said.

I cried and cried, all of the events of yesterday flashing through my mind. I saw the fat guys and their ugly cocks. I saw Ken's angry face and remembered him fucking me brutally and just leaving. I saw my Daddy's face again and the tears fell. Tracy held me until I stopped crying.

"Baby, what's the matter? That bump wasn't hard enough to bring that on." She said.

I looked at her and saw the compassion and sympathy in her eyes. I wanted to tell her so bad but I was afraid it would make Ken angrier. I didn't know what to do. She handed me a Kleenex and I wiped my eyes and nose.

"I had a rough summer." I lied.

"I'm sorry, baby, but you're back now and everything will be fine." She said and hugged me tight.

I felt so warm and comfortable in her arms. I put my head on her shoulder and held on to her tight. She did not pull away as she probably sensed I needed many hugs. We sat there on the floor for at least 5 minutes just holding onto each other. I relaxed a little and she pulled back slightly, looking into my bloodshot, swollen eyes.

"Girl, you look like you need some distraction. Get dressed and let's go for a walk." She said.

I nodded and thought a walk around campus in the warm sun was exactly what I needed. We both stood up and I turned to grab a pair of shorts out of my drawer. I looked as Tracy pulled her sleep shirt up over her head. All she was wearing were small, pink panties. I noticed for the first time that her breasts were beautiful. They were small compared to mine but they were perfect. They sat up with absolutely no sag and her little nipples were pink and rigid. I felt a little tingle in my stomach. My mind snapped back and I realized I was looking at my friend in a sexual way. I roomed with her all last year and saw her naked many times. I had never looked at her like that before. She slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

"Let's go sweetie." She said.

We both slipped on our flip-flops and went out the door. We walked slowly around the campus and I felt the anxiety and stress leaving me slowly. I started to wonder if Ken would contact me at all this semester. He was a nice guy deep down. I knew he was angry and hurt and his behavior was as a result of that. I guess I couldn't blame him, I probably would have thought the same thing had I walked in when he did. Maybe he would calm down and our relationship could resume as before? I hoped he could forgive me and move on.

Tracy grabbed my hand and led me towards the part of campus where all the little eating places were.

"You want some breakfast?" she asked.

As she said this I realized I was starving. I had lost track of everything yesterday and my stomach came alive with hunger at the mention of food.

"Yes, I am starving." I answered.

She pulled me towards our favorite little diner and we went inside. We grabbed a booth against the wall and scooted in. Our waitress came over and took our order, after hugging us both and asking about our summer. As she walked away from the table I noticed how pretty her legs were and stared at her thighs as they went up under her short skirt. I snapped out of it as Tracy took my hands over the table and looked into my eyes.

'Sweetie, you know you can tell me anything." She said and I nodded.

"Whatever is upsetting you we will work through it together if you need me. You just tell me and I am right there for you." She said.

"I know, I think I will be fine, though. A couple of hugs and some food can do wonders." I said with a smile.

I did not know if I wanted to share any of what I was going through yet, even with my closest friend. How would she react? What would she do to Ken? I was afraid if I told anyone it would eventually get back to my Mom and Dad and I could not let that happen.

"Ok, but I'm here for whatever you need." She said and squeezed my hands.

Our food arrived and I ate like a trucker. I could feel the energy flowing back into me. My mind cleared and everything seemed like it would work out. Tracy and I laughed and enjoyed a full day together. All of my worries faded away as my friend and I spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing productive. We checked out the student union for any new things happening. We then went up the hill in the park and lay out in the sun.

We rolled up our t-shirts up under our breasts and let the sun bake our little bodies. I think I may have snoozed a little. We suddenly realized it was getting to be late afternoon and we had to register for classes in the morning. We scampered back to our room to get everything in order.

We helped each other unpack and straightened our room to make it look like home. We went out to dinner with a few friends and got back to the room around ten. We were both exhausted. I slipped off my shorts and t-shirt and grabbed a nightshirt. I watched Tracy change her panties to a pair of white bikinis. I looked at her beautiful ass as it was held tight by the small panties. I turned off the light and climbed into my bed. I pulled the blanket over me and felt my body relax again.

My mind cleared for a second and then I saw the old man again with his nasty grin. I saw the huge black cock sticking out of my little pussy. I saw Ken's face as he stood at the door. When my Daddy's face flashed through my mind I whimpered.

I tried to stay quiet but my tears started to flow and my body was wracked with sobs. I buried my face in my pillow.

I sensed something around me and I felt my bed move. Tracy was sliding in behind me and I felt her warm body on my back as she held me tight. Her legs slid in right behind mine and I felt like she had covered me with her body. She slipped her arm up under my night shirt and hugged me.

"Baby, it's ok, it will be alright." She whispered in my ear.

I felt my crying slowing down and let out a few last sobs as I caught my breath. She ran her warm hand across my stomach and up between my breasts to my neck. She then ran it back down and down my leg. It felt so warm and soft. I closed my eyes and felt myself moving towards sleep just as her hand moved back up and caressed my breast. She ran her finger lightly across my nipple and it tightened immediately. She took my breast in her hand and held me tight as we both slipped into sleep.

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