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County Lovers


Much thanks to LadyCibelle for her continuous encouragement and editorial help

Coot Jackson couldn't help but smile as he leaned comfortably against the break room wall. He could feel his hard-on grow as he watched his daughter Tammy. She looked ravishing today, good enough to eat, Coot thought. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and she had it sticking out the back of her baseball cap. Coot thought that made her look very athletic as well as sexy. His cock stiffened even more when he caught her profile. 'Damn nice tits! Great ass too!' He silently thought for the hundredth time.

Tammy was in the middle of a very animated conversation with their foreman, Russ Snyder. It was pretty obvious that despite what Russ knew about her, he had a crush on her. Tammy had the maddening habit of innocently touching men when she talked to them. Right now her long slim fingers rested lightly on his bare forearm and Coot could see how that little gesture of intimacy was driving poor Russ crazy. He was doing his best not to talk directly to her breasts but he wasn't being very successful. The top two buttons of Tammy's well-tailored work shirt were open and Russ' eyes were focused deeply between her abundant cleavage. The view must be spectacular, Coot amusingly thought. Coot looked around the room and saw that he wasn't the only one watching his daughter. It seemed as if every eye in the room was on her. Coot was willing to bet a week's pay that he wasn't the only one sporting a boner for her either.

Tammy noticed him and gave him a little wave. He smiled back. His cock throbbed and he made a subtle move with his hand across the front of his pants. He saw Tammy smile and then tug on her ear. It was her secret 'Carol Burnett' signal back to him that said, 'daddy, I saw what you did and I'm just as horny as you are.' Tammy wasn't just his daughter; she was also his lover. For the first two years of their incestuous affair, Tammy had been Toby Jackson, Coot's son. For the last three years, since her sex change, he'd made love to her as his transsexual daughter. Right now, all he could think about was getting her alone on some back road so he could get her out of those tight kaki pants and fuck her. As much as Coot would have enjoyed thinking he was solely responsible for his son's decision to change teams, he knew in his heart that wasn't true. Toby had made that decision almost all on his own.

Jackson took a great deal of pride in being the father of a 'chick with a dick.' As well as being a beautiful and devoted daughter, she was also a wonderful person. It gave him a great deal of satisfaction knowing that his fellow workers had to a man, accepted her for whom she was. These men were rough, tough and sometimes crude but around Tammy, they were pussycats and gentlemen. She had somehow been able to overcome their prejudices about her and now practically had them wrap around her little finger. They fawned over her like dedicated uncles or solicitous grandfathers. More than one of them had privately told him how lucky he was to have such a wonderful daughter. It wasn't just her beauty that they admired though; they respected her for being a hard worker. 'She pulls her weight,' they said. That was high praise from men that valued hard work.

There were still the occasionally crude jokes told behind her back, but that was far better then those first few months when she'd had to endure much more. Tammy had taken six months off during her most difficult times and when she'd returned, she'd bravely stood before them and informed them of her sex change and that she would appreciate it if they would call her Tammy from now on. "Toby is not who I am anymore. I'm Tammy Jackson," She'd courageously informed them. It didn't hurt that by that time she was sporting an awesome pair of 36 C breasts and had somehow managed to transform her masculine body into that of a shapely and curvaceous five–ten beauty. Now after almost three years, Tammy was considered to be just one of the 'boys'.

It hadn't been an easy transformation for anyone. Toby had been well liked and married to one of the prettiest and most popular girls in town. People wondered why LouAnn, his wife, had staid with him and tongues wagged even more when two years after his sex change, LouAnn had produced a beautiful baby boy. Some still wondered if Tammy could actually be the father. It was too confusing for most people to comprehend so they just didn't bother. They accepted what their eyes saw. LouAnn Jackson had never shied away from the public and always stood up for her husband's decision to change sex. She still came down to the county barn at least once a week with their son and brought plates of cookies or a cake and always made a fuss over the county crew. Of course none of them suspected the real truth; Tammy and LouAnn were brother and sister. It was also a good thing also that no one suspected that Coot was not only Tammy's lover but was also his daughter LouAnn's lover. Incest was not something one bragged about in Minnesota.

As Coot watched Tammy and Russ talk, he remembered how in the beginning, Russ insisted the county fire her. "This is no place for someone like her!" He'd ranted to the county commissioners. He'd demanded they fire Toby. "The works hard enough for a man much less a woman," He spewed. As county agents, they were responsible for all the road maintenance; paving, plowing, grass cutting, culvert repairs and such. "She's a freak! There's no place for someone like him!" He'd said. The county commissioner's had calmly told him to go back and evaluate Tammy on merit, not on her gender. Russ had and now was one of her biggest champions as well as admirers.

"Happy birthday Tammy," Russ said loud enough for everyone in the room to hear him. He liked being the first to say nice things to her or about her. He gave her a little hug; tight enough to cop a cheap feel of her breasts before giving her bottom a lingering little spank. Tammy put up with things like that from Russ as well as the rest of the county crew she worked with. She knew it was harmless; and she was after all the only 'woman' in a man's world. The men sitting around the room threw choruses of sincere and good-natured birthday wishes her way.

Old Gus called out to her, "Happy birthday Tammy. Come on over so I can give you a little birthday spanking."

"You're too old to give her what she needs Gus. Come on over to my lap Tammy," Another old-timer offered. They all made her feel special and Tammy enjoyed the attention. She genuinely loved all of them and showed it by putting up with their antics. In turn, she made each of them feel special.

"Thanks guys. Just put my presents in my locker," She joked as she headed out the door with her father.

"LouAnn coming down with a birthday cake Tammy?" Old Charlie called out before the door closed. He'd never had a problem with Tammy and LouAnn still being married. LouAnn brought cookies and cakes and that was good enough for him.

"I think so Charlie. If you see her before I do, tell her to cut you a big piece." Charlie smiled from ear to ear when she took the time to come back in and kiss the top of his baldhead. "Don't you dare go flirting with her either Charlie, or I'll be jealous!" Tammy's warm sense of humor always made everyone laugh.

In front of all who might be watching, Coot gave his daughter a playful slap on her bottom. "All set birthday girl?" There were envious looks all over the room. They all wished they could have done the same.

"Hey no fair Coot. It's my turn to wish you happy birthday Tammy!" Josh called out.

"Later Josh. We don't want to make Charlie jealous!" Tammy blew him a kiss and laughed playfully.

"All set daddy. I have our marching orders," She brightly said. The birthday wishes had put her in a great mood. "They are all so special. I love them so much," She said as she closed the door.

"Horny old bunch is all they are," Coot grumbled. "Especially Russ," He smirked.

As they walked, Tammy slipped her arm into his and kidded him, "You should talk." She looked down at the front of his pants and mimicked W.C. Fields, "Is that a banana in your pants or are you just as horny as I am?" She giggled playfully and laid her head on his shoulder as they walked.

"That obvious huh?" Coot chuckled.

"Very obvious daddy but I'm flattered," She laughed lightly. "I like knowing you're hard." She gave his cheek a quick kiss. "I think it's sweet."

"Well you don't have to be a hot shot detective to figure out why I'm hard," He kidded back and gave her bottom a little love pat.

"Better watch where you're putting your hands buster or I might have to bring you up on sexual harassment charges," She laughed. "I'm sure Russ would testify on my behalf, especially if he knew how you sexually assault me on a daily basis."

Coot laughed. "Poor Russ, he doesn't know if he's coming or going when you flirt with him." Coot looked at her questioningly, "He had a boner didn't he?"

Tammy laughed, "Yes and it felt so nice and big too!" She faked a swoon. "I almost dropped to my knees and begged him to let me suck him off," She giggled. Teasing her father was the second most exciting thing she did with him. "Would it make you jealous if I did?"

Coot was used to her banter and gave it right back. "Nope, not as long as I could watch." It turned him on how men lusted over her. He tugged at the front of his pants. "I sure hope my little girl is up for a little fun today because I've got at least a cord of wood that needs stacking," He grinded and grabbed his crotch. "Besides, it's a special day for me too."

Tammy couldn't help but chuckled at her father's attempt at humor. "Ok daddy, I understand about you being hard but what's this about it being a special day for you? It's my birthday, not yours."

"Say that's right it is your birthday, forgot all about that," Coot joked and playfully punched her on the arm. "It must have slipped my mind."

"Fat chance and you're so full of Bull!" Tammy laughed. "You've never forgotten my birthday." She pulled her cap off and shook her hair out. It fell across her face and she pushed it away from her eyes and fell in step with him. She continued her charade of pretending not to remember it was their anniversary.

Coot was momentarily distracted by what she'd just done. "Damn honey, you have no idea how cute you are when you do that thing with your hair," Coot told her affectionately. Other than her blowjobs, Coot thought that the way she pushed her hair back from her eyes was about the most feminine and sexy thing she did.

"Thank you daddy," Tammy tingled all over. Like any woman, she loved being complemented. She squeezed his arm and prodded him to answer her question. "But you still haven't answered me. What are you celebrating?"

"Not me, it's we that are celebrating and since you seemed to have forgotten, I guess I'll have to remind you. It's our anniversary." His cock stiffened pleasantly to think about the first time they'd fucked. He skillfully brushed his hand over the front of his pants to arrange his cock so it stuck straight up. "For your information, it's the fifth anniversary of the first day we fucked." He smirked at her. "As if you didn't remember."

"I didn't forget daddy. Happy anniversary," Tammy whispered back and kissed his cheek. Her hand sought his. She knew tongues would wag if anyone saw them but she didn't care. It made her feel warm and tingly inside knowing her father hadn't forgotten what today was. She felt her cock stiffen inside her silk panties. Blood rushed to it and for an awkward moment she didn't know what to do about it. She couldn't be sure someone wasn't watching so she didn't dare do what her father had done. She wasn't about to get caught arranging her dick in public; that wouldn't be very lady like. Instead, she stooped and pretending to tighten her bootlace. Before getting up, she managed to push it back along the inseam of her slacks. She'd never quite figured out how to do that gracefully.

Coot chuckled when he saw her attempt at discretion. "Looks like someone else is having a little wood problem this morning." His dark blue eyes twinkled delightfully at catching her in such an awkward moment.

"Daddy, don't be crude," She said swatting his arm. "Besides, girls do not have wood problems.... we have plumbing problems and right now my plumbing seems to be leaking a little," She whispered seductively and stared deep into his eyes while flicking her quick little pink tongue across her lips. "Know of any plumbers available to plug my leak?" She giggled. Before he could answer, she turned and walked off towards the tool room. Her hips swayed seductively from side to side. "I'll meet you at the tool room," She called out over her shoulder.

"Right," Coot mumbled as he stared at her backside. "Fantastic ass," He muttered as he watched her walk off. He could just make out her panty line. Coot looked around before adjusting his cock again. "Damn girls going to give me a stroke one of these days."

Fifteen minutes later they were finished loading the steak bed truck with the tools Tammy had checked out; power auger, sledgehammers, shovels, hand tools and new signs to be installed. The day promised to be hot and long. Except for the morning, their work would take them to the far end of the county to dig holes for new road signs. Coot had arranged their schedule that way with Russ earlier in the week. "All set birthday girl?" Coot asked as he surveyed the back of the truck.

"Ready daddy," Tammy laughed pleasantly, satisfied she'd not forgotten anything they would need. "Let's roll."

Coot belted up and waited for her to do the same. He liked how her seat belt cut between her breasts and made them stand out even more prominently than usual. While he let the truck warm up, he reached over and squeezed her hand. Tammy turned her hand over and squeezed back. "Love you honey," Coot said barely above a whisper. He put the truck in gear and headed out on the highway.

"Love you too daddy," Tammy said breathlessly. She forced herself to look straight ahead. Her body shook from the inside out. Her father always had that effect on her. Just one little look from him and she was hard. She always joked that if she had a pussy instead of a dick, she'd have to wear adult diapers because she'd be so wet all the time. Her father knew ever button to press to get her hot and horny and he pressed them often. It had been that way from the very first, as if he had a road map to her soul. She couldn't remember a day when she wasn't hungry for him. The raging hard-on beneath her slacks proved it. "I'm dripping for you already daddy. See," She huskily told him and rubbed her hand over the obvious hard-on inside her slacks.

Coot took a long look at her crotch and smiled. "Oh I see just fine little lady. Nothing gets daddy harder than seeing his little girl all hot and horny," He said as he navigated the big truck through traffic.

Tammy moved closer to him and slipped her hand over his lap and felt his hard-on. "Hope that's all for me," She giggled mischievously.

Coot smiled, "You better believe it is little lady, every little inch of it is for you." As horny as he was, he couldn't stand the suspense any longer. He had to ask. "Did you open my present?"

Tammy's playful laugh filled the truck. She gave his dick a light squeeze and told him, "Yes daddy and thank you so much, I love them." A little tear appeared at the corner of her eye; she often cried when she got emotional. "They're beautiful but you spent way too much again. You spoil me." She blinked back the tear. "Yours is at the house. LouAnn made me promise not to give it to you until tonight."

Coot understood. There was no sense in making his other daughter feel left out. "No such thing as too much when it comes to my daughters but I'm glad you liked them," Coot told her. "Did your sister approve?"

Tammy laughed. "LouAnn's jealous. She says you give me prettier underwear than you give her."

"Not true but I'm glad she thinks so. I went to a lot of trouble to find those," Coot told her. "I bought them on line," He proudly admitted. "It makes it so easy for a dirty old man like me to shop for my beautiful daughters. I liked the idea of one for each day too." Coot had given her seven pair of beautiful lace underwear, one for each day of the week. Each one had something cute and sexy stitched across the front.

"After I opened them, LouAnn laid them all out on the bed for me to choose from. When I couldn't make up my mind, she chose for me," Tammy said cheerfully. "She's so good at that. I don't know what I would do without her, she's taught me so much about being a woman...but I've got so much to learn yet," She giggled and groped her crotch playfully. "She says I play with my dick to much! She should talk, it's not like I don't catch her fingering herself all the time." She laughed good-naturedly.

"Cock or pussy, there's no such thing as too much," Coot laughed. "So, are you going to let me see?" He asked anxiously. "Or are you going to just make your old dad sit here and suffer?" He asked as he leered at her crotch.

"I thought you'd never ask and your not old daddy. You're perfect and so is this," She said massaging his cock. "Most days you wear me out so much that LouAnn gets mad. She says you and I fuck too much and it pisses her off if I can't get it up the second I walk through the door," She laughed as she unzipped her slacks. "She might be right though," She giggled again. With her slacks past her hips now, she showed her father his gift. "See, "Daddy's Slut," was stitched right across the front. "I love the color. LouAnn says they match my eyes, Sea Mist." She proudly showed off her new panties. "Do you like?" She coyly asked as she rotated her hips upward and ran a finger over the hard cock visible beneath them.

Coot gave a low wolf whistle and smiled, "You look sexy as all hell sugar." Coot reached over and caressed her. He loved how the smooth filmy material felt over her hard cock. "Take it out honey. Show daddy your hard little clitty," He breathed harder. It took all his concentration to drive and look at her at the same time.

"Mmmm, daddy, you make me do such naughty things," Tammy cooed sexily as she freed her cock from the constraints of her new panties. "How's that?" She asked as she exposed her shaved cock and balls for him. "Get you hot big guy?" She laughed playfully and waved her cock at him. Tammy squeezed the purple head until a pearly drop of precum oozed from the tip. "See how hot you make me daddy. My pussy is already dripping."

"Damn it all honey, if you weren't my son, I'd marry you!" He laughed and reached across the seat and stroked her cock.

"Now that would be one hell of a lot of incest daddy; married to your transsexual son, who is married to his sister! Pretty hot daddy! You could never make stuff like that up that, it's too unbelievable," She giggled delightfully.

"Geez, just thinking about you and your sister fucking and living together as man and wife or wife and wife or whatever you want to call it makes me so damn hard," Coot told her as he rubbed her precum over the head of her cock.

"You're just in love with the idea of a girl with boobs and a dick," Tammy teased. "We can thank mom for all of this. If she hadn't divorced you when she was pregnant with LouAnn for that jerk and took me out east with her, none of this would have been possible," Tammy reminisced. "By the time LouAnn and I moved back, no one remembered me and LouAnn hadn't even been born yet so no one questioned that we were man and wife."

"You two weren't fooling everyone little girl. Before your sex change, more than one person commented to me on how much you two looked alike. 'What a perfect couple they make, they could almost pass for brother and sister,' they'd say. Now that you've changed your looks so much, I don't hear that anymore. Good thing too," Coot thoughtfully said. "I guess it's just too much for most folks to comprehend, so they don't try," He laughed. "Better zip up honey, here's the work site." Coot said as he downshifted and pulled into the breakdown lane.

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