tagSci-Fi & FantasyCouple's Bonding Ch. 01: Upsizing

Couple's Bonding Ch. 01: Upsizing


Hi guys! I haven't published anything in forever but I've found myself in a new relationship that's given me plenty of new ideas! And since my significant other is into my fantasies... Well anyways, this story contains themes of an impossible and fantastic nature, including cock growth, mild hyper, and cock worship. If you do not like those themes, find another story. This is also an m/f story, for now at least. There will hopefully be more following this up soon ;)


I looked up as my boyfriend, John came bustling through the door, bags in hand. "What's up baby?" I ask as he puts the bags on the table, pulling out one in particular, a small brown bag labelled "Magical Desires." John smile as he comes over to me, and I look him over.

John is a tall guy, like 6'6" last time I asked. He's fair skinned, but his entire body is covered in a coating of dark hair, just like his head, which currently sports a little too much dark brown hair, both on top of his head and in his beard. I smile a little to myself as I look at him - he's my perfect guy, all tall and strong.

Tall everywhere too... I giggle to myself at the thought of what John has in his pants. Of course, I know I'm pretty cute too, 5'8" and 135 pounds of tan, italian beauty, thin in all the right places, except my gorgeous ass and my 32DD tits. Long brown hair, dyed turquoise at the very tips, flows down past my shoulders. I'm wearing it down and wavy today.

John sits down next to me on the couch and pulls out what's in that little bag of his - a small wooden case that opens to reveal two gorgeous blue bracelets, set in a little faux-satin bed. "Check out what i found downtown!" John says with a smile as he opens the box.

I arched an eyebrow at my boyfriend. "Seriously? What did you get me jewelry for, you know we're supposed to be saving money!"

John smiled sheepishly. "I know Victoria, I know. But... I saw these in one of those little occult shops downtown and I thought of you! C'mon, they're cool right?" He has that bit of pleading in his voice, scared that he actually upset me.

I smirk at him and sigh. "I'm not mad baby, they're cute." I look down at the paired bracelets and the tag lying between them.

Bracelets of Desires

Let these bracelets take you and your partner to a new level, as the bound magic of the bracelets turns you each into each other's deepest desire.

"It's just... don't you keep telling me I'm everything you want? Why do you need some magic bracelets for that?"

John purses his lips. "I... I actually got them to try and make myself better for you. You know... if there was anything you wanted to be different about me." He sheepishly meet my gaze with his own bright blue eyed stare. Fuck... his damn eyes...

"Hun, you know you are everything I want. You literally fuck me sideways every time we have sex. Look I like them, see?" As I talk, I grab one of the two identical bracelets, slipping it around my wrist. John smiles, looking relieved, as he slips the other on. "Now... let me show you how much I want you..." I slide against him and he relaxes against me, his tall frame pressing against my comparably small form. A 6'6" guy makes even a 5'8" girl look small, and my thin, frame didn't help. Not that I needed it to, I loved how much bigger he was.

His mouth met mine, warm and rough, and sloppy. At first he feels chapped, but even as I notice, it seems to go away. I let out a happy moan as he presses back against me, deepening this kiss. I pull away after a minute, and his head immediately turns, catching the side of my neck with his mouth. Roughly, he kisses and licks along the sensitive skin of my neck and I start to moan, delighting in the feeling. I feel an odd tingle in my neck, and suddenly it feels even better, like it never has before.

I start to moan louder and his questing mouth reaches my earlobe, and Fuuuuuck... I moan. Why does it feel so good!? It's like he licking my clit! I relish in the sensations as I feel my pussy start to get wet, then soaked, as John continues his treatment of my suddenly sensitive skin. His hands come up to cup my breasts under my t-shirt, and I feel him realize my lack of bra as he begins to feel me up, his strong hands kneading the sensitive flesh perfectly, and I abruptly stiffen, the feeling of his hands and mouth sending my suddenly sensitive nerves in vibrations that travel all the way to my pussy, and press against him even harder as my body goes tight with an orgasm.

As soon as I get my breath back from the sudden orgasm, I'm pulling away, moving down his body and onto the floor, so that I'm kneeling between his legs. Surprise at my sudden movements away from his mouth and grasping hands flashes on John's face before he figures out my destination, and his hands move to his fly. Working together, we quickly rid him of his pants and boxers - and my shirt while we're at it. I adjust, getting the best angle to his thick cock. Even as I watch, it begins to firm up, mere proximity to my face and the view of my thin, tanned body quickly raising it to its full, 8" length. I grin, a shiver running down my back as I lick John's monster cock. Besides his eyes, it might be my favorite part of his body.

I take the thick pink crown of his cock into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it and bathing in the luxurious moans I'm provoking. Definitely my favorite... I think as I begin to lower my head, slowly taking his enormous dick into my mouth. John's moans get louder above me, "Oh fuck Victoria, just like that..."

I grin to myself as I drop a little lower, so the spongy head of his cock pushes against the back of my mouth and a full inch remains left. I love this giant fucking cock... I think to myself - before noticing an odd sensation. It almost feels like he got... thicker? Damn... he must be really turned...

Moaning happily, I push a little further, starting to deepthroat him as he continues groaning above me. "Oh shit Vic-" His sentence breaks into a gasp he bottoms out in my warm throat, his entire monster length inside me. I love how massive his cock is! I moan in my head... and notice an odd feeling. He's getting pushed out of my throat.

What the fuck!? I think as I pull myself off his even thicker length - and my mouth just stayed hanging open, as his cock grew even larger before my eyes - swelling right in front of me. John lifts his head up slowly, still revelling in the pleasure. "What's that feeling?" He asks, before he looks down and sees what I'm staring at - his cock, always a pleasing length, had to have been nearly a foot - and as thick around as my wrist at that.

"John, what the fuck!" I shout, staring at the abruptly massive member in front of me. He looks from his cock to me, wide eyed.

"Um... babe.." I follow his gaze down, to his wrist - and now glowing bracelet on it. The glow fades out, even as his cock twitches with one more burst of growth, settling at a solid foot of thick, pulsing cock. "The bracelets..."

I blink suddenly, a new thought occurring to me."Wait... when you were licking my neck... it felt so good. Like... almost like you were eating me out. That's why I came so quick. What were you thinking about?"

John's face goes pensive. "Huh..." Despite the implications his size gave, he was actually a very smart guy, and I could see the gears turning in his head. "I guess... I might have been thinking about how I loved how sensitive you are..."

"Same!" I interrupt him. "I was thinking about how much I love your giant cock and -" I gesture at the twitching monster between his legs "- BAM, that shows up." Our eyes go wide as our gazes meet.

I sigh. Figures. I go to the occult stores and get incense and sage and books, he goes and finds an actual magical sex toy. "So... turning each other into our deepest desires..."

He cocks an eyebrow, his confidence finally reemerging. "Oh yeah? So this is your deepest desire?" I feel a weird sensation in my throat, then again in my pussy, which... yep, still pretty wet. I stare at his throbbing foot of meat.

"Wait, I felt something... What did you do?" I ask, looking over my body and not noticing anything. Wait... "Did you get rid of my tan lines?"

He grins. "Yep. I think I'm figuring it out... we can change each others bodies..." I catch a flash of color out of the corner of my eye, and I stare blankly at my hair, which has abruptly turned a deep, ocean green and blue throughout. "...with a thought!" John finishes.

I turn a narrow glare back at him. "Oh yeah? So..." Let's cut your hair! Before my eyes, his bracelet briefly glows again as the raggy hair I'd been trying to get him to cut for two weeks abruptly pulls back, receding to a well trimmed, slightly styled cut.

He rolls his eyes as he feels his hair trim itself, and I see him smile as some wicked thought occurs to him. I feel a tingling in my ass, and see the bracelet glowing again as I feel myself...rising. "What the fuck, did you just make my ass bigger?" I ask. Yep, he definitely did. When I look back at him, his eyes are shut in thought.

"Wait for it..." he mutters. "There!" Another wave of tingles sweeps over my entire body, and I let out a sudden moan. He smirks as he looks at me. "I just doubled the sensitivity of your entire bodies pleasure nerves, and I made it so your throat and pussy should be able to take me, no matter how big I am!"

I blink at him, my mind still reeling from the sudden sensations overwhelming my body. Just the air against my taught frame is making so good... what will it be like when we actually start again?

I don't have long to ponder the question, as John is already on top of me, one of his large, rough hands grabbing one of my sensitive, pert tits even as his mouth latches onto my nipple. I let out a loud moan as twin bolts of pleasure shoot through me, going straight to my already soaked pussy. Once more I stiffen against him, my entire body immediately going tight as he continues massaging my breasts with his fingers tongue.

Despite his large size all around, John has always been fantastic at foreplay, and now, with these "improvements" he made to me, it feels even better. I entertain a brief thought, then my moans grow an octave higher as his tongue lengthens and becomes rougher, stimulating my hypersensitive nipples even more. I feel him moan his approval at the modification, the vibrations felt clearly as they travelled through my quivering breasts.

Soon his fingers slide down, lightly dancing along my lips, barely brushing my clit. Again, a stream of pleasure even larger than the last shoots through my frame, and push up against his touch. At another thought, his fingernails become perfectly smooth, just as one large finger pushes into my tight entrance. My moans intensify as the feelings being pumped into my body redouble. I'm not so much having orgasms anymore as just having one, unending orgasm.

My moans turn into screams, which are quickly muffled by his mouth covering mine, That rough tongue brushes against my lips before entering my mouth, seeking my own out. I feel his giant cock throb against my side as another finger enters, splitting me ever wider, and my pleasure surges again as I think about how amazing that impossibly large cock will feel splitting me like that...

As if on cue, John shifted, his weight adjusting as he opened my legs wider, and his two fat fingers are replaced by something infinitely fatter. As his crown just pushes into my soaked tunnel, he stops, lifting his face from mine. His cornflower blue eyes look down at me, taking me in, seeing me flushed, panting, gasping for breath as the pleasure I'd been bathing in for many minutes subsides momentarily. His gaze softens for a moment, revealing something softer, and I'm reminded of how much I love this man,

"Okay..." my voice is a whisper. "Please do it... Pleeeeaaasse..."

That grin, the smirk of a man who knows his current power, comes onto his face again, and I let out a little shiver. That look and those eyes... he just looks so dominate. So strong. "Do what my kitten?" He asks sweetly, that impossibly thick cock head moving oh-so-slightly.

I let out a high moan of need. I know what he's waiting for..."Please daddy... please use that giant cock to fuck me... pleasefuck my tight pussy... break me!" I cry out, desperate for him.

John's hips shift slightly, and that heads slides just a little farther. I can feel my lips on the other side of that pronounced ridge of the helmet. "I don't know..."

I writhe a little, desperate to be penetrated deeper, to feel that monster in me... Wait, he's right. That thing is giant and... and no pain! My eyes narrow as I collect my thoughts just a little. "I want that cock in me!" I cry out, and our bracelets glow again, and my thoughts are shattered as I'm suddenly more full than I've ever been. That giant cock filled me completely, more than completely. I should be torn, gasping in pain... but there's nothing but pleasure. I manage to open my eyes through the unending sensations wracking my body, and see that John has not even started moving. I look further down, and realize his cock is right where it was before - my want just grew it so that it impaled me without him even doing anything!

John looks wide eyed at his ever larger dick. The back at me. "If that's how you want it..." he growls, his throbbing cock betraying how incredibly turned on by this impossibly kinky situation, "Let's see how you like all of it!" His hips buck forward and my thoughts are scrambled again, the magic changing my body to accommodate the impossibly massive penetration.

My breath comes ragged as I gasp, trying to breath as my entire body tightens in unimaginable pleasure. I look down, and my eyes immediately roll back as the mere image of my slender stomach bulging with that monstrous cock sends me into another orgasm, and reasonable thought vanishes.

"I NEED THAT COCK!! TAKE MY TIGHT PUSSY DADDY, DESTROY ME!!" I scream, babbling incoherently, John's slow, incredibly long strokes destroying every thought in my head except for the need for cock, for pleasure, for more.

John's breath is rough against my neck as he says, "You want me to cum in you? To fill you up all night with this giant cock?" My broken brain managed to work a nod, and our bracelets glow again. John stands, taking me in what would be missionary, if a missionary was ever capable of imagining what was currently happening to me. His strokes get rougher, and some little part of me notes that I probably strengthened his core muscles with my need for him to fuck me harder and faster. His hips slam against mine, that massive cock, it has to be over a foot and a half now, and almost as thick around as my legs, impaling me over and over. I hear his breath go ragged, and feel his cock swell one more time, this time from something much whiter and hotter than magic. I feel the first jet of cum shoot from his cock, and I well and truly snap, blacking out from the raw incredible pleasure of this massive cock filling me with a hot, thick, giant load.

My last thought before I pass out is, I said I want him to fill me all night didn't I?

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