tagGroup SexCouples Seduce Teens Ep. 01

Couples Seduce Teens Ep. 01


It started as a normal enough day. I had to take some time off my summer job as a construction worker so I could visit a cardiac specialist. My heart apparently had some kind of issue that had been discovered last week at my regular physical exam and my dad had panicked, making an emergency appointment for today.

I wasn't too worried. I'm 19 years old, tall and in fairly good shape. Besides working at constructions sites throughout the summer, I'd also just finished baseball season at school, where our varsity team had swept the state again..

Nevertheless, here I was, sitting in a comfortable cardiac specialist's office on a sunny Tuesday morning. I went to check in at the window.

The receptionist didn't look hopeful. "We might be able to fit you in for a brief consultation, but you really should be at the emergency room or have made an appointment." She informed me between moments of pursing her lips.

I shrugged. "I'll wait, I guess."

After filling out some paperwork and returning it to the secretary, I sat back and looked at the other patients. Two older men, both well-dressed, and a youngish couple. The couple caught my eye for a moment. They were both probably in their mid twenties.

The man was tall, with a tanned face and short dark hair. This short dark hair extended into a stubbly beard that covered part of his well bronzed face. He had electric blue eyes. He was dressed in a comfy looking Nike windsuit and also wore a large, expensive watch.

His wife was medium height, with dark brown hair that fell straight down to just below her shoulders. She too had well bronzed skin and the clear, attractive, sexy face that seemed to belong to a swimsuit model. She was dressed in a moderately close-fitting green skirt and a dark button-up blouse that bordered on being sheer-I could see traces of a pink bra underneath.

We all waited there. The two older gentlemen were talking back and forth. One of them was called in at about eleven, another about half-an-hour later. Then the receptionist announced that they had fallen behind with the appointments, but the three of us remaining in the waiting room were welcome to come back after lunch.

I swore to myself quietly. I'd been hoping this wouldn't be a long, drawn out process but I apparently was mistaken. The couple waiting was exchanging some terse words with the receptionist and then began to move towards the door. As they started to head out into the street beyond, the tall guy turned and beckoned to me. "Want to grab a bite to eat with us?"

"Oh no-I couldn't, really-"

"That's all right. We don't mind, do we hunnie?"

His wife shook her head. "Come on and get some lunch with us. We've got some good stuff at home in the fridge."

I sighed. "That sure is nice of you." I grabbed my hat and followed them out the door.

As the three of us started down the sidewalk to where they had presumably left their car, the guy turned to me, extended a hand. I took it. His hand was huge, enveloped even mine in a firm grip. "Name's Danny. And this is Linda."

I nodded to Linda as Danny kept talking. "Having heart problems?"

"Yeah-not really sure what, but-"

"Me too. Have a heart murmur, supposed to get it checked on, doctor says it's pretty irregular." He snorted. "It's all a waste of time though."

Linda nudged him playfully. "Yes, and then you'll drop dead some day at work and I'll have to go find someone else with such a huge cock."

I was a bit taken aback by this, but Danny saw my face and just laughed. "Don't listen to her, her hormones are all out of whack. It's that screwed up diet she's on."

We had reached a large Ford Expedition, a luxury model which Dan unlocked at the push of a button. I hopped in the back seat and went to close the door but was surprised to find Linda climbing in the back with me. I slid over and buckled up as Danny climbed behind the wheel. As he started up the engine and began watching traffic, Linda casually slipped her tanned, soft arm along the back of my seat and rested a hand on my shoulder.

I looked uncomfortably in her direction and was pleasantly surprised to find that, in sitting down, the space between the buttons on her blouse had expanded slightly, allowing me to see beyond, directly onto a massive, firm looking breast, cradled in a pink bra.

My pants suddenly felt too tight as blood rushed into my penis. I shifted slightly in the seat, partially to hide my erection, partially to make it more comfortable.

"Are you comfortable enough?" Linda asked, placing both hands in my lap and studying me with concearn. As she did so, her soft hands detected the massive bluge under my pants.

Her eyes widened ever so slightly. My heart raced and I started to feel very afraid. I glanced uneasily at Dan in the front seat, only to find his eyes watching me in the rearview mirror as he drove. "Is our passenger comfy, Linda?" He called.

"Mmmm, I think he'd be more comfortable if this bulge I feel was relieved a bit." Linda called back. Her soft hands were on my belt now, undoing it and my button and zipper too.

I almost passsed out. Nervously, I slid along the seat, twoards the door. "Uh-I'm OK, really." As her oh-so-smooth hands kept undoing my pants, I spoke up again. "Really, I'm OK-I, geez-look, I've got a girlfriend..."

"Don't tell her." Danny suggested from the front. "Or, if you want, bring her by sometime and we can all have some fun. You just sit back, man and enjoy for now."

Linda's soft hands were on my hard on now, pulling it up and out of my pants. Her skin was so soft, I could feel myself throbbing in her touch. Still, I tried to sit up and move away, but now her other hand was on my chest, pushing me back into the seat. Now Linda was moving twoard me, out of her seat and straddling me. I hadn't noticed till now that she her smooth, bronzed legs were bare of any pantyhouse. Now they were wrapped around my legs and she straddled me. My hard cock had vanished somewhere under her skirt and I could feel my head rubbing against the soft material of her panties.

"Mmmm...you're such a big, strong boy." Linda moaned. "I hope I can keep up with you." And she reached under her skirt, moving the panties aside. I gasped as I felt my hardened dick come into contact with her sopping wet cunt. I could tell by the feel of it that she kept it well shaved.

"Almost home." Danny announced from the front seat as he made a gradual left hand turn. I wasn't listening. Linda was sinking down and my cock was sinking in. To her. I wanted her so bad now, I just gave up trying to behave. I undid the buttons of her shirt, slipped it off her. She helped me undo her bra and then pulled my head to her hard nipple. I sucked eagerly as she began to ride my dick.

"Oh Danny!" Linda moaned. "He's so good. Yeah, big boy, fuck me. Fuck me good."

Danny grinned as he turned the car into their driveway and parked outside the two door garage. "Okay, we're here." He turned to the back seat where I was busy fucking his wife. One of his massive, strong hands reached out, under his wifes cute ass bouncing up and down, reached between my legs and softly cupped my balls in his fingers.

I couldn't help it. I let out a long, animal moan. This was so wrong but it felt so damn good, I just couldn't stop.

Linda gave a slow, sexy smile and climbed off. There was a soft sucking sound as my dissapointed cock fell out of her wet slit. She opened the door and stepped out into the daylight beyond-her large, perky and bronzed breasts still free and for everyone to see. Danny was out too now and they started walking twoards the house.

Stunned at what was happening to me, I hurridely fastened my pants, got out, shut the door and moved to follow this sexy couple inside their expensive looking ranch.

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