tagInterracial LoveCoupling Coworkers Ch. 13

Coupling Coworkers Ch. 13


I'm happy to be returning to this series. I enjoyed writing it and have some new ideas as to how the story should continue. I hope you enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After Jeff and Cara got done fucking and putting their clothes back on, we headed out to the kitchen area. When we entered, I noticed several more people around the house now. In the kitchen there were seven or eight guys standing around as well as a few girls.

Not too long ago, I would have probably been self-conscious about being around these people I did not know wearing only a skimpy tank top and a g-string, but I felt no shyness. In fact, I felt incredibly empowered by my newly found self-confidence. Less than a year ago, I would never have been able to do this. Now, I was almost naked in front of strangers, had a tattoo on my ankle, a navel ring and a tongue ring. What a difference a year makes in the life of a person.

"Let's hear it for our new star," one of the guys said. I think he was one of the camera operators from the shoot. "Here's to....Wait I don't know your stage name."

"Oh shit, I don't have one," I said as everyone held their glasses in the air.

"Well, you need one by the end of the day," one of the other girls said. "Don't trust these fucking bastards to come up with one. If you do, the next thing you know they'll be using your name that you signed on the release form."

"How about....Sharon," I said trying to think on the spot.

"Wild," I heard Jeff say behind me. "That was fucking wild this morning, so let's use Wild."

"Well then," said the camera guy. "Here's to our new star of fucking, Sharon Wild."

I noticed Jeff went over the table to make a sandwich after the toast. He is always ready to eat. I guess watching his wife get fucked in a porn scene makes him hungry.

"Hi, Sharon," said an attractive man as he approached me. "I'm Ron. I produce a lot of these scenes for either studios or internet sites."

"Hi Ron," I said. "I hope to be starring in those scenes for you."

"Great, but I do need to let you know that we have a little problem for this afternoon. But if you're willing to change plans a little, then we'll have no real problems at all."

"Well, as long as the change of plans still include be getting fucked, then we'll have no problem."

"That's the kind of attitude I like to hear, especially in the new girls. If you don't love to fuck, then this isn't going to work out.

"That's kind of a Captain Obvious thing to say isn't it," I replied.

"Well, you'd think, but you'd be amazed at the number of girls who are more in love with being on film than the fucking that gets them there."

"That's seems weird. You don't have to worry about me. I've never met a cock that I didn't fall in love with."

"Great, then this won't be a problem. We originally had you scheduled to do a scene with two guys, including anal. However, there was a scheduling conflict so we've changed it to a b-g scene like you did this morning."

"Doesn't sound like a problem at all."

"Well, it is different than this morning in the fact that you'll be fucking a black guy with a twelve-inch dick."

I immediately felt moisture begin to fill my pussy when Ron said that final sentence. A black guy with a twelve-inch cock. 'Wow' was my only thought.

"You okay with that," Ron asked me.

"Yeah," I managed to reply. "I've never been with a black guy before. Can't wait."

"Good. He'll be in a thirty minutes or so. Then, you two can talk a little, the director of the scene will work you through the scene and then we'll get to work."

Ron turned and walked away. I found Jeff and told him the change of plans. I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he found the whole idea of fucking a black guy as exciting as I did.

I got a quick bite to eat, before a lady named Rita was pulling me to another room to get me ready for my scene.

She did my make up and applied the fake eyelashes. She also pulled my hair back into pixie tails, which she said would make the interracial scene even hotter, since it made me look more innocent before turning into as she put it, "a black cock whore."

We picked out an outfit to wear. A red g-string, blue-checkered hot pants and a yellow tank top with red flowers. However, as I went to put on the outfit, Rita stopped me.

"You always want to meet the guy, or guys for that matter, wearing as little as possible. Either completely naked or wearing only panties and/or your bra, but nothing more."

"Why," I asked stopping with putting on my g-string halfway up my legs.

"Two reasons," Rita explained. "First, it gets them all excited to see fresh new pussy and tits. You'll thank me for that later. The easier you get them hard at first, the easier the scene. Otherwise, you'll have to work like hell to get them hard sometimes. Second, it helps you break out the self-consciousness of being completely exposed in front of a new guy. It'll help you relax once the scene starts. Trust me. I've been in your shoes before."

I had to take her advice because it was the only advice I have ever gotten about being a porn star. Therefore, I decided to go ahead and meet the guy completely naked. I pulled off the g-string and set it on the pile of clothes that I would be putting on a little later.

We spent the rest of the time with her polishing up the makeup as well as making sure to powder my body a little, which she said would help make me look better under the lights. It would cover up some skin blemishes the camera and lights would be sure to pick up if we did not cover them.

After about ten more minutes, there was a knock on the door and the guy on the other side telling us the director was ready to meet with me.

Feeling a little self-conscious again, I got up, completely naked, and headed out of the room. The guy that had knocked quickly looked me over, muttered something under his breath about me being hot and told me to follow him. As I walked behind him, I felt more confidence because of his mumbled compliment of my body.

He motioned for me to enter a room off the main living room. As I entered, I saw two guys standing by a desk. One of them white and the other guy was black. Both of them paused as I entered the room. I saw there eyes start at my tits and work there way completely down my body and back up. There was no need to mentally undress me because I was standing there completely exposed, and incredibly turned on. I could moisture again building in my pussy as my body was the object of their attention.

"Hello, I believe you're going by Sharon, right," he asked and I nodded. "Very well, then Sharon, I'm Terry. I'll be directing the scene her this afternoon and this is Marcus, your costar."

"Very nice to meet your Sharon," Marcus said.

He had dreadlocks and was very tall. He was also unbelievably hot and I could not wait to see his big, hard, 12-inch cock.

He took my hand and gave it a very polite kiss, which sent shivers throughout my body. I would have jumped him right there, but Terry broke the focus.

"Okay, then let's get right to business," he started as he motioned for Marcus and I to take a chair.

Marcus took a seat and I decided to be bold and instead of taking the chair next to him, I sat directly on his lap. I hoped to feel his cock, but it was not hard yet. However, what was there, I could feel was rather large, especially for not being hard.

"Well, you two seem to have some instant chemistry," Terry continued. "That's great. We should have a hot fucking scene then."

He went on to lay out the basic story of the scene. It was going to be shot as a reality scene, which meant that there would be little direction and we would ad lip as much of it possible.

The basic plot, as it was explained, is that I was a bored housewife who was out on the patio ready to relax when a volleyball came over the fence. I was to get the ball and then try to seduce Marcus when he came over to retrieve the ball. Terry said he wanted Marcus to be shy at first and for me to be actively seducing him and to get bolder as he pretended to by shy.

After things got started between us, we were to take the scene into the house, which is where Marcus would become more assertive, and then, we would fuck. Terry told us to get in as many positions as possible and that the cumshot would be a facial. He also told me to make sure to not swallow, but instead slowly spit it out of my mouth and let it run down my chin, if I got any in my mouth.

"But before we really shoot the scene," Terry continued. "I want to get the still shots done. At least those before we really get into the penetration scenes. So we'll shoot outside and I'll guide you two through what I want when we film, but we'll be shooting the stills.

"As far as the stills and the cumshot are concerned, since this'll be Marcus' second shoot of the day, I want to save him for the film, so I'll have one of the guys on the set cum on you Sharon and then we'll bring Marcus back in to shoot some stills as if he was the one responsible for the mess on your face. Okay?"

I know this was only my second scene as a porn star, but this was different than I expected. However, Terry said this as if it was just normal routine and Marcus did not seem to think it was weird, so I just went with it.

I headed back to the dressing room as Terry told me to be ready in ten minutes. I quickly pulled on my g-string and hot pants. They were a little small and I saw when I turned around that the bottom part of my ass cheeks stuck out of the pants, which looked really hot if I say so myself. I slid the top over my head. It was not quite long enough to reach the top of the hot pants, so a little bit of my stomach was exposed, which I have always thought to be very hot. I still had a few minutes so I played around with my hair a little, especially the long hair that we had pulled into pixie tails. I also checked my makeup and then it was time for me to go out and do my second ever scene.

I was more nervous for the second scene than I was the first. During the morning scene, I was quickly ushered through makeup and within fifteen minutes I was on the couch fucking. This scene was more planned out for me, which made me nervous about how I would do actually acting a little before getting fucked by a large black cock. I knew I could handle the fucking part, but the dialogue, especially the impromptu aspect of it, really made me nervous.

"You look great Sharon," Terry said. "Now let's get some photos of just you here on the patio."

His voice relaxed me a great deal as did seeing my husband smiling from an area off to the side of the filming area. After a few shots, he had me pull my top down over my shoulders so that it would expose my tits as it clung around my stomach.

A few more pictures were taken and then Terry had Marcus enter the picture with the volleyball. Terry directed us through the scene as we flirted with the volleyball as the center of the flirting behavior. Before long, Marcus had his cock out and I was licking the length making it hard. As I put my hand around the base, it was so large that I could barely get my hand completely around it.

When I tried to suck as much of it into my mouth, I was only able to get it about halfway down, which, in my estimation, made his cock a little larger than the 12-inches advertised. Before long, Marcus was out of his shorts and I was just in my g-string, which Marcus pulled down also.

We headed inside where I started sucking on his cock the best I could without gagging and Terry continued to lead us through the scene how he wanted to it to play out when we went to the video filming.

"Okay, now cumshot time," Terry announced. "Larry get over here."

Larry came over with his cock out and stroking himself. He stood over me since I was on my knees and about a minute later he was shooting a load on my face and chest. Once he finished, he quickly left and Marcus came back over and I sucked on his cock as if he had just blown his load on me so the cameraman could get some close-ups of me sucking his cock with cum all over me.

"Good, good," Terry said after a few more minutes. "Sharon go get cleaned up and retouch the makeup. We'll start shooting in another ten minutes."

I got up and headed back to my dressing area. I smiled at Jeff as I walked by the area where he and Cara were watching. He gave me a thumbs-up, which actually helped relax me even more, even though I was beginning to wonder if Marcus' cock would hurt when he fucked me. I also realized I was walking in front of a small audience completely naked with cum on my face and chest, but I did not feel uneasy about it. I was very confident as I picked up where someone had put my clothes and walked to the bathroom. Of course, walking naked in a busy hotel lobby a week ago probably helped me get comfortable with people I did not know seeing me naked.

Rita was already in the room. She took a towel and wiped my face and chest clean before she began to touchup makeup. She was very efficient, because about five minutes later, I was getting dressed again.

"Fuck 'em good," Rita told me as she ushered back into the living room.

I saw Marcus talking to Jeff, which I assumed was about me. Before I could join the conversation, Terry called me over to the back door where he lead me out onto the patio. As we left the living room, it was the sign for everyone involved with the scene to take their places.

"Okay, we'll start with you sitting on this towel applying lotion to your legs," Terry said to me. "A volleyball will come over the fence. You walk over to get it and call out to someone that you have the ball. Then, Marcus will appear from over there. You start flirting with him. Remember, he will be shy so you need to be the one to move the dialogue forward.

"Don't worry about lines. Just say whatever comes to mind as if you were trying to get him to fuck you, which you really are. If you fuck up, don't worry, we can edit. We'll be running two camera here so angles shouldn't be something you'll have to worry about too much. Marcus is the one in charge of that, so just relax and enjoy your second fucking scene."

Terry had a wonderful sense of making me feel at ease about everything. I knew every director would not be like him, but Keith must have made sure to get two very easy to work with directors so as to ease me into the business. It definitely worked.

I took my place on the blanket and Terry said to start filming. Everything went exactly as he said it would. Before I knew it, Marcus and I were flirting over the volleyball. He stayed to true to the shy role and got more comfortable with my own role.

"If you want your ball back, you need to give me something," I cooed to Marcus with as much of an Eastern European accent as I could still muster.

He continued to play the naïve soul as I tried to lead him to saying he wanted to fuck me. However, he continued to play hard to get.

"Well, why don't you show me your dick," I said very straightforward. "I bet you've got a big one."

He pulled his shorts down and I was still amazed to see the size of it. He was not completely hard anymore, but even in its flaccid state, it was still at least eight inches long.

"Can I touch it," I asked as he still played the shy role and started to try and cover himself back up.

Of course, he let me touch it. As I stroked his cock back to form, he began to get a little more aggressive.

"I think you need to let me see something," he said to me. Not even waiting for my reply, he pulled my top up over my tits and began to massage my nipples.

"You want to go inside and play," I asked, knowing the answer.

"Yeah, I've got some time," he said and led me into the living room.

Once inside, we stopped in front of the leather couch. I immediately went to my knees, pulled his shorts the rest of the way down, and began to suck his cock. Like during the photo shoot, I was barely able to get half of his length in my mouth. It was mostly due to the enormous length, but I had a hard time opening my mouth wide enough to fit the width of his cock into my mouth as well.

"We need your clothes off too," Marcus said to me after only a few minutes of me sucking his cock.

I pulled back and took my top off. I sat back on the couch and undid my tight shorts. I pulled them off with Marcus' help and then he also helped me remove the tiny g-string I had on. After he pulled them, he ran his hand back up my leg and began to massage the outer lips of my pussy, which sent bolts of electricity throughout my body.

However, when began to lick my pussy, the sensation was not that great since he was not able to really go deep because he had to allow the camera guy to get a good shot of his tongue on my pussy. Not that it felt terrible, it did not, but it was not going to be able to get me off.

Thankfully, he was ready to continue fairly quickly. He positioned me to where I was more on the couch and place the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy. I braced for his penetration since I had never had anything that big in me before.

He sensed my tension and was a master at slowly working his cock into me. I felt myself spread wider than I had ever been spread before and before long getting hit deeper than I had felt before also.

It was both pleasurable and painful at the same time. He began to thrust more forcefully, but I was not ready yet.

"Go slow," I said to him.

He did just as I asked and slowly worked his massive cock back and forth in my pussy. In fact, he also pulled back a little, only fucking with me with about three-quarters of his length. After a few minutes, I felt myself relax and adjust to the massive size of the cock fucking my pussy. The moans that I vocalized turned from moans of discomfort to those of pleasure.

Again, Marcus sensed that I was more comfortable and pushed his cock further into me, which sent a wave of pleasure throughout my body now that I was ready for it. I could feel an orgasm beginning to form as he penetrated me deeper than I had ever been fucked before.

"Why don't you ride my cock," he suggested before an orgasm ripped through me.

He pulled out and sat on the couch. I got up and moved over his cock, facing away from him. I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, allowing his entire length back into me. As I started rotating my hips and bouncing on his cock, an orgasm ripped through me. However, as soon as that one subsided, another ripped through me.

It was amazing. It seemed as if every time I lowered down and had Marcus completely in me, an orgasm ripped through me. I could hear myself moaning and screaming loudly and it was not an act. Over the course of about five minutes, I must have cummed at least 10 times.

"Turn around and let me suck those titties of yours as you ride my cock," Marcus said as I came back to the conscious world.

I turned around and lowered back down on him. However, I could not reach orgasm because I felt myself drying out a little.

"I need some KY," I said to Terry.

"Okay, just a second," he said.

I got off Marcus as someone handed my some liquid KY. I put some on my hand and massaged it onto my pussy. Feeling confident that was taken care of, I sat back down on Marcus' cock.

"Let's go ahead and change to doggy," Terry suggested.

We repositioned again with me on my knees and face on the couch while Marcus got behind me. Quickly he entered me from behind, sending new waves of pleasure through me. However, the camera guy brought me back to the couch.

"Get a towel and wipe up the excess lube," he said.

Marcus pulled out and wiped my upper thigh, but when he reentered me, the moment was lost. He began to fuck me pretty hard, but my moans of pleasure were pure acting. This lasted for another few minutes before Marcus had us changing positions again.

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