tagNonHumanCourting a Vampire Ch. 06

Courting a Vampire Ch. 06


A stream of sunlight landed on my face and I smiled, stretching awake. It took a moment to realize where I was but once I did I stretched my arms out to my sides and found Damien not there. I sighed and got up rubbing the tops of my sore arms before heading into the bathroom and taking a hot shower.

I found a black towel and wrapped it around me drying myself off as best as I could. I opened the door and realized that the room was a lot warmer than earlier. I padded into the living room to see a large fire burning away and a plate of eggs and toast waiting for me on the table. I opened the note and smiled at the beautiful script on it.

I am sorry that I cannot be with you for the remaining of the time I have you. I was spirited away due to a conflict in the North. I will make it up to you when I return. I already took Desmond with me, so you needn't worry about her threat. Isadora should be arriving shortly. I will see you soon.

Prince Damien

I closed the letter and grabbed a piece of toast and bit into it, holding it in my mouth as I grabbed the handle of the knife I had noticed still in the table and yanking hard, pulled it out. I touched the edge of the blade then set it in my lap as I finished my breakfast. My Aunt stormed into the room just as I was finishing looking around furious.

"He has some nerve to skip out on almost half of the time with you. Then taking that little tartlet with him."

I smiled at her, "Don't worry about it, he said he would make it up, and I'm glad she's gone."

"Yes, well..." She looked around the place her eyebrows shooting up and staying up in surprise. I followed her with my eyes as I drank the last of the orange juice, "He really accommodated you, didn't he?"

I stood up and walked to her, "What do you mean?"

"Well all the blankets for one thing. Most of the time vampires don't have pillows or blankets on anything other than the bed, the fire, and he even put in a television."

I laughed and shook my head, "We didn't watch it."

She suddenly turned and grabbed my hand, worry marring her features, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I didn't expect him to pick you first. Are you alright?"

She looked me over, noticing the faint bruising on my upper arms but seemed satisfied that I was unharmed, "I am just fine, just would like to get dressed, honestly."

She smiled and grabbed the plastic bag she had set on the couch when she had walked in, "Care to divulge some details?"

I shook my head as she unzipped the bag revealing a dark blue satin dress, "Nope."

She laughed and helped me into the dress and picked through my hair as I brushed my teeth. She started to pick up the room and picked up the scraps of the lace corset holding it up, "Oh my."

I blushed as she continued to hunt around finding the ripped panties shortly after. She giggled and put them in the top drawer of the night stand, "We'll just leave these here for him."

I covered my face with my hands and ran out of the room, too embarrassed to say anything. My aunt followed me laughing as she gathered a few remaining things in the room and left.


The next few days were uneventful, whatever was happening in the north kept the Prince away for the rest of the week, Desmond arrived as Yuki left, and I made it a point to avoid being alone in any of the halls. I explained to my aunt the knife and then Desmond's threat, manufacturing a story that she would possibly believe, she seemed to be thoroughly impressed, as she made it a point to strap it to my thigh in every single dress I wore.

Eventually the Prince did return, and upon his return there was a huge ball thrown, Elizabeth had already been back for three days and the ball was not only to commemorate the Princes return, but to also commemorate the beginning of the courtship. I had asked my Aunt how I would go about courting the Prince and all she could tell me was that I needed to be proactive and seek the Prince out as often as I could, rather than waiting for him to find me.

The night of the ball she dressed me in a form fitting, midnight blue, velvet dress. It had a slit up to my hip on one side, and on the other my knife was strapped. My hair was pulled up into a French twist with blue diamond encrusted combs pinning it into place. The front of the dress dipped into a low scoop, and thanks to a strong push up bra, my cleavage held center stage. Sitting on my collar bone was my blue diamond necklace and long diamond earring dangled from my ears.

My aunt left shortly after getting me ready, telling me she had to meet with the family over a few things, and left me to find my way to the ball. I decided then, that it would be a wise idea to be proactive and instead of making my way to the ball I made my way to the Princes chambers. I lifted my hand to knock but saw that the door was cracked open and I sighed, thinking that either someone was already with him, or that he had already left.

I had missed him, and still hadn't seen him since his return, so I entered quietly, hoping to catch a brief glimpse of his face, if nothing else. I heard a groan coming from the room and my heart beat faster realizing that I may not have been the only proactive betrothed in the castle. I debated whether to leave, but the desire to see his face was overwhelming and I couldn't help but to peek around the corner into his room.

What I saw stunned me, the Prince was alone, wearing nothing but a pair of pants fallen to his ankles. He was sitting on the bed and one hand was working up and down on the glorious member I'd had multiple dreams about. But it was what was in the other hand that stunned me, in his other hand were the panties my Aunt had left him, he had them pressed to his face and was breathing them in deeply as he worked on his hard member.

I stepped forward and with no thought what so ever knelt down in front of him and stopped his hand. His eyes flew open as he jumped startled until his silver eyes landed on my face. He lowered the panties from his face and I stood up enough to capture his lips with mine. He grabbed me and ravenously pressed my body to him, our mouths ravishing each other, saying with more than words how much we had missed each other.

He broke the kiss and I pulled back sinking back to my knees and moving his hands away from his beautiful cock. I licked the glistening head, closing my eyes and tasting the sweet liquid that had pooled there. I licked down his member until I was to its base, and then I pulled away to look at the large, heavy, testicals hanging from him. I nuzzled them softly before licking up the textured flesh. He moaned and I looked up seeing him watching me, his eyes a pure, bright, glowing silver, and his fangs fully exposed.

I opened my mouth and softly sucked in one ball, caressing it with my tongue before switching to the other. I nuzzled in the hair for a moment, breathing in his spicy scent before returning my attention to his now throbbing cock. I licked up the vein and swirled my tongue along the ridge of the head. I again licked at the pooling liquid at the tip and then slowly engulfed him in my mouth. He was hot, and the feeling of his thick shaft moving down my throat until my nose was buried in his curly black hair, was amazing.

I felt my body respond by heating up my stomach and the junction between my legs. I swallowed and nursed on him until I pulled up, sucking hard as I pulled him out of my mouth. He groaned loudly and grabbed the back of my head and pushed me back down. I inched as close as I could and began to move up and down on him, swallowing in pleasure as his hot shaft reached into my throat, and sucking hard as it pulled out. Soon Damien was moaning my name and I felt my slit drip wet as his member thickened and his hot seed filled my mouth.

I moaned and stared straight into his bright silver eyes, as I suckled on him, draining every last bit I could from him before releasing him and licking my lips clean. He groaned at seeing me and grabbed the back of my head and forcefully pulled me against his mouth. He attacked my mouth, sucking and nipping at my lips, and I did the same in return, gasping and moaning as his tongue ravished mine. Too soon he pulled away and held me away from him. I set my hands down onto his knees and sank back onto my folded legs, sitting and waiting patiently for him. He ran is hand over his face and his, still, silver eyes looked at me, his fangs in plain view.

I shuddered and smiled at him, "I missed you."

He frowned and stood up pulling his pants up and fastening them quickly. I stood up and followed him into his closet watching him pick a black button up shirt and putting it on. He buttoned it up without looking at me and I stood in his way in the door way. Finally he looked up at me and I nodded, "I can leave if I'm bothering you."

He shook his head and softly pushed passed me and walked into the bathroom and pulled his hair back. I walked in with him and looked in the mirror, fixing the few stray hairs that had escaped my hairdo. He walked out and I continued to straighten myself out before nodding then walking out, seeing him put on his boots. He wouldn't look at me and I sighed and walked to the door, "I'll leave you to it then."

I turned and walked out getting only three steps before warm, strong arms wrapped around me, "Don't go yet."

I turned in his arms and looked at him, "Okay," laid my head against his chest and then kissed the nape of his neck before he dropped his arms and turned away, finishing getting dressed. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him pull cuff links out and put them on and then pull out a very formal looking jacket and put it on. I played with my necklace catching Damien's eye.

"I have been hearing a lot of things about you, while I was away."

I looked up at him curious, "I'm surprised you heard anything up where you were at. What was it?"

He nodded to me, "That this particular shade of blue seems to be you favorite color."

I smiled, "It is, and silver, blue and silver."

His eyes narrowed, "Silver huh?"

I ignored his sudden mood change and leaned back on my hands thinking back to my room back home, "Yes, my whole house is black and red except my room. I have these beautiful blankets that are just the perfect dark blue and then stitched all through them are silver stars and flowers. They are my absolute favorite."

"Tell me more about your home." He sat next to me and I smiled at him and sat up.

"Well the canopy of my bed is this light blue, and then this rich emerald green. I didn't used to like green but one year the farmers that owned the fields around our house all decided to plant wheat at the same time." I sat up and waved my arms in front of me, "The whole world was just this beautiful sea of deep green, that would wave in the breeze. It was amazing, it was so green that it even filled the house with green, every time the sun was out, the house was filled with green. Then the wheat turned golden yellow and it was just amazing, I felt like I lived in a sea of gold for a while."

I leaned back on my arms, "I didn't go to school, like the rest of the humans, I went mostly online. We lived in the middle of no where, the nearest house being a good three miles away. I spent a lot of time learning how to be a proper vampire princess from my mother." I gave Damien a sideways look and smiled, "obviously I ignored those lessons. I also learned different things too, like vampire history, my families history, and self defense."

Damien looked down at the black watch he wore and sighed, "We need to get going."

I stood up and straightened my dress and Damien grabbed my hand, "Thank you."

I leaned forward and brushed my lips gently against his before straightening up and smiling at him, walked out of the room. I walked to the ballroom and was instantly the center of attention as hundreds of pairs of black eyes turned to look at me. I straightened my back and glided to the best of my abilities to the area where my aunt told me to meet her. I tried to subtly check myself, making sure I didn't have any evidence of what had happened on me before being grabbed into a bone crushing hug by my aunt.

She whispered into my ear, "We have a problem."

I pulled back looking at her and to nodded towards three very tall men, the most noticeable having dusty blonde hair, a full beard, and sharp green eyes. I knew instantly there were Lycans, wolves most likely, or maybe even lions. I gave my aunt a dark look, "I thought that was what the Prince was up North taking care of."

My aunt shifted uncomfortable and gave my four relatives a very black look, "They are here for you."

I spun around and grabbed my aunts hand and glared into her black eyes, "What?"

"It seems that while my side of your family has offered your hand to the Prince, your mothers side has been talking to the Lycans about you marrying one of their leaders sons."

"What do you mean?"

My cousin stepped forward and pulled the two of us back a few more feet into the shadows, "My uncle, your uncle, has been up north working on peace with the Lycans. He had mentioned that you were human, not vampire, and that because of that reason, the marriage oath was changed to allow the Prince an option of choosing a vampire instead of you. When he said that the Lycan leader was immediately interested, my uncle has basically promised that if you aren't chosen by the Prince, then you will be married to one of his sons."

She nodded to the three Lycans and they zeroed in on the movement their green eyes locking with mine. They all smiled and I felt my pulse begin to quicken as I backed up into my cousin. I began to look frantically for a place to run to, only partially noticing Damien making a very obvious, straight line to the three men. I started to shake as I realized I was cornered and suddenly my aunt was in front of me looking at me worried, "Lilly?"

I didn't look at her, but instead kept my eyes zeroed in on the lethal movements of the three men that were getting too close. Suddenly I couldn't catch my breath, and the world began to spin before the edges of my vision blackened. I was panicking, I had never panicked this much before in my life, but their movements, their bodies, everything, was different than anything I had seen before.

My aunt was tugging on my hand, "Breathe Lilly, Lilly?"

She looked past my shoulder, "What's wrong with her?"

I felt my legs give out and my aunt caught me suddenly realizing I was fainting, "Oh my Hades, someone, get a glass of water or something. NO NOT BLOOD YOU IDIOT!!!"

It was the last thing I heard as the blackness at the edge of my sight moved to cover my entire vision, and my body went slack.

I felt cool hands on my face, as another set of hands lifted my head and water was poured onto my lips. I opened my eyes staring straight into the familiar black eyes of my aunt, the worry lines on her face fading as she saw me wake up.

"Oh thank all that is undead, I thought you died." I took a few more sips before sitting up and recognizing I wasn't in the ballroom anymore. I grabbed my Aunts hand, 'What happened?"

My aunt chewed on the inside of her cheek and looked down at me worried, "Promise not to faint again?"

I nodded, "I'm not being stalked by some over sized lion looking man with no place to run."

My aunt sat down with a huff, "Well, the Prince went up north because the Lycans leader had told him he wanted to make peace. So of course, the Prince went and when he was there he was told about your Uncles offer of your hand should the Prince not want you. This was, of course, an inappropriate time to discuss that sort of thing because the Prince had just met you. So instead the leader gave him an ultimatum, if he would allow three of his sons to court you, as you and the three vampires courted him or else..."

"He agreed?" Was all I could squeak out before my aunt hushed me.

"It was that or full on war Lilly, which would you have picked?" I nodded accepting that the ultimatum left little to be desired.

"Someone could have warned me."

"Well I was going to but you had disappeared out of the room, and I couldn't find you in the ball room either."

I looked around and realized I was in an office lying on a soft leather sofa, "Where am I?"

"Damien's study, he told me to send for him when you woke, which I did so he should be here soon."

My aunt looked at me strangely for a moment, "is there something you need to tell me before he arrives?"

I looked at her confused, "What do you mean?"

"Well, his reaction to you fainting was pretty, obvious. He about killed the three Lycans, thinking they had attacked you. On top of that, when I picked you up, you are absolutely covered in the Princes smell."

Before I could say anything the door opened and the Prince strode in looking over my entire body as if trying to find a mark. I stood up and narrowed my eyes at him, ignoring the crowd, watching from just outside the door.

"You..." I hissed and was promptly grabbed by the shoulders and held immobile as I tried to kick Damien in the shin, 'You could have warned me!!"

My aunt quickly walked to the door closing it, "Nothing to see, you would be pissed off too if you found out..." Her voices faded as she walked out of hearing distance.

"You are right, I should have. I didn't expect them to be here so soon." He held onto me as I tried to aim another kick at him.

"And so when you get Desmond, I end up with some fricken Wolf, or Lion or whatever those guys are."

Damien ground his teeth together, "I didn't have a choice."

I slumped down defeated and Damien quickly picked me up and sat me on the couch next to him, "I know about your choice, my aunt told me. Its just, you may not have much of a choice, but I don't have any choices."

I felt tears well up and fall down my cheeks, "I feel like some prized cow being sold off to the highest bidder."

Damien didn't say anything, and instead let me cover my face and weep for a few minutes before the door burst open. I automatically jumped up with a cry and grabbed at my dagger, assuming the Lycans had come for me. I held the knife up only to see Desmond glaring daggers at me.

I moaned and slumped back down next to Damien and played with the tip of the dagger as he grabbed her and pulled her to just outside the door. I didn't hear much of the conversation beyond Desmond whining about needing a dance partner and how I would be fine with my aunt, but Damien said something to her and eventually she left.

I was starting to entertain some pretty morbid thoughts about the dagger when Damien grabbed it silently from me. I looked up at him startled and he touched my chin, "I didn't like the look you were giving it."

I moaned and slumped back, "Its an option." not really meaning the words as they came out, I was being sullen, and I figured I had every right to be, damned undead!!

"No its not." Damien's voice was cold and I ignored it, covering my eyes with my hands.

He sat back down beside me and grabbed my hands holding them in his, "I sorry this has happened."

I nodded, "I know, its my uncles fault, not yours."

He nodded, "I will introduce you to the three of them, and I wont leave your side while you speak with them. It will be good for you to get to know them."

I swallowed a lump in my throat, Damien was trying to get me to like one of the suitors so that he could marry Desmond without guilt. I nodded and stood up, taking a deep breath, and putting the dagger away. I took another sip of water then straightened my shoulders, "Alright, introduce away."

We walked into the ball room, arm in arm and he led me directly to the three Lycans. They bowed and apologized for frightening me and eventually introduced themselves, as Lucas, the tall one with the sandy blonde hair and full beard, he was the Lycan leaders second son. The third son was William, he was quieter and darker than his brothers, but smiled and bowed low to me saying very little and not lingering over me at all. The last one was Gabriel, the youngest, he was about my age but stood a good foot taller than me. He bent down, and smiled at me, kissing my hand, his green eyes sparkling with amusement. His fingers were long and slender, making me think of an artists hands rather than a warrior princes hands. I smiled back at him and the other two groaned and traded coins with each other.

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