tagIncest/TabooCourting My Sister

Courting My Sister


The year was 1966. The sexual revolution had begun but was a long way from our little Midwestern town. There were good girls and loose girls but very little in between. Good girls normally lost their virginity on their wedding night as did many guys because opportunities for sex were limited. This is the story of a boy and a girl coming of age, but as you will see it is much more than that because the girl was my sister.

I was a geek in high school and still a virgin at 19 when I went off to the University. During first semester I was standing in the hall at a frat party looking like a nerd when Shirley from my English class pulled me into a nearby room. She was drunk. Shirley shoved her tongue down my throat, pressed her big tits against me and was grinding her pussy against my cock when I creamed my pants. She giggled and left me there feeling like an idiot.

After that I had sex on the brain all the time. When I returned home for Thanksgiving I noticed that my younger sister Jill was really quite a beautiful and sexy girl. I had never thought of her that way before. She had just turned 18 and was two years behind me in school. Anyway, one afternoon I came home early from shopping and heard voices coming from Jill's room. I realized she was in there with her best friend Rachel. I decided to listen. What I heard was unbelievable.

"I have a really big secret, Jill, but you have to promise not to tell."

"Ohmygod, Rachel. Did you and Danny..."

"No... not yet, but... well I'll tell you about it later. This is about Amy Vander Hoff. And it's a really good one."

"Amy Vander Hoff? Miss Goodie Two Shoes? Miss Teacher's Pet? Wow. This has got to be good."

"It's good, believe me. I know this is true because Jenny's boyfriend Mark is best friends with Brad who is Mike's younger brother, and Brad heard Mike tell the story to Luke in the kitchen. Anyway, you know how Amy and the senior cheerleaders sometimes cheer for the junior college team. Well after their game on Saturday there was a party and all the Cheerleaders were invited including Amy. Mike of course is the quarterback so Amy was hanging with him trying to impress him with how grown up she is and all that. Anyway, Mike spiked her drinks with vodka until she was pretty drunk. He asked her to dance and she put on quite a show with everyone cheering. He took her out on the back porch for some air and kissed her and told her all these mushy things and said he really liked her and knew a place they could go to be alone. She followed when he took her hand and went up to the guest room over the garage. They sat on the couch and started kissing. Mike put his hand on her breast and she took it away so he put it on again and she took it away again and said they should go back. So Mike says 'I thought you were more grown up than that.' Well you know Amy. She didn't like being called not grown up. Besides, she was drunk. He kissed her again only this time she let him feel her tits. The he put his hand under her top and was feeling her up good and pinching her nipples and stuff. Pretty soon, according to Brad, her top was pushed all the way up and he sucked on her nipples."

"No way. Miss Prim and Proper was drunk and having her boobs squeezed and sucked? Now that is a good secret."

"Wait. It gets better. She's wearing a skirt because she wanted to look dressed up for the party so Mike slips his hand underneath and runs it up her thigh until he is touching her pussy through her panties. Amy mumbles something about 'What are you doing?' but Mike doesn't stop and keeps rubbing her. Now listen to this. Amy slides down in the seat and spreads her legs. She starts moaning and humping against his fingers. He slides his finger under her panties and rubs her bare slit. Then he puts his finger inside her. She's going crazy. Mike said that he thought he was hurting her when she started shaking and squealing real loud, but then he realized she was just having an orgasm."

"Ohmygod. Little Miss Perfect got fingerfucked and had an orgasm? That's incredible, Rachel. Who would have thought?"

"I'm not finished. This is the best part. While she is catching her breath he pulls out his thing... penis... and it is big and hard. She looks over and asks what he is doing and he tells her that it is the girls responsibility to make the guy feel good after he's done her and that if she doesn't do it everyone will know what a little high school girl she is. She sits up and asks what she is supposed to do so Mike shows her how to wrap her fingers around it and move her hand up and down. Mike said that she was staring at it as she jerked him off and moved her face closer to watch. That's when he told her it wasn't working and that she would have to use her mouth.

"No way, Rachel. You're not going to tell me she gave him a blowjob."

"Oh yes she did. Mike said she didn't even resist when he pushed on the back of her neck. She let his thing slide between her lips. She didn't know what to do but apparently figured it out somehow because he said she was using her tongue on him and it was working because he was about to shoot. Now this is the best part. Rather than pull out he held her head down and shot all of his stuff into her mouth. When he finally let her go his stuff was drooling out and dripping onto her blouse making a big mess. She finally stood and staggered into the bathroom. God, I would have given anything to see that. Anyway, little Miss Bitch isn't so perfect after all."

"Wow. I can't believe it. We'll have to find a way to use this to get back at her for that time at the mall."

"I don't know, Jill. I promised not to tell. Okay, now you have to tell me one just as juicy."

"Well, there is something but it's kind of personal and I really shouldn't tell it."

Come on, Jill. I told you about Amy so you have to. Besides, that way we'll both have a reason not to tell."

Okay, but it's a little embarrassing so you really can't tell anyone."

I knew who this Amy was, and she was hot. To imagine her lips wrapped around a cock had me ready to cream my pants. I couldn't imagine Jill's story being anywhere near that erotic, but I wasn't going to move.

"Two days ago I was getting ready to take a shower. In fact I was already in the shower but I hadn't turned on the water when the bathroom door opened. I forgot to lock it. I was about to say something and peeked out from behind the curtain to see who it was. It was my brother Jeff. He didn't see me so I didn't say anything. He had a magazine in his hand that was folded open. I could see it had pictures of naked bodies."

I knew exactly where this story was headed and was in mild shock. Had my sister really been in the bathroom? Had she really watched?

"Anyway, he put the magazine on the counter near the sink and then he pushed his shorts down to his knees. From where I was in the shower peeking out from behind the curtain I had a perfect view of everything. I mean everything, Rachel. I stared at my brother's penis hanging between his legs. It was the first real penis I ever saw. What was even more amazing was to watch it grow. He wasn't even touching himself. He was just flipping through the pages. I couldn't believe how big it grew until it was poking straight out from between his legs. Then he wrapped his hand around it and began stroking himself. It was incredible. I couldn't take my eyes away."

"Oh my god Jill. You watched your brother jerk-off? I mean, how did it make you feel? It was your own brother."

"Yeah, I know I should have been disgusted but I was feeling things unlike anything I had ever felt. I rubbed my legs together and I know my breathing was getting faster but I didn't want to make any noise. What I did next... well I should be ashamed but I couldn't help myself."

"You didn't, Jill. You rubbed your pussy? Watching your brother?"

"I did. I put my finger on the spot you showed me and moved it in circles. The pressure in my tummy was building, and I knew if it released while he was still there he would hear me. Well it became hopeless when I watched what happened next. Jim turned toward the wall which was a good two feet away. His face scrunched up and he grunted. This white creamy stuff exploded out from his tip like a rope and splashed off the wall. More came shooting out. He continued to pump his shaft spraying white gunk everywhere until he was bent over and the last few drops fell onto the floor."

"Did he see you?"

"No. When the first eruption sprayed out I gushed all over my fingers. I bit my lip to hold back a gasp. My body shook until it passed. When I looked up he was just finishing so he never even noticed. He took out a wash cloth and wiped up the mess and left. I was still shaking from the first real orgasm I think I've ever had. What I did next was really crazy but I don't think I want to tell you."

"Come on, Jill. No secrets, right? You've got to tell."

"Okay, but you're going to think I'm weird. I got out of the shower and inspected the wall and floor he had splattered with his stuff. I was curious. I ran my hand down the wall imagining what had just been there. Then my fingers hit something wet and sticky and I realized he had missed a small puddle near the base of the wall. I scooped it up with my fingers and examined it. I even smelled it. I couldn't believe that this was the stuff that made babies. Anyway, this strange feeling came over me. I slipped my fingers coated with his stuff down to my pussy and rubbed it into my slit. I pushed my finger a little way into my hole and moved it in and out. With my other hand I rubbed my spot... clit. The orgasm was even more powerful that when I was watching. I felt something running down my thigh and realized it was juice from my pussy. Anyway, ever since then I see that scene over and over again when I masturbate in bed at night. I even imagine myself stroking him with my hand with my face right next to his hardness, and when he explodes I watch him shoot across the room and then I have a tremendous orgasm of my own."

"Wow. But would you really do it, Jill... jerk-off your brother? I mean if he let you."

"I've thought about that, Rachel... a lot. Yeah, I think I would. No, what I mean is that I want to... I think about it all the time. I don't care if he is my brother."

And I didn't care if she was my sister. My balls were throbbing. For a second I thought about appearing in the doorway and saying I was ready for my handjob, but somehow I didn't think that would work. On the other hand I really needed to get off and knowing she was willing to do it was not something I was going to let pass. I waited a few seconds and knocked on the door. Both of them turned beet red.

"Hey. I just got home and thought I heard voices. Were you guys talking about me? It sure sounded like it."

The two of them glanced at each other. Jill looked terrified but Rachel was smiling. Then she turned her head towards me.

"I don't know. Maybe. Were we talking about him, Jill? What exactly do you think you heard?"

Jill gave Rachel one of these 'I am going to kill you' stares.

I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. I stared at Jill until she looked up and caught my eye. She turned away quickly.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower. You girls behave yourselves... and don't talk about me behind my back."

I stripped naked and wrapped a towel around my waist. My cock was still excited and made a visible lump in the front. I hid the shampoo from the shower and then went back to Jill's room and pushed open the door. I had never been so bold, but I was on a roll. Both of them fixed their eyes on my bulge before turning away slightly embarrassed.

"I can't find the shampoo. It's not in the shower."

"It's probably under the sink. Did you look there?"

"Yeah, but I didn't see it. Jill, could you help me find it. Please."

"Go ahead, Jill," Rachel urged, "I've got to get home anyway. Call me later."

Jill squatted down in front of the sink counter to look through the items piled up there. I stood directly behind her and adjusted the towel until my cock was visible out of the opening in front. She finally found the shampoo where I had hidden it in the back. When she spun around to show me her face was only inches from my naked and semi-erect cock. Her eyes got big as she stared at it. I could feel it start to grow.

Jill was frozen in place for a few moments. The next move was critical. She was either going to stand up and run out of the bathroom or I was going to get a hand job. I loosened the towel from my waist and let it fall to the floor.

"I heard what you told Rachel. Did you mean it?"

Jill continued to stare at the protrusion between my legs which was still growing. She finally turned her eyes up and met mine. I had my hands on my hips waiting for and answer. She finally nodded her head.

"Good. Go ahead."

Jill reached up and brushed my warm flesh with her fingertips. She traced along the ridges and veins studying the contours and shape of my hard meat as it continued to grow. When it was fully erect she wrapped her fingers around my swollen shaft and gently stroked it. Other than an occasional glance up to see my reaction she kept her eyes glued to my cock.

"You need to do it faster and squeeze a little harder... Yeah, just like that. If your hand gets tired you can switch to your other hand."

With all that cum churning around in my balls I wasn't going to last very long. Added to that was looking down at the innocent face of my younger sister. I could see the lust and excitement in her eyes and knew her tight pussy was dripping into her panties. I could see two hard nipples poking through her top.

I bent my knees and thrust my cock up into her hand. She kept pumping faster and faster. Neither of us was paying attention to where it was aimed. I felt it swell. My stomach tightened. I clenched my ass cheeks and let out a loud grunt. A powerful and steady stream of hot white cream sprayed from the tip of my cock and splashed against her cheekbone. She turned her head and received a second equally powerful blast in her ear and all over her hair. More cum splattered onto her blouse.

She kept her hand wrapped around me even after I was spent. I could see the desperation in her eyes from the excitement building in her loins. Her breathing was heavy and unsteady. Suddenly her body tensed and began to shake. She pressed a hand down between her legs and fell to her knees gasping for air.

Jill stood and stared at me with her mouth open and glazed over lust in her eyes. She had still had cum splattered all over the side of her face and hair. Without asking, I slipped my hand under her skirt and pressed my fingers against her panties right where her pussy puffed out. They were damp with her secretions. She put her hand over mine and moved my finger to a specific spot.

"Right there. Rub me right there."

The spot was near the top of her slit. I could feel a small hard protrusion moving underneath my fingertip and realized it must be her clit. I rubbed it faster and harder. Jill's breathing increased until she was moaning and her thighs were shaking. She put her hands on my head for support. She practically sat on my finger and thrust her pussy hard against it. Her fingers dug into my scalp.

"Oh... oh... oh... uuuuuuuhhhhh... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh..."

Her knees buckled. Jill grabbed my head for support as her body jerked and thrashed uncontrollable. Pussy juice gushed into her panties. The wet spot grew to the size of a golf ball. My finger continued to rub her pussy. She squeezed her legs together and pulled my hand away. She was out of breath and looking at me with wild eyes.

"I... I... oh god. It's never happened like that before."

We both stood. My cock had regained its full hardness and was poking up from between my legs. I knew it would not take much to make me cum again. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and began to pump. Jill watched for a few seconds and then pushed her panties down her thighs and pulled up her skirt exposing her pussy to me. Her puffy mound was covered with soft brown curls. Her gash was clearly visible with glistening pink lips peeking out of her slit. I lost all control.

I could see her looking down as the first jet of cum gushed against her lower belly and trickled down towards her pussy. The second one splashed just above her gash. The third blast hit her squarely on the pussy. The last few spurts landed on her stomach and thighs.

Jill moved her hand down to the sticky mess and began to finger her pussy. I watched her finger moving rapidly up and down her slit. Then she pushed it into her cunt and fucked herself with it. She looked at me and put her hand on my shoulder for support. Her eyes were wild and desperate. She was breathing in short gasps. And then it hit. Her scream could be heard throughout the house. I grabbed her to keep her from falling.

She was still shaking as we stood there with my arms wrapped around her. Slowly she moved her hands up my chest and around my shoulders. She hugged me tightly. I felt her body shudder a few more times before her breathing returned to normal. We just stood there holding each other without saying a word.

The kiss was inevitable. She looked up at me with big eyes full of awe at what she had just experienced. I bent my head. Our lips met, gently at first and then more aggressively. I opened my mouth and licked her lips. Her mouth opened to receive my probing tongue. Our bodies pressed together in a tight embrace. When the kiss finally was over neither of us knew what to say. I finally spoke first.

"I guess I'll let you take the first shower. You probably need it more than I do."

Jill smiled and shrugged her shoulders, then raised her eyebrows and nodded her head. I picked up the towel, wrapped it around my waist and walked back to my room. I fell on the bed and tried to sort out what had just happened. It was pretty simple really. I just had the greatest... actually only... sexual experience of my life with my little sister. It was wrong. I told myself I wouldn't let it happen again but I knew I was lying.

That night neither of us said anything and acted as though nothing had happened, particularly in front of mom and dad. The next day I went into her room and found the pair of pink panties she had been wearing in the clothes hamper. I took them into the bathroom, wrapped them around my cock and jerked off into them soaking the crotch with cum. I put them back in her hamper and barely got out before she came upstairs.

At dinner no one was really saying much. I glanced over at Jill a few times and caught her looking at me with a grin on her face. After dinner I saw Jill enter the bathroom wearing a robe. She stopped at the door long enough to make sure I had seen her. I listened at the door and heard the water to the bath running. My parents were downstairs watching TV. I tried the door handle to confirm she had not locked it which was almost like an invitation. I took a deep breath and entered.

Jill was already slumped down in the bathtub. Her robe was crumpled on the floor. I locked the door behind me and stepped into the room. She looked over at me and smiled. She was hiding her tits with her arms. She put her elbows on the side of the tub and looked up.

"Hi. I thought you might come. That was really nasty what you did to my panties. I put them on and rubbed myself off. I even wore them to dinner."

"Um, look... Jill... I'm not sure this is such a good idea. I mean you're my sister and I'm your brother. You should be doing these things with other boys."

"Yeah? Then why did you shoot your stuff in my panties? Were you thinking about other girls then?"

She had a point. That and the fact that my cock was about to rip through my jeans thinking about how she fingered her pussy while wearing the cum-stained panties. I could feel the small vestiges of resistance rapidly fading away.

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