tagIncest/TabooCousin at the Lake

Cousin at the Lake


I pull up to her apartment complex, butterflies in my stomach. We were going to a mutual friends house, to drink, to party, to pretend we are still in our 20's. I have known her since I was born – she is my first cousin, six months older than me. For years, I was attracted to her – her flowing blond hair, her curvy hips, the way she filled out her sweater. We had often joked about the sexual tension between us but never let it happen – we have too much lose, we told ourselves. We are too closely related, we said.

She is coming down the steps now, all smiles and winter coat and over night bag. She is at my passenger door and I reach over and unlock it for her. She throws her bag in the backseat and slides in the front seat. She is wearing a long skirt and calf high boots, both clinging to her body, giving just the hint of her shape.

I head out of town, we have a couple hours to drive and watch the sunset. It is growing dark, our conversation is sparse, succinct. We have known each other long enough that little needs to be spoken to communicate volumes. We chat about work, we speculate about the partying tonight. She raises her skirt to scratch her inner thigh, it is dark she thinks I don't notice. The glimpse of her creamy white thigh is blackly exciting. I force my eyes to the road and she begins telling me about her roommate/lover. HE is ignoring her, she is lost as to what to do. I offer little advice, for I have no idea what to tell her about her love life.

She grows silent after a few miles, and I take an exit that will bring us where we are going through a more rural route. I like the lonely stretch of highway, there is only one town between us and out destination. IT is nearly a desolate drive; I have taken it many times on the way to a nice lake.

When she notices the sign alerting us to the turn off for the lake, she informs me she has to pee and asks me to go to the lake. I tell her it is three miles down the road but she wants to see the lake, frozen in winter glory under the light of the nearly full moon. I turn down the road and after a few minutes of rough, low-maintenance winter gravel we are there. The view is breathtaking; the lake is undisturbed, glowing white in the moonlight. I pull as close to the facilities as I can and she gets out. They are locked so she hikes up her skirt to pee on the frozen ground. She is just barely in view and I can see her bare knees and the steam from her hot piss as it hits the ground. She disappears from my sight as she finishes and a second later she is in the car again.

She is shivering, and reaches for the heater knob to turn it up. As she leans over, I notice that she is wearing a top with a deep v-cut, and I catch just a glimpse of her black, lace edged bra cupping her full breasts. She leans back in her seat and tells me to wait a few minutes she wants to just enjoy the scenery.

I turn the radio on and start a mix CD, a collection of the moody stuff I like so much. The music, the view, the beautiful woman sitting next to me was almost more than I could stand. I turned to look at her, and she was looking at me the same way.

I stumbled something out about needing to get out of here, people waiting, but she shushed me with her finger and a moment later, I felt her other hand running up my thigh. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation as my flesh tingled beneath her touch and my cock growing hard.

With every pass up my thigh, she came closer to my stiffening cock. My arousal was obvious as my breathing had quickened and even in the pale light, I could not hide the bulge in my pants. She brushed the tip of my cock and I nearly came in my pants. With a soft gasp of surprise, she grabbed my cock through my pants and whispered in my ear "what do we have here?"...

With expert motions, she undid my belt and unzipped my pants. My hard cock sprang free and she gently gripped it with her warm hand. She worked it slowly from bottom to top, slowly so slowly...

I then felt her hot mouth on me as she took me, deep. I could not last long and I erupted into her mouth shooting what felt like jet after jet of hot cum. She paused when she felt me coming and used her hand to jack me into her mouth. She wrapped her lips tight around the head of my cock using her hand to milk every drop out of me.

When I was spent, I collapsed into my seat and looked over at her. She was smiling, a tiny drop of cum in the corner of her mouth. She reached out with her tongue and with a tiny flick, made it disappear. I was speechless. I had gotten a short, intense blow-job from a beautiful woman. A woman I had fantasies about for twenty years had given me one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

I started to put my cock back into my pants and she stopped me. She tells me in a quiet voice "I like looking at it. Leave it out. In a few minutes, we do it again." So I reclined my bucket seat and she did the same. When I looked over, she had removed her coat and was laying, legs slightly bent and her skirt hiked up to over her mid-thigh. I tentatively reached out and placed a hand on that thigh, that milky white smooth thigh that I had ached to touch for so long. She sighed; I knew I had not done the wrong thing. I rested my hand there and that is how we stayed for what seemed forever.

I must have dozed off, I was awakened by the feel of her hand and mouth on my cock again. She had slipped her skirt and panties off and she was now giving me a fast and furious blow-job while using her free hand to play with herself. She looked up and saw I was awake and with a smile, sat up and pulled her top off and unclasped her bra. She was now nude, her large breast looking amazing in the moonlight, her shaved pussy already glistening with her juices. She parted her legs when she noticed I was looking and told me to take my pants off.

I obliged and when she lay back and spread her legs she pulled me down on her and I entered her. Her hot, her wet, her tight pussy received my rock hard cock with eagerness and I started pumping in and out of her, her hips coming up to meet mine, she was grunting with every thrust.

I reached down and pulled her legs up and out, positioning her to open up as deep and wide as possible. I felt the tip of my cock hitting her cervix, I started jack-hammering in and out of her cunt. I felt my orgasm building up and when I came, I did so with a shout as I emptied my cum into her quivering hole. I collapsed on top of her, cock still twitching inside of her and she held me close as I lay shaking.

We had just crossed a boundary we could never un-cross, I thought as I la there, my softening cock still inside of her slick hole. I nuzzled into her soft breasts and promised her that I would always be there for her.

She laughed and gently pushed me away. "We have a party to go to, silly. We need to get cleaned up and get in gear!"

We made the party, of course, and had too much to drink. We held our feelings back the rest of the night but found time for furtive feels, glances, and whispers throughout the night.

We have not had a chance to get together again, but we will and I will write about it. This experience moved me and through the resultant confusion, I realize how much I love her and how happy I am that we took it to the next step.

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