Cousin Loni


"Kinda," I said shrugging. "There was only Denise, but we were already sleeping together at the time. Girls in New Orleans often get it turned around. That's why men love to go there."

"She sounds lovely," Denise said, turning serious a moment.

"She is, and if she invited you down too, you should take her up on it. She didn't say it just to placate me. She loves to play tour guide," I assured her.

"You're not into groups or couples or anything, are you?" she said distastefully.

"No," I smiled, laughing almost silently. "We're not swingers or anything like that. Denise isn't interested in women either, if that's what you were wondering."

"Oh, good," she said, sounding relieved.

"So if you come to visit, you'll only have to lock the guest room door at night to keep me out, not her," I chuckled.

"And if I didn't lock it?" Loni said softly, her eyes suddenly becoming large and warm and moist.

Reaching forward to gently tilt Loni's head, I leaned forward and softly brushed our lips together. As my tongue tentatively extended to caress her lips, my beautiful cousin moaned into my mouth. Her breath was warm and tasted of wine and incest. I leaned her backward, using my hands to stroke her long, slender neck and to tenderly rub her ear.

"Mind if I relieve you of this dress, cuz?" I asked her when I caught my breath.

"Please," she crooned. "I feel like I've been waiting all night."

"I feel like I've been waiting twenty-five years," I said as first the dress and then the slip came off her body.

Her white panties and bra were of a shimmering, slick fabric that felt good under my hands. Her complete breasts fit easily in my palms; the cheeks of her buttocks overflowed them slightly.

Raising up and hooking my thumbs into my boxers, I smiled devilishly and asked her, "Should I go first, or should you?"

"It's your hotel room, cuz. By all means, you go first," she smilingly demurred.

Leaning back, I raised my hips and tugged down the boxers. My rigid cock sprang forward as I pulled them down, slapping against my belly and causing Loni to jump a little and giggle.

"It's not polite to laugh when you see your cousin's penis," I mockingly chided her.

"Just nervous laughter, cousin," Loni said seductively as she reached out and took my hard shaft in her hand. When she had captured it, she added, "I'm very pleased, Victor. My first husband was such a disappointment, but I'm not gonna be disappointed tonight."

Her soft hand began to pump my solid eight inches. Now it was my turn to moan. I lay back on the bed for just a moment, letting her enjoy the feel and the sensation of holding a new dick in her hands; a dick that was hard and ready for her.

Then, when I couldn't stand to not touch her any longer, I reached out and hooked my fingers into the front of her bra and drug her mouth down to mine for a kiss. While I had her there, I took the opportunity to unclasp her bra from the back. As she raised up again to stroke me some more, the brassiere slid off her shoulders and her small mounds of desirable flesh were exposed to my view.

After Loni removed her bra completely, I pulled her down to me again and this time I took one of those succulent breasts into my mouth for a suck. She tasted salty and I thought of the rim of a margarita. Her entire breasts would fit into a margarita glass and I suddenly had an overwhelming desire for one as I licked first one breast and then the other.

Loni's nipples, the erect, pink tips that crowned both her lovely tits, seemed very sensitive. As I mouthed and tongued them, her groans became more insistent and the effort that she put into stroking my cock became wilder.

Knowing that she would bring me off too quickly like that if I let her continue, I raised up and gently moved Loni onto her back on the bed, disengaging her hand from me in the process. Once she was reclined, I hooked my fingers under her panties and slowly removed her last remaining garment.

Loni was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. She was no pin-up; after all, she was over forty herself now. Her breasts were a little flatter, her tummy a little more rounded. She even had a hint of cellulite on her thighs. Still, she was exactly as she should have been, having lived the same years as I had as well. I certainly wasn't perfect and never expected her to be either.

When I leaned forward to go down on her, she stopped me.

"I haven't had a chance to freshen up," she said obliquely.

"Loni, I've waited to smell and taste you for twenty-five years," I assured her. "Please, I really want to do this."

She rolled her eyes and the hands that had prevented me gave way, hesitantly inviting me in.

My cousin smelled delicious, like the warm, sexy woman that she was. With my hands, I spread her wider, pushing her legs up toward her chest, exposing her sex more clearly to my view.

Though her skin was generally pale, Loni's vulva was dark and her folds were puffy. The sparse hair that crowned her mound had probably once been blonde, but now had turned a light brown. Using my thumbs on either side, I spread her vaginal lips and leaned in to catch the full, heady scent of her arousal.

With my tongue extended, I leaned in for a taste. Her inner lips were moist and there was a tart, tangy flavor that was not at all unpleasant. I moaned, just barely exaggerating it enough to hopefully demonstrate my pleasure. I circled the rim of her vagina, then moved quickly to bury my tongue into her depths.

My lovely cousin cried out, a cry I had dreamed about so long it felt like an distant echo. That plaintive cry warmed my heart and encouraged my tongue to delve even deeper, then to swirl quickly to the surface and create more vibrant sensations for her. I flicked my tongue upwards, collecting her moisture like a ravenous bee and my tongue barely grazed her clitoris.

Loni flinched, then groaned again as I began to surround her tender bud with licks and kisses all around it. As her arousal built, my cousin began to rock her hips and my tongue began to flick across her clit more directly. Soon, I was sucking the hard bud into my mouth and nipping it gently with my teeth.

She hooked her legs over my shoulders and started to squeeze me hard with her thighs as she began to climax. As my tongue bored in on her clitoris, I tried to sneak a finger through the defenses of her thighs and was able to get a stiff digit between her clenching pussy lips and into her greedy, lonely hole.

Then Loni climaxed in earnest. She pressed me hard with her thighs as I pushed the finger as far into her as it could reach. Loni's wetness became more and more profuse, coating my finger with pearly cream and filling my nose with her wonderful scent. Higher and higher she rose, tossing her head from side to side until she collapsed onto the bed, depleted.

Licking my lips and enjoying the afterglow of pleasing her, I sat back just a moment to look at my beautiful cousin. She looked more relaxed than any time since I had seen her tonight. She was gorgeous again, suddenly looking five or seven years younger.

My fingers were coated with her cream, so I smeared the excess along the swollen head of my cock and moved between Loni's legs. As the bed shook, my cousin looked up at me with warm, receptive eyes. Then she looked down, relaxed and curious as I began to caress her welcoming slit with the spongy head of my penis, coating it with her slick cum as I circled around her opening.

Looking deep into my cousin's eyes, I seated the head of my cock firmly into her and slowly began to press in. Loni's eyes rolled back into her head as she reveled in the luxurious sensation of our initial penetration. She wasn't tight like a virgin, but she surrounded me with her snug, moist embrace, accepting me where I had so often wished to go as a young man.

"You can't know how many times I’ve done this in my fantasies," I whispered to her. "All those years, seeing you all the time and never being able to touch you, to hold you."

Pulling her head back carefully, I leaned forward until I could kiss the petite woman. Our tongues danced sensually with one another, reminiscent of our earlier dances. I began to set the beat and cadence to their dance with each stroke of my hips. At first they were long, slow writhing plunges, but quickly my excitement turned them into firmer, more rhythmic thrusts.

Loni lay back, completely open and exposed to me. She was either too exhausted or too overwhelmed to move her hips, but I had energy enough for both of us. And my cousin encouraged me in other ways.

"Oh, fuck me so good," she murmured, stroking my brow and my chest as I beat into her. "I knew you would be different, Victor. I knew you would love me. Oh, why didn't we fuck like this a long time ago."

As I got closer, my body slapped into her more quickly, in a sharp, staccato rhythm.

"Cum in me, baby," she crooned. "Fill me, cuz. Fuck me full of your juice. Do me! Do it! Cum in me, baby!"

Straining into her, I felt Loni reach out with her arms and pull me down even tighter. With one last, hard thrust I buried myself in her as I felt the hot, blast from my balls burn its way through and out me! I felt like I was flooding her, injecting spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her belly. I flooded her womb and the bed. Each eruption was paradise!

My next conscious thought was of panting as I held her tight. I knew I was too heavy on top of her, but lacked the strength or the will to move. When I could finally get my arms to prop me up, Loni held me tightly to her instead.

"You feel so good on top of me," she whispered intimately and moaned into my ear. My cock, which I had thought lifeless, twitched at the sound of her voice.

"You feel good everywhere, under me, around me and through me,” I told her. “I just want to lie here and never have to move again."

"If we can set some alarm, I say we try to go to sleep with you still in me," she giggled softly.

I groaned, then told her, "That sounds wonderful to me. Let's just relax. I've already left a wake-up call for six-thirty. Will that be early enough for you?"

"Just fine, babe," she whimpered as she yawned prettily. "But if we wake at six, we can have another go."

"What about every hour on the hour?" I ribbed her, running my hands along her sensitive sides, more of a caress than a tickle.

"Settle down, you horny devil," she said with a smile in her voice. "The faster we sleep, the faster you can wake up in the morning and fuck me again."

"I'll try, cuz, but tonight's been like a dream come true for me," I whispered, kissing her forehead and rolling us both onto our sides. We clung together, my cousin and I, trying to hold on to every precious moment of our time together.

"Sleep now, Victor," she finally told me. "There'll be even better dreams for tomorrow."

Author's note: Let me know what you think, I appreciate feedback!

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