tagIncest/TabooCousin Love Ch. 01

Cousin Love Ch. 01


It was my twentieth my summer and I was on my way to spend it with my cousin Eric, who I hadn't seen in five years. He was sitting outside the bus terminal when I arrived. I knew it was him right away, we quickly gave hugs and exchanged hellos.

We walked out to his truck, talking away as we got in and drove off. The drive to his apartment was short, only about twenty minutes, but my bus had gotten in at one a.m., so we went straight to his place, where we chatted about random things for a few minutes, smoked a joint together, and then went to bed. The next afternoon we had a family reunion to attend

The next morning I woke to find Eric naked and standing beside my bed. He looked hot with his sexy curly brown hair and brown eyes, his average six foot three frame, and his hard cock which was pleasingly long and thick. He was making my panties wet just by looking at him.

Eric soon must have realized I was awake because he turned to me and asked, "See something interesting?"

"Umm, yea actually I did. Sorry though, I didn't mean to stare."

"Actually I kinda did this on purpose, I wanted you to see me like this," Eric explained.

"Umm, why?" I asked.

"Because I feel sexually attracted to you, and need to know if you felt the same," he said.

"Wow, actually I do and have for many years, but I can never act upon them, you're my cousin Eric," I stated.

Eric looked upset, but didn't say anything else, he just got dressed and left the room. I really wasn't sure what to do. I figured If I just let it go it would all blow over, and that Eric would come to his senses. At the same time thought I was just beginning to wonder about my senses. I was starting to wonder if it really would be so terrible to mess around with my cousin.

My panties were wet with all the thoughts of the things Eric would do to me if I gave him the chance. After my encounter with him that morning, I took a shower, then dressed in my best baby blue matching bra and panty set, with my pale blue sundress and a pair of sandals. I put on a little mascara, some eyeliner, and a little lipstick.

By the time I was done getting ready for the day it was time to leave. Eric and I rode in silence to the reunion. When we arrived, almost everyone was there. I walked around for a little while, saying hi and making conversation with everyone I knew. After a while, there was no one I hadn't seen. I decided to take a walk on a trail in the woods. It wasn't until I had been gone for about fifteen minutes that I realized Eric was following me. I stopped and waited for him to catch up.

When he caught up to me, he asked, "Can we talk about earlier, please?"

"Sure," I said.

Eric took my hand said, "Follow me."

I said nothing, only followed him to a stream, where he proceeded to explain, "I'm sorry about this morning but I still don't understand what its going to hurt if we mess around a little bit, as long as nobody knows but us."

Instead of saying anything I just leaned in and kissed him passionately. He kissed me back, and the kiss turned fiery hot in seconds. I could feel his cock growing up against my stomach. I wanted him and he wanted me. I couldn't take my hands off Eric's body. No matter what my mind said, my body didn't listen.

Eric began undressing me before I had a chance to say no again. The moment I was naked he began sucking my tits and fingering my pussy. I couldn't say no anymore, I didn't want to say no anymore. He licked and sucked my nipples and his fingers swirled and rammed my pussy, his palm rubbing up agaist my swollen clit.

I wanted him more now than ever, I began to plead with him, "Eric, Eric take me now."

"No not yet, not here," he said.

He began to rub my clit harder with his palm as he fingered me harder and harder, bringing me to the edge, over and over again, until my world finally erupted and I screamed. (PARAGRAPH)


My cousin had just given me my first real orgasm. Now it was my turn to give him one. I turned to Eric. After unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, I reached in and wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled it out.

I dropped to my knees and covered his massive erection with my mouth. While looking him straight in the eye, I took as much as I could, making sure the head touched the back of my throat.

Eric moaned softly, and that was my cue to suck harder. My head bobbed up and down as I sucked and slurped and licked and blew, until Eric began to moan my name.

"Oh Dani, Yes, Yes, Dani, Dani."

The more he moaned the harder I sucked. I began to rub his perineum as I sucked, and Eric started to moan louder and louder and louder.

"Ohhh! Uhhh! Yeah, Dani! I'm cumming baby!"

As he blew his salty load into my mouth, I swallowed every last drop.

Eric looked at me and said, "What an amazingly naughty little cousin you are. No one has ever swallowed my load before."

"Well I'm glad I could be your first," I laughed.

"So...that was it huh?" asked Eric.

"Yea, 'til we get back to your place," I giggled.

I pulled my clothes back on and Eric zipped and buttoned his pants, and we walked back to the reuinion hand in hand, which we found out was over by the time we got back. So we hopped in Eric's truck and headed back to his apartment. When we got home we crawled into bed together naked and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke to find Eric smiling at me. He pulled me close and kissed me. I could already feel his throbbing erection up against my stomach. He still wanted me. I smiled a secret smile and kissed him back as passionately as I knew how. As he broke the kiss and looked deep into my eyes, I felt like the most beautiful girl in the world.

"Cousin or not, you're so damn hot, with those big ass tits and that plump ass."

The entire world began to melt away as he began kissing me from head to toe. Eric started rubbing my clit with his hand and began shoving a finger up my pussy. He drove his finger into me again and again, as he caressed my clit with his palm.

Suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and I forced his finger out of me and forced him onto his back, then I slowly but eagerly lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. It was the biggest cock I'd ever had inside me, it filled me to the brim and I loved it. I began bouncing up and down.

From the look on Eric's face he was shocked. I couldn't stop myself though, I began bouncing harder and faster, ramming him into me as far as he would go, over and over and over again. I lifted myself almost completely off him, then slammed back down, taking his entire length inside me.

Eric's moans and groans became louder, filling the otherwise silent room. I couldn't stop myself. I wanted... no needed...him so bad, I bounced harder and faster, taking all of him with each and every bounce.

Suddenly Eric let out a loud moan, "God, Dani, I'm gonna cum! Get off me!"

"NO! NO! Eric make me yours! Cum in me please, please!" I begged him as I rammed my pussy onto his cock while he came inside me.

The second I felt Eric's cum hit my pussy, I reached my own climax and collapsed onto Eric's body. I rolled off him seconds later.

Eric sat up and looked at me and said "What happens if I just got you pregnant?"

"I dunno Eric. Whatever you want to happen I guess," I replied quietly.

We left the pregnancy worries at that. That afternoon we just hung around the apartment together being in each others arms. That way no one could see us and we could be together all we wanted.

That evening, I was lying naked on Eric's bed watching TV, when Eric came into the room and before I knew it he was on top of me sliding his cock in and out of me over and over again.

I began to moan, "Eric harder, faster, harder, faster."

We began to move our hips in a rocking motion, then he began swirling his cock around in my pussy over and over and over again, driving me wild. He threw my legs up over his shoulders and pounded me hard and fast, like a crazed animal.

I couldn't take it. I felt one long climax...or several smaller ones, I wasn't sure which....rock through me, yet he continued harder and faster, fucking me like a wild beast.

Then I heard him moan, "Oh yes I'm cumming." He didn't even try to pull out.

He collapsed on the bed, rolled over and kissed me, then said, "I hope I do get you pregnant. Then you can never leave me."

I'd like to give a special thanks to michchick98 for editing my story for me.

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