tagIncest/TabooCousin Lynne: Finale

Cousin Lynne: Finale


(Author's Note: I was 18 and sexually innocent until Cousin Lynne came to live with us. She taught me a lot before she moved to her own apartment. When we last saw her, she had a girlfriend, Jo, and the two of them continued my education. Times with them were wild, and when they started to use huge dildos on each other and me, and experimenting with spanking, I was game but apprehensive. Where was this all going?)

I was doing well on the swim team, and practices were every afternoon after school. I was also busy with schoolwork, because I was anxious to keep my grades up so getting into a good college would be possible. So, I hadn't seen Lynne and Jo for several weeks. Spring Break came, and I was not leaving town, so I called Lynne and she asked me to come over, saying she and Jo had missed me and they were having some hot parties.

Saturday night I could hear the party sounds clear down the hall from Lynne's apartment. Loud music, laughter, very loud talk. It kind of put me off, to tell the truth: I sort of just wanted a nice fuck or two, and an orgy was out of my league.

The door was open and I walked in and stopped, amazed. There must have been ten or twelve people in the room, and the smell of marijuana was strong. It looked like every kind of sex was right there before my eyes: one guy was getting fucked in the ass, two girls were in a 69 and licking away, and Lynne was getting a good screwing while she gave another guy a hand job. Jo was curled up on a chair quietly masturbating with a vibrator on her clit and a dildo deep in her pussy. I almost left right then, but Jo saw me and waved me over. As I approached, she had a huge orgasm , crying out, her body shaking. She pulled out the dildo and squirted a clear juice that traveled over a foot. I'd never even heard of such a thing, and I just stared.

"Come here, sweet boy, and give me some of that big cock," Jo said. She took a big drag on her joint and offered it to me. I refused, since whenever I tried to smoke anything I just choked and coughed. But I sat on the floor and had a good look at her soaked pussy. I began to get an erection. I leaned up and licked some of the clear stuff she had squirted, and it wasn't piss and it wasn't the usual female lubrication. I asked Jo, and she explained how some women squirt. We talked a little more, and she asked what I wanted to do. I looked around the room, shrugged, and said I just wanted to get laid.

Jo laughed. "I guess that can be arranged with whoever is here, boy or girl. You ready to try it with a man?"

"Shit no," I said.

"OK, then you can fuck me, or Lynne, or Heather over there, or Jamie. Take your pick."

I looked around, and all the girls were young and hot looking. Then I saw Lynne leaning over a table and snorting coke. Her eyes were wild. She saw me and yelled, "Cuz, c'mere, this shit is fantastic." I waved her off. It was getting to be too much for me. I was still a kid, and the last time, when Jo fucked me in the ass with a dildo when I was screwing Lynne, had worried me, even though I had come hard. I was used to kids my age smoking a little grass, but cocaine was something I wanted no part of.

Jo saw the look on my face, and got up and took my hand and led me to the bedroom, where she slowly removed my clothes and pushed me onto the bed. When I tried to say something, she put her finger on my lips. My cock, meanwhile, was getting hard, and Jo smiled and took it in her hand and stroked gently. Then she leaned down and licked the precum off the tip and slowly took me in her mouth. Nice, but I a wanted a cunt, not a mouth, and I pushed her over and mounted her. Her pussy was open and dripping wet. She responded, but it seemed mechanical to me, like she was accommodating me but getting nothing from it. To my surprise, my cock started to soften and I pulled out.

"Whassamatter?" Jo slurred, and it was obvious she was pretty stoned.

"Nothing, Jo, this kind of party isn't my thing, I guess."

"Poor baby," she said. "You're a cute kid but fucking naïve. I see we've a lot more to teach you."

"Maybe some other time," I said, getting my jeans back on. I wandered back into the living room, and things were happening all over the place. Fucking, sucking, snorting, and one man was on hands and knees while a woman whipped his ass, leaving raw red streaks. Another guy came over and smiled and grabbed my crotch, and that did it.

I went on home, wondering if I was a prude, or scared, or what. Thing was, I had met a girl in class a few weeks back, and really liked her. She was a petite blonde, smart as hell, and we had a Lit class together. I thought her stories and essays were great, and she liked mine. We had been out a couple of times, and she let me kiss her but that was it. When I made a move toward her lovely breasts, she shoved my hand away. She said she liked to take it slow, get to know me, get to know what each of us liked to do, what music and books we liked, and so on. I realized that I liked that idea a lot. I wanted a real relationship with someone with shared tastes. I had apologized for making a move on her, and she smiled and said she was very sensual, and sex would come for us in due time.

I knew then that my apprenticeship with Lynne was pretty much over. I liked my new girl and wanted to be with her. I liked swimming, I liked my classes, and I looked forward to college. I was not, I thought, cut out to be a big party guy, fucking around a lot, doing drugs. Pretty conventional, right? Pretty straight arrow. And maybe pretty dull for all those people in Lynne's apartment. Maybe so.

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