tagIncest/TabooCousin's First Time

Cousin's First Time


Maryanna was twenty two. She was in Ridgeway, Montana for two weeks visiting family while college was on break. She was studying law in Miami. She was a bright student with an extreme secret. She was horny all the time but, she'd learned how to cope with it. She'd invested in toys, creams, movies, the works! Anything that would help her to relieve herself often. She'd mastrubate between classes, exchange homework or tutoring help for oral sex and dress sexy and go out looking for men to play into that nights fantasy.

Her cousin Mark was home from college too. He was twenty one, a popular football star, studying toward a bachelor's in computer science at Michigan. He'd invited her out with him to attend a huge party one of his former teammates was throwing one night.

She'd gotten ready early, carefully fixing her wavy brown curls to cascade over her shoulders. Her jeans were hugging her hips tightly, showing off the curves of her round bottom. Her tight sweater made her ample bosom look even larger than it was. Her make-up was light, accentuating her feminine facial features. She sprayed herself with a light coating of sweet perfume, then bolted down the stairs.

Mark waited in the living room, his camouflaged boots, loose fit jeans and flannel shirt screamed redneck to her. When she entered the room, he stood. She smiled at him and joked about the way he looked. He grinned, pushing his shaggy hair from his face. He whistled low and teasingly asked, "Where are you headed off to? A date with royalty?"

She tugged on her furry Uggs and pulled on her parka. She grinned up at him, "I'm just planning to be the girl no one takes their eyes off of tonight!"

He laughed, "Yeah right!"

She headed toward the door, "Just you watch and see!"

They arrived to find the party in full swing. Couples making out in hallways and corners, beer pong in one room and pool in another. The place looked like a fraternity house during homecoming weekend. People everywhere, the stereo blaring. Mark introduced Maryanna around the beer pong room. Two younger guys automatically got her drinks, fighting over whos drink she'd accept.

Mark watched her perch herself on the arm of a worn out chair, resting one boot on the seat. He saw the expression on every man in the room's face. They were imagining her naked, stretched out on their laps or in their beds. He smiled, she knew she was hot and she was using it to her advantage.

The party got louder as more people showed up. Soon it was way out of control! Mark made his way to the kitchen to find Maryanna. She was sucking down shots of Goldschlager that a tall stranger was refilling as fast as she finished each one. She wasn't happy to see Mark was there to bust up her fun (and potential partner for tonight).

He kept saying how drunk she was, how she needed to get home to sleep it off. He pulled her out of the room, out the door of the house and down the driveway to the car. He helped her into the passenger seat, she was a mess. Her hair was still cascading around her shoulders, but her make-up was slightly smeared. She pressed her forehead to the window and sighed.

He started on her instantly, "Do you want me to take you back there? Let you get drunk and possibly raped by those drunken idiots?"

She laughed, "You think that's it? You think I'm an idiot myself? I'm barely drunk!" Her words slurred to sound like "I'm burly darunk".

He just kept driving, making his way back to their grandparents where she was staying. He turned off the first path, mistaking the one lane dead end for the shortcut to their grandparents. He had to drive until he found somewhere to turn, the path was too narrow and windy to drive backward down it.

She cursed him, "If it was up to me, I could be sprawled on some former hometown football hero's bed with my sweater pushed up and my pants down getting myself fucked like there's no tomorrow!"

He gasped, he hadn't heard Maryanna speak like that before. Little miss innocent, sweet, naive Annie was actually pissed about not getting laid! He was chuckling almost.

She continued, "Instead I'm stuck in a piece of shit Ford truck, on some narrow redneck road. I can't even get fucked because you're my fucking cousin!"

Finally they reached an old camping site. It was overgrown like no one had been there in years. Mark pulled into one of the old camper parking spaces and spun his truck into reverse. Suddenly the truck stopped, sputtered and shut off. Completely darkening the cab of the truck.

Mark smashed his fist against the steering wheel. He cursed under his breath before resting his forehead on the leather. Maryanna was beside him, he could see her form outlined in the darkness. Her arms were folded across her chest, her full lips were pushed out into a pout. Mark realized for the first time, Annie was hot.

He opened his door and stumbled out into the darkness. He used the light from the cab to try to see what was wrong under the hood. Annie sat in the cab, still complaining about not getting laid. He didn't know how to fix the truck, it was a hopeless cause. He got back into the truck, fumbled to try to start it a few more times before cursing and pounding some more.

Annie's drunken state wasn't helping. Between complaints, she was rubbing her hands up and down her body. Stumbling to feel herself up. She slid her hands under the sweater, he could see the faint impressions from her nipples. Her tits were so perky, she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples pointed in his direction. He could feel his jeans tighten around his package. His cock pressing into the fabric of his jeans, he shifted to cover himself. She was his older cousin for fucks sake!

She noticed him staring. She laughed, "See something you like Markie?" Her laughter was cold and spiked with a glimpse of how horny she really was. Her hands made their way to the bottom of her sweater, pushing it up to reveal her round tits with the spike nipples. Each nipple had a silver bar pushed through it, making them harder and pointed.

She pressed them together and pointed them toward him. "I said, Do you see something you like Markie?"

His eyes were huge, he couldn't believe his cousin was drunk, hitting on him AND showing off her goods. She was a total slut, he wanted to fuck her so bad.

He knew she was drunk, he could have just got out and started walking. He knew he should leave and get away from this slutty girl in his truck, but something made him stay.

Maybe it was the way she tugged her sweater over her head, the way her breasts bounced when she lifted her ass to slide her jeans off, the way she crawled over and into his lap. He couldn't stop any of it and he didn't want to either.

She was in his lap, her breasts in his face. He slipped his hand around her waist, pulling her in for their first kiss. His lips met hers, she slipped her tongue out to taste him. His hands crawled up her bare skin, pulling her face closer to his. Their tongues explored and his cock hardened. She had her legs spread over his lap, his heat separated from hers by her thin, silk panties.

Her hands flowed through his hair, her kisses wanting so much more. They stayed that way, her straddling him. His cock hardening and wanting out to find her sweet, wet hole. Soon they couldn't stop, his mouth found her nipples. He sucked on them, one then the other. Teasing them, playing with the cold metal that protruded from them.

He found her beautiful, so beautiful he would fuck her, his own cousin. He couldn't wait to be inside her. His sexy, slutty cousin was going to be riding his dick. He wasn't going to stop her, she could fuck him every day and he wouldn't complain.

His fingers roamed to her panties, he rubbed her clit through the silky fabric. She moaned and spread herself wider. If he unzipped his pants and slid the panties aside, he could be inside her with one thrust.

His cheeks were hot, his breath heavy, all he wanted was to fuck his cousin. He had the opportunity, his fingers slipped the panties over and found the bare skin they hid. His sexy, whore of a cousin was shaved or waxed bare. His fingers teased her slit before slipping down to find the tight hole she wanted his cock in.

She found his button with ease, slipping it through the hole and tugging them wide open. The zipper slid down with ease, releasing his cock from it's tight confinement. She slipped her fingers around, jerking it up and down. He gasped, pushing his cock through her hand and toward it's ultimate goal. He didn't want her to change her mind when he was so close to what he now needed.

He pushed open his door, swung her onto the seat and dropped to the ground. His pants dropped down around his knees, but his mind was focused on something else. Something sweet, juicy and forbidden.

Annie had moved over to the edge of the seat, she wasn't wearing anything except those tiny silk panties. She lay back on the seat of the truck and spread her legs so wide, her entire pussy was spread wide open in front of him. His own cousin showing him her pussy so he'll lower his head between her thighs and use his tongue to make love to her wet cunt.

He slipped two fingers deep into her. She gripped the steering wheel and moaned loud. His face slipped down near her almost bare cunt. His fingers still inside her, he pulled out a small hunting knife. He grinned in the darkness, pressing further into her snatch, "What do you think of this redneck now slut?"

She moaned even louder, her hips bucking into his hand. He used his free hand to flip the knife out and run it across her thigh, up to her hip and snapped the thin strap of the panties. Peeling it back, his mouth found her clit. He tugged at the tender spot that was now exposed, nibbling and chewing on her sweet spot. It didn't take long for her to feel the first waves of her own private explosion.

Her body rocked and he buried himself deeper in her hole and rubbed her clit. When her body calmed, he ran his knife up the other thigh, this time cutting away the strap fast and closing the knife. He tossed it on the seat and went back to her hot box. He teased and nibbled her clit until she was cumming again. Then slowly pulling his fingers out one at a time while nibbling her sweet nub of nectar.

Her third orgasm wasn't expected, so not only did her body quake and shiver, she squealed too, squeals of joy and ecstasy. She slipped off the seat and into his arms, her legs wrapped tightly around him, hooking him around the hips. She pressed her nipples against his now bare chest, arms around his neck and leaned in to whisper in his ear, "My pussy cat wants you to bury your bone in my hole Markie!"

His cock pointed directly where she wanted it. His aching bone, as she'd called it, was touching her opening and before he could stop himself he was inside her. He was fucking his drunk, whore of a cousin in the middle of the woods. She bounced in his arms, sliding further and further onto his stiffness.

He stepped over some and pressed her against the truck. The cold metal made her dig her nails into his skin, never releasing him from inside her. She rocked and squeezed him inside her. She was panting heavy, begging him not to stop.

Before he could explode in her, he wanted her mouth on his dick. He wanted to fuck her face before he blew his load inside her belly. He wanted to experience the best sex of his life in this truck on this night. He knew he wanted to fill a major fantasy he never knew he had.

He had her by the hair, keeping her as tight on his cock as he could manage. His breath on her neck and the trail of passion his lips were making, setting her body on fire. He leaned in to her ear, tickling her entire body with his closeness, he breathed, "You as good at blow jobs as Susan Ray?"

Susan Ray had been her biggest competition in high school. Susan had dated and given blow jobs to almost everyone of Annie's boyfriends back then. Rumor had it that Annie had gone back and given all her ex's a blow job just to prove to them she could do it better than Susan. He'd struck a nerve.

She whispered back, "I'm even better!"

She wiggled down from his arms, spreading her legs wide as she knelt before him. His cock sprang to life at the closeness of her mouth.

She teased the head of his cock, tickling it with the roughness of her tongue. She slowly licked at it like a lollipop, his pre cum dribbling from the end. She licked down the length of his cock, soon she'd licked all of his schlong. He was hard and so close to exploding. She took him into her mouth. He gasped, she'd teased him so much, he thought she'd never take him inside of her.

Suckling while she bobbed her head created a suction to his cock. He was on fire, cum brewing at the tip of his hardness. She didn't stop for one moment. She sucked him, twisted her hands at the base of his cock. She worked her way up, twisting gently. Smaller strokes with her mouth, more teasing of his length.

He leaned back against his truck, arching his back to press his cock deeper down her throat. She didn't gag, she didn't need to come up for air. She gently teased his balls, running her nails over them. He got chills, no one had ever played with his balls during a blow before. She slipped one finger under him to his taint. She rubbed it, forcing him to press into her. He held her head on her, she had his full cock length deep down her mouth.

Before he could explode, he released her. "Get up, I want to explode inside you Annie."

Standing, her face came up to his. She kissed him, pressing her tongue inside his mouth. Anyone who'd see them would think they were lovers who couldn't make it anywhere else and just had to have each other.

"Get in the truck Markie, I wanna finish you off."

When Mark got into the front seat, he angled his body across the seat and lay back. She climbed into the truck, straddling his waist. She leaned over to lock lips with him again. Her hands pushing his shirt up, teasing his nipples with her nails. She sat on him, letting his cock fill her wet pussy. She wanted him, he needed her. It was all against the normal way, but they didn't care.

He lifted his ass up, pressing into her. She rode him, rocking her hips back and forth. She found her nipples, teasing them in time with the rhythm of their love making. He didn't want to stop, couldn't stop.

She made it simple, "Just fill me with your cum Markie. I need it babe!"

He arched his back again, she bobbed up and down on his stiff cock. Her next words let his flood of cum loose inside her, "Fuck me Markie, fuck your slutty cousin!"

He grabbed her ass and slammed her down on his cock. His hardness exploded deep inside her, she screamed out in pleasure. They collapsed on the seat of the truck, her head on his chest.

Breathing heavily she asked, "So, do you think we can do that again?"

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