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Cousins' Lust


The following is an absolutely true story that had just very recently happened. I'll do my best to depict it as it actually happened, but for obvious reasons real names have been changed to protect the privacy of my cousin and me. It's exciting for me to share this with other people who have similar taboo interests. Please share any comments you might have, I appreciate every piece of feedback I receive and would love to hear of similar occurrences. I also, upon request, have pictures of my cousin and myself. Even though this following incident happened only a week or so ago, we're still lusting after each other and have continued, and hopefully will continue to fool around with each other.

I'd like to begin by saying that I've been visiting this site for a couple years, and have found all the stories fascinating. I first found this site after I had began noticing my cousin a few years back. I had always hoped something would transpire between us, and to be honest I always thought something would eventually, and...well, it did.

I'm a 20-year-old half-Caucasian, half-Italian male. Most girls consider me to be really good looking (I hate glorifying myself, but I'm trying to give an accurate description). I'm about 6ft1, 180 lbs, all muscle. My athletic build comes not from the gym, but from dancing. Dancing has always been my life, and I currently teach choreography at a studio where I live. I do shows and competitions nationwide, mostly hip-hop, jazz, and funk. I have short, dark brown hair that I style messy and a little spiky, and I have hazel eyes. My cousin is the same age, and about 5ft11, with blonde hair that she usually either streaks with brown, or colors brown completely. It's straight and reaches just past her shoulders. She's extremely beautiful, great body and face. She has hazel eyes, full lips, and beautiful smile. She has nice, long legs that are perfect, firm and fit. Thin waistline, full hips, flat stomach, and nice breasts, a little bigger than a C cup. She's a total babe, but what's funny is, she hasn't always been. She first got "hot" about 4 years ago. Before that she was really awkward. Tall, skinny, braces. It's almost as if she woke up one night a new girl. She had always lived about 3 hours away so I rarely got a chance to see her, and the first time I noticed her was about 4 years ago during Thanksgiving. The tall, skinny, awkward girl had sprouted into a blonde bombshell. As years went by, she only got better looking, it was amazing.

We were always real close; she always looked up to me as the coolest guy on earth. When we were younger she was kinda dorky and I was considered cool, so whenever I'd come over to visit all her friends would be obsessed with me and talk about how hot I was, and my cousin was proud to have a hot cousin she could show off. So as years went by and we grew older, we always kept in touch over the phone, and got to hang out on holidays, I was amazed at how much better looking she got every time I saw her.

Then, about a month ago, my dad told me that if I wanted I could move into my grandpa's old house. It was a perfect opportunity because it was close to where I was going to college. It was also a nice house, big, spacious, huge pool in the backyard. It was fully paid for, and my dad told me there were only two conditions to living there:

1) Pay all the bills, but no rent. Sure, no problem at all.

2) My cousin Natasha was to move in with me also, because she had recently been accepted to a college that was also nearby. GREAT!

I thought it would be cool to share a house with my cousin. We were very similar, we both loved to go out clubbing and we got along great, I thought it would be a lot of fun, and trust me, it HAS been!

So we'd moved all of our stuff in and the first week or so was awkward, we both had to get readjusted to the new place and to living with each other. Things quickly fell into routine and we got along great. The incident happened about a week ago, so I'll start the actual story now:

I was just getting through teaching class at the studio on a Friday night when my cousin called my cell phone.

"Sup Nat?" I asked.

"Nothin', whatcha doin cuz?"

"Just getting outta here, what's up?"

"Me and a few friends are going out tonight and they wanted you to come too since you can dance real good."

I just laughed. "Okay Nat, where we going?"

"Red Lounge, we'll just meet up at the house and go out there together."

"Sounds good, see ya."

I didn't offer to bring any of my friends because, as I had said, I've had a secret desire for my cousin, and I didn't want any of my friends ogling over her all night. She had some hot friends too, so I figured it'd be a lot of fun that night.

Later on that night, I got home and got ready for the club. My cousin was already ready with her friends, they all looked hot. My cousin Natasha had on some tight black stretch pants with a lowered waist, so you could see her black thong above the waistline of the pants. It was extremely sexy, and she had on a really small, tight top that pushed her tits out. I tried my best to act like I didn't even notice. Her friends were equally hot, but this story isn't about them, is it?

We all left for the club in my car, and about 20 minutes later we arrived. I noticed a dance circle when we first entered, and they all told me to go get in it and bust out. Natasha and her friends kept cheering me on when I was in the dance circle, and we all had a lot of fun. I danced with Nat's friends, and a couple times I even jokingly danced with Nat. As the night went by, so did their sobriety. My cousin's friends became extremely drunk, but my cousin was only slightly tipsy. Being the driver, I hadn't had a drink.

After a couple more hours, we decided to head home. Nat's friends were plastered, so I drove them home immediately. As soon as I dropped them off, I headed for the house.

"You okay, Nat?" I asked while driving home.

She was leaned back in the seat. "Yeah I'm fine, just a little tipsy you know."

"Yeah, it's cool though, at least I can take advantage of you." I replied jokingly.

She laughed. "Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you Jason? Hornball!"

We both laughed, but that was pretty much the end of the conversation until we arrived at the house.

We both decided to stay up and watch TV rather than go to bed. Neither one of us changed, we just plopped down on the couch and turned the TV on.

She was sitting on the same couch, but at the opposite end. I kept stealing glances at her, she looked amazing. Her thong was peeking out of her pants, tempting and teasing me. It was driving me wild.

"So Jason," she said, startling me, "When are you gonna show me how to dance like you?"

"What Nat? You know how to dance, you dance pretty good." I was stupid, I should've used that as an opportunity.

"Yeah, but I want to dance really good, you're awesome out there."

I was less stupid this time, and jumped up.

"Well get up then, come here and I'll show you!"

She stood and walked over to the TV, she turned in to one of the satellite music channels playing hip hop/r&b music.

"Cool, that'll work." I said.

"Okay, now what?" She asked.

Not wanting to seem like a perverted cousin, I took her through some simple routines first, showing her some cool footwork and hand movements. Then, after a few minutes of that, I thought I'd test the waters.

"Okay, now you gotta learn to dance with a guy the right way."

"What?? I can freak dance fine!" She said.

"Oh yeah? If you could you'd probably have a guy over here right now in your room!" I joked.

"No, but seriously, let's see what you got." I told her.

So she started slowly moving her hips with the song. It was sensuous, sexy.

"Oh come on, is that it? You gotta get on it!" I told her jokingly.

I walked up to her and began to dance in front of her, rolling my body in rhythm with the song.

"Uh-oh! Watch out Jason!" She said, laughing.

She turned around, bent over, and started dancing with me doing the usual girl thing: booty dancing, rolling her hips.

Deciding to take this further, I put my hand on the sides of her hips and danced in sync with her own movements. The more we danced, the freakier we got, and eventually she began grinding her ass into my crotch like most girls do when they freak dance with guys.

At that moment, I felt something between us. There was definitely something there, and I wanted to grasp it and run with it. I slowly moved my hands from her side and rested them softly at first onto her ass. She kept dancing, taking no notice to the position of my hands. I started to slowly move them around her ass, applying very soft pressure and softly squeezing a few times.

After a few minutes, she turned her head around and looked at me smiling. "Oh, looks like SOMEbody likes the way I dance!"

"Yeah, you're alright, nothing special though." I joked sarcastically.

She spun around, and with a mean look on her face tackled me onto the couch. She straddled my hips and began tickling me.

"Oh OKAY! OOOKAAAYY am I?!" She joked while tickling me.

I just laughed my ass off, I was extremely ticklish, and she knew it. "Yeah, you're OKAY, nothing SPECIAL though!"

I picked her up, slid out from beneath her, and threw her onto the couch and began tickling her. I was getting real caught up in the moment, and I think she was as well, and almost without thinking, while I was leaned in close tickling her, I bent my head down and kissed the side of her neck real quick. Shocked, and not believing I just did that, I tried to act like I did it as a joke.

"Hah!" I said, not sure if she'd buy it.

"Oh yeah, real funny! Tickle me and kiss my neck, you really got me now cuz!"

I did it again, I'm not sure if I just reacted with more balls, or without thinking, but I did it again. I pinned her down, tickled her, and then slowly went towards her neck, breathing on it. I slowly reached my tongue out and whispered against her neck with the moisture of my tongue.

Amazingly, she didn't do anything; she just lay there, breathing. I licked her neck again slowly, and then finished off with a soft, wet kiss. I turned to face her and looked into her eyes.

"Fuck, what am I doing? You're hot Nat..."

She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. The once gangly and awkward turned gorgeous girl staring up at the cooler, hotter cousin she'd always adored. I never thought this moment would come.

She lightly stroked my hands and continued looking. I didn't see a sign of resistance, so I bent down slowly towards her face. I love kissing, always have, so I took my time with her. I softly brushed my lips against hers, teasing her. I'd start to kiss, and pull away before we actually did. She bit her bottom lip and looked up at me.

"You better quit teasing, do it if you're gonna do it." She whispered.

I sprang an instant hard-on and bent down and kissed her fully, passionately. I mashed my lips against her full, pouty lips. My tongue went inside and met hers, and together they played with each other, caressing each other softly and slowly. The kiss lasted several minutes. It was long, passionate, intense.

I broke away slowly and looked into her eyes. We were both in the moment, and we both burned with a fuel too great to be extinguished. I was excited, she was excited, and we were both waiting for what was to come next.

The completion of this story, as well as stories of other incidents between my cousin and myself (our newfound relationship is still in its infancy and I'm sure there will be plenty of things going on between us), will rely heavily on viewer's feedback. So please, if you liked the story thus far and would like to read/know more, let me know and if it seems to merit enough interest, I'll post them up. Thanks for reading so far!

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