tagIncest/TabooCousin's Visit Ch. 03

Cousin's Visit Ch. 03


This is the story of Jennifer, high school graduate, just turned 18, and her summer headlong entry into erotic life, especially her discovery of exhibitionism, and the family members who also love it, encourage it in her, and are open to sharing their pleasures. A full introduction to Jennifer and her Aunt Sarah can be found in "Warming Up the Tropics".

The descriptions are also based on my own ways of touching myself, and the joy of sharing touch with another female. This one is mostly girl/girl in nature, but with references of what is to come.

Jennifer and Amanda returned to their bedroom, and started dressing for their trip to Macy's, a respectable mall department store. Amanda smiled and cocked an eyebrow, looking at Jenn while donning a simple green and yellow sundress, matching yellow bikini panties, and choosing some dangling earrings to go with it. "So, what was up with you two in the kitchen? It looked like you were having a little showtime!"

"Oh, Amanda," Jennifer giggled, "I don't know what got into me. I mean, it was sort of like I just couldn't not do whatever she suggested, and it was soooo suggestive. Is she always like that? And after watching Uncle Todd fondle her right in front of me when he was leaving for work, I almost had a little buzz inside. It was almost like he did that on purpose for me to see!"

"Ahhhhh," Amanda replied, turning to face Jenn. "Do my nipples show too much?.. I'm going without a bra today. We'll be trying on things anyway, and it's simpler... why don't you skip it too? And I know what you mean about dad. It seems like recently he's been more touchy and feely with Ellie, and she plays up to it. And yes, she has been like that ever since we found out you were coming to visit. Did you see how she rubbed my shoulders? It was the softest kind of touch, sort of a caressing touch, not just a backrub type, and you couldn't see, but her mound was rubbing back and forth across my butt while she did it. I don't think it was an accident!"

"Well I don't think anything she did this morning was an accident, Amanda, and the thing is, I fell into it like I was having one of those rum drinks Aunt Sarah and I had on vacation with her. I mean, my stomach just rolled, and I felt frizzy inside, and it was so like, not threatening or anything, just warm and inviting and she seemed so be so open with herself, even showing some, and there's something happening in me, Amanda, something I don't know if I have control of and it scares me a little to think what I might do but it feels so good...wickedly good if you know what I mean.... that I just.... O God girl I'm so thankful that at least I'm doing this with you around. Maybe you can keep me out of trouble???"

Jennifer realized she had been babbling on, and had closed the gap between them as she talked, and how was hugging her cousin, caressing her back and rocking back and forth as Amanda's fingers moved up and down Jenn's panty clad bottom.

"It's ok, kiddo. I've been feeling lots of the same things recently, and we'll look out for each other. Except, maybe a little bit of trouble, safe trouble.... experimenting with where all this might go, would be fun....even when Robert gets home. Whatcha think?"

Amanda leaned back, smiling, and Jenn kissed her lightly, moving her lips softly, nibbling on Amanda's upper lip. She realized that they had been rocking sideways, scraping their bellies and thighs, and pubic mounds in little circles against each other, seeking the comfort and familiarity of body touch. "When things started with Aunt Sarah, it was like going down the ramp onto the freeway, picking up speed, and pretty soon I was moving so fast in traffic that I just had to go with it, but it was a rush, and I learned how high I can get with all of it. It is starting to feel like that here, but she's your step-mom.... Robert is your brother, and Uncle Todd is your dad. What do you think might happen?"

Amanda thought a minute and replied, "Wellllllll... somehow I don't think I could let too much happen with dad. I mean, it just doesn't feel real good, at least, not totally." She giggled and then continued, "I mean, like I said before, we have gotten pretty casual about showing our bodies, and I mean with that sexual edge feeling. I don't know about being, ahhhh... totally sexual with him. But the rest of it.....with Ellie or even Robert, I know it's so taboo, Jenn, like you and Aunt Sarah, but let's just see how it feels, ok? Robert is a good guy. He won't do anything you don't want. But he might try to lead you a little if he senses there's a chance. He's done that with me already, and although we haven't done anything but that teasing, open stuff, undressed, I haven't given him any icy looks or anything. Maybe I'm too much of a tease, or maybe I'm ready for something more....let's just see."

"Are you two getting dressed or are you figuring out the solution to all the world's problems?" Ellie's voice floated down the hall. Jenn quickly slipped on a short denim skirt with buttons down the front, and a sleeveless tan blouse, fit for the warm temperatures. She stepped into her sandals and resolved to get her toenail polish touched up. A little makeup, not too much, and some lip gloss and she was ready. When she joined Ellie and Amanda in the living room, her eyes immediately were drawn to Ellie's spaghetti strap dress that hung loosely, barely to mid thigh, without much of a waistline. It was a flowered print in blues, orange and white, and when Ellie moved her breasts swayed freely beneath it. The fabric clearly had stimulated her nipples, as they stood boldly out, but unless one was looking, they were sort of hidden among the shapes in the print.

They piled into Ellie's sedan, with Jennifer in the front and Amanda in the back seat. Jenn noticed how Ellie slid in, letting the short dress ride up until it basically exposed her legs to the top, a flash of white lace panty visible. Again, she caught herself lingering with her eyes, and when she looked up, Ellie was grinning at her knowingly, and then looked down at Jenn's legs, and back up, cocking her head in an unspoken question. Jenn took the hint, and as they pulled onto the street, she unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on her denim skirt, allowing most of her toned young legs to show as well. "What am I doing?" Jenn thought to herself. But it just seemed like the thing to do.

The trip to Macy's was filled with talk about a party coming up that weekend, and the need to find a nice dress for Jennifer to wear. It would be a country club type of party, but one where attractive females were favored, and they needed to find something that would highlight their cousin's best attributes. Jenn smiled inside at the very intended innuendo, and wondered just how permissive they would all be with her, even at such an event. "It's not one where we know everyone," Ellie commented. "Todd won it at a drawing, and it included the whole family if we want. We don't normally hang out at places like that, but since it is such a beautiful spot, and we'll be pretty anonymous, we thought it might be a fun opportunity to party a little. We don't often get that....ahhhh ....that kind of opportunity, you might say."

It didn't take too long for them to find something attractive that Jennifer thought might be a little "old looking" for her, but it made her think of some of the outfits that she wore on her tropical adventure with Aunt Sarah. It was very thin blue silk, just knee length, with an open slit up one side all the way to her hip, with crossed webbing that held the top 4 or 5 inches closer together. It had a rather narrow criss-cross bodice that tied around the neck, leaving her back and shoulders bare. The front was plain, not frilled to hide her breasts, but rather worked to highlight them. When Jennifer commented that it would look nicer on Amanda, because of her bust size, Ellie stood in front of her in the changing room, hooked her fingers under the fabric on the sides of Jennifer's breasts and tugged outward a little, so the upper swell of Jenn's breasts was exposed.

"There," Ellie smiled, "Just the right amount of placement here.... and you'll have to be careful not to let one spill out, hon. Or maybe you won't be careful." Let's just loosen the tie around your neck a little, and see." She did so, and Jennifer could see that her movements would allow a view or not, almost all the way to her nipples. It made her shiver in anticipation of being with them in public, dressed that way, and it made her shiver when Ellie's fingers had lingered along the sides of her breasts, tugging and arranging the fabric over them just so, but sliding in to almost graze over her excited nipples as she did so.

"What will I wear under this," Jenn wondered aloud, "with the slit and all, it comes way up onto my hip."

"Ohhhh, I think you'd need to wear a thong, so nothing shows, my dear. And of course, it's not made to wear a bra, is it? Let's move on to another place I know in the mall and see what we can find for you, and for us two."

They hurried down the way to a lingerie shop that Jennifer thought looked like the Frederick's of Hollywood ads she had seen. They entered and began browsing through the various racks of frilly suggestive items. "Here's something I've been wanting to have," Amanda's chuckle came softly from the other side of a row, and she held up a shelf bra that seemed to have barely enough bottom cup to contain her full round breasts. "I'm going to try it on. Come tell me if I'm over the top, so to speak."

Ellie had gathered a handful of items and pulled Jenn along towards the changing rooms at the back of the store. It was still early in the day, and they were the only ones there. It seemed quiet and almost mysterious to Jenn, the three of them, trying on beautiful slinky things that were clearly made to emphasize their sexuality. Amanda stepped out of the booth, her sundress folded down to her waist and said, "Well, what do you think?" The light blue shelf bra hugged her C cup breasts from below, and pushed them upwards so that the natural swell of their upper half was enhanced. Jennifer felt a rush as Amanda lifted her arms and spun around, then put her hands on her hips and waited for a comment.

Ellie whistled and offered, "Well, well, Amanda, if you are offering those for inspection, you are doing a marvelous job." Amanda's full reddish nipples rode above the bottom cup, poking out dramatically, perhaps stimulated a bit by the naughty construction of the garment, but also by Amanda's anticipation of wearing it. Her areolas were constricted with feeling, and her little bumpy nodules formed a ring around the outer edge, clearly visible with excitement. "If you wear that with something sheer or thin, you'll have all the attention you want. They look absolutely delicious."

Ellie licked her lips in an obviously overdone way, and Amanda blushed. "Let's find something that matches it," Amanda stammered, and wandered off into the store, not bothering to lift her sundress back up into place.

"Now let's see what you look like in something like that, Jenn." Ellie pulled Jennifer into one of the cubicles but didn't bother closing the curtain. Jenn felt bolder, seeing Amanda's actions, and eagerly stripped her blouse, then slipped her arms through the straps that Ellie held out. She turned to the mirror, with Ellie standing behind her, looking over her shoulder and fastening the clasp, letting her fingers move up and down Jennifer's shoulder blades as they took in the reflection. "Ahhhh, very lovely, and tan is your color, isn't it," Ellie cooed lightly into Jenn's ear from behind, but it needs just a little help here to do it's intended presentation. Let's get those girls up just a little." Jenn willingly lifted her arms as Ellie reached around to the tops of Jenn's breasts, pulling upwards slightly with her fingertips, which made Jenn's nipples pop upwards, resting on the edge of the half cup bra, just as Amanda's had.

"There, how does that feel?" Ellie asked, "See how enticing this kind of bra looks? See how you would be visible if you wore something sheer over it?"

Jennifer gulped as she felt a dozen butterflies release in her stomach and she realized that Ellie's breasts were moving back and forth across her back, and Ellie's mound was moving back and forth across her bottom. One of Ellie's hands rested lightly on Jennifer's bare waist, above the low rise of her denim skirt, and the other one slid sensuously under her hair to massage the bare skin on the back Jenn's neck. For a long moment they just stared at the lovely image in the mirror, rocking against each other, and Jenn could hardly speak, when Ellie whispered, her lips hovering just on the edge of Jenn's ear, "But somehow you need just a little help to make them really stand out, don't you, sweetheart..." Ellie's fingers returned to Jenn's breasts, this time sliding down with just a fingertip on each nipple, circling it, testing it, and then grasping each expanding digit with her thumb and forefinger, pulling up and out lightly so that they stood proudly out and above the bra line.

Jennifer felt herself losing control. Delightfully losing control, and she let herself slide into that warm erotic space she knew she had been headed for with Ellie. Her head lay back on Ellie's shoulder, and she moved her bottom back, increasing the pressure against Ellie's body, and she moved her hands back to Ellie's hips, touching, sliding her hands up and down over the sleek fabric, feeling the indentation on the sides of Ellie's flanks. Ellie let a long sigh of recognition escape her lips, and slid her tongue along Jenn's neck, then capturing her right ear with her teeth. "Your nipples are a hot spot for you, more than lots of girls, aren't they, Jenn?" Jenn nodded helplessly in response.... Ellie lifted one hand to Jenn's mouth, fingers tracing her lips, and whispered, "Suck a little."

Jenn opened her mouth obediently and Ellie slid two fingers inside. Jenn closed her mouth around them, tongue circling them, and sucked as they slid in, then out, then in, just like a miniature cock. Her mouth moved automatically it seemed, as the fire spread from her stomach to her pussy and she felt the unmistakable flow of wetness down into her panties. Ellie withdrew her fingers and with Jenn's slippery saliva on them, returned them to her right nipple, replacing them with her left hand in Jenn's mouth. "Good girl, sweet girl, wet these, too." Jenn responded with a tongue full of juice, and soon Ellie was swirling both nipples with the slippery coating.

"Your tits are so sensitive, love. Can I call them 'tits' when they are so excited? Your Uncle Todd loves to wet my tits with his saliva like this. So slippery. They get hard and excited just like yours. Can you imagine his tongue on them? Can you imagine his cock sliding back and forth over them?"

Jenn nodded her head, lost in the sensation, and thought it was strange but hugely exciting in a naughty way for Ellie to be whispering images of her uncle while caressing her nipples. She didn't care. It was all so good. So very good. Without even thinking, Jenn's fingers curled and tugged at the fabric of Ellie's short dress, working it upwards until she could feel the bare sides of Ellie's flanks, and reached further back to pull Ellie's hips further into her own bottom, moving in little circles against Ellie's pubic mound.

"What are you seeing?" Whispered Ellie softly, purring into Jenn's ear.

"My....my tits. I'm seeing my tits. My nipples. My shiny nipple tits." Jenn babbled on, using the suggestive naughtier words that Ellie supplied for her.

"What are you feeling, darling girl?" Ellie offered.

"Tingles....ah!" Jenn's shoulders did a little jump as Ellie squeezed and pulled outward on her nipples as she asked. "Ahh...ohh," Jenn whimpered. "And juice. I'm flowing."

Ellie let one of her hands drop to Jennifer's taught smooth young stomach, and then unbuttoned the last top button of her denim skirt, parting it, gently caressing the front panel of Jenn's barely bikini panties. Jenn shifted her legs apart a little, and turned her head into Ellie's neck as she leaned back, murmuring almost incoherently. Ellie's fingers slid lower,until they cupped Jenn's mound, feeling the swell of her young woman vulva, and she turned her head until their noses touched, moving her lips almost daintily over Jenn's mouth as she spoke. "So beautiful, darling girl, you are so wonderfully wet, aren't you?"

Again Jenn simply nodded, feeling the light brush of lips on hers, and then feeling the very tip of Ellie's tongue across her lip, and the incredibly arousing touch of Ellie's fingers as they slid under the waistband of her panties, and down, down across the little patch of hair, pausing to tug it a moment, and then down again, one finger sliding between her labia, then two together, widening and parting her lips to gather the magic slippery girl wetness.

"Taste," Ellie said as she withdrew her hand and offered it to Jenn's mouth, using her own tongue to taste the other side as the two fingers moved back and forth between their mouths. Jenn opened her mouth a little and her tongue slid out to taste her own wetness, licking it from Ellie's fingers. "More?" whispered Ellie. Jenn nodded. Again Ellie slid her fingers beneath Jenn's panties, and felt Jenn spread her legs even wider, opening willingly. Ellie curled her middle and ring finger inside Jennifer's pussy, twisting them a moment, and then gathering the wetness, and brought it to their mouths to lick, to taste.

Jennifer's head spun with the overwhelming feeling. Somewhere in her distant mind, flashes of the taboo wickedness of what they were doing jumped at her. Somewhere in her distant mind, when Ellie brought her fingers up for them to lick and taste and suck, and used her other hand to continue stimulating Jenn's right nipple, images of cock shot through her head as well, remembering what she had done with Aunt Sarah, and the suggestion of Uncle Todd's cock that Ellie had planted.

Jennifer was lost, swimming in that amazing pool of sensation that she had learned to love, and when Ellie moved her lips again, against Jenn's, telling her how good her pussy tasted, Jennifer murmured, "pussy....taaaste pussy....feeeel pusssy," letting the entire ball of erotic energy between them color her words, her desire to be wicked. Ellie returned her fingers to Jenn's nether lips, parting them, and then letting her middle finger slip upward, to Jenn's aroused clit. She moved her tongue lightly across Jenn's mouth, and Jenn's tongue responded, moving out to meet Ellie's, slick and dripping, sucking the wet from each other. Ellie's finger first circled the edge of Jenn's hard little nub, rubbing at the upper base of it, then pushing from the sides, and then back, finally starting at the underneath and sliding across the wxposed tip, circling, flicking, teasing, then harder. It barely took any time for the spasms to begin, and Jennifer's hips moved outward, seeking the pressure. Her mouth opened and whimpers of pleasure spilled into Ellie's open mouth as the orgasm overtook her. Three, four hard spasms...then a tiny pause, then again, three, four more, and she began to slump harder against Ellie's body, grasping harder at Ellie's smooth bottom with her fingers, holding on as she let herself be masturbated. Masterbated, right there in the changing room of the store. Her head spun with all the realizations.....in a public place.....my step-Aunt.....ohhh my godddddddd.....where am I?

A soft low whistle came from the doorway, and Amanda's flushed face peered through the edge of the partly open curtain. "Ahhhhh, that was quite a demonstration, 'mother', and it looks like you have discovered my cousin's weakness." Amanda usually used the name 'Ellie' to address her step-mom, but stressed the word 'mother' this time, which acted to highlight the taboo nature of what she was seeing.

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