tagIncest/TabooCousins With Mutual Feelings

Cousins With Mutual Feelings


Cousins with mutual feelings! This story is true so I will change the real names to avoid any problems.

I was 18 when everything started. My cousin Daphne, that was living in another country with her family moved back. I have seen her many times before on visits that my family or hers would have done through the years. She was a brunette with very sensual lips and dark brown eyes.

She was 17 when they arrived to their new home. I was attracted to her in the second. And I think she was also.

Immediately I took advantage to meet her and offered to take her for a walk around the village neighborhood. I was so excited when everybody said yes. Her little sister didn’t want to join and her brother was 3.

Walking through the small streets we started talking and discussing things from the past and she told me that she wasn’t really happy to leave all her friends behind and all her interests. I ensured her that I would do my best to keep her smiling and to start her new life.

Now there were no sexual feelings at that time but there was this strange feeling. I brought her along with me to parties and introduced her to many of my friends and helped her adjust to the new country. I would go often to her house, almost everyday and she would come to mine when I didn’t. About a year and a half later and during Christmas break, she came to my house with a friend of mine and his sister. I was playing a game of solitaire when the door knocked. I was surprised to see them come at this time cause it was getting late. It was around 9 or 10 at night.

My parents went to visit my friend’s parents. They didn’t find them there so they decided to go to my cousin’s house. To their surprise they were there. My mother suggested them to let my cousin and my friend and sister to go to my house and cheer me up cause I was feeling a bit depressed.

“Daphne? John? Maria? What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“Your mother suggested it.” Daphne said. “What’s the matter with you? Why didn’t you go with your parents Alex? They missed John and Maria’s parents so they came to my house.” I told them that I was just being lazy and my girlfriend was out of town but I was very happy to see them. So what were you doing?

I told them, and they suggested playing too, but not solitaire. We were going to play a game that had to play in teams. John wanted to be on Daphne’s team but she wanted to be on my side. He was upset cause I know he had a crush on her. But my cousin didn’t like him at all. She was just happy to be near me all the time and that was enough for her even though a lot more were about to follow.

John said, “ who ever loses the game has to do what we will tell them to do.” We agreed knowing that he always asked everybody to do something crazy but not difficult in previous games I played with him before with my girlfriend. But what was to follow was going to change many things in the future. My girlfriend was a very attractive girl and sexy for her age. I know that John was always jealous of me cause the girls at school really liked to be around me cause I was mature in my mind and did not follow the other boys crazy behavior.

After a fast 30 minutes we finished our first game and we lost. So Daphne and me waited for the brother and sister to decide what we had to do.

Maria said “kiss your cousin on her lips!” I was shocked and surprised but deep inside I was feeling good cause I always wanted to taste her red sensual lips.

Daphne was stunned also. “Are you serious?” I said, trying to hide any feelings I had inside. He told me if I didn’t do it, he would tell everyone that I did not know how to keep my word.

Daphne said “ Its just a kiss. Lets get over with it.”

That made me think that she probably didn’t really care. I walked around the table and lowered my head and placed my lips very fast on Daphne’s and kissed her briefly not to bring any of my inner feelings out to them.

John and Maria said, “that is not a kiss, we kiss my mother like that. We want to see tongue!”

“What the hell I don’t feel good about this but lets get over with it and I will get even with you next game.” I kissed my cousin and when I met her tongue I was trying to hold myself from shivering and moaning. Daphne almost lost it cause when I stopped she was spaced out. From what she told me the next day that was her first kiss! That was a shock. Usually a pretty girl like her would’ve tried that by the age of 14. I kept my head near her so that she would catch her breath. The second game never ended cause my parents arrived home.

John took his sister and went home. Our houses were on the same street and very close to each other’s.

That night I was masturbating with my mind on my cousin. I have never had sex in my life but I had seen porn video and magazines and knew a lot about sex. I was coming for so long that my chest was loaded with my cum and my stomach was also. I went silently to the bathroom and cleaned myself and then went back to bed.

The next morning around nine I was at my cousins house knocking at her door. It seemed like forever until the door opened. We spent a lot of time together and everyone knew I had a girlfriend so our parents were happy with the bound that was created between us was very good.

Daphne opened with her pajamas and rubbing her eye. When she saw me she hugged me and said that she was glad to see me this time of the day. “My mother and dad just left with Angela (her sister) and Greg (her little brother). Come in."

She ran to her room and left me behind to shut the door. I walked slowly thinking about yesterday. When I got in her room she was already under the blanket. She looked at me and told me to come and lay down next to her cause she didn’t want to get up yet. I lay down behind her but not facing her but facing the ceiling.

“What are you doing? Get under the blanket and lets take a little nap together. I still am a little bit sleepy. Don’t worry about my parents cause they had an eleven o’clock appointment with the doctor and Angela and Greg have to do there check up and after that my mom wants to get some clothes and then they are going to the supermarket. They wont be back before 3. I always wanted to feel how it is to sleep with someone else in my bed.”

I didn’t say a word. I took my shoes and sox off and got under the blanket with her. She grabbed my hand and forced me to hug her. I could feel her body on my own and my cock was hard as stone immediately. I tried not to touch her with it cause I didn’t know what she really was asking for. Just a hug or more? I started getting hot and cause I was used to sleep in my own bed without a T-shirt and only my underwear. I told her I was getting to hot under the blanket trying to get away cause I started to think of what could happen and that would me feel guilty about later.

She told me to take off my Sweater.

“I can’t sleep or stay under the blanket like that. I told you before that I sleep only with my underwear.” I said.

“Well then take them off. I want to sleep for an hour more and I want you to hold me. Is that difficult?” she said.

Actually it was, cause I would have a beautiful young body that I was the reason of me masturbating last night but I thought this was the close I would ever come to so I said what the hell.

She grabbed my hand and placed on her stomach and she was holding it with hers. In a few minutes she was sleeping again and I was holding my waist just a bit back trying not to touch her with my cock. I could feel her breath deeply. Her hand lost the grip from mine and fell on her bed. I was ready to pull it back slowly but while I was taking it back I touched her breast just a little bit. I stopped and didn’t move for a while. My cock was getting harder and harder and did not know how long I was going to be able to hold on. But then I thought that this would be maybe my only opportunity and maybe my last to get this close to Daphne. I added a little bit of pressure on her breast and that almost made me explode. I was thinking of masturbating while I was touching her breast.

I started rubbing my cock over my underwear and was about to cum when she moved her sweet round ass towards me touching my hand and scaring the heck out of me. At the same time I released the pressure from her breast. That little ass touching the back of my palm was making me crazy. If I didn’t have my hand there I would have been touching her ass with my cock. I slightly moved back and took my hand from my cock and her ass and was waiting for her to move again.

I seemed like forever but after a while she moved back towards me again and this time she was with pushing her waist back more wanting to get close to me and stopped when her ass cheeks were holding my cock. I was trying to think about something else cause I was going to come. I didn’t want to get her pajamas through my underwear wet with my come cause I still didn’t know how she was going to react.

She always told me that she thought that I was the most mature and good guy that she had ever met. I didn’t want to loose that but I didn’t want to disappoint her at the same time.

I came like crazy and my under wear was getting wet and so was her pajamas. I always come a lot. The quantity of my cum got her entire pajamas between her ass cheeks wet. I was breaking into spasms and was afraid she was going to wake up and get really pissed. Even though I had finished I still was hard as a rock.

For my surprise she started to move her ass on my cock and she moved her hand started rubbing her pussy out of her pajamas. Was she asleep or awake? She probably was sleeping cause she would’ve had her hand under her pajamas and underwear.

I heard her moaning and after a while she was getting louder and faster and my cock was having the best experience until then. Then she suddenly realized I was touching her with my cock and when she completely woke up she took a deep breath and got up and went to the bathroom.

After five minutes she came back but only with her underwear and her top pajama shirt. I pretended to be sleeping and she stopped for a while. Then she got under the bed again and grabbed my hand again and placed it again on her stomach. I thought she was going to be angry cause I got her pajamas wet but that didn’t happen.

She came with her ass again back and rested it on my cock. I was pretending still. She then, to my amazement, wrapped her legs between mine and that was so warm and sexy that I had to react but I still pretended to be sleeping. I just made a small respond and hugged her a little bit tighter on me.

I wanted to grab her and tear off her underwear and screw the hell out of her that moment but I was going to wait for a little more to be sure. The next thing I remember is waking up and was fully surprised and frightened at the same time cause my hand was on her breast and I was holding her tight. Was she asleep? Did she put my hand there or did I while she was sleeping? Was she aware of it? I pulled out of her pajama shirt slowly but at the same time she woke up and I moved to get up from bed.

“Hey! Where are you going? Get back here. It is only 10 o’clock.”

I got back to her and told her I was sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable before. She said that I didn’t do anything to make her feel like that.

“That was my first kiss yesterday. It was amazing. I am glad that you were the first guy that I kissed. You were always so good with me and never did anything to hurt me. Thank you.”

She got over me and kissed me. I think we just continued the kiss from last night. It felt like it lasted for a long time. She thanked me once again and then got up and asked me to stay in bed.

She left the room and I was going crazy not knowing what was really in her mind. After five minutes she came back and was wearing only her underwear.

“Do you think that I have a sexy body?”

I lost my voice. Her breast were much more bigger than I thought they where and the area around her nipples were in a perfect circle and had the most desirable red color you could ever see. She was wearing a white breech that was almost seeing through. I could see her black hair on her pubic area right through her undies.

“ You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen in my entire life”. She thought I was just saying that. I told her that I was telling her the truth and I wished that she wasn’t my cousin.

“Do you really mean that? If you do, that is the sweetest thing anybody has told me.” She said. She ran towards the bed and jumped on me. She kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

My cock was hard as a rock. This was the first time I have seen a real breast and feel it on my chest. I was touching her all over her back and pushing my cock on her pussy. She was moaning with me and we were getting very wild. We kept kissing and rubbing on each other for a long time and then we stopped and looked at each other.

“ I am glad we moved here. You have made me feel so happy. I never felt this happy.” She told me. We got up and went to the living room half naked holding each other’s hands and sat down on the couch.

I asked if we should get dressed cause it was kind of chilly and I didn’t want her to catch a cold. Then she lifted my arm and made me hug her and told me that now she was warm.

She told me that she felt so safe near me and free to do anything. “You respected me Alex. You didn’t try anything. If it was another guy he would’ve raped me.” I thought that this was it. She was just kissing me. She didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Lets get dressed Daphne cause your parents may come and then we wont see each other again for good if they see us like this.”

“Alex I told you they are not going to be home before 3 and maybe longer. We will have a 40 minutes advantage to get dressed cause mom is going to call me before the come back so that I will turn the stove on cause she wants the food to be ready when they get back. She got early up in the morning to prepare it and all I have to do is turn it on. I want to relax with you like this and watch some TV and talk with you. You know that you have a really sexy body? I like the hair that is growing on your chest. You look more like a man. How are you getting along with Crystal (my girl friend)?”

I didn’t know what to say cause my feelings were mixed. “We are getting pretty good along together Daphne but nothing serious”.

Alex; have you ever done what you just did with me today?”

“I only kissed her but never got close to a girl as I am with you right now.”

She didn’t say anything for a while and we watched TV. I was though staring at her pubic hair that was visible through her undies. My dick was getting harder and harder. I know she a lot of things about sex but I didn’t know if she had ever seen a cock or understand what I was going through right now.

Around 12:30 she told me that she was going to take a shower and that she wanted to go and buy some things from the store and it would only take a five minutes since the grocery store was a minute with her bicycle. If her mother were to call I would be there to answer and tell that Daphne was at the store and that she would be back in a minute.

“Come upstairs and keep company to me?”

I didn’t even think about it. I was right behind her.

“You want to take a shower with me Alex? We both smell sweat from sleep and I don’t want to put anyone under thoughts when they come home.”

I was loosing it totally. “Ok Daphne”.

“Just wait until I call you to come in ok?”

That I didn’t understand. But I was going to the following days.

“Ok Alex, you can come in.”

I took off my underwear and got in behind her and cause I was embarrassed to let her see my hard on. Her ass was stunning. I just wanted to grab her and fuck her.

When she turned around she saw my erection and stared at it with a smile. I pretended to be looking somewhere else. But with every moment I peaked a mesmerized her pubic hair that were covering her pussy lips. We washed up and then got dressed.

When her parents got home they insisted of me to stay and have a bite with them. I called my house and told my mom and stayed late until 8 in the evening. I went home after I kissed my aunt. I thought that it was over. Maybe she just wanted to feel close to me and that was all. Anyway I was masturbating all through the week like a maniac at nights. I had to get her out of my mind.

The following weekend was going to be fun. My girlfriend was coming back and there was going to be a party. There was no way I was going to loose it. Daphne was going to be there too. I always took her with me to party’s cause her parents wouldn’t trust anybody but me. But something unbelievable was going to happen that Friday night.

Daphne’s mother arranged to go for a trip to a nearby island and wanted to take her with them. But I saved the day!

Daphne was crying, “All you care is about yourself. You promised I was going to the party. What am I going to do? Watch the 2 babies. I hate you”

That’s where I came in. I suggested calling my mother and asking her to let Daphne stay with us for the weekend. But she would have to sleep on the couch cause we didn’t have a guest room. Now here is the best part. I offered to come at nights and sleep in Angela’s bed and the rest of the day we would be at my house. That way nobody gets to spend the weekend on the couch. I didn’t think that they were going to accept my second offer but to my amazement after my uncle and aunt finished talking to my mother they agreed on my second offer. It was going to be only for night sleep.

Everybody agreed that I was capable of protecting my cousin cause I proved them all by this time.

Daphne looked at me and smiled and then she ran to her mother and father kissed them and apologized for her reaction but they said that it was ok and that they had been in her age too.

I didn’t think about sleeping with Daphne cause she never mentioned anything about that morning. But I also didn’t think that we never had been alone to discuss about what we did.

I was getting ready and Daphne was already dressed up with a little bit of lipstick and she was wearing tight orange pants with an also tight shirt without sleeves and revealing her belly button. She was so sexy. We left and went to pick up my girlfriend and then we all walked together to the party. The party was taking place at John’s house. So you can imagine that he was waiting to see Daphne.

When we arrived John was looking at Daphne like he had never seen her before. He was trying to make a pass to her but she kept avoiding her. She was dancing and looking at me all night.

I was dancing with Crystal and after a while I went outside with her for a while and the moment we got in the back yard I started kissing her so passionately.

“Wow! What a kiss! You never kissed me like that before?”

“I missed you” I replied even though I know I was lying. But she didn’t. I know John is so unpredictable so I was going to tell her about the game and the kiss with Daphne. She laughed out loud.

“He is so crazy about her. Maybe he was giving you a hint of what he would want you to ask him to do next time you play against Daphne and him. You think we should give him a chance and play against them together?”

I didn’t say anything for a moment but I got jealous of the thought that John would be kissing Daphne. “Naa! I wouldn’t do that to Daphne cause she doesn’t like him.”

“She hasn’t been out with anybody ever since she moved here.”

That gave me the chills cause maybe she was understanding the attachment between us. “She is just waiting for the right guy”.

We went back in and had a good time. Around midnight it was time to go home. John was so upset cause he once again didn’t what he wanted and we were on our way home.

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