tagLoving WivesCoveting Ch. 08

Coveting Ch. 08

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 8

Two days later, Danny came home and was greeted by Tessa with a martini and a long, wet kiss.

"Sure is nice to be home," he said with a wide grin.

"I missed you, sweetheart," his lovely wife cooed.

Danny took a sip of his martini and offered it to Tessa on seeing that she didn't have one. Tessa accepted it and took a small sip. "I should confess that I've already had one."

"Drinking alone? That's not a healthy sign, love."

"Oh, I was on the phone for over an hour. So I made a pitcher and ... well I had one while talking, or I should say while they were talking."

"And just who were they?"

"Cynthia and Ben Armstrong," she replied as if he knew them.

"Um, forgive me, but who are the Armstrong's?"

"Oh, that's right; you were out of town when we met."


"Win and I were shopping at Lowes, and Win knocked over several cans of coffee and this gentleman helped me pick them up. Just as we were finishing up, his wife came around the corner. They seemed a very nice couple. They're a couple years older than us, but anyway, we had lunch today in town and then came back here and sat on the porch later and talked. While we were drinking cokes and talking, she looked at the pool and told me how nice ours was compared to theirs. One thing led to another and she mentioned they had occasionally enjoyed the privacy pools with tall fences like ours have and I asked her what she meant."

"What'd she do then?"

"She got a little quiet then turned to me and asked if I could keep a secret, you know, be discreet."

He laughed and nodded at Tessa's head to continue.

"I told her, sure, who hadn't had fantasies, and any she had would-be safe with me. She grinned and told me that it wasn't a fantasy that she and Carol sometimes traded pools and partners − one evening, one couple at a time − to break up their sex lives a little.

"I asked her who they did it with and she told me the group was Carol and Milford, her and Ben and Noah and Elaine then she got a little shy about it. I just nodded and grinned and told her I'd wondered about that; and then took a big plunge and told her about our experiment."

"Our experiment? What a quaint way of phasing. And then Cynthia said what?"

"Her answer was very soothing. She said I shouldn't be shy or feel guilty, then admitted that all three women had fantasized about making it with you and their husbands had all thought about doing the same with me. They just didn't think we would ever do it, so nobody ever said anything to us."

"Did you mention Vince and Margie by name?"

"No, I'd never do that. It's none of their business."

"That's a relief. I was wondering how to explain it to Vince. Still and all, it makes me a little nervous. Did you ask her how it works?"

Tessa refilled his martini and then nodded at her own nervousness. "You know me, Danny. Cynthia told me that one rule they have is that they never add more than one couple at a time. She maintains it's not group sex, but simply variety in a partner.

They also don't do it very often. The way they work it is to try and make it so that everyone has some dignity. Usually, a couple of the women end up talking and picking a Saturday night for a pool party with one other couple, knowing what was being planned, then the men take off after dinner and let the wives each get their house and pools ready. The guys are usually out for 45 minutes or so, and then they drive over to the other wife's house and knock on the door, pool gear, wine and grin in hand, and take it from there."

"Hmmm," Danny said, but left it there and sipped from his martini.

Tessa hoping he wouldn't reject the concept out of hand, hurried on. "With only the one couple at a time it stays private, and another thing is that they always end around midnight. Oh, and they usually kick off around seven."

"So it's not too far off from what we did with Margie and Vince."

"No, it isn't," Tessa chirped.

"I think I know the answer, but I'll ask anyway. What do you think? I can't see you matched up with Lambert."

"He is rather grossly overweight, I know..."

"Did you happen to mention that to Cynthia?"

"Um... no, I thought it might find its way back to the Lambert's."

Danny gave her his best smile, but said nothing.

"Wouldn't that be my problem?" she countered.

"Indeed it would. There's nothing wrong with Carol's tits that I can see. They are real, aren't they?"

"They are," Tessa huffed as if offended by his choice of words. "You must have thought so the way you stare at them every time we're together."

"I... I thought I was being discreet."

Tessa burst out laughing. She reached out and clutched his arm. "Danny... I love you, I truly do, but if you think you were discreet in checking her boobs out, you've got another thought coming."

Danny had a guilty grin on his face and nodded, accepting his being caught in a feminine trap, as so many men are. But he had a reasonably quick mind and diverted Tessa by asking: "And who might Elaine and Noah be?"

"I really don't know. Carol tells me I must know them; supposedly they go to our church, but for the life of me, I can't place them."

"They might be Joe and Jane average, you know, so non-descript that until you're compelled to recognize them they're invisible."

"I think you're right. Still, I'm bothered by the fact that I can't recall them."

"It's entirely possible they attend a different service then we do," Danny said.

"We do tend toward the 11:00 service every week," Tessa agreed.

"Well, let's sleep on any new partners for a couple nights. Maybe you and Margie will reconnect and we can repeat that night again." '"Yes, we do know what's entailed. No surprises with them."

"And no overweight whale bouncing on top of you either," Danny said with a big grin.

Tessa gave him a playful slap and laughed along with him.


The following morning brought two unexpected phone calls to the Persons household.

First, Tessa heard from Maggie, who apologized for not returning Tessa's recent calls. The two women patched up any differences they might have had and Tessa agreed to drop her son, Win, off at her mother's and spend the afternoon at Margie's renewing their lovemaking.

The second, found Danny picking up to find Cynthia Armstrong on the other end of the receiver.

"I don't believe we've met," she said after introducing herself. "Is Tessa available?"

"Um, no, she's out at the moment. Can I help you?"

"I bet you can, Dan... or do you prefer Danny?"

"Either way is fine, um, Cynthia?"


"Oh, sorry, I was just trying out your name," he said.

"I bet you're blushing," she laughed.

"I am. Silly of me, but..."

"Oh nonsense, it makes you all that more appealing."

"I don't normally get flustered when talking to a woman," he replied.

"And I don't usually come on this strong..."

"You're not coming on..." he started to say, but Cynthia cut him off, saying: "I'm in the neighborhood, Dan, and I've got this bottle of chilled white wine. Would you have a corkscrew at your place?"

"Um, yeah, I think so."

"Wonderful! I'll be there in five. Can't wait to meet you! Ciao!"

"What the hell just happened?" Danny said aloud, and then leaped into action, straightening pillows, checking for any glassware left out from the night before and before he knew it the doorbell rang.

Damn it Tessa! You've put me in a... a... I don't know what the hell kind of position. He thought and then sighed, took a deep breath and opened the door.

Cynthia Armstrong stood there, bottle held out in front of her more than generous chest. Danny took in her red hair, green eyes and slim, but voluptuous body and motioned her inside with a hand gesture.

Cynthia's eyes all but devoured him and he felt it and also felt the stirrings of an erection. Just what I need, he thought, my dick poking out at her as she takes in the furniture and all that stuff.

She handed him the bottle of wine, and accepting it, Danny said, "That is so thoughtful. Come on in."

"You do have a corkscrew, don't you?"

"Yes, I'll get it in a minute," and then he fell silent unable to think of anything to say.

Cynthia was more than pleased with the male specimen standing before her. Mmm, he likes what he sees, she thought, noting the growing bulge in his slacks.

"I hate barging in like this," she said and showed him a flash of pink tongue as she licked her lips in an exaggerated manner. "But I was in the neighborhood and had time to spare before Ben gets home from his golf game. Do you play?"

The way she'd phrased the last sentence seemed ambiguous to Danny, and he answered in kind.

"I love to play," and left it at that.

"Oh, Danny, you're house is gorgeous.

"Thank you, I'll be sure to pass that on to Tessa."

"And where is she? You mentioned that she was out. Will she be back soon?"

"I doubt it. She's with her girlfriend Margie, and when they get together... they tend to forget the time."

Cynthia changed her position so that her breasts were thrust out another three inches or so. She felt a satisfied twinge in her pussy the moment his eyes rested on her chest.

I've still got it; she told herself and glanced at his crotch. Danny was still poking out at her. Cynthia smiled and mentioned the corkscrew again. That propelled Danny into motion, he took the wine into the kitchen, deftly wrestled the covering off with the little knife blade on the corkscrew, and then with a practiced flourish, popped the cork and poured them each a glass.

"Thank you, Danny," she said, making her eyes sparkle for his benefit. "I should ask if Tessa mentioned our recent conversation to you."

"Um, yes, I believe she did."

Cynthia sat down; revealing a good deal of green stocking'd leg in the process. "And what did you think about it?"

"I liked the concept, but had a few unanswered questions."

"I'd like to hear them," she replied with a sensual smile.

"The wine is quite good, by the way," he said then thought about his reply before saying: "Let's get something straight. What you're referring to is husband swapping, have I got that right?"

She licked her lower lip, taking her time doing it before responding.

"That's exactly right. You're wife hedged with her answer, but I detected a positive reaction to my proposal."

"What exactly was your proposal, Cynthia?"

"We... that is my husband, Ben and I, have an open marriage. What we do, generally speaking, I would add that today is an exception, but I do have his approval... we generally come to an arrangement with another couple and then I remain home and wait for the other man to arrive while Ben drives... or walks over to the other woman's residence. Normally the time frame is from 7 to midnight, but with each couple it might vary an hour or two."

Danny stood up, ostensibly to refill their glasses, but when he brushed by her in his slacks and loose shirt he stopped and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Mmmm, you smell delightful, Cynthia, just delightful."

It was enough to make her color slightly since they both hoped the afternoon would be more than a gentle kiss and the underlying thought was enough to tinge the color.

"Thank you Dan, you do too, you know."

"We're both adults here, right?" he said.

"Yes, we are, why?"

"If what I think is going to happen here happens, is Tessa obligated to expect a visit from... Ben?"

"Not really, Dan. This visit is... exploratory if you will. If I... If we decide to take this meeting further, and it looks like we will... you and Tessa can discuss where you want to go with joining us."

"How often would we be getting together?" His eyes were on her legs now slightly parted.

Cynthia followed his eyes and spread her thighs even wider. She knew he could now see the tops of her thigh highs.

"Probably once or twice a month," she said. "We have two other couples we meet with... and I should mention that we're all given a clean bill of health on a monthly basis. That helps to avoid any nasty surprises in the area of STD's."

Danny nodded, he had expected something like that, and made a note to do the same with Vince and Margie.

"I'm glad to hear it," he said and then peeled his shirt over his head without bothering to unbutton it.

"We're wasting time, Cynthia," he said as he unzipped his slacks and let them fall to his feet.

"Oh my," Cynthia said with a lewd grin, staring at his erection which was still enclosed in his jockey shorts. "I do like what I see!"

"I think I'm going to like what I see of you too," he said tersely.

"Um, I told Ben I'd be home around six, is that all right?"

"Tessa will probably be home around five, but you can stay if you like, she'll be surprised, but I doubt that she'll mind."

"You trust her that much?"

"I love her and she loves me. Yes, I trust her that much."

Danny saw that she was holding her breath in expectation, and played it to the hilt, with virtually no embarrassment at all; he grabbed the waistband on each side of his waist and slid the jockey's off, and then casually reached to his front and brushed his hand over his obvious hardon, and then laughed at her focus.

He never looked away from her eyes as he brought his fingers to his mouth and slowly wet his first finger then another.

Cynthia followed every single motion like her life depended on it, knowing it was a beginning, the real Act I of their afternoon's play. Her look was direct and her own lips opened slightly as she felt him suck the fingers into his mouth. It was her feet that automatically moved towards him until her hip touched his. Without words, she reached for his hand and pulled it down to her own mouth and guided the next finger, the longest one, between her teeth where she closed her cool lips over it. At first, her eyes were open and then they closed as her lips sucked around his finger and she began to savor the intimacy of sucking this man's finger as romantic as any allegory you could imagine. His hip suddenly felt warm to her and her chest moaned a little moan over his finger, realizing they were about to have dessert.

Margie & Tessa

Margie went to the refrigerator, "Girl, what's your color?"

Tessa giggled, "Oh yummy, let's start off with a white."

Margie grabbed a bottle and gave each of them a generous pour.

Tessa realized that Margie had already sampled the wine and had a little buzz on. Maybe she needed it to atone for not answering my calls this week, Tessa thought as she took a liberal sip.

Margie debated if she should show Tessa Vince's gift. She'll love it, hell's bells I do! But will she? She might be here to tell me we can't do it anymore. Maybe she and Danny have decided that we went too far that night. Oh, shit, what should I do?


"Yes, Tess?"

"Give me a kiss?"

Margie knocked her wineglass off the table as she rushed to Tessa, embraced her and kissed her passionately.

"I thought... I thought..." Margie spit out as the kiss came to an end.

"What? That I didn't want to see you anymore?"

"Yeah... that and...."

"You stupid bitch, I love you!" Tessa yelped and they hugged one another so tightly they could hardly breathe.

With half-lidded, dreamy eyes, Margie covered Tessa's face with sloppy wet kisses and then Tessa returned the favor until they were lying on the floor giggling like school girls.

"Wanna do it?" Tessa asked through tear stained, mascara-running eyes.

"Sure... but I wanna show you something."

Tessa sniffed then asked: "What?"

Margie wiped a tear from her own eye and smiled wanly. "Vince bought me... us a present. I think... I know you'll love it."

"Let's see it," Tessa said, now overly curious. She like most women loved surprises and waited patiently as Margie hurried into the bedroom and quickly returned, lugging a good-sized black contraption.

"It's a Sybian!" Margie said proudly.

"Isn't that a ...."

"Sex toy! Yeah it is!" Margie yelled happily. "You gotta try it! You'll never be the same."

Tessa knew what the Sybian was and had always wanted try one. Danny had shown her several X-rated movies with women riding the toy.

"Okay, who's first?" Margie asked, beaming happily at her friend. Tessa saw immediately that Margie loved riding the toy and that even though she was slightly drunk and embarrassed she would demonstrate its uses to her if she asked.

Tessa felt her pussy dampening. "Oh Marge, I couldn't... forget it!"

"Of course you can. I do it twice a day now. I don't know how I ever got by without it."

"Doesn't it... um, you know, with Vince and all?"

"On the contrary, my dear Watson," Margie giggled, "We're like goats rutting in the wild. I come off the machine twenty minutes before he gets home and I'm so stoked I'm ripping his clothes off as he walks in the door. My main concern is that he might bring someone I don't know home."

Tessa understood that she meant someone other than her and Danny, but decided not to go in that direction. Instead she murmured, "Um, how... how does it work?"

Margie found herself flushing in embarrassment as her friend leaned forward to examine the apparatus sticking up from the top of the machine.

Christ, she's gonna smell my scent of that fucking dildo!

"Do you use it every day, Marge?" "Yeah, I'm uh, kind of addicted to it now."

"What, err, what about Vince?"

"He sort of gets off watching me. Of course after I've cum a zillion times, he jumps my bones and makes me cum another zillion times."

Tessa slowly finished her wine and then said, "Sounds fun."

"It is. Wanna try it out?"

Tessa reached out and touched the black vinyl.

Margie could feel her juices starting to flow while she enjoyed the thought that Tessa was about to mount her toy.

Tessa took another minute, needing Margie's encouragement to allow the slut in her to surface and emerge.

Margie ushered her closer to the machine and then produced a lubricant and applied it to the dildo protruding from the top of the Sybian.

"It's clean. I always clean it after using it. But when starting out it helps to have it lubed up."

Tessa nodded, looked down and grabbed the dildo part of the toy, "Guessing this is where I sit?"

"It's fucking amazing, Tess!"

"I'm game; I've seen a woman ride something like this!"

Without another word, Tessa reached down and pulled her top off, followed by the rapid unhooking of her bra.

"You could have left..." Margie said, but Tessa interrupted her.

"Hell no! I'm going to ride it naked. Are you videoing me?"

Margie was shocked that Tessa might think she was and blurted, "No way!"

Tessa laughed and said, "If it were at my place, Danny might just have a camera recording it."

"Well, I'll just keep my clothes on at your house, Tessa. Damn that Danny and his cameras."

Now stark naked, Tess slowly approached the Sybian and went down to her hands and knees. She felt her body come alive knowing that Margie was as excited as she was and she mounted the machine, fit the dildo to her pussy and wriggled about until there was a snug fit with the attachment inside her.


"What's wrong?" Margie gasped.

"I... I didn't know this was going to be against my clittie."

"Oh, yeah! That's part of it, for sure."

Tessa had to admit she liked having her walls stretched to accommodate the dildo's thickness. When she opened her eyes she noticed Margie had the controls. The machine came to life.

Margie watched for Tessa's reactions. She felt kind of strange sharing her sex toy. How would she react after she came?

Tessa smiled and blew her a kiss. Margie reached between Tessa's legs to feel her very wet pussy, "You like my Sybian don't you?"

"Oh yeah, I love it." Tessa closed her eyes as the first sensations reverberated throughout her body. She was surprised to find that one source of the pleasurable waves was coming from vibrations in her ass, which gave her goose bumps. The sensations in her pussy were expected, of course, and she laughed nervously.

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