tagBDSMCowper's Gland (The Ultimate Lube)

Cowper's Gland (The Ultimate Lube)


My wife is very kinky; I'll say that right now. She likes dominating me and teasing my body until I scream for release. She says it's for research... her own. Since she calls it research she institutes 'controls', basically the controls are me tied up so I can't touch her or myself. She made me set up a table in the basement with padded straps for my wrists and ankles. I designed it to pivot on an axis so she can keep me horizontal or vertical and several settings in between. Once she has me secure I'm spread eagle with my hands over my head and my legs spread wide.

She has a myriad of toys at her disposal. Most are store bought but some she has created on her own depending on what she has in mind. Lately she's been fascinated by how much pre-ejaculate she can milk from me within a two hour period. She meticulously measures it, recording each two hour sessions quantity.

To help my output she dresses up in very sexy outfits. Let's just say my wife is exceptionally hot. Small in stature but perfect in proportion, with blond hair, toned body and natural round B cups. By the time I'm naked and strapped down she already begins sucking off the clear pre-cum that has oozed out of my flaccid penis. She uses a small syringe without a needle to suck it up. The problem with that is she has to do it all the time to make sure she gets it all. She came up with a way to keep my pre-cum from leaving my penis. Ear plugs, the ones you squeeze tightly and expand in your ear. She rolls them up and sticks one into my urethra. Once it expands it blocks the fluid. It's a bit uncomfortable but not too bad.

"How's that sweetie," she said after inserting the yellow plug.

"Good, I'm ready."

"Yes you are. I'm hoping for a new record today."

"Have something special in mind?"

"Maybe, you'll just have to wait and see," she said picking up my penis and rubbing it with her palm.

It grew quickly, throbbing in her hand and tightening around the plug in my hole as the blood engorged the head. She had me lying on my back today to start with, dressed in a very skimpy getup that had holes in the top where her nipples stuck through for me to see.

Once I was hard she stroked me for a few minutes, watching my balls for signs of impending ejaculation. She got really upset with me when I came before I was supposed too. If I did she usually cut me off for at least a week so I've learned it's not worth it. Sometimes I have to tell her to ease up or I'll lose it. She knows all the tricks to keep me from ejaculation. Squeezing my head is her favorite but sometimes she slaps my balls or squeezes them as well.

"Nice strong erection today sweetie. This should be a good session," she said smiling down at me and giving my penis one more stroke.

The ear plug only worked for about 15 minutes at a time. The pressure from the secretions and the natural squeezing of the urethra would get too strong and eventually push the plug out. She knew this from the multiple sessions, keeping time when she would remove it and capture the impending surge of juice. She also knew the more excited and aroused I got the more I produced. Her trick in the past was to keep me so close to orgasm I would be begging for the release. At this point of pleasure she figured I produced the most pre-cum. Today was different.

"I did a little research online while you were at work yesterday. Did you know the pre-ejaculate comes from a small gland below your prostate?"

"Not really, no."

"Yep, I'm sure just like your prostate I can milk that gland and get what I want, while keeping you stimulated as well.. We'll see if I'm right."

I watched her turn and look through her collection of toys. She turned back around with a prostate stimulator. It was long and thin with a little oval head that would vibrate against the prostate once inserted in my butt. She's done it before, back when she had the obsession with milking my prostate until she couldn't get anymore white globs of semen to appear. That was a wonderful year, she took me places my body has never felt before. She always got frustrated though after the long session of milking the prostate when nothing more would appear she would let me orgasm. Without fail more semen would spurt out of my penis from somewhere even when she thought she got it all.

"The gland isn't as deep as your prostate, so I won't have to go that far inside of you," she said, popping a cap of lube and squirting some on her fingers.

She rubbed it between my cheeks, sticking a finger into my butt to prepare me for the toy. Once lubed, she stroked my penis a few more time, keeping me nice and hard. I was actually very excited, looking down at my exceedingly hard and purple penis with the yellow plug wedged in the hole. It was almost time for her to collect the fluid but she wanted to milk the gland first and see the difference.

The toy was cold but warmed quickly as she inserted the tip with the bend toward my balls. She only went in an inch, keeping it against the wall. I felt her turn the toy on, sending strong vibrations through my body, making my dick lurch. She kept the wand away from my prostate, not wanting any thick semen mixed with her recent obsession.

"It's hard to know if I'm in the right place since the gland is much smaller than your prostate but I think that's where I should be. How does it feel?" she asked.

"Good, it's not as intense as the prostate but it's good," I said enjoying the vibrations.

She must have hit the gland because seconds later the ear plug popped out and a gush of clear pre-ejaculate splashed out onto my tummy..

"Oh crap! I thought that might happen," she said dropping the vibrator and grabbing her syringe to suck up the fluid off my shaved stomach. It took her a while to suck it all up, it was a lot. Once she got it measured I could tell by the look on her face she was impressed.

"Sweet! I almost have as much in thirty minutes as I normally do in two hours. We're for sure going to break the record today!" she shouted.

"Cool! That was quite a surge when the plug came out."

My penis throbbed and bounced while she sucked the juice off of it and out of the hole. She stroked me, playing with my balls once I was suctioned off. She got a new ear plug because the other one was saturated with pre-ejaculate. Rolling it up, she inserted it into my erect head and went to work squeezing all the juice she could from the used plug. Once it was out she went back to vibrating my gland while playing with my penis and balls. I was in heaven. She gave excellent hand jobs and the increased pleasure from the toy had my balls rising quickly to climax.

"Ease up honey, it feels really good," I said warning her after several minutes of stimulation.

She pinched my head and pulled my scrotum down away from my shaft. Leaving my penis alone for a while she concentrated on milking the gland until the timer went off to remove the plug. The amount always decreases over time so when she pulled it out the surge wasn't as big but it was still more than normal with just the standard stimulation.

"Oh yes, excellent sweetie, I think we have the record already," she said sucking up the fluid. "You're really pumping out the stuff today."

Once she sucked it off she expelled it into a small beaker with units written on the side. She didn't put another plug in this time. Just grabbed my penis and bent it down toward my feet, stroking it as she bent, until it hurt slightly. She noticed that when I was in a little pain my body would produce more pre-ejaculate. Don't really know why but it did. Pulling on my scrotum she stroked my shaft hard and fast, watching for the clear drip to appear out of my slit. Before it ran down my shaft she would stop and suck it off with the syringe and add it to the rest.

An hour had gone by. The second hour was on the verge of torture. My balls screamed for release but she kept delaying my orgasm by any means necessary. It got to the point that just touching my penis made me want to ejaculate but she wouldn't let me until the two hours was up and she had finished collecting as much pre-cum as she could. The last ten minutes she inserted the toy again and vibrated my gland one final time adding to the record amount of 5 ½ cc's of pre-ejaculate. A stunning amount since 3cc's was the previous record. My balls hurt; my penis throbbed and yearned for release as she collected the last bit before the alarm went off.

"Well done sweetie, a new record by almost double. I knew milking the gland would pay off. Now for your reward. Since you've been such a good boy I have a special treat for your penis today. I'm going to put this record collection to good use," she said picking up the vial of pre-ejaculate.

I watched her with curiosity. Most the time she just drinks it and then has sex with me or finishes me off with her mouth or hand but today she sucked all the pre-ejaculate back into the syringe and took off her panties. She climbed up on the table with me and inserted the syringe into her ASS! I watched her push all 5cc's in and smile at me.

"The ultimate anal lube sweetie. We have more than enough for you to do my in the bum now."

I about sauced right then. We've had anal sex before but it doesn't happen very often. She took the syringe out and crawled over me. Grabbing my penis she bent it vertical and eased down onto it, taking me deep inside her rectum. The heat and tightness was outstanding and the pre-ejaculate worked better than any lube previous with no hint of dry friction.

"How's that feel babe?" she asked once fully down.

"Incredible! I'm not going to last another minute."

"I know; I've worked you up to the boiling point again. Don't worry, just let loose inside of me anytime you want," she said rising back up.

Her muscles squeezed my shaft like a vise. My balls ached furiously and crawled up around my shaft like they were trying to enter my body again. She took me out all but the head and eased back down. I lost it! The sensation was much too intense after all the 'research' she had done previous. My swollen balls and prostate finally erupted inside of her in a climax so intense I literally almost passed out. The power of my ejaculation was phenomenal as my loins convulsed with each spurt of semen. It lasted longer than normal and she continued to move up and down on my spurting penis all the way through.

"Oh my... you really like my little bum don't you?"

"Very much, it's so hot and tight and the pre-ejaculate is perfect!"

"It is the ultimate lube, we should bottle it," she said laughing and leaned over me for a kiss.

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