tagNovels and NovellasCrapshoot Ch. 03

Crapshoot Ch. 03

byArt Martin©

“Mrs. Marsh!” sang out Sandy. “So glad to see you again.” Sandy studied Judy’s expression, “Why the frown?”

“I just proved my husband right.” Judy made a wry smile and added, “I lost all my money on the slots.”

“Well, don’t fret! I never win anything either. But cheer up, after we’ve finished with you this afternoon, you will feel divine. This way please.”

Sandy led her to a dressing room. Handing her an oversized towel, Sandy said, “When you are ready I’ll show you to your mud bath.”

“Just what’s in a mud bath?”

“It’s a mixture of special therapeutic clay, peat moss and hot mineral water.”

Sandy showed her to the bath where she handed her off to the bath attendant. Judy looked apprehensively at the bubbling dark mixture. The attendant wrapped her head with a towel and removed the towel wrapped around her torso. With tentative steps, Judy entered the hot mud.

“Ouuuuuu!” she moaned as the hot, thick slime enveloped her.

The attendant directed her to sit and lie back, with the mud coming up to her neck. Reluctantly, Judy did as instructed. At first, it felt somewhat disgusting, like she’d stepped into a hot, fetid swamp. As she became accustomed to the sensations, it felt strangely wonderful to be immersed in the hot, viscous liquid. Soon the bubbling warmth began to relax her.


The knot in John’s stomach tightened as he lost his last bet. He was busted.

“Sir, do you want to place a bet?” asked the closest dealer. “Sir?”

John just stared blankly at the table. His sluggish mind tired to comprehend how it all happened. Where did his system break down? Why didn’t he realize sooner it wasn’t working? He fixated on when Judy had showed up earlier this afternoon. “Stupid bitch,” he muttered, “why didn’t she just stay away?”

Stepping back from the table, he signaled for a hostess to bring him a drink. After downing the bourbon and water in one gulp, he took another from her tray. What in the hell was he going to do now? ‘If I changed tables, maybe…’ He pulled out his wallet and found it bare of all but three dollars. He fingered, then slipped out his platinum American Express and headed for a cashier.

The cashier cheerfully accepted his card. A message flickered up on her computer screen as his card was being processed. She turned back to the guest. “I’m sorry sir. There seems to be a problem.”

Two thuggish looking security guards escorted John up to the third floor. After passing through a maze of hallways, he escorted into a plush office. A pretty girl, blonde with huge hooters, dressed in a too tight miniskirt got up from the lap of the man behind the desk and exited through another door.

“Mr. Marsh, I’m Nick Clametti, manager of the Lucky Dawg Casino and Hotel. We have a little problem, or more precisely you have a big problem.”

John’s gut churned even more.

“We’ve just discovered that the credit card you secured your hotel bill with is no good.”

“There must be some sort of mistake, there shouldn’t be a problem with my…”

“Do you have another card perhaps?”

John knew that all of his other cards had already cut him off. “Uh, uh, well to be honest, there’s been a mix up of some sort. A stolen identity mess…I’ve been trying to get it straightened out, but…”

“Do you have cash?”

“How much do you need?”

Nick handed over the current hotel bill for their two-day stay.

John stared at the bill in disbelief. “Fourteen hundred dollars!”

“Thirteen hundred seventy seven dollars and ninety five cents to be exact.”

“There must be some sort of mistake! I didn’t run up these charges! The rooms are what? Eighty dollars a night? “

“Yes. But you see your wife…”

Looked down at the bill again.

“What did she do?”

He read over the details carefully. Room bill, hair cut, hair styling, manicure, pedicure, massage, ticket to the Ginger Dunaway Show, ticket to the special show, room bill, room service, a mud bath, another massage. He remembered back to this afternoon, she did have a new hairdo. “Stupid bitch!” he muttered.

“Your wife is a very beautiful woman, very sweet, very intelligent. I don’t think she deserves the moniker ‘Stupid Bitch’.” Nick gestured towards the door, “The air headed bimbo who just left, now she’s a stupid bitch.

“Now Mr. Marsh, I’ll ask you again. Do you have cash?”

John searched for a dignified out. “No, I lost all my cash at craps. How about a check?”

Nick laughed and shook his head. “No way! No way would I take a personal check from a…dead beat.”

The words ‘dead beat’ stung. John put his hands to his temples and tried to think.

“We could arrange for funds to be electronically transferred from your bank.”

“Oh, god,” muttered John. “No, no can do. I don’t have enough funds on deposit.”

“You don’t have enough funds?” said Nick angrily. “You just tried to pass me a bad check! You worthless piece of shit!” Nick turned away from John in feigned disgust. “Mickey!” he called waving his hand.

John watched as one of the thuggish men who brought him here went over to confer with his boss. Fear gripped John. The other guy, John had heard Mickey call him Bruce on the way up from the casino, was just as big and mean looking. John cringed as he felt Bruce’s hulking presence take up position behind his chair. Mickey turned and quickly exited the room.

Silence filled the room. John began to perspire profusely. A moment later, John heard the door behind him open and the close. Mickey took up position by the side of his boss.

Nick looked up and stared at John. From his peripheral vision, John saw a white form off to his left.

“Mr. March, I want you meet one of my associates.”

John turned to his left. He nearly lost control of his bladder. There before him was what appeared to be a power-lifter from the old Soviet Union. Dressed all in white. His massive musculature clearly outlined in the tight t-shirt he wore. He had no neck, and a face that would look good only on a bulldog. His thighs were so thick that he had to stand with feet spread apart. His arms were thicker than John’s legs and as he stood, menacingly flexing his large hands, John knew that the brute could easily crush his skull with his bare hands.

“Oh, shit!” whimpered John.

“I hate violence,” Nick deadpanned. “Nobody really wins; everybody loses. Maybe we can work something else out,” mused Nick thoughtfully. Nick leaned towards his desk and pressed a button on the intercom. “Hey Doc, Nick! Come to my office. Bring a specimen cup.”

A moment later, the house doctor appeared, a quack who had lost his practice years ago to booze, gambling and whores.

“Alright Mr. Marsh. Piss in the cup for the good doctor.”

“What?” said John confused.

“I said, piss in the cup! You do know how to piss?”

Bruce grabbed John by the shoulders and lifted him to a standing position.

“Now piss in the cup, or do you want the good doctor run a catheter up your pecker and take it from you!”

John took the treat seriously and whipped out his pecker and pissed in the specimen cup.

“That’s all doctor, you know what to do. Make it quick, but be accurate. Bruno, that’s all for now.” Nick turned to John. “I’m going to have to ask you to wait in another room with Bruce and Mickey. I have other business to attend to.”


“Mrs. Marsh?” said the faraway voice. “Mrs. Marsh!”

Judy opened her eyes and lazily turned towards the soft voice.

“Mrs. Marsh, it’s time to shower and then a sauna.”

Judy scrunched her brow. She wasn’t sure how long she had been in the mud bath, but she wasn’t ready to get out.

“Can’t I stay a little longer?”

“Your massage is scheduled for four thirty. It’s already four.”

“I’ve been in here an hour?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Let me just stay here and forgo the sauna. This is wonderful.”

“Yes, Ma’am, that’s no problem. I’ll be back to get you in fifteen minutes.”

In what seemed to Judy to be only three minutes the attendant was back. “Mrs. Marsh, it’s quarter past four. You really must to get out now.”

Judy sighed with resignation. She would definitely have to do this again. She rose from the mud soup, like a curvaceous mud monster and took the three steps to the shower to rinse off the mud and peat moss. The attendant help scrub her down with a coarse sea sponge and brushed under her nails to get all of the clinging mud from her body. After toweling off, she was escorted to a massage room. Standing there waiting, she noticed how her skin tingled from the bath. Like Sandy had said, it felt divine.

“Afternoon, Miss Marsh,” said the gravelly voice.

With a start she looked up to Bruno standing at the door. Upon seeing his brutish mug again she cringed. Without realizing it she looked down at his crotch and remembering the monstrous cock lurking there. She glanced back up. Bruno was smiling broadly.

“Shall we get started?” he said hoarsely.

‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘what am I doing here with this beast?’

“Please, lie down on the table, face down,” he rasped. “Here let me help you with your towel.”

Judy’s pussy and anus puckered as he reached forward and removed the towel. Her pulse began to race as she stood before him naked. Visions of his enormous cock violating her raced through her head.

Without offering her the option to keep the towel, Bruno discarded the towel. Then he nodded towards the table. “Please lie down Ma’am.”

With trepidation, she lay face down on the massage table. Bruno raised the table to the proper height, then took a bottle of hot oil from the cabinet and began to work, starting at her delicate shoulders. Silently, he kneaded her upper back and then each arm. Just like yesterday, it felt wonderful. Despite her misgivings, whatever residual tensions were leftover from the mud bath now melted away under his powerful hands. Finishing her arms and hands, Bruno began working down her back. He didn’t bypass her buttocks this time. He had been kneading her buttocks for several minutes when he spoke.

“You must have liked my massage yesterday.”

Judy suddenly realized she had drifted off and that he was mauling her bare buns, his fingers deep into her cleft.

“I’m glad you enjoyed my massage. I’m glad you decided to come back again.”

Judy’s eyes darted around in alarm. Soon his sure hands progressed to her upper thighs and then down one leg, then the other.

“Ma’am, will you please turn over.”

Judy hesitated before rolling onto her back. Bruno was gazing up and down her body, his thick puffy lips curled into an evil smile. She glanced at his stomach. The tight white t-shirt he wore left no doubt as to what the thick bulge, extending up past his navel was, as his massive glans and thick cock tube stood out in relief on the thin fabric. A large grayish spot had formed on his white shirt at the glans. ‘Oh, Jesus,’ she said to herself.

He began again by rubbing her temples. Then he applied more oil to his hands and began working her shoulders and pectorals. All the while she stared up into his horrific face. She nearly died when he said, “I saw you at the show last night with Mr. Calmetti. Did you like the show?”

His hands slid to her sides, at her sweet spot at the edge of the swell of her breast.

“Did you like my cock?” he rasped.

She tensed as his hands swept across her ample breasts.

“Is that why you came to see me today?”

“Oh god!” she squeaked. “I didn’t…”

He squeezed her nipples gently between his thumb and forefinger. The feeling was electric and she cried out again, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

The nerve ending in her nipples became hypersensitive, sending jolt after jolt of exquisite pleasure shooting through her body. Bruno continued to fondle her tits. Her breathing became rapid and her upper torso flushed.

In vain she fought back at the unwanted passion rising within her. “Oh, god,” she moaned as her body betrayed her, “I’m gonna cum.”

The muscles in her stomach began rippling and her hips involuntarily began to move suggestively. Her face twisted in a wild grimace of lust as the orgasm wracked through her body with the force of a torrent.

As the intensity of the moment passed, she realized that he was no longer working her boobs. His strong hands were rubbing her stomach and heading south. She opened her eyes and met his smirking gaze.

With his hand over her pubic mound he said, “You’re some hot babe, Ma’am.” Then he asked, “Do you want me to fuck you, Ma’am?”

The words caught in her throat, rendering her speechless as his thick digits swept across her mons. His banana-like forefinger slipped between the lips of her slickened slit and began traveling back and forth.

“Oh sweet mercy,” she whimpered when she realized his finger was nearly as big as John’s dick.

“Do you like that Ma’am?”

She tried to scream, but as his big finger slid into her vagina, a fresh rush of salacious pleasure swept over her. She was only dimly aware of the smacking sounds made by his finger as he finger fucked her gushing, wet pussy. Tendrils of ecstasy radiated from her groin. Her eyes blurred out of focus as her body twisted and lurched, the fires of desire consuming her body and soul until wave after wave of orgasmic bliss spun her into a swirling vortex of lust that threatened to send her into oblivion.

She didn’t have any idea how long she thrashed about or even how many closely spaced climaxes she had as she coasted back to earth, only that he had withdrawn his pleasuring finger from her cunt and was now working down her left leg. When he finished her left foot, Bruno saw that she was cognizant again. He moved up the table and leered at her.

As his big right hand cupped her heaving left breast, he whispered, “I’d love to fuck you Ma’am. I wouldn’t even charge you extra.” His hand moved to maul her right breast. “But you’re so tight, I’m afraid I’d hurt you. That’s the problem with having such a large penis. Most girls can’t take it. It hurts’em. I won’t fuck you, unless of course if you really want me to…”

Panic welled up and griped her throat.

“I don’t want to hurt you Ma’am. You do understand? I don’t want to hurt you, Ma’am. You’re too little.”

Her mind reeled. That wasn’t what she expected. She had fully expected him to whip it out and split her into. She would have been powerless to resist. Judy panted and squeaked, “That’s okay. Thank you.”

Bruno moved to the other side of the table at her hip and began kneading her right thigh. When he finished with her foot he stood feasting his beady eyes on her nakedness. “You sure are pretty Ma’am.”

“Thank you,” she replied still dazed.

“I hope that you will ask for me again next time,” he said with a grotesque smile that suddenly didn’t seem so menacing any more.


John sat nervously in a sparsely furnished room. Bruce and Mickey were playing cards, keeping an eye on the deadbeat.

“You play Hearts?” asked Mickey nonchalantly. “Dollar a point.”

John answered haltingly, “I, I don’t have any money.”

“I’ll spot you twenty,” said Bruce not looking up from his cards, “for a blow job!”

The two security thugs roared in laughter at John’s humiliation and growing fear.


Judy watched Bruno work his way down her right leg to her foot. She began to feel safe again and began relaxing. After massaging each toe he looked across her nubile body. He cupped his ear and for several moments just stood and grinned.

Then to Judy’s horror, Bruno striped off his t-shirt. His cock was still hard and did in fact extend beyond his navel. He quickly unfastened his pants and stepped out of them.

Judy wanted to flee but felt powerless to move. Bruno moved up the table, running his right hand up her body, her eyes fixed on the huge organ as it bobbed and swayed until it was a mere few inches from her head.

“Do you like my cock?”

Judy was awed by it. The sheer size of the thing was unbelievable, like something out of ‘Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not’. Certainly no human begin could have a dick that big, but there it was.

Bruno made an adjustment to the massage table. The support under her head fell away and her head rotated back. Bruno poured more hot oil into his hands. Then straddling her head he began massaging the oil into her ever-sensitive tits. His mammoth balls hung down into her face, filling her nostrils with the smell of his heady musk. As he molested her, he moved about, dragging his genitals across her face. Almost in self-defense Judy reached up and suddenly she was holding onto his donkey-sized cock, neither hand touching the other, neither hand able to fully encircle his girth.

“Yes Ma’am, you do like my big ole cock,” he growled.

Once again her body betrayed her as he played with her sensitive nipples. Without realizing it, she was kissing his bloated testicles and licking the base of his huge penis. She barely heard him as he croaked, “I love your tits Miss, they make you so responsive.”

Suddenly he pulled away from her. He adjusted the head support, this time so that her head was slightly raised and then lowered the table a few inches. Bruno climbed onto the table straddling her, his cock nestled in her cleavage. He poured some oil onto his cock, gently squeezed her breasts together, and began titty fucking her with long strokes. On each forward thrust, the huge purplish-red head of his cock, oozing salty pre-seminal fluid, pressed into her lips.

He stopped thrusting for a moment as he released her breasts. He reached down and took her hands, placing them on her breasts, forcing her to squeeze her tits around his cock.

“Play with your nipples Ma’am,” he ordered.

In a near trance she began tweaking her nips while the beastly cock sawed between her breasts.

His hands now free, Bruno leaned back to give the camera hidden in the ceiling an unobstructed view.

“Now play with her clit,” said the voice in his earpiece.

Bruno reached back with his right hand and slid his meaty hand over her sparse public hairs and down between her legs.

The sensation of Bruno’s cock sliding between her fleshy orbs, the delightful self-tweaking of her nipples and the talented dick sized finger sliding around her fully engorged clit, soon swept Judy away in a wildfire of unleashed passion. She kissed the enormous cock head each time it neared her lips. No matter that it would be impossible for her to get her lips around the head of the thing, the smell of his organ and the taste of his lubricant added to the load on her senses.

At the touch of his thick finger as it traveled through her gushing slit, her mouth opened in a silent moan of pleasure. After a few swipes and several trips around her excited clit, her chest became mottled. Bruno knew she was about to cum, he had seen that signal earlier. His own excitement growing, his cock began to tingle signaling his own imminent climax.

Judy consumed with lust, watched as the meatus of his glans opened up, revealing the dark narrow passageway to his internal genitalia.

The great cock swelled appreciably between her breasts. Lustfully she cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” then her orgasm broke over her.

Bruno grunted as a blast of milky white semen shot from his cock and onto her face. The second blast landed across and in her eye. Bruno grabbed the back of her head, and pressing his pulsating cock to her opened mouth, delivered the third and forth copious shots directly into her mouth. He then pulled her head back and delivered the issue of his final contractions around her gasping, cum dribbling mouth, over and on her luscious lips.

As she coasted down from her pleasure, Bruno spread his semen across her lips with the broad head of his dick.

“Fuck me,” she moaned, “please fuck me. Oh, god, I need you to fuck me.”

“Mrs. Marsh,” came a voice through the fog of her lust addled brain as she licked at the delicious cum-coated dick that was teasing her lips. “Mrs. Marsh?”

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