The accident

It was my fault.

I should have been concentrating on driving, but my mind was filled with other things. I has just been to see a girl I had kissed at a work’s party last weekend. The problem is I am married - and not to this girl. So I had been to see her, to explain how it was, but also to explain that we would NOT be seeing each other again. She did not seem at all annoyed, quite pleased that I had the manners to do it in person, and we parted on friendly terms. I had just left her house, and was driving back to mine with my mind on the girl I was leaving, when the car in front did not take a gap in the traffic that I had seen. And I just bumped into it.

The issue was, I was on the wrong side of my house from work. I did not want to have to explain to my wife why I was in this slightly rough housing estate instead of at my desk.

I got out of my car, and walked round to see who I had hit. It was a small car, with a bit of aggressively pink trim. As I approached the driver, I could see it was a woman, a few years younger than me. She had dirty blond hair, and a glittery stud in her nose. She opened the door and got out

Her: You STUPID fucker!! You have hit me!!

Me: I am sorry, it was my fault, lets have a look at the damage and see how bad it is?

Her: Too right its your fault! And you have hurt my neck.

We go round to her car, it is really just a dented bumper. Not much.

Me: It does not look too bad. Maybe I could get it fixed without involving the insurance companies? Save the old no-claims bonus?

Her: Why? Shouldn't you be here? And what about my whiplash?

Me: Erm.. still can we fix it between us do you think?

Her: I recognise you, you work near the store I work at. The insurance company would get me a courtesy car while mine is being fixed. What are you going to do about that?

Me: Oh, yes. Maybe I could hire you a car for a couple of days?

Her: We will see. But you have not said sorry properly yet.

Me: I did! But I am sorry. It was my fault, I am very sorry to have hit you.

Her: You are a stupid Fucker. What are you?

This surprised my totally, I had thought we were almost through with the conversation. But I did want her not to report the accident.

Me: I am a stupid fucker.

Why did that turn me on?

Her: Say it in a girls voice.

Me: I am a stupid fucker

Then she reached out her hand and groped my cock. I was so surprised I did not move. She could tell she had turned me on.

Her: My friend will fix the car, you will pay for it. Instead of a hire car,you will drive me to and from work. Be here at 8-30 tomorrow morning, now fuck off you stupid Fucker.

With that she drove off and I drove on to work.

Day 1

The next day I did as she had instructed. It was not really much out of my way to go via her house on my way to work. At that time I still thought it would only be a couple of days and a hundred pounds or so, then things would return to normal.

I arrived a couple of minutes early, and before long she climbed into the passenger seat. She had a cup of coffee with her - one of the advantages of being driven to work. I looked at her and smiled.. she did not smile back.

Me: How are you today. Do you know how long it will take to fix the car?

Her. Stupid Fucker. Do not ask questions. Do not look at my face - if I see you doing that I will poor my coffee on you. Now drive me to work, and as you drive tell me all about yourself.

So she sat in silence as I drove her to work, talking about myself and my life. It took about half an hour. I must have said a lot in half an hour, I cannot remember much of what I said. She sent a couple of texts as I drove, apparently not that interested in anything I said. As I pulled into the car-park she had her last sip of coffee, then very deliberately reached over and poured the last couple of drops onto my shirt.

Her: I was going to drive into town at lunchtime. But I cannot because some stupid fucker crashed into it. So you will have to give me a lift. be here at 12-00.

And she left. Very soon I was in my office, trying to stop thinking about her and get on with my work. Not with much success. At 11-50, I left and went to the car-park. Not long after 12-00, she climbed in - I remembered to say nothing and not look at her face.

It is about 10 minutes to the coach station in the centre of town, where there is a drop-off zone. As I drove there, she asked lots of questions this time. In a rush, very fast, I had to answer them all. Birthday, middle name, last holiday, wife's name, mobile phone number, pets name, shoe size, hobbies, sexual activities, on and on. Once I had started answering, I could not stop.

I dropped her in the drop off zone, and was told to be back at 12-45. That only left me a bit over twenty minutes to drive out of town a bit, stop for a couple of minutes then drive back. I did look for some public conveniences as I drove because I needed a piss, but not very badly.

I arrived back at the coach park a couple of minutes early, and could see the gents next to the drop-off zone. So I locked up the car and went down the stairs; it was fairly typical of public lavatories everywhere, a few urinals and a few cubicles and an unpleasant smell. Fortunately there was only one other person in there.

I heard someone approaching from behind, then was startled as I felt a hand grab my cock and balls. I looked round to see Her face, the other bloke in the lavatories snorted at the humour of the situation and walked away up the steps.

Then she squeezed, and once it hurt she pulled down. Before I could react, I was kneeling facing the urinal. As she squeezed and twisted my balls and cock her other hand suddenly bashed the back of my head, punching my face into the rim the the urinal. I could feel my lip split.

Her: You STUPID FUCKER. You are late!

Again, a vicious twist of my balls, and a blow to the back of me hear bashing my face again into the urinal.

As I opened my mouth to speak, she interrupted.

Her: Shut up, keep your mouth open.

And she pushed my face into the bottom of the piss covered collection of chewing gum, disinfectant blocks and fag ends.

Then she leaned close behind me and breathed into my ear. She whispered

Her: Eat the blocks

and start squeezing my balls harder and harder. I wanted to resist, but the pain was immense and growing. My mouth was open and I took one of the blocks into it. She continued squeezing harder until I swallowed, then eased up just a little. However a slight delay before I took the next foul thing into my mouth caused her to start crushing my balls again. So after that one I rushed on to the last of the three big ones, then the few small bits as well.

I do not know if it was the crushing of my balls, the smell, or the things I had just eaten, but I suddenly retched. Next second I was throwing up into the urinal. But before I had finished, she pulled my head back so my vomit covered my shirt too.

It was all over so fast, I think it took less than 3 minutes from her entering the lavatories, to me kneeing in my own vomit having eaten the cleaning blocks, starting to sob in pain. She did not appear to be feeling merciful, and I felt her reach into my pocket and remove my car keys and wallet. With a parting comment : This is not over she strode up the steps and left me.

It took a while to pull myself together. Stop the retching, clean myself up as well as I could. When I got out, the car was gone. With no money, wallet or anything, I stood confused for a minute. Then I used my mobile to phone work, and report in sick.

It took an hour and a half for me to walk home. Where my face had been bashed was throbbing. Fortunately my wife was out, so I had a chance to clean myself up, get a bike out of the garage and cycle for another hour to Her house. The car was where I expected to find it, near the crash. It was unlocked, I found the keys inside the glove box, and my wallet. All the cash had been taken out, and every card had been cleanly cut in two. I think I had lost about £30, and I was just facing the prospect of having to contact all the card companies, library, the AA - everyone in fact, when I heard a knocking on the window. I looked up and She was stood there in a denim jacket, smirking as she looked at the chopped up credit cards. Once she had my attention, she signalled for my to open the window which I did.

Her: Stick your arm straight out of the window, resting on the edge.

Me: What?

Her: Look Fucker, just stick your arm out of the window.

I stuck my arm out of the window, out straight, resting on the metal of the door. From behind her back she produced an old fashioned wooden rolling pin. With a terrifying look of enjoyment on her face she brought it up, then smashed it down onto my arm. The pain was huge, both from where she had hit me, but also from the other side of the arm where it had been bashed into the edge of the open window. I gave a cry, but soon controlled it. Flexing my fingers to get feeling back I looked at her in amazement. She was licking her lips and looking hungrily at me. That she enjoyed what was happening, even though she blatantly despised me, was very apparent. She passed me the rolling pin.

Her: Keep that in the car, we might use it again. Same time tomorrow. Do not be late or next time I will be quite nasty. Actually be late if you want, I would enjoy that!

And she turned and left.

Day 2:

That evening was a daze. I lied to my wife about being unwell at work and went to bed early. But I could not sleep, the pain in the arm had subsided, but a bruise was visible. Even though the pain had gone, my mind was disturbed. All I could think about was this girl, how it was automatic for me to do what she told me. How much I hated myself for it, and how much it excited me. I resolved to collect her tomorrow, but then explain I would pay for her to have a taxi for a week, but I was not going to be driving her any more.

In the morning I drove off and parked on the road where we met. A couple of minutes later I saw her approach in the mirror. She was wearing her denim jacket, tight jeans and boots. Not very high heeled, but shiny and black. She tapped on the window, so I would it down.

Her: How are you today? Pass me the rolling pin and stick your arm would you? There's a good boy.

She was smiling!! Complete change from the normal anger I saw in her? I passed her the pin and started to try talking, but she interrupted me.

Her: Now come on, you do not want to make me cross again do you? Just stick your arm out, I will not be so hard this time. But If you do not stick it out straight away I shall hit it twice?

I could see a sweet smile on her face, but a total hardness in her eyes. I stuck my arm out.

Her: There's a good boy, now rest it on the edge please. Try not to scream, you might wake the neighbours.

Very deliberately she lifted the rolling pin up high, and bashed it into my arm. It was much more gentle than last time, but exactly the same place. The existing bruise made the pain intense. I gasped, but did not cry out and by the time she had walked round and sat down in the passenger seat I was ready to drive off.

She: Tell me about your wife.

Me: What do you want to know?

She: Well, what is she like? Is she sexy?

Me: Yes, she is very sexy.

She: When did you last have sex with her?

How did she know? That was an uncanny questions. I did think of lying, but this good mood was so nice compared with yesterday's anger, I did not want to annoy her.

Me: About six months ago. On Valentines day

Her: And me - do you think I am sexy?

Me: Of course.

Her, with an innocent and friendly smile: You know I like hurting people?

Me: I had noticed.

Her, leaning close so she was breathing in my ear and talking very sensuously: And you know I will carry on. I have no breaks?

Me: I did not, but you convince me. Which is why I want to pay for the damage, pay for your transport and stop seeing you.

Her: Oh No, I like you too much. And any way, you want me to hurt you properly, don't you?

Then she patted my flies, and my cock gave away just how turned on I was. I was still not ready for her to unzip me, and lift my already hard cock out. I turned to look at her in surprise, straight into her phone camera which gave a little click

Her: Lets not make me spell this out. Anyway, you want to touch yourself for me don't you?

And she was right I did... my hand held my cock as I was driving. Very stupid and dangerous, and not safe driving either. but I held my erect cock all the way to her car park where she got out and walked round to my door. I wound down the window and she pointed at the rolling pin.

Her: Be a dear and pass me that please? Now, lets not have any more talk about you trying to buy your way out of this. You do not really want to escape, and anyway, I think it is a bit late. Hold your arm out.

I did as requested. The blow was really not very hard this time. Maybe she did like me? Just before leaving, she returned the rolling pin and said:

Her: You know with the current economic climate, I think you should suggest your wife gets a job. You also need to think about how you are going to tell her that your office has accepted a 10% pay cut for all junior members, but big important people like you will be taking a 15% cut and no bonuses. OK? See you at 5-30, have lunchtime off. Be good!

Needless to say it was hard to concentrate at work that day. It was true, out firm was suffering in the economic downturn, and there was talk of a few redundancies. There was also talk of a 5% pay-cut to avoid the redundancies. However, my part of the firm was doing well, we were actually growing our work. I was expecting a nice pay round, and bonus. But whenever I thought about telling my wife about having a pay cut, I became excited. These were not feelings I was used to, but I knew they added something that was missing in my life.

At 5-25 I was waiting in the car as directed. At 5-45 she arrived again, and signalled for me to open the car window. Without waiting to be directed I passed out the rolling pin and stuck my arm out. She was quite friendly and nice again.

Her: I have had a great day today. One of my friends had a birthday and brought in some cake. How has yours been?

Me: Fine thank you. I have been thinking about those pay cuts all day. Are you sure they need to be so large?

Her: Oh yes, quite sure. You also need to start telling her that your job is not that secure, you may have to start a bit more travelling with work. Now, turn you arm round slightly... that's better

It was a very gentle blow this time. It hurt, but not much. However I had noticed that the tingling and numbness I felt in the fingers after each blow was taking longer to pass each time.

The drive home was fairly uneventful, and I dropped her and accepted the arm-bashing as though it were the most normal thing in the world. However, my discussions with my wife that night were not so good. I think I got the order of breaking the bad new to her correct... the lack of bonus was quite feasible... then job security which made her feel a bit sorry for me.... then the pay cut which did not please her at all. When she asked what could be done about it, I managed to suggest that she could perhaps get some part-time work? She was shocked, this really had not occurred to her. We did not talk much more that evening. Just before bed my wife reminded me of our upcoming holiday, a weeks skiing in the Alps. I had forgotten about it, but promised we could still afford to go.

The next Fortnight

I continued driving to collect Her each day, and each day she hit my arm. If her mood was good, it was little more than a tap, if bad she could be a lot rougher. I could see the layers of bruising growing darker and getting a green tinge, but at this stage I still had feeling in my hand and almost a full range of motion. I did learn to use a mouse left handed, so my arm could be rested during the day, and tended to use my left arm for opening doors or lifting things - but my right arm could work if needed.

I told Her about the discussion with my wife. She was amused, but annoyed about the holiday.

Her: Well, it is all very well for you to go off, spending your money, having a nice time. How am I going to get to work?

Me: Is your car nearly fixed....?

Her: Oh that! I sold it. I don't need one any more, do I?

Me: Oh!

Her: Do not be stupid, you knew we had moved on from that didn't you?

Me: I guess so, I just had not thought it through.

Her: It is not just the getting to work, it feels unfair that you would go off skiing with your wife. It is as though you think you are better than me.

Me: It is not that at all.. anyway, do you like skiing?

Her: Well, I am going to find out aren't I. I am coming too. Book me a place in your hotel. Actually, book one for my friend as well, we will both come. Now, stick your arm out of the window like a good boy.

The reference to her friend had thrown me completely. I asked about it on the journey home and she laughed at my discomfort and teased me about having her boyfriend come with her. But she was not in a mean mood most of these days and she soon told me it was actually an old friend she had known for years and worked with now. I was relieved, but still shocked to think about how her conversations about me must go. When asked if she talked about us with her friend she confirmed that she had told her everything, and even shown the pictures.

That this information made me wriggle with shame amused her. When she patted my cock she thought it was hilarious to find it had given me an erection as well.

That night I went online and found to my disappointment that the holiday still had spaces on it. So I booked two more places, complete with ski passes and equipment hire. It was going to cost almost £2K, my credit card could take that without problem, but it was going to be a few months before I could pay it off without raising suspicion at home.

Four days to go

Three days before the holiday I collected her as normal. After a very gentle tap on my arm, just enough to keep the bruises fresh and maintain the numbness that was beginning to last for an hour or so each time, she turned to me with a very purposeful air:

Her: When did you say you last had sex with your wife?

Me: As I told you, Valentines day this year.

Her: Really? Not at all since then?

Me: No. Not since then.

Her: You sad sicko. However, it is your wedding anniversary the day after tomorrow isn't it?

Me: YES! you have an amazing memory!

Her: Indeed I do, but if you ever fail to remind me of an opportunity like this again, I will hurt you. However, I do not want you unable to take us all on holiday, so I am going to let you off this time. What are you getting her as an anniversary present?

Me: Well, I have seen some earrings and a necklace she would like, gold with rubies. The jewelers is getting the clasp of the necklace engraved with our initials...

Her: Isn't that rather generous? Have you always been that sort of big spender on her presents?

Me: No, but we have been arguing a bit lately, I wanted to make friends. She did not like me suggesting she gets a job, and the news about my pay cut annoyed her. I was just trying to make it up to her.

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