tagIncest/TabooCrashed Ch. 1

Crashed Ch. 1

byL.A. Wicker©

"Dad, can I fly with you today? Bill and the baby are driving me nuts." Channtel, my 23 year old daughter ask.

"Shit baby, I’m not sure where I’m going today. And why are they drivin you nuts?" I replied, as I looked at her breast.

"The baby is sick, Bill is just…. Well, you know Bill." She said.

Yes, I knew bill. A fat, lazy, prick that got my sexy daughter pregnant. Never worked a day in his life and made Channtel borrow money off me when ever they were broke. I hated the fat BASTERD.

I gave her a good tight Hug, " Why don’t you dump his big fat ass?"

"I don’t know, he’s not good for anything." She said, hugging me back.

I told Channtel, " You go back in the office, I need the talk with Dennis and find out where I’m going. And to see if it will be safe for you to go. Who’s going to watch the baby?" I gave her round 36 inch ass a good firm love smack, as she walked away.

"Mom is… Ouch, you better stop that." Channtel giggled.

"God, I love watching that girls ass," I thought," Even having her baby just four months ago, she looks as hot as ever."

Her light brown hair had streaks of blonde running through it. She always had a long strand or two that tried to cover one of her blue eyes.

She had the face of a Goddess, her big red juicy lips were always smiling. Showing her snow white teeth. I loved to see my girl smile.

As I watched her go in the office, she turned to wave, " Oh man," I thought, " how did she ever get a set of knockers that big?"

They must be a 40 DD now that the baby is nursing her. If I was her Pussy Ass husband, I would be sucking on them day and night.

She has nice big areola circles, that are a real light tan color. Her nipples are the size of little pebbles and always hard. How do I know this? She always wears see-through blouses.

I walked up the steep stairs into the plane looking for Dennis. I found him in the back section of the L-1011. Giving instructions how to tie down the cargo.

"Dennis, give them guys a break. They know how to load a plane. Besides that I need to talk to you." I said, pulling him off the plane.

"What’s up Jake?" Dennis ask with a big smile.

My buddy Dennis is a missionary that could charm the ‘devil’ himself. He talked me into leaving a job paying a hundred grand a year and bring my wife and daughter to Nepal, and living in Katmandu.

I fly supplies to other missionaries into China. Some of the places I land in don’t even have a runway, just a cleared field. In most cases it’s just a mountain top.

Worst of all, the government over there doesn’t want anybody helping their people or trying to teach them the Bible. This year alone, five planes have been shot at. Last June I had to ditch a plane in the mountains and walk five days before a found a ride back to Katmandu.

I lit a cigarette and ask, " Where’s this stuff going? Channtel wants to fly with me."

With concern, Dennis replied, " It’s going to Lhasa, the Army hasn’t been in the area but, you never know where they’ll be," He took a deep breath, " and…. we haven’t gave the local General any pay offs for a few months."

I told Dennis, " The baby has been sick, ass hole Bill, is driving her nuts. She just wants to get away for the day."

"Well, it will be up to you," Dennis lit a smoke, " you know the rules…. If you crash, you’re on your own."

"Yeah, yeah, I know…. I think it will be O.K.," I replied, " what am I flying in today?"

"A Set Up Village." Dennis told me.

A Set Up Village, is enough supplies for five people to live five months. Food, clothes, blankets, heaters, medical supplies and any other thing you could think of.

In fact, it’s a Mini town and it meant the plane would be overloaded and have cargo in the old passenger area plus in the cargo hold.

We talked a while longer about a weather front that was building over China. I would really have to get back in a hurry to beat the storm. A storm over the Himalayas could drop up to ten feet of snow in just a few hours time.

I went to the little office to find Channtel, there she was bent over, trying to get a Coke out of the fifty year old machine. Her seductive ass stuck up in the air, only covered by a pair of Blue Jeans, that had to have been twenty years old. They where so soft and worn out, every curve and crevice on her wonderful hips and ass could be seen.

"Hi Dad," she said, " can you help me with this?"

"MMMMM I’d love to…." I replied, as I walked to her ass. Pushing my hard cock into her tight ass.

"DADDDY….," Channtel screamed and jumped up. Her face was as red as a tomato, " DON’T DO THAT. Bill hasn’t been doing his…. Ummm…. duties in the bedroom."

"Oh my God, my poor baby was horny," My mind raced, " what I wouldn’t do to fix you up little lady."

I turned her to face me, I held her in my arms, my ten inch cock now smashed into her neglected growing, " Oh yeah? Well, your Mother hasn’t been doing her ‘duties’ neither."

I leaned on a desk, pulling her hips more into my cock. My hands went to her ass, massaging her firm cheeks. As I massaged her, I could feel her delicate body melting in my arms.

"mmmm….. oh daddy…. I love you so much…." Channtel sighed.

My hands moved to her Angel face, " I love you to baby." And I kissed her softly on her lips.

Then a voice came over the load speaker, " Jake…. You’re clear for take off."

"Well shit…. That really sucks," I said moving my hands back to Channtels great ass, " I get a hot lady in my arms and we have to go."

Channtel reached and gave me a good, deep kiss, " Damn, Dad. You done went and got me all horny." She pulled away from me and gave herself a good firm rub between her legs.

My cock was hard as a rock, my sexy daughter just told she got horny by me hugging her. If she ever did let me get her, I would wear her little Love Tunnel out.

Another thing crossed my mind, when her baby was born, the doctor had to take it. Her Love Burrow would be tight, just the way I loved them.

We took off and was off to main land, China. Either one of us has said more than two words. I was still in shock and she looked like a ‘Young Girl’ in love.

"Did you mean what you said in the office?" I ask Channtel.

With love in her eyes, " Yes…. every word, well…. Kinda." little tears came in her eyes, " I’ve been in love with you sense that day you bought me that white Bikini. It really sucks that we are Dad and Daughter."

That white bikini, my mind drifted back in time…….

I would never forget it. I was on a trip to Florida, I went into a Sex Shop, looking for something nice for my wife Kate. But, when I saw that bikini, I knew I had to get it for Channtel.

Of coarse Kate my wife, had a fit when she saw our 16 year old daughter wearing it. It just did cover her young nipples and as far as covering her sex…. Channtel had to learn how to shave her private spot.

My wife and I had a big fight about it. In truth, I think she may have been jealous about it. All Kate did was, sit on the sofa watching TV and eating all day. She had put on about 50 pounds that year.

When I wouldn’t take it from Channtel, Kate went to her Mothers house for the night. I didn’t give a damn, I had a chance to catch up on my sleep.

Sometime that night I woke up and took a shower. When I had finished I went to find something to eat. That’s when I think Channtel fell in love with me, when I saw her, I as well, fell for her.

She had walked into the house, water from the pool ran down her body. The bikini became transparent when it was wet. Her full young breast filled my eyes. As I looked down, her tender love spot came into view.

"Thank you, for the bikini Daddy," she purred, moving into my arms.

I had not put anything on, my ten inch manhood went right between her inexperienced legs. Her wet, cool body filled my arms, as my raging cock pushed on her sensitive pussy.

I pulled her as close to me as possible, I could feel the heat between her legs as my throbbing cock smashed into her.

One of my hands found her beautiful breast, my other hand went to her sexy ass. I began to tease her young body, moving my hands all over her, then, I moved my hand to her wet pussy.

"Oh Daddy," she moaned, " I’m so hot….. please fix me….. make me a woman."

"HELLO…. DAD…. HELLO." Channtel yelled.

"Yes… I’m sorry, I was thinking about something." I told her.

"What were you thinking about?" She ask, with a little smile.

"To be truthful…. That night in the kitchen," I paused, " how good you looked all wet."

"You know what I think about….," Channtel leaned back in her seat, " How big you are. How it would feel inside me. Filling my body like no man has ever done."

She stood up giving me a soft kiss, " I need to use the Ladies Room."

As I waited for her to come back, I was thinking of all the different ways I could make love to her. I would thoroughly suck her big breast dry.

After that, I would do her doggy style for an hour or so. Then lay her down and spread her legs as wide as they will go, do her for another hour.

We went on talking, me telling her how much I loved to watch her sexy body and her telling me how much she wished Bill had a cock like mine.

"Baby if he had a piece of meat this big," I grabbed my cock through my jeans, " he still wouldn’t know how to use it." We both busted out laughing.

I looked out the window and stated, " Well, we’re half way there," I pointed, " there’s Mt. Everest. We’re now in China."

"This country gives me the creeps," She shuddered, " they way they treat their people makes me sick."

"You better hope we don’t get shot down," I teased her, " you’ll find out how they treat their women."

"That’s not a bit funny," Channtel was pissed, " I’d be some little yellow basterds sex slave for the rest of my life."

About an hour later I made our final turn to Lhasa. When I got a funny felling.

I looked at the radar, " Buckle up," I told her, as I banked the plane to the right, " we got company……"

"OH DADDY, I’M SCARED." Channtel screamed.

A Russian Mig was closing on us fast. I needed to get us back to the border as fast as the plane would go. He would be shooting a missile at us any time.

The only hope we had, most of the missiles they had were duds. All they would do is crash into our plane. That also was bad but, not as bad as being blown up.

I had the trottle wide open, the poor plane probably had never been flown this fast. Racing to the highest mountains in the world, hoping to out-fly a fighter plane.

As the plane closed in on us, I looked at Channtel and said, " Baby…. I’m sorry, I should have never let you come with me."

"Daddy, it’s not your fault. I wanted to come." She replied, with big tears running down her face.

That’s when the pilot of the other plane started shooting his guns at us. No missiles, just his guns, we had a chance on getting back to the Himalayas.

Alarms started going off, he hit our fuel line and one of the engines caught on fire. I knew that we were going down, all I could hope for was a clear spot to ditch the plane.

I kept the trottle full open, we still had to get high into the mountains. If we crashed in the low lands an army patrol would come looking for us. Channtel would be a sex slave and me? I would most likely just be executed.

Higher and higher we climbed, the poor plane moaned and groaned the whole way up. We only had a little ways to go. Then I saw a small valley, between two huge peeks.

"See that valley, to the right?" as I pointed.

"Yes, I see it Dad." Channtel returned.

"That’s going to be our home for the next five months." I stated.

I pointed the plane towards the valley, it was going to be very close. The low fuel lights came on, I hoped we would glide in real soft.

We got within range of the valley, I looked at Channtel and told her, " Baby…. Go in the back," I hugged her, " remember where all the sleeping bags and covers are?"

Big tears ran down her face as she nodded ‘yes’.

"Go cover up with as many of them as you can," I kissed her, " I love you, now run…."

As the plane got closer to the spot, it looked better than some of the run ways I had to land on. It was very flat and wide enough for the planes wings.

I heard the engines sputter, "Oh shit... We’re out of fuel."

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