tagIncest/TabooCraving Sugar

Craving Sugar


Sugar was leaning over the dining room table as she always did when we were alone in the house for long periods at breakfast. Shaking her butt to the beats from the music carrying from the lounge. I stood in the doorway admiring her lithe, sensual body. Long tanned legs and perfect firm ass clad in a tiny black thong allowing me the treat of ogling those perfect ass cheeks. The top of the thong had a lovely welcoming bow; a silly thought ran through my head that the bow represented Sugar as a beautiful present waiting for me to unwrap.

The build-up had been going on for weeks now, teasing each other, knowing we couldn't relieve the tension until her father had left for his business trip. Two wonderful weeks with my babe alone, and by gods did she know how to tease! The last two weeks alone had been torturous stealing kisses and the odd caress here and there.

I must admit though I loved the teasing as much as she did, loose fitting trousers had been a requisite whilst her father had been present. Which incidentally was when she did her best work of teasing me. Always finding some excuse to show some part of her flesh or bending down to expose her curvaceous little ass.

The number of times we had almost been caught was insane. Last night for example, she flashed me as she walked from the shower to her bedroom. She only just managed to cover herself before Pete her father, my brother got to the top of the stairs.

I was still trying to get my head round how all this started, however I didn't want to start thinking of all that history, not at that moment anyway. All I could do was pray for the morning when Pete had gone to Paris for his business course or whatever it was this time. No wonder Sugar's mother walked out. Anyway, I had the job, well the pleasure in my case of looking after Sugar not that she needed looking after, and the house of course.

My mind raced back to this morning listening to her talking to Pete. I loved the way she could act the dumbed down blonde whilst being so street smart. I think that was more to do with how quickly times have changed. "I'll only be gone two weeks baby." Pete had said pulling her into his arms for a hug.

"I'm going to miss you loads, Daddy."

"I'll call to let you know I'm OK after I check into the hotel. Don't forget to be good for your uncle Bruce. Sugar rolled her eyes at me but played the dutiful daughter card to a tee. I on the other hand had already said my goodbyes to Pete that morning.

I watched from my bedroom window as Sugar waved off Pete still in the pyjama bottoms and tight baby t-shirt she'd slept in. I'd excused myself soon after she had run downstairs to wave Pete off, jumping the last three steps as usual. I'd had to get out of there, my cock was nearly standing to attention at the sight of those firm buttchecks where the material on her pyjama bottoms had ridden up her butt, that coupled with the tight t-shirt barely containing her pert breasts. I was having a hard enough time trying to keep my jaw from hitting the ground. "Pete have a safe journey, I'm off for a shower then I'll make slugger here some breakfast." Sugar rolled her eyes at my teasing nickname I had given her years ago. As I headed to the door I called to her. "Slugger, don't forget to lay the table ready."

"uncle Bruce, do I have to?" The little girl lost voice was a real heart breaker and she knew it.

"Kids, who'd have them." That's when I headed to the shower, leaving Pete and my little Slugger, beautiful little Sugar to say her goodbyes to Pete. I had been counting the seconds till Pete pulled off the drive waiting to head back downstairs. I need my Sugar fix.

The beat from the music brought me back from my reminiscing, well that and the smell of Sugar's perfume.

I couldn't be sure from where I was standing but I was sure she was aware of my presence, standing in the doorway in only my boxers, which were now tenting. I could tell she was smiling as she spoke to me.

"Are you going to stand there all morning or are you going to come here and kiss me. I even laid the table ready like you asked."

"A morning kiss would seem to be appropriate then, seems like there's still something missing though, guess I'll have to lay it." I allowed myself a little grin for the double entendre.

"I'm still waiting for my kiss." She leaned further over the table pushing her butt into the air wiggling it provocatively.

"When did you get changed?" A question I'd been wondering as I'd nearly ran down the stairs when Pete had left.

"Quit stalling. I want my kiss. Please!" It was that little girl lost voice again. What could I do but comply.

"Where are my manners? Of course I'll come and give you a morning kiss, it's just so hard to concentrate when I see you leaning over like that." Walking up behind her as I spoke.

"Leaning over like what uncle Bruce?" She asked innocently wiggling her ass provocatively, with a devilish grin on her face. I slapped her butt playfully as my hands began to glide up her back. I moved closer to her, gently rubbing myself against her ass, whilst continually running my fingertips along her soft tanned skin up and down the length of her spine and then around to her stomach.

"Like this." I said guiding her down lower onto the table, pushing her ass into my groin.

"Umm! What would Daddy say if he could see us now?"

"After last nights near miss, Daddy nearly joined in. That would have been interesting to explain. Oh hi Pete, your daughters just flashing her sexy little body to me." I said sarcastically. Sugar turned to look at me, rolling her eyes.

"You know your missing out the best part." She stated simply.

"Which is?"

"Well it's like this Daddy, I flashed uncle Bruce to remind him how long it's been since he saw me naked, and as a little reminder that good thing come to those who wait, and seeing as you'll be away for two whole weeks we're going to have to fuck like rabbits. Uncle Bruce is going to start by....stop it....stop tickling....arghh help." I cut Sugar dead in her tracks tickling her neck and under her arms. She turned and tried to move out of reach but was blocked by the table in the way. I pushed her back down on the table and ground my cock into her. "I give up. I give up, I'm all yours." Sugars laugh was infectious. I ground into her again.

She sighed with pleasure from the increased contact, another one of those killer smiles crossed her lips. "I can certainly tell why it's so hard to focus at least." She seemed to purr the last few words like a cat as I ground my hardness against her with more force, heightening the sensations for us both.

My hands began to slide up her stomach and caress her breasts. I could feel the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing intensified. The heat from her body made my fingertips tingle. I gently tweaked her hardening nipples as another sensual sigh escaped her mouth as she arced her head back.

"What say we grab some breakfast?" I asked whilst playfully tweaking those nipples and squeezing her wonderfully pert breasts.

"Sounds like a idea to me." She pushed her ass against me as she leaned back to kiss me, her hands sliding over my own guiding my hands over her skin showing me her favourite sensual spots teaching me all about her body.

The angle was awkward. However, the kiss lost none of its intensity. Sugar's soft lips locked with my own whilst our tongues danced to a devilishly delightful beat. A slight taste of strawberries from the remains of Sugar's lip-gloss fuelled my senses and spurred me on. My lips instantly felt lost as we broke the kiss. Sugar didn't miss a beat as she reached round to pull my straining cock from my boxers. I pulled that lovely little thong down as Sugar supported herself against the table.

I ran my cock up and down her pussy teasing her as she spread her legs apart to give me unfettered access to her, eager to receive me. My breathing became heavy in anticipation of what was to come. I ran my cock over her pussy again teasing her slowly. "Time for breakfast?" I quipped. I slapped my cock against her pussy making her buck. Sugar hissed as I pushed myself into her. "That feels so good." She slowly pushed herself back, a sign she was ready. Slowly I withdrew and pushed back into her already wet pussy. I felt like I was in heaven, my body was burning with desire as my cock probed into my 18 year old niece's deliciously wet pussy. I slowly began to increase my tempo until she was forcing herself back to meet my every thrust. Slow and sensual would come later we were both too primed for any more teasing. We both needed to take the edge off.

Faster. Harder, I began to fuck my little Slugger, the sensations sending us both wild. Hard. Deep, I continued until Sugar was panting with every thrust of my cock. She was starting to have trouble holding on. Her arms spent, she dropped to her elbows. Meeting my every thrust, her panting became a groaning and then an intense sexual grunting. Her legs began to shake and buckle as she came with an intense growl. Her pussy pulsed around my cock, my balls tightening. I felt myself falling over the edge, as my body rocked with electricity, my own climax sending me dizzy with pleasure

We both took slow deep cleansing breaths to recover laughing nervously to each other. As I pulled out of Sugar, she sucked in her breath. Turning to face me, I drank in her image. Her cheeks were blushed and her hair lovely and bedraggled. Her chest rising and falling quickly a slight sheen of sweat had formed on her breasts like tiny glistening diamonds shining bright as the light caught them. Smiling she pulled me into her lips for a long, deep, intense kiss. I kissed her cheek and then her eyelids. Slow, soft kisses before moving over to nibble her ear lightly. I whispered to her soothingly "Beats cereal." A reference to my brothers daily breakfast routine. Her laugh was warm and I could feel her breath against my skin, sending a shiver of elation along my spine.

"I don't know, your looking kind of hungry right now. I think we need to fix that. I don't want my big brute dropping from starvation now do I. The days still young." I smiled at the reference of my nickname she has been using since she was just a young kid as I pulled her into me for another long kiss.

"I think I've just thought of a solution to that." I said breaking the kiss whilst grabbing her ass roughly. Squeezing her firm ass cheeks, I lifted her back up onto the table and kissed her neck and shoulders, running my tongue down her chest, circling her nipples before continuing down her body with my hungered assault.

"Umm, I like the sound of that." She giggled whilst giving me another dazzling smile.

Sugar shuddered a little, gasping and panting as my tongue trailed over her thighs. Her hands ran through my hair pushing my head towards its goal. I raked my fingernails over her skin causing her to shudder. My tongue lapped at her soft flesh, one thigh to the other. Sugar's head fell back as she sighed and tingled, her thighs were quivering slightly. She pulled my head towards her pussy. As my tongue touched her clit, she bucked like a volt of electricity had shot through her. "Lick my little pussy, make me cum in your mouth." I raked my fingernails over her thighs and stomach. I'd never seen Sugar so primed. "Lick it, lick my pussy. Oh God!" She was on the edge, wet and trembling her thighs quivering uncontrollably. I started lapping her sweetness and found her magic button quickly. Her first orgasm sent her wild bucking like a stallion, she came with a fierce growl, her subsequent ones made her breathless until she lay there panting, the strength in her arms supporting her gave out as she lay back panting heavily. Her final sigh was one of wonder.

I pulled myself up and onto the table next to Sugar who was slowly recovering her breath, a deep sated smile on her face. I lay next to her running my hand over her body telling her how much I loved her. It was purely unintentional as I turned to lean closer to Sugar my hardening cock brushed against her thigh I couldn't resist the devilish grin which came upon me. She arched her eyebrow and gave a look of wonder. "What the hell do you feed that thing?"

"Only the sweetest Sugar." I glanced down her body to her glistening pussy. Her eyes followed mine down her body, her lips forming an impish smile. Her eyes trailed from her own body to mine, gazing at my cock and up my torso finally resting back on my eyes. She didn't say another word she just slid to her knees licking her lips. She grabbed my cock, covering it with little kisses, worshipping it, before she took it whole into her mouth.

"I see your still feeling peckish." I quipped. The build up of tension and anticipation between us over the last few weeks slowly began to dissipate from my mind. My hunger for Sugar was finally being satisfied again. My mind was buzzing at the sensation of her soft lips over my cock. She loved blowjobs, and attacked my cock with vigour. She reached around to squeeze my ass, as she increased her pace. My fingers running through her hair as I moaned with elation from her attention to my now throbbing cock. Her tongue licked the underside of my cock. Her teeth raking my skin lightly before she began to nibble me. The sensations were driving me mad. I looked down to see her staring up at me. Her eyes were glued to mine. I watched the intense look of pleasure on Sugar's face as she sucked my cock, as it pushed me over the edge. My orgasm intensified to the point that my brain turned to mush.

"Time for my breakfast." She purred as my balls tightened again as she enveloped my cock with her mouth as I finally succumbed and shot my seed into her eager and waiting mouth.

I pulled her close to me holding her until we had recovered, stroking her hair, absent mindedly humming parts of 'The Archies -- Sugar, Sugar' which had been floating round my head for the past few days. Sugar hugged me tighter, as we lay there planning the rest of 'our' time together.

------- ----- ------- ----

Note to Readers

Finally back after a extended break, so any comments and suggestions would be hugely appreciated and most certainly welcomed. I'm still feeling rusty as old nails. Got a few ideas in the works so expect more as and when time permits.

As ever it feels fantastic to be able to sit down and put pen to paper again after so long. Yes you read that right. Everything is written down first, and typed out later. Old fashioned maybe, but good for this old soul. Here's a poser, how many of you kind people do the same? What little personal rituals do you have?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Stay safe.


Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

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