tagIncest/TabooCrazy Summer Ch. 03

Crazy Summer Ch. 03


I am re-posting this chapter of Crazy Summer due to a mix up I had with the original posting and the name of one of the main characters. I apologize for the confusion and thanks to everyone for all your comments and feedback, they are all greatly appreciated.

Chapter 3 -- Cindy Learns a Lesson

When Cindy came home from Portland that evening she found everything relatively normal. Of course I was wondering around grinning like a Cheshire cat. After all it wasn't everyday a fellow lost his virginity, especially with a women as sexual and sensuous as my Aunt Elaine. Cindy had indicated to me that her plan was to take my cherry as soon as she had finished her period, which had just begun. Elaine had superseded those plans and it was going to be very interesting finding out how Cindy was going to react when she found out I was no longer a virgin.

For the next couple days our routine in the ranch house was pretty much the same. I'd work all morning, have lunch and relax by the pool in the afternoon. Cindy was rather distant, probably because of her period, and spent much of her time in the house cleaning and reading in her room. Elaine and I met occasionally for a quick blowjob or fuck, but we were trying to keep Cindy unaware of our activities. Apparently Aunt Elaine had something planned and she wasn't sharing it with me.

One thing that had changed was Aunt Elaine; she was definitely coming out of her shell since that first afternoon when we fucked ourselves silly. Her apparel changed from her very casual jeans and blouse attire to a much more provocative and dressy look. During the day the jeans or cutoffs remained but the conservative blouses changed to tank tops and tee shirts. The change in attire is what I started to think of as boner food. I just loved the way those tops hugged her giant breasts and the way they showed every movement when she walked around the house.

Occasionally she would put on her skimpy bikini and join me in the pool for an afternoon swim. During the morning and afternoon she was typically very playful and occasionally she would corner me and rub her tits against me until they started spilling milk. Sometimes it was as quick and simple as a shirt lift in the kitchen exposing her magnificent breasts to me and smiling wickedly. She jerked me off one time in the pool and gave me a BJ one morning while I sat in the kitchen eating my breakfast.

In the evenings she would usually change for dinner, emerging from her room in some of the most attractive dresses I've ever seen. Before she got pregnant and her rich husband was still around, Elaine possessed an extensive wardrobe to their lifestyle which demanded a very elegant dress code. Now, months after losing the baby, her figure was back to normal, excepted of course for her milk laden breasts.

All her dresses were very low cut, but now they tended to squeeze her tits provocatively and push the flesh out the top creating one of the best jiggle shows you've ever witnessed. She would not wear her utilitarian support bras with these outfits but was having trouble going bra-less considering her size. These situations made her decide to go into town to do some shopping and run some errands. So on the fourth morning Elaine told me that she and I were going to town that afternoon.

Elaine instructed Cindy on what was planned for supper and that we should be back by 7:00. Cindy looked sad for being left out of the town trip but Elaine kissed her when we left and said that she had her trip by herself a few days ago so don't get upset. Just before we left Cindy came up to me and whispered in my ear that she may finish her period tonight or tomorrow, so I should be preparing myself mentally to lose my virginity to her. She had reached down and gave my cock a rub as she told me this.

The trip to town was fast as Elaine decided to drive her BMW and she was excited about the outing and being out for the first time in weeks. She knew the city well and we had completed several errands at the bank and grocery store before ending up at this elegant lingerie shop in a very high class part of the shopping district.

At first I thought this was another of her boring errands and I didn't even get out of the car to go in with her preferring to wait and catch a few of the babes walking on the street window shopping. She was about halfway to the store when she noticed my absence and came back to get me.

"You don't have to wait for me here Don, besides I'll need your input on a few decisions," she said as she leaned the open window giving me a great look at her cleavage, "believe me you'll enjoy this."

At that point I had not even realized where we were going so I just followed her without really paying attention. As we went through the door I caught a very feminine fragrance in the air and was immediately overcome with the visual prominence of sexy lingerie, nightgowns and other woman's private attire. I was somewhat mesmerized by all of this, and turned on. I was thinking I must have some fetish for sexy lingerie as I felt my cock swell in my jeans.

"Oh Mrs. Young, it is so good to see you after all this time. You certainly look good, what is it that we can help you with today?" a maternal looking women in her late forties or early fifties said from behind the counter with a not so heavy French accent.

"Hello Madeline, you can start by not calling me Mrs. Young any more, Elaine is fine. My ex-husband and I are divorced and I don't want to be reminded of him. Thanks for the compliment but as you have no doubt noticed I am in dire need of some upper body support. My tits are so large from the pregnancy I have only been able to wear nursing and sports bras because none of my old sexy ones even come close to fitting.

"You know I never thought that I'd ever need anything bigger then that 38DD you fitted me for during my late pregnancy, but it appears I've done it. Please show me what you have immediately available plus I want a fitting for some custom made bras, they always fit so much better than the ones off the shelf."

As she spoke she walked over and gave Madeline a quick kiss on each cheek. I actually think Madeline's tits were bigger than my aunts. Although she was older, and much shorter, it appeared like she had been able to keep her hourglass figure even though it showed signs of sagging. I imagined she must have been very attractive in her younger years, plus she must have had about a 44 inch chest, unbelievable. Although her short height made them look a lot bigger than the probably were.

"Who's this then?" Madeline asked nodding towards me. "That's my friend Don, he'll be helping me make some selections today." Elaine responded as she smiled and winked at both of us. I had noticed she didn't mention I was her nephew, but thought it not unusual. I had been standing there starring at all the lacy negligees on display against the back wall of the store on mannequins.

I was turning my head from side to side when I noticed another clerk coming out of a side door. She was one of the most statuesque women I had ever seen, and although not young she carried herself like royalty. The most striking thing about her was her height, she must have been about six foot one or two. She was dressed entirely in black with black hair, black nail polish and black stockings.

"Elaine my dear," she exclaimed in a French accent similar to Madeline's, "I am so happy to see you again at last. It certainly looks like you need our assistance, but I'm sure that is why you are here. I see you brought a friend. That is nice. I had heard about your husband leaving you, probably for the best."

She too gave Elaine a kiss on each cheek and turned towards me and did the same thing, much to my surprise and delight. This woman was overwhelming and a person could not help but be drawn to her. I blushed and she patted my cheek soothingly with a very friendly smile.

"Mrs. Young, or I am sorry, I mean Elaine," Madeline said looking shyly at my Aunt, "has asked for a special fitting for some new brassiere plus some immediate help with shelf product, Michelle."

"Very good then, you go and pick out some appropriate sizes from stock, I would suggest something in a triple E or double F-cup. We will go into the back to the showroom for the fitting."

She and Elaine started walking back to the door Michelle had come from leaving me standing there. I didn't think it appropriate to follow and they were whispering to each other so they didn't notice I wasn't following. Once they had left I stood there looking around the store at all the sexy items before my eyes imagining what Elaine or Cindy would look like in any of them. Suddenly Madeline called me from across the store, "Come here Don, I need your help." I walked over wondering what she needed me for, but glad I was not just standing in the middle of the store looking like a dolt.

"These are the only styles we have in the appropriate size for Elaine, which one do you think she would prefer?" She actually thought I would have an opinion other than any of them.

She had laid about eight boxes out on the counter with different bras pictured on them. "W-w-ell I'm not sure," I stuttered, "I think they all look nice, it's hard to tell." Madeline was smiling at my obvious discomfort and said we would have to have a look at all of them then. She picked them up and handed me several of the boxes and marched over to the door leading to the back. We went through the curtain and into one of the rooms beyond the regular change rooms. We entered and Elaine was sitting on a chair by the wall and Michelle was showing her different bolts of material.

"Here are all we have in anything near your size," said Madeline, "Don couldn't decide which ones he liked best so we brought them all back." She giggled a little and the other two women smiled knowingly. Madeline left and returned to the store while Michelle looked at the selection we had dropped on the table. "Any of these will be better than what you are currently using" she commented, "lets get a definite fitting and see where we can start. Get up please, Don you can sit down here."

Elaine stood up and without hesitating removed her sweater over her head and stood there in a sports bra. She reached behind herself and unclasped the hooks and let the material fall away from her milk filled breasts. Michelle stood there shaking her head back and forth.

"You poor dear having to wear that ugly thing on such a beautiful body," Michelle said knowingly and proceeded to pick up her measuring tape and walk over towards Elaine. Elaine hefted up her breasts, one spilling out of each hand, and Michelle wrapped the tape around her chest just under her breasts. She noted the measurement and then raised the tape and measured around Elaine's chest including her boobs. The tape went right across Elaine's nipples which were already hard. I wondered if bra measurements took nipple extension into account.

"Oh my," she said, "we will not have too many choices with that, looks like you are up to a double or triple F, maybe a G, depending on the bra. Customized will be our only real option for the next while."

She released the tape letting it fall away from Elaine's chest and hung it around her neck. She reached under Elaine's breasts and lifted them, bouncing them somewhat getting the feel of their weight and firmness.

"Very nice, still very firm, and now so big," I was sure Elaine's nipples extended even further with the manipulations and I could see little drops of milk forming. I knew how much she enjoyed the release of milk and I could see a blush building across her upper chest and face.

"Excellent," said Michelle, "I am so happy I get to see your milk, may I taste?" Elaine just nodded with a big smile on her face while Michelle reached over with her finger and removed the drops from each nipple and licked them off.

"Mmmm, so nice, it has been a long time since I breast fed but I always liked the taste and the feeling." She walked over to the table where the bras were laid out and after looking at a couple selected a box and took the bra out. "This should be close, let's try." She walked back and handed the bra to Elaine just as a little buzzer rang. "Excuse me please, the store must be busy, Madeline needs my help." She turned and left the room leaving Elaine and I alone.

Elaine looked at me and smiled, "Here, quick, suck my tits, I think I'm going to burst. It's a wonder I didn't start leaking all over the place when she touched my nipples." She came over and shoved her nipple in my mouth and I immediately started sucking. After a few minutes she switched sides and started rubbing my hard on through my pants.

"I'm going to cum just from you sucking my tits, ohhhh, if feels so good." I felt her shudder slightly and she pulled back releasing her nipple from my mouth and spraying milk on my face at the same time. She bent over and licked my face clean and whispered that she would relieve my pressure as soon as she could. She stepped back, pulled a tissue from her purse and wiped off her nipples, and picked up the bra and tried it on.

Unlike the nursing and sports bras she had been wearing up to now, this one was very lacy. It was deep blue in color and the bottom half of the cups were a very satiny material and very stiff. The straps across the back were wide and carried four hooks. The ones over the shoulders were also wide to help carry the extra burden. The top part of the cups was see through lace. Elaine put her arms through the straps and bent over allowing her breasts to fall into the cups. She shook the bra a bit working the flesh into the cups and stood up straight and reached behind her back at the same time holding the two straps.

Michelle entered suddenly and walked over behind Elaine and offered her help doing things up. Elaine said yes and Michelle took the straps and pulled them tight and hooked them up. She then reached up running her fingers through the shoulder straps, adjusting them to a comfortable position. She then encircled Elaine from behind with her arms and grabbed her tits from underneath. She bounced them up and down filling the cups evenly and producing a lovely pair of upper mounds for me to feast my eyes on. She then brought her hands up and patted the exposed tit flesh, obviously enjoying the feeling of the jiggling skin. "Oh, that feels great, I'll take it," Elaine said, "Let's try the others."

The two women repeated the procedure on the next one, which was basically the same style except light pink in color and just a tad skimpier. I liked it a lot because I could easily see her swollen nipples through the fabric. After modeling it for a minute she looked at me smiling, not at all unconscious of my raging prick snaking its way down my pant leg.

"I think Don likes this one also, wrap it up please."

The next two were too big, and the next three fit okay or were just a bit snug. She took them all. I thought we were about to finish when Madeline came back carrying a larger box and explaining that she had found this also in Elaine's size and asked if we would care to try it. I was somewhat inpatient to go and indicated to Elaine that it was getting late and we had to start back.

"Don't be in such a rush silly, we have lots of time. Let's look at what Madeline has brought for me." She seemed to be enjoying the attention she was receiving from the two ladies, and I really had no reason to leave except the thought of her relieving the building pressure in my cock.

Madeline handed Michelle the box and turned to leave, giving me a big smile as she glanced at the bulge in my pants. I couldn't believe this mature woman would even be interested in a young cock like mine. Michelle set the box on the table and opened it. She and Elaine peered inside together and both started to smile.

"You have to try this one; it will look great on you." Michelle said. She lifted out a black satin corset with ties up the back and garters. "You get undressed and I'll have Madeline bring in a pair of stockings too."

Elaine wasted no time at all shedding her slacks and stood there in her panties waiting for Michelle to return. She reached up and cupped her tits and smiled at me. "How'd you like to suck on these Don, do you think you will be able to wait?" she said teasingly.

My cock wasn't getting any softer when Michelle returned with the stockings and corset. She helped Elaine on with the corset and tightened the laces on the back as hard as she could. I wanted to take out my tool and start jacking off right then and there, I was so horny. Michelle handed her the silk stockings and she walked right towards me, put her foot on the chair seat right between my legs bent over, pulled the stocking on over her foot.

At first I stared at her breasts jiggling in front of my face, fighting the urge to lean forward and bury my face in her cleavage. I couldn't believe her tits weren't falling out in my face as it was, but Michelle had obviously done things up good and tight. She slowly rolled the stocking up her leg stopping at mid thigh and pulling the garter clasps down to hook them up.

As she removed her foot she rubbed the sole down the length of my raging hard on, making me almost cum in my pants. She repeated the same process for the other leg except she let her foot linger longer on my prick this time. I'm sure Michelle had seen the move as she was also staring at my crotch smiling knowingly. Elaine stood up straight and looked at herself in the full-length mirror, admiring her fantastic body and ultra-vixen look.

"I'll wear this Michelle, I just love the way it looks and it makes me feel so sexy, don't you agree Don?" She said as she ran her hands up her sides to the bottom of the bra cups.

Both ladies turned and looked at me with smiles on their faces. Elaine stood with her legs spread slightly in a very domineering fashion; the only thing missing from her outfit was the spiked heels and whip. Michelle stood slightly behind her, her height and stature made it look like Elaine was a puppet in front of her. I tried to respond but I was too overwhelmed to speak.

"Could you please excuse us for a minute Michelle, I think I need to help Don relax a bit?" Michelle didn't move at first and continued to look at my bulging crotch over Elaine's shoulder. "On second thought, maybe you could help me out," Elaine continued, "why don't you model something for us, just like in the old days, I'm sure both Don and myself would like to see some of your more imaginative creations."

"Of course my dear, I was hoping you would ask. I have something here that we just finished; you're the first to see it." Michelle responded and went to the far corner of the room and reached into a cupboard there. I couldn't really make out what she was holding because of the dim lights and distance.

"I'll return in a moment, I have to tell Madeline not to disturb us during the modeling and then I will change."

Elaine came over to me and sat on my lap, rapping her arms around my neck and lowering her mouth to mine where we kissed passionately for a few minutes. I had my arm wrapped around her hip and was squeezing her ass cheek while she rubbed her other hip against my woody.

"Don't be so embarrassed Don, Michelle and I have known each other for years and she always has modeled her new creations for me, and sometimes my ex. Just wait and see, I'm sure we will both like what we see."

Right then Michelle reentered the room wearing a full-length robe. I could see her feet were sitting in red high heels and she had removed her black stocking and a bit of her alabaster legs were showing. A very sharp contrast to the almost totally black look she had earlier. She walked over to us and stood about three feet away and a bit to the right, allowing both of us to have a full view. She untied the belt and as the robe parted she shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the floor.

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