tagMind ControlCrime: Bimbomania! Ch. 06

Crime: Bimbomania! Ch. 06


Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.


Hips wriggling, I made my way backstage.

Chrissie and Tonya were sitting together. Chrissie looked me over as I approached. "Hey, slut," said Chrissie, "we were just talking about you. We were trying to figure out what bimbo name we're going to give you after you lose today."

I gave her a very unladylike gesture. "Pretty confident talk from a girl who can't keep her knees together," I said.

Chrissie flushed at the mention of her knees, which were spread invitingly far apart at the moment due to her sitting state. Then she made a show of looking at Tonya. "Barbi is good. It would be traditional, even," she said.

Tonya shook her head. Her knees were pressed together, and her bare feet were spread wide on the floor, her red toenails pointing inward. She and I were suffering from the same unrelenting heat. "Nah," she said, "too common. Let's go with something cute, like Bambi."

I gave Tonya a sweet smile. "How about 'Bunny'?" I said.

Tonya scowled at me, then looked at her bare toes. She obviously didn't appreciate the sideways reference to her growing bunny ears or hyper-fertility.

Chrissie looked at me and shook her head. "Cute. Well, good thing your lips are so sensitive. They'll be perfect for the five-dollar blowjobs you'll be giving. Meoooowwww!"

"You wish," I said, smirking at her helpless meow. "They'll be too busy laughing at your pink perm and...and meowing to...to...ohhhhh...ohhhhhhhhh...!"

I shuddered as pure pleasure unexpectedly rushed through my belly. It was a random orgasm, and I couldn't stop it. My knees weakened as I moaned in helpless pleasure, and suddenly I was leaning on Chrissie as I tried to ride it out. The unfamiliar weight of my heavy breasts threw me off, however, and I tumbled across Chrissie's lap.

Chrissie put a hand on my upper back so I couldn't get up. Her other hand slid under my mini-skirt and was cupping my rounded bottom.

"Well, now," said Chrissie, "look at this lovely bimbo ass." Then she flipped my mini-skirt up and began to spank my bare ass red.

I squealed in indignity as she reddened my ass. "Oh! Stop! Ow! Oh! Stop! Oh! You're dead! Oh! Quit! Ow! Oh! No more! Ow! Stop! No mas! Oh! Please! Ow! Quit! Oh!" I squealed and wriggled, but I couldn't get free.

Fortunately, Michael- the stage manager- arrived. He began shrieking like a banshee, "Ladies, please! Ladies! Ladies!" He was waving his arms and his face was changing colors. His stress level appeared to be reaching new heights. Finally, probably out of concern for Michael's blood pressure, Chrissie gave me a final smack on my ass and rolled me off her lap.

I landed with an undignified thump on my burning ass. I rubbed my rounded cheeks tenderly, and tried not to let Tonya and Chrissie see me blushing bright red, my eyes wet. I definitely didn't want Chrissie to see how aroused I had gotten from the embarrassing spanking. I was so gonna get Chrissie.

Finally it occurred to me that there were only three of us here. "Do either of you idiots know where Lori is?" I asked.

There was a moment of silence. Then Chrissie said, "Oh, shit..." and Tonya jumped to her feet. Michael instructed several assistants to find the bimboed girl, and Chrissie, Tonya and I immediately went searching as well, although Tonya had some trouble walking quickly because of her vagina bumps. Right then, however, an assistant opened a storage door, and just inside we could see a stacked, curvy girl on her knees in front of a stagehand. She was topless and holding her heavy boobs together with her hands, while the stagehand was naked from the waist down and semi-squatting in front of the girl. His hands were on her shoulders for leverage as pumped his cock between those huge boobs. The girl was Lori.

Lori was oblivious and didn't notice us, and the stagehand was too far gone to care. Suddenly Lori gave a delighted squeal and slid her head down to take his cock in her mouth. He clutched her shoulders and began moaning, and it was obvious he was cumming in Lori's mouth. Lori's cheeks and throat worked, making it obvious she was swallowing his semen as fast as he was pumping it into her mouth, and her frantic moans suggested she was orgasming as well. The rest of us looked at each other and shrugged. At least we knew where she was.

Chrissie said to Michael, "Aren't you going to say something? Can the stagehands just do the bimbos any time they want?"

Michael shrugged. "It's a perk. Besides, the guy's on break. Union rules, you know?"

The stagehand apparently finished filling Lori's mouth, and he slid his cock out of her mouth. Then he smiled and patted her head.

"Thanks, babe," he said. Then he slid his pants back on, gave us a nod, and sauntered back to work.

Lori wiped her mouth and then looked for her top. She was humming. Finally, she noticed us staring at her and she giggled. "Oh! Hi guys!"

"Laura," said Chrissie, "that's the third one today. The show hasn't even started yet."

Lori giggled. "I know, I know. It just, you know, happened! 'Sides, it felt soooooooo good on my boobs, you know?" The fact that Lori's nipples were still hard was obvious from the way they pressed out against her tight top.

"Laura," said Tonya, handing something to Lori, "You forgot to put on your bra."

Lori blinked twice, then said, "Ohhhhhhh! I wondered why they felt so bouncy. Thanks, Tonya! I'll just stick it in my purse!"

The veins on Chrissie's forehead were standing out. The pink-permed ex-leader of our gang wasn't well equipped to deal with bimbified socialites.

I gave Chrissie a cold smile. "At least you know what you have to look forward to," I said.

A few feet away from us, Lori waved to someone on the other side of the stage. "Hey, cutie!" she said. "Yeah, you! What did you mean when you said you wanted to wear my ass as a hat?"


"Good evening, and welcome back to the greatest game show in the world. Brought to you by Blonde Concepts, it's Bimbomania! And here's the host of the show...Biff Brewster!"

As soon as the unseen Paul's voice announced his name, Biff made his way on stage. His even teeth sparkled as he stepped up and waved to some unidentified people in the audience. Then he pointed to someone and winked. Finally, he focused on the camera.

"Good evening, Chrystal Heights, and welcome back to Bimbomania, where the only good bimbo...is any bimbo! Yes, brought to you by those good folks at Blonde Concepts, Bimbomania is here to please!"

Biff waited for the crowd to settle down.

"Alrighty," said Biff, "tonight we continue the contest waged against each other by the Museum Heist Gone Wrong Gang, and so far, it has been a doozy! Christine leads the pack right now with just three letters, while Erica and Tonya hover on the brink of elimination with four letters each. Laura was the first to be eliminated last night, and she has visited..." Biff cupped his ear.

"The Bimbo Throne!" shouted the audience in one voice.

"That's right, the Bimbo Throne!" said Biff. "Laura is now called 'Lori' and she is the hottest, horniest little bimbo you've ever seen! And tonight, at least one of our contestants will join her!"

The crowd cheered and stomped their feet. Biff knew exactly how to play an audience.

"Alrighty, then, let's get down to business!" said Biff. "It's time for the next round. As you can see, our catfight ring is back." Behind Biff, the stage whirred and shifted, and the fight ring was visible once again.

"This round is the Orgasm Battle, or, as long-time viewers call it, the Cum One, Cum All round. You three will enter the ring and attempt to bring each other to orgasm. Anyone having three orgasms loses and must leave the ring. Leaving the ring voluntarily counts as an orgasm. There can be no scratching or violence, unless the person being scratched or hurt enjoys that sexually. Those are the only rules. Three orgasms and you're out! Good luck in there."

Tonya and I screeched, "What?!?" simultaneously. Were they crazy? There was no way Tonya and I could compete against Christine fairly in a match like that! Not with our enhanced libidos! And I had random orgasms! This was not fair!

Then the stage filled with the sound of a ringing phone. Biff reached down to his belt and plucked off his cell phone. He made a show of answering it.

"This is Biff Brewster," he said. Then he nodded and said, "Yes, sir, I'll tell them now." He looked up from the phone.

"This is Mister Big," said Biff. "As you recall, he is the ultimate authority of Bimbomania!" There was awed applause. "Mister Big has authorized me to tell you, Erica and Tonya, that he is aware of your situation. Mister Big states that you can have your erotic enhancement muted temporarily to your previous levels if you agree to have your breasts further enhanced by one cup size. You have sixty seconds to decide."

Shit. Another cup size?!? I was now an E-cup thanks to the earlier enhancement, and I was still trying to get used to them. One more cup size would put me close to utterly ridiculous. They wouldn't be completely over-sized, but there was no way in the world anyone would ever take me seriously with that kind of rack. Still, what choice did I have?

"Grrrrrrr. Fine, I'll take the deal," I said.

"Me, too," said Tonya.

"Mister Big," said Biff, in dramatic fashion, "Erica and Tonya will both take the deal." Then he listened again, nodding. He looked up once more.

"Erica and Tonya," said Biff. "Mister Big is aware that both of you have received enhanced sensations from your lips and vagina bumps respectively. Mister Big states that he will allow them to be muted if you agree to have "BIMBO" tattooed on your buttocks in large capital letters, either cheek you prefer. You have sixty seconds to decide."

A big bimbo tattoo? Ouch. Forget it. I wasn't advertising my condition any more than I had too. I would just have to be careful not to let Chrissie or Tonya use my lips against me.

Tonya's teeth were clenched. "I'll take the deal," she said. I couldn't blame her. Vagina bumps would be a bitch in an orgasm battle.

"No, thank you," I said. "No deal." The audience began to murmur.

"Mister Big...Tonya will take the deal. Erica has refused the deal," said Biff. He listened some more, then lifted his head.

"Erica," said Biff, "Mister Big is offering to block your random orgasm stimulator temporarily if you agree to accept a permanent lisp. You have sixty seconds to decide."

Dammit. This one was tougher. I wasn't getting that many random orgasms a day...chances are I wouldn't get one now. But if I did...no, I didn't really have a choice. It would take only one ill-timed random and I was a permanent bimbo.

"Alright. I accept the deal," I said.

"Mister Big...Erica has accepted the deal!"

Stupid game show.


"Back so soon, babe?" said Roadkill, the only tech I didn't want to do something really bad to.

I plopped down at his workstation, obviously not happy. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm back. Just do whatever you have to do. Grrrrrrrr."

I had already gotten the extra cup size, and I really doubted I could feel any more bimboey. My hugely swelled boobs were pressed together and barely contained in a spandex top. Roadkill just chuckled, however.

"Aw, don't worry about it," said Roadkill. "Hell, Venessa Montagne is a GG, and she doesn't have any problems with them."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," I grumbled, "but she makes her living off them."

Roadkill chuckled. "True. Now, I'm putting this helmet on you, as well as attaching wires to you at various important places. There's a lot of settings on here, and they're all important, so don't touch anything. This is going to mute your sex drive and random orgasms, and it's also going to give you a lisp. That's a lot for one session, so don't move, okay?"

I started to nod, then changed my mind and spoke instead. "Yes, I've got it."

"Good," said Roadkill, "then let's get started."

Soon I was wired up and ready to go. "Alright," said Roadkill, "here it comes." A moment later, I felt the helmet getting very warm, so I remained absolutely still.

After a minute or so, Roadkill checked his readings and was apparently satisfied. He turned off the machine and removed the helmet and wires.

"There you go," he said. "That should keep you from humping anybody's leg for a little while, anyway."

"Vewy twue," I said. Then I froze and blinked incredulously. "Vewy twue?!?"

Roadkill chuckled. "Hey, the lisp is adorable on you, darlin'."

I stamped my foot in frustration. "It ith not!"

Dammit. I wasn't going to win this argument.


Tonya was already back when I got back on-stage. Her now F-sized boobs combined with her big hair and short height gave her a borderline parody look. She was hot in a big-boobs-dumb-blonde way, and it was obvious this infuriated her. Numerous orgasms appeared to be muting her irritability, however. Her hands were cupping her now tattooed ass.

"Alright, girls," said Biff, "it's time to get in the ring for the Orgasm Battle!"

I sighed and got in the ring. This would likely be my last event. Tonya and Chrissie would gang up on me immediately, and there was no way I could hold off the two of them indefinitely. The Bimbo Throne was dangerously close now.

Biff indicated that we needed to strip once again, so Chrissie, Tonya and I slipped out of our outfits. Once again we were naked on national television. Several techs descended upon us then and wrapped some kind of clear tape on us on various parts of our body. The tape wasn't visible and didn't inhibit our movement in any way. They also spread some kind of warm lubricant in our pussies and rear openings.

"The Blonde Concepts techs are taping micro-sensors to your bodies," said Biff, speaking for the audience's benefit as well as ours. "These tiny sensors monitor your various vital signs and send wireless signals to our computers. Regardless of whether you react to the sensations or not, the signals from your body will signify when you are achieving orgasm, so feel free to let out some sexy moans, ladies...trying to hide them won't help you! Also, the lubricant being spread so liberally across your more intimate orifices is a special compound that lubricates, but also increases sensations in those areas. You will find yourself able to orgasm multiple times quite easily, so don't think an orgasm is a one-and-done deal here. After all, this is Bimbomania!"

We made our way to separate corners. Even across the ring, I could see "BIMBO" clearly spelled out on Tonya's bare left ass cheek. Chrissie simply stared at me with a smirk until she caught my eyes. Once she knew I was looking at her, she pointed at me, then rolled her eyes in a ditzy fashion and twirled her hair in her fingers. Cute.

This was it. I took several deep breaths and tried to relax my pounding heart. I blocked out the crowd noise and got ready to rumble.

Then the bell sounded.

Tonya and Chrissie immediately began making their way towards me. I slid along the ropes, trying desperately to figure out a plan. Tonya and I had muted sensations, but we were still more sensitive than average. Tonya was on the verge of elimination as well as I. If I went after Chrissie, there was a chance that Tonya would help me rather than try to fight the bigger girl one-on-one after I was eliminated. It was a weak plan, but it was the only idea I had.

I launched myself at Chrissie and brought her to the matt. Desperation gave me strength as I planted a forearm on her swelled boobs and slid two fingers into her lubricated pussy. The surprised look on her face was priceless as she realized I had fingers fully inside her. I began to pump my fingers back and forth inside her pussy, and Chrissie shuddered and moaned at the unexpected pleasure. Her thighs unconsciously parted more, giving me more access, and I felt a thrilling rush of success. It was working! It was working!

And then Tonya rolled me off and straddled my belly.

I squealed and tried to roll Tonya off me, but then Chrissie was there, pinning my legs. There was a brief flurry of movement, and then Tonya was pinning my wrists over my head, still straddling my belly but on her knees now, and Chrissie, who I couldn't see, was directly behind Tonya, her shoulders holding my knees up and apart, giving her full unblocked access to my pussy. I couldn't move.

"Well, slut," said Chrissie, "look at you, legs spread again. I think you need some satisfaction."

"Thcwew you!" I said. Stupid lisp.

"Good idea," said Chrissie. She was purring.

My eyes widened and I gasped as I felt my pussy penetrated by Chrissie's fingers. Then my belly muscles began to twitch and jump as her fingers slid back-and-forth inside me. I squirmed, but with my knees spread apart by her shoulders, all that accomplished was wriggling my hips.

My first orgasm came embarrassingly quickly. I felt it building and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Suddenly my back was arching and I was moaning like a slut in heat as my body shuddered and wriggled under Chrissie's ministrations. I couldn't see her, but her ministrations were turning me into a wet mess. She continued to stroke her fingers over my clit through my orgasm, and I realized the second orgasm would come even quicker.

"Awwww, poor Erica," said Tonya, "you're gonna be bimboed soon, just like Lori." Then she leaned in close, her elbows on the ground just above my shoulders, and she pressed her lips against mine. My eyes widened as my still sensitive lips suddenly sent even more pleasure signals to my already overloaded girl parts. The kiss was smart in the sense that I had turned down the deal to desensitize my lips, but it was unexpected as well, as Tonya was straight. Too late I realized what she was doing, and then I was moaning into the kiss as my body shuddered through my second orgasm.

Still on her elbows and knees, restraining my wrists with her hands, Tonya gave me a mean smirk. "Are you ready for number three?" she asked, and I knew it was coming soon. I was helpless to move, and I couldn't withstand Chrissie's fingers for long. Already my tired belly muscles were twitching once more for an impending orgasm, and I knew it was over. I couldn't stop it. I was going to be a bimbo.

Then Chrissie's fingers were gone. I felt a moment of loss, then realized something was up. Chrissie was pushing my thighs up even further and she was wrapping her arms around my thighs, but it seemed like she was sliding them under Tonya as well. Suddenly Tonya's boobs were pressing against my face and I felt her trying to struggle.

"Hey!" said Tonya, "Chrissie! What are you doing?!?"

There was no answer, and all I could feel was some kind of weird struggle going on between my spread legs. Then Tonya suddenly gasped.

"Oh! Chrissie! You b-bitch! S-stop that! That...ohhhhhh...!" said Tonya. And suddenly it made sense. I knew what was happening.

Chrissie was double-crossing Tonya. Chrissie had gotten me to two orgasms, but stopped before the third because she was using my legs for leverage as she reached around and laced her fingers together above Tonya's ass. She had pinned Tonya to me and Chrissie was now licking Tonya's clit from behind. It was a horribly clever move, as it pinned both Tonya and I, and gave Chrissie full access to both our pussies. She was eliminating both of us simultaneously.

My heart was still racing from my two orgasms and having naked Tonya shuddering on top of my naked body was strangely erotic, but I only had a small window of opportunity. Tonya moaned, then squealed as she wriggled on top of me in the throes of orgasm. My bare feet were laying over Chrissie's bare shoulders, and Chrissie's shoulders were pressing against the back of my thighs. No doubt the viewers were enjoying themselves, but it gave me an idea.

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