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Cross Breeding

byNo Panty Girl©

My husband was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station at Camp Pendleton, California.

As a Master Gunnery Sergeant we were housed in one of the bases married quarters in what was affectionately known as "Dogpatch".

Dogpatch was a zoo of kids of all ages and colors. As a large percentage of the base's personal were black and as a result of many servicing in foreign lands their offspring was a rainbow of colors.

Being relatively newlyweds Jeff and I had no children although we were seriously considering starting a family. We had lived on the base for six months and our next-door neighbors were a black couple about the same age as us and also childless.

We quickly became close friends with the Jacksons. Lloyd was a burly Sergeant and his wife Joyce was a slender ebony beauty.

The Jacksons were our constant companions, backyard barbeques, nights at the Sergeants' Club and trips to enjoy the spectacular scenery surrounding the base.

I knew I was attractive enough, whenever we went to a base dance I had an endless stream of dance partners and more than one guy insinuated they would be interested in getting between the sheets with me.

Jeff and I were happy and I had no intentions of jeopardizing what we had by straying from the marriage bed even though some of the studs were pretty tempting. I have to admit though that there was more than one man I fantasized about. Strangely Lloyd Jackson our close friend was not one of them until one day the conversation between the Jacksons and Jeff and I got on the topic of having babies.

Joyce had said she was going off the pill and looking forward to getting pregnant. Jeff said that we were also anticipating having a baby.

That started an intense discussion on how Joyce and I should conceive. Jokingly Lloyd suggested that Jeff and him would be a couple of stallions servicing Joyce and me. Surprising us all Jeff added we would be like a couple of brood mares in pasture waiting for a stallion to come along and jump us.

Lloyd quickly picked up on the idea of both wives being available for breeding by booth husbands. I could not believe what I was hearing; my husband was suggesting it would be O.K. for Jackson to breed me. Even though he was black!

The next couple of days I could not get the thought of fucking Lloyd Jackson out of my head. The thought of a black cock coming in me excited me. As I promised Jeff I stopped taking my birth control pills.

"Were you serious about you and Lloyd sharing Joyce and me?" I asked Jeff one night just before we made love.

"Would you do it?" my husband threw it back to me.

"If you really wanted me to?"

"I will talk to Lloyd." Jeff said.

"Don't forget I may have a black baby?" I reminded him.

"I know!" Jeff grinned.

I was nervous to say the least when that first night of sharing arrived. The arrangements had been made, we would have a few drinks to loosen up and then I would go to Lloyd's bedroom next door with him and Jeff would take Joyce into our bedroom.

Of course Joyce and I had discussed this night and even exchanged tips on what to expect from each of our husbands. Joyce had told me that Lloyd had looked forward to some white pussy for years and was incredibly well endowed. She told me to insist he go easy on me at first until I got accustom to his abnormal size.

I informed Joyce that Jeff had also wanted to try some "dark meat" and had an appetite for ass fucking. I told her I allowed Jeff to fuck my ass but it was up to her whether she wanted to take his cock up her ass. I could tell by the smile on her face she would.

We had dragged the inevitable out as long as we could, the time come for us to pair off. We had drunk enough that I had a warm glow on and was ready to carry out our plan.

Joyce and I had changed into our sexiest negligees, see-through and hiding nothing from the guys. Jeff and Lloyd had been closely studying our charms all night in anticipation of partaking.

I had been monitoring my cycle, taking daily temperatures and calculated I was at the peak of my ovulation. Home pregnancy tests indicated that I was not yet pregnant. I was about to take a black man's sperm into my fertile pussy with my husband's blessings.

As casually as possible Jeff suggested Lloyd tae me to his place to consummate our arrangement. With a brief kiss he relinquished me to our neighbor.

We lived in an attached house with a shared front verandah so it was just a case of going out the front door and into the Jackson's door.

I had been in the Jackson's home many times and was familiar with the layout. Lloyd led me directly to the bedroom.

As I sat on the edge of the bed I thought of my husband taking Joyce into out boudoir.

Lloyd began to undress as I watched.

As he removed his shirt I could see his well-defined chest. Lloyd worked out regularly and had a very athletic body. Next he removed his trousers revealing his boxer shorts. The tent in his shorts revealed his arousal.

He walked over to the bed and gently pushed me onto my back. I trembled in anticipation as he lifted the hem of my negligee up to my belly revealing my freshly shaved pussy. I saw his face go down into my crotch.

His thumbs gently separated my pussy lips and his tongue entered my wetness making a long lick from the bottom up to my clit. I moaned in ecstasy as I grabbed the back of his head and pressed him into me. My legs wrapped around his head locking him into my cunt.

It was seldom Jeff went down on me to fulfill his task; Lloyd was a real pussy hound! His tongue did things to me I had never experienced before and I squealed with delight. My orgasm was intense as I felt him sucking my juices from my wet crack.

He stood up and dropped his shorts. Joyce had not been exaggerating, the biggest cock I had ever seen on a man sprung out before me. He stood there grinning, his lips shining coated with my cum.

Sitting up I reached out and took his enormous member in my hand. It actually had substantial weight to it and its girth was greater than my fingers could encircle. The bulbous helmet was smooth and shiny, a dark rich ebony hue. I knew what I had to do.

I had no problem sucking cock. I treated Jeff to a tremendous blowjob at least weekly swallowing his goo every time. But the size of Lloyd's cock intimidated me, would I be able to fit his monster into my mouth with enough room for my tongue to do its dance? I opened my mouth as wide as if I was sitting in a dentist's chair.

I felt the heat radiating from his meat as it slid over my lower lip. I allowed about half of its length into my mouth before my lips sealed around it. My cheeks sunk in as I inhaled deeply and began milking with my hand while my tongue swirled around and over the throbbing mouthful.

Lloyd moaned and gently placed his big hands on the back of my head and worked my mouth on his cock.

Lloyd continued to emit guttural moans as I worked on his cock. He had been in my mouth almost five minutes and I was desperate to be able to breath freely and my jaw was getting sore being open so wide.

Just when I thought I was going to have to stop for a break Lloyd's cock exploded in my mouth. A torrent of thick salty goo flooded my mouth. Instinctively I swallowed letting it slide down my throat like a raw oyster. A dribble of cum escaped from the corner of my mouth and run down my chin.

"God baby that was great!" Lloyd gasped as I rubbed his cum coated cockhead over my lips.

The foreplay was done; it was time for Lloyd to plant his seed in my garden.

"Are you sure you don't want me to use a condom?" Lloyd asked as we prepared to mate.

"Positive!" I smiled.

I had become comfortable with the prospect of having a black baby. It would show we were not subjected to society's taboos and had minds of our own.

I knew all our friends and family would be shocked at the arrival of my half-breed child but it was my body and my decision to make. If my husband supported my choice what more did I need?

"Give me a baby Lloyd." I said laying back across the bed with my legs widespread inviting him into my love nest.

Lloyd crawled on top of me spreading my legs even further as he positioned himself to take me. I felt the head of his erection brush against my labia seeking my entrance. My pussy lips spread allowing his access to my waiting love tunnel.

God he was big! I couldn't withhold a tiny whimper as he stretched me to new perimeters.

"Good girl." He said noticing my discomfort. "Just a few more inches."

A few more inches? He was already further into me than anyone had ever been and he still had "a few more inches"!

Gently Lloyd worked the remainder of his cock into me until I felt his balls touch my pussy lips. I never felt so wonderfully full of cock in my entire life.

"Joyce is a lucky girl." I said as my pussy adjusted to his massive size.

Lloyd smiled as he began fucking me.

It felt like a horse was fucking me! My hips begin to gyrate as I fell into sync with his strokes. My pussy rose and fell in an effort to keep him buried inside of me.

"Oh God yes! Fuck me Lloyd." I moaned.

I sensed he was about to come in me, his cock throbbed and his thrusts were becoming more powerful and deep into me. My ankles were resting on his shoulders and the full length of his cock was penetrating my womb.

"O.K. bitch, Daddy's coming!" Lloyd moaned.

I felt his warm jism flooding me, his potent seed dispatched to seek out my waiting fertile eggs. I closed my eyes and prayed I was becoming pregnant. Then my orgasm took control of me.

We fucked several more times that evening. Orgasm after orgasm as Lloyd's sperm continuously fertilized my womb. Finally we fell asleep exhausted entangled in each other's naked body.

Early next morning Lloyd and I returned to my house. Joyce and Jeff were already up sitting in the kitchen sipping of coffee.

Joyce was still wearing her negligee and had a big smile on her face.

"How did it go?" Jeff asked as we entered.

"Wonderful!" I beamed with the radiance of a newly pregnant woman.

Lloyd grinned his agreement.

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